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[#Thread] Mes chers amis, j'ai décidé de rajouter une petite couche et de remuer un peu le couteau dans la plaie.

Le sujet : Que faire lors de la baisse du marché des #crypto / #Bitcoin ?

Rangez vos mouchoirs, séchez ces vilaines larmes et voyons comment profiter de la baisse⬇️
Les yeux fixés sur les graphiques du #Bitcoin et l’angoisse de ne pas avoir vendu quand c’était au plus haut sont le quotidien des #investisseurs #crypto.

La « petite correction » sur le Bitcoin et les cryptomonnaies vous effraie et vous ne savez pas quoi faire ?
Nous allons voir les #erreurs qu’il ne faut pas faire ainsi que les bonnes habitudes à mettre en place pour en profiter de la #baisse des marchés plutôt que subir.

Sachez qu'une correction est naturelle après plusieurs semaines de hausses consécutives sur les #cryptomonnaies.
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Here is PART 2 of my #BTC Price Target Series. This is my #BULL CASE price target for this #bullmarket. My targets are time based and condition based, while blending multiple forms of analysis. All opinions are my own, I am not factoring in other people’s price targets.

Disclosure: this is my opinion. This is not financial advice, DYOR. With that said, let’s jump in.
In order for #BTC to enter my #BULL CASE, we need to avoid seeing large selling pressure from long term holders, large miners, and entities holding illiquid supply especially if price is testing 100k. Low signs of selling pressure form these entities at 100k and ideal technical..
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• Income opportunities
• Business Ideas
• Side Hustles

Become a
‘Money Making Machine’

Let’s explore our options

(Thread )👇🏽 Image
• Waste Removal

Buy assets that have more than one utility and that generate cash flow.

-Cars look good, but they really only get me to work.


- Bakkie’s have more uses, generate extra income to service the financing costs.

• House moving
• Waste removal Image
•Cleaning Services

Many people are more consciously aware of their environment around them + businesses are forced to put more emphasis on hygiene, possibly because of the law or just for the safety of their customers.

There lies an opportunity here.
#business Image
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How cute? #peakaboo #rottweiler #bing #israeljoffe #wuw #furry Israel Joffe and Roxy... oh and speaking of dogs.....Say bye bye to #dogecoin #toldyou #sell #MothersDay #GetVaccinated #fda #NeverGiveUp Israel Joffe
I don't use Robin Hood but I told you all to sell that #doge. Everything but #Ethereum seems to be a pump and dump scam. #NeverGiveUp #cryptocurrency #israeljoffe #bing #sell #sundayvibes Image
Nice place to have breakfast 😎 #bing #microsoft #MothersDay #israel #joffe Israel Joffe firefighter
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Ok les kheys je vous la donne mais attention: ne foncez pas tête baissée & faites vos propres recherches svp😉

Je viens d'entrer sur $GOAT (déjà car j'aime bien le nom mdr) de / @Goatcha_io


- #NFT marketplace
- bon reward pour les holders #DeFi Image
Ensuite parce que malgré le prix qui a bien pump suite à la news de ce matin, je considère qu'on est mega early dessus avec - de 250 holders à date qui se partagent 999 $GOAT & un MC de - de 2M

(pardon pour les 1.2M du dernier tweet, je matais CoinGecko qui ne doit pas MAJ) Image
De quelle news je parle?

De leur partenariat avec @dittomoney_ qui est déjà très installé sur la #BSC avec une vraie commu derrière

Cette association déjà très solide peu en amener d'autres je pense

& surtout je peux dire que je suis $GOAT maintenant😂

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For those of you who acted on my trading ideas and research, did you make money?
Some of my recent long ideas:

$CVR 1/27 +5.5%
$TENX 1/26 +15%
$KOSS 1/22 +300%
$AMC 1/22 +60%
$CRESY 1/17/21 -4%
$LODE 12/24 +112%
$XPL 12/24 +66%
$SFL 12/4/20 +1%
$TNK 11/1/20 +46%
$S 1/8/21 +10%
$PBF 10/29 +118%

If you didn't make money it's your own damn fault.
As far as I'm aware the only "bad" call I made in the past 6 months was shorting $TSLA on the S&P inclusion.

For everyone who continues to attack me for tankers selling off after contango, I was one of the only guys saying go long *before* contango.

