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This short video is required viewing for anyone who wants to understand what the search at Mar-a-Lago means in the *real* world of espionage and national security.

@BeauTFC is always, always on point.

#TraitorTrump #Tre45on #TrumpRaid
And as for the storage room being next to the pool, I get it. When I first heard about the basement search, I thought of the fact the complex is at sea level (on a very narrow isthmus) in a Cat 5 hurricane zone. It could easily be flooded, with TS/SCI docs floating around.
There's two aspects to this. Criminal negligence in allowing SCI documents to be vulnerable to (additional) theft. Criminal intent in having them available for sale to our enemies. Transactions can be cash and/or in-kind. He already sold 39 M innocent Afghanis to the Taliban...
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https: //
https: //
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@kayhoflander @mikeparson @TeamParsonMO @Mikelkehoe @JayAshcroftMO @FitzpatrickMO @Eric_Schmitt @TeamSchmittMO Desecrate Old Glory 🇺🇸 with that stripe? For this self-promoter, yet more hype. Patriots aren’t amused that our Flag he abused, that dead Austrian’s backside to wipe. One more reason Parson’s such a drag? Disrespecting openly our Flag! @VFWHQ

🗳️ #mogov 🐄
@kayhoflander @mikeparson @Mikelkehoe @JayAshcroftMO @FitzpatrickMO @Eric_Schmitt @VFWHQ Starting from the top I’d like to focus. #ShowMe crass #corruption’s hocus-pocus. The last Governor, Greitens’ ill conduct, it frightens, so he had to resign lest it choke us. In this treatise I present to you Show-Me State pols in rhymes 32.

🗳️ @MoGov 🐄
@kayhoflander @mikeparson @Mikelkehoe @JayAshcroftMO @FitzpatrickMO @Eric_Schmitt @VFWHQ @MoGov Eric quit; therefore his Number Two (named Mike Parson) as gov followed through. He’s now winning no pennant, but his post as Lieutenant a new warm body then needed too.

🗳️ #mogov 🐄 2/32
@NPR @s_webber @alissiacanady @richfinneran @venglund @yinka_faleti
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This #Thread the most important one I have ever written. #BidenHarris2020Landslide could be the difference between life and death for me and countless other #disabled people. #CripTheVote #ByeDon2020
Can anyone guarantee if heaven forbid #Tre45on wins I won't be thrown in a camp cause I'm #Muslim #Jersey girl? It breaks my heart that this meeting is being framed as negative or shady. #DisabilityTwitter #GH fam you know me I can't keep a secret and I was never asked to.
I am proud to work with #BidenHarris to #BeatTrump like a drum and I have no doubt they are equally proud to work with me a multiple minority. @JoeBiden & @KamalaHarris's campaign took the time to sit down with me and my community. #CripTheVote #ByeDon2020
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1/43 This is a new thread following #TalibanGate / #BountyGate

Put simply, all evidence shows #TrumpKnewAndDidNothing about Russia placing bounties on American soldiers in Afghanistan for over a year.

#OneVoiceVets #GeeksResist #DemCast #TRE45ON #TrumpKnew
2/43 This began late Friday, with the NYT report that Russia secretly offered Afghan militants, including the Taliban, bounties to kill U.S. troops, according to Intelligence sources.…
3/43 By Saturday, the story had exploded.

Trump has NEVER supported our troops except as convenient pawns and props, but THIS was treason on a whole new level never before suspected.

#TraitorTrump #TraitorInChief

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@realDonaldTrump Speaking of low IQ, Trump didn't even know what the 19 in COVID-19 stood for.
@realDonaldTrump Speaking of low IQ, Trump believes that windmills cause cancer.
@realDonaldTrump Speaking of low IQ, Trump thinks we should inject people with disinfectant.
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Remember when we “purchased needed supplies from Russia,” right after Trump found out Putin paid the Taliban bounties to kill Americans in Afghanistan? 4/1/20: “U.S. Purchase of Needed Supplies From Russia” #TraitorTrump #TREA45ON…
As a follow-up from a March 30 phone call, medical supplies were handed over. Rly? This doesn’t smell right.
*No dollar amounts disclosed* anywhere in that press release 👆👆👆
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BREAKING: European intelligence official confirms Kremlin contracted killing of Western coalition troops.

