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1/* (THREAD) This @Comey op-ed lays bare a glaring problem in #PutinsGOP's defense of #TRE45ON's total disregard for his oath of office - doing so is fundamentally at odds with, and violative of, their own oaths of office:

2/* What we'd witnessed during the campaign made very clear #TRE45ON exaggerated/lied about essentially everything, but I think many of us still held out hope things would improve once he realized the awesome responsibility of the Presidency:

3/* Obviously, that didn't happen, as immediately things got worse, "period!" This is a terrific piece by @benjaminwittes & @qjurecic examining the issue of how should 'We The People' react when the #PABOTUS daily disregards his oath of office:

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1/5 Excellent article detailing the planning and process involved when the President speaks on the phone with a foreign leader ... as opposed to what #TRE45On does - and although it's about what you'd expect, it's still jaw dropping ⚖️🙄🇺🇸
2/5 For those who've heard about it but haven't read it, this is an annotated version of the whistleblower complaint that basically provides CliffsNotes giving extra details and context to each section:

3/5 Here is what's being called the "transcript" of the call, but more accurately described as a "read out" in that although it's still a really bad look for #TRE45ON, there appears to be some missing content. LOTS of "Rudy Giuliani" mentions:

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1/9 (THREAD) Although impeachment investigations against #TRE45ON are currently focused on the Ukraine call, as the inquiry expands, there needs to be a concurrent investigation into AG Bill Barr's conduct, because nobody has done more to destroy the rule of law:
2/9 People worried about who would replace Jeff Sessions were relieved when Barr was nominated because supposedly was "a rule of law guy." However, in Barr's previous stint as H.W. Bush's AG, he devised 41's "pardon away impeachment" strategy:

3/9 Confirmed in February, Barr immediately began his assault on the rule of law by ending DoJ investigations that were initiated based on evidence of criminal activity uncovered by the Mueller investigation, but not in Mueller's purview:

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1/5 Minneapolis has it right: #TRE45ON's campaign boasted about raising $15M in just the 3 days following @HouseDemocrats' announcement of formal impeachment proceedings, yet his campaign has left a trial of financial destruction in its wake
2/5 #TRE45ON's campaign rally in February cost the City of El Paso $470K - which he still refuses to pay. Adding insult to injury - and despite being asked NOT to come, he visited the grieving City right after the shooting he helped to cause.

3/5 Minnepolis and El Paso are far from alone - at least 10 other cities are hurting because #TRE45ON's campaign refuses to pay the costs these cities incurred having MAGA rallies imposed on them:

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🚨BREAKING: #Whistleblower complaint is released, showing that @realDonaldTrump and his cronies–Rudy Giuliani and AG Bill Barr–abused the power of his office to EXTORT #Ukraine.

And then they tried to COVER IT UP.🤬


@realDonaldTrump The #whistleblower reports an "urgent concern" that @POTUS is "using the power of his office to solicit interference from a foreign country in the 2020 US election...Rudolph Giuliani is a central figure in this effort. AG Barr appears to be involved as well."🔥

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Holy Mothra forking shirtballs 😳

(I’m thinking the real words but don’t want to get censored needlessly.)
1) This (see OP) is not a verbatim transcript but a “recollection/interpretation” made by listeners.
2) The white house likely released the least damning version
3) This version is crazy with implied threats and quid pro quo statements
One thing to note is how adept “Zelenskyy” is at mirroring Trumps speech patterns. Either he’s that good or the notetaker is… Assuming words are prescZ’s…

He’s adept at speaking to mobsters. He shows loyalty to person over country.
He picks up what trump puts down.
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A quick search of the SYMPTOMS, leads me to believe #TRE45ON @POTUS is afflicted with the following things:

Histrionic Personality Disorder, and
Malignant Narcissism Disorder

which manifests with a High Conflict Personality and Psychological Projection Personality.
2/ It also appears he is addicted to adrenaline and seeks out fights, habitually, to prove his worth; much as he needed to prove himself worthy to his father at a young age.
3/ What Is Histrionic Personality Disorder?
Histrionic personality disorder (HPD) is part of a larger group of psychological disorders, called “Cluster B” personality disorders. Disorders in this category are generally categorized as being dramatic, emotional, or erratic.
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A reminder:

It is very easy to log onto twitter and get caught in a web of absurdities, How can they not understand this? Oh look, another bot leaving me an insult about my haircut. Wait, how can Mueller’s investigation be over if the Mystery company just lost SCOTUS appeal?
I remind myself to step back once and a while and find an article with reading - I read the whole thing from start to finish, and I share it to remind others that there is another way to look at these things...
“No human being on Earth has done more to keep the Trump-Russia narrative in the news than Donald Trump” this should be the response to every pundit who says, “fake news media and Democrats pushed this conspiracy.”…
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