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In Simple Words...
Follow rules of 3 Monkeys 🐒 of #GandhiJi and use the word #NPA in place of #Evil


and when there is no #NPA you don’t have to follow any legal recourses to recover it from #Defaulters

#StopPrivatisation #SavePSBs
it’s like someone has been diagnosed fatal disease like #Cancer which is at very early & initial stage where it can be easily treated and cured but instead of start medical treatment, he has been asked not to believe in diagnostics reports and keep quite & do nothing #SaveBanks
Moreover, he has been asked not to believe in diagnostics reports & start thinking that he is very healthy and don’t have any problems and not to take any medicine until the disease reaches at its last stage and he start dying. #SaveBanks
@idesibanda @Bankers_United @bankers_we
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Mau memulai Investasi #Saham secara mandiri (bukan dititip/dikelola oleh pihak lain)?

Selain mempelajari #edukasi yang kami bahas, langkah yang harus kamu lakukan adalah membuka Akun RDI (Rekening Dana Investasi) pada Sekuritas.

Sebuah #utas

#Investasi #PahamSaham #Thread
Untuk bisa berinvestasi saham secara mandiri, kamu harus membuka Akun RDI di Perusahaan Sekuritas

Akun ini nantinya yang akan kamu pakai untuk melakukan transaksi #jualbeli / #trading di pasar saham

Semua kamu kendalikan sendiri. At your own hand.

#BEI #IDX #BursaEfekIndonesia
Bagaimana caranya?
Tidak susah kok.

Hampir mirip dengan proses buka rekening tabungan/deposito

Cukup siapkan dokumen seperti ktp, npwp, dan mengisi data diri.

Serta siapkan dana untuk setoran awal di akun RDI.

Setoran awal ini sebagai saldo/deposit kamu untuk membeli saham
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📌 #Para💰 Kaybetmemize Sebep Olan En Büyük Hatalar
Bu flood ile bu zamana kadar #forex olsun #borsa olsun piyasalarda insanların niçin para kaybettiklerini kendi tecrübe ve gözlemlerime göre sizlere özetlemeye çalışacağım.
Lütfen dikkatlice okuyup beğeni ve RT yapmayı unutmayın
1️⃣ Piyasalarda işlem yapıp zarar edenlerin yaptıkları ilk hata piyasa bilgisine ve yeterli eğitime sahip olmadan bu piyasalarda işlem yapmasıdır. #Trading belki de bu dünyanın en zor işidir. Çünkü sadece eğitim yetmez aynı zamanda çelik gibi bir iradeye sahip olmaniz gerekir. Image
2️⃣ Plansız işleme girmek! Hayatımızda birçok şeyi en ince ayrıntısına kadar planlarken maalesef işleme nereden gireceğiz ne zaman çıkacağız gibi basit soruların cevabı olmadan işlem açıp kapatıyoruz. İşlem giriş seviyesi, stoploss noktası ve hedef önceden belirlenmelidir. Image
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We #Live #eviL in #WorldwideTheatreShow & we are the #participating #audience in the #SatanicSystem
What is #Satanism?
Is it full of #Devil #worshiping #maniacs who #sacrifice #children?
Lets have a look⬇️
10 Forms Of Satanism That Exist Around The World…
10. #thesatanictemple

#SatanicWorld #SantanicSystem #WakeUp
'The Satanic Temple is an organization that probably wouldn’t fit most people’s idea of what a Satanist is'

The Satanic Temple
9. #Luciferianism #

'#Luciferians are rather similar to #LaVeyan #Satanists. Most of them are nonreligious and simply treat #Lucifer as a #symbol'

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#Option #Greeks Simplified

#Options are definitely more complicated than equity or futures.

Their prices don’t just go up and down.

They also fluctuate based on things like #time, #implied #volatility and #underlying stock movements.
#Options #Greeks Are Simply Mathematical Shortforms

Most of you would remember from school that mathematical formulas sometimes were #Greek letters like Pi and #Delta. The same is true for options.

Don’t let them overwhelm you or scare you.
They’re simply #mathematical words to explain some very basic principles.

#Greeks Describe the Behavior of #Individual #Options

Each #greek can help predict how it will behave under different circumstances and how options prices would change.
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How to sell 1000 copies of your books in 6 months of less.
A Thread.

1. I had just completed my book. It took me several months to write a manuscript I was satisfied with. Now I faced the hurdle of selling the book

This is how I did it. You can do the same.
2. "How are you going to sell this book?", a friend asked me. I didn't have an answer. I had used a lot of money to produce the book and I was almost broke. It even got to the point that I almost cursed the day I decided to write that book.
3. Nobody I knew had written and sold books before. The only people I knew who wrote and sold books were pastors with a large congregation who bought their books. I didn't have a church, I was not close to anyone who had a large church, so I was in a predicament.
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