“It did result in coalition casualties.”

Yet Trump waited for months to inform NATO allies?!
UK security officials confirm:

'Reports that Russian intelligence unit paid Taliban fighters to kill COALITION troops.. are true.'

Trump & VP were briefed late March— yet invited Putin to G7.

Trump waited 3 months to brief UK PM; has yet to brief NATO!…
American official confirms:

'The intelligence finding that the Russians had offered & paid bounties to Afghan militants & criminals... **was included in the President's daily brief.'**

Yet crickets for 3 months.

#RussianBounty #TalibanGate #TrumpRussia…
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🚨So the same Russian GRU hit squad assassinating, poisoning & plotting coups in Europe has been offering Taliban militants money to kill US troops in Afghanistan.

Trump's known since March. He's done nothing. (And talked up inviting Putin back into G7!)…
🚨#Russia has been paying terrorists to kill US troops in Afghanistan:

"Islamist militants, or armed criminal elements closely associated with them…collected some bounty money…Twenty Americans were killed in 2019, but it was not clear which killings were under suspicion" Image
Shocker: Russia calls @nytimes’ Afghanistan report “fake”

Sets the stage for Trump to call it “fake news” too. Echoing Russia’s propaganda lies & talking points—protecting his benefactor Putin—has been a consistent theme of Trump’s since 2016. Despicable then. Intolerable now. Image
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1/* (THREAD) This @Comey op-ed lays bare a glaring problem in #PutinsGOP's defense of #TRE45ON's total disregard for his oath of office - doing so is fundamentally at odds with, and violative of, their own oaths of office:

2/* What we'd witnessed during the campaign made very clear #TRE45ON exaggerated/lied about essentially everything, but I think many of us still held out hope things would improve once he realized the awesome responsibility of the Presidency:

3/* Obviously, that didn't happen, as immediately things got worse, "period!" This is a terrific piece by @benjaminwittes & @qjurecic examining the issue of how should 'We The People' react when the #PABOTUS daily disregards his oath of office:

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🚨BREAKING: #Whistleblower complaint is released, showing that @realDonaldTrump and his cronies–Rudy Giuliani and AG Bill Barr–abused the power of his office to EXTORT #Ukraine.

And then they tried to COVER IT UP.🤬


@realDonaldTrump The #whistleblower reports an "urgent concern" that @POTUS is "using the power of his office to solicit interference from a foreign country in the 2020 US election...Rudolph Giuliani is a central figure in this effort. AG Barr appears to be involved as well."🔥

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Holy Mothra forking shirtballs 😳

(I’m thinking the real words but don’t want to get censored needlessly.)
1) This (see OP) is not a verbatim transcript but a “recollection/interpretation” made by listeners.
2) The white house likely released the least damning version
3) This version is crazy with implied threats and quid pro quo statements
One thing to note is how adept “Zelenskyy” is at mirroring Trumps speech patterns. Either he’s that good or the notetaker is… Assuming words are prescZ’s…

He’s adept at speaking to mobsters. He shows loyalty to person over country.
He picks up what trump puts down.
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A quick search of the SYMPTOMS, leads me to believe #TRE45ON @POTUS is afflicted with the following things:

Histrionic Personality Disorder, and
Malignant Narcissism Disorder

which manifests with a High Conflict Personality and Psychological Projection Personality.
2/ It also appears he is addicted to adrenaline and seeks out fights, habitually, to prove his worth; much as he needed to prove himself worthy to his father at a young age.
3/ What Is Histrionic Personality Disorder?
Histrionic personality disorder (HPD) is part of a larger group of psychological disorders, called “Cluster B” personality disorders. Disorders in this category are generally categorized as being dramatic, emotional, or erratic.
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A reminder:

It is very easy to log onto twitter and get caught in a web of absurdities, How can they not understand this? Oh look, another bot leaving me an insult about my haircut. Wait, how can Mueller’s investigation be over if the Mystery company just lost SCOTUS appeal?
I remind myself to step back once and a while and find an article with reading - I read the whole thing from start to finish, and I share it to remind others that there is another way to look at these things...
“No human being on Earth has done more to keep the Trump-Russia narrative in the news than Donald Trump” this should be the response to every pundit who says, “fake news media and Democrats pushed this conspiracy.”…
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