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Anyone with knowledge of geopolitics can easily come to the conclusion from his foreign policy positions & comments, but I’d like to fill everyone in on who the real @PeteButtigieg is!

Pete moved in the top circles of the US national security establishment from the time
he left college. From 2004 to 2005 (when he was 22 and 23), he worked as a conference director for the Cohen Group, a Washington-based consultancy that advises clients on international investment strategies.
The Cohen Group is headed by former Republican Senator William Cohen,
who was secretary of defense under Bill Clinton. Besides Cohen, Marc Grossman, undersecretary of state for political affairs in the Bush administration and special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan under Obama; retired General Joseph Ralston, who concluded a 37-year
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My name is Chrysty and this is Sherlock, my medical alert dog. We want to share with you why we choose @TulsiGabbard for president. #WhyTulsi

I belong to a military family and I have waited at home while my loved ones have been deployed to the Middle East too many times!(1/10)
Do you realize that later this year people who were born after 9/11 will put their lives on the line in a war that started before they were born? Tulsi pledges to put an end to regime change wars! She is a combat veteran herself and proud of her service since 9/11.She knows(2/10)
about this war!

Her commitment to prosperity through peace gives us a direction to move toward. One of the things I love the most about Tulsi is her integrity and hope! She is running a positive campaign toward a better future for us and for our children. My nieces and (3/10)
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For those that are opponents of @TulsiGabbard position of regime change war in Syria, here are 13 questions you must answer before anyone considers the other option valid!
1) What national security interest, rather than pure ‘humanitarian’ interest, is served by the use
of American military power to depose Assad’s regime?
2) How will deposing Assad make America safer?
3) What does final political victory in Syria look like (be specific), and how long will it take for that political victory to be achieved? Do you consider victory to be
destabilization of Assad, the removal of Assad, the creation of a stable government that can protect itself and its people without additional assistance from the US
4) What military resources (e.g., ground troops), diplomatic resources, & financial resources will be required to
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Aloha! My name is Zach, and I'm from Harrisburg, Pa. I'm here to explain #WhyTulsi should be the nominee and next POTUS. @TulsiGabbard 1/5
2/5 #WhyTulsi
3/5 #WhyTulsi
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Attacks on @TulsiGabbard for her good judgement is nonsensical
#Syria's President #Assad did not gas his own ppl👇Facts Matter‼️
It’s now revealed that @OPCW suppressed expert engineers report that found the cylinders were staged & not dropped from the air:
It’s now revealed that #OPCW suppressed expert engineers report that found the cylinders were likely not dropped from the air.

#Tulsi2020 #TulsiGabbard #NoMoreWars #ForeignPolicy #Syria #Assad
#ChemicalWeapons Attack Were Staged👇😡‼️
The #OPCW confirms that a leaked document on alleged gas cylinders at #Douma in #Syria is genuine. It says it is conducting 'an internal investigation' about its 'unauthorised release.' :

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This is sick👇😡@neeratanden's McCarthyist smears of @TulsiGabbard, a major in the national guard, and Congresswoman with higher security vetting than any of the candidates, a veteran who has literally put her life on the line to defend this country, losing friends in the process
President of the Center for American Progress (#CAP) & @TulsiGabbard's smear-merchant, Neera Tanden👇🤨
On Mar 26, 2019, during #AIPAC’s festivities, #NeeraTanden & the #Israel lobby held another event at the offices of the Center for American Progress.…👈
#NeeraTanden's other donors👇
On issues related to the M.E, #CAP has worked hand-in-hand with reps of #SaudiArabia & the #UAE. Who have increasingly relied on funding think tanks like CAP as part of their lobbying efforts in Washington.

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#WhyTulsi🌺@TulsiGabbard is right, alternative is #AlQaeda and #ISIS

Please see👇🇸🇾Over 200 Testimonies by #Syrian Orthodox, Anglican, Catholic Priests, Nuns and Many More #Christians ALL Defending #Syria's President #Assad as their protector.
Even #Mattis now admits there was NO evidence #Assad used poison gas on his own people. #Syria
Both the 2017 event in #KhanSheikhoun & the 2013 tragedy in #Ghouta are unsolved cases in the eyes of the #US Defense Dept & Defense Intelligence Agency.…
TULSI on ASSAD & What She Witnessed in SYRIA
Mar 29, 2019
We find out why @TulsiGabbard met with #Assad, about the PEOPLE in #Syria and who she met when she visited Syria and much much more!
#Iran #NoWarWithIran
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#WhyTulsi👇Thank you👏
Rep @TulsiGabbard: #Venezuela needs peaceful reconciliation, not military intervention May 01, 2019
2020 Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard weigh in on the political unrest in Venezuela
#Tulsi2020🌺#KochBrothers #BigOil…
Billionaire associate of #KochBrothers controls much of the food supply of #Venezuela
The other interest of the Koch brothers in Venezuela is the Koch brothers have a massive oil refinery in Texas that uses heavy crude, as opposed to (#US) light crude OIL
GREAT THREAD‼️👇The 3 leading DC advocates for #Venezuela regime-change happen to be Koch Cartel's three stooges: Rubio, Pence, Pompeo.
Related: Koch Cartel wants to wet its beak again on Venezuelan oil, fertilizers & petrochemical products.
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