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@dayus4heaven Humanism and Feminism
These labels have become very loaded words in recent times - with people asking - can humanists be feminists? Are feminist fight for all rights of sexes? Is humanism a way to ridicule the feminist agenda?
@dayus4heaven Some see these labels as mere linguistic preferences but many seem to differ.
I like to believe that both feminism and humanism seek to achieve the same thing
@dayus4heaven Let's look at some definitions -

A philosophical and ethical stance that emphasizes the value and agency of human beings , individually and collectively.
It generally prefers critical thinking and evidence over acceptance of dogma
@dayus4heaven So one can easily refer to them as human rights activist /advocate
@dayus4heaven Feminism
Range of political movements, idealogies and social movements that share a common goal - to define, establish and achieve political, economic, personal and social equality of sexes with a focus on women rights

@dayus4heaven So these two labels seek to create a society where the human rights of individuals are protected - why then do we seem to see a friction between both labels?
@dayus4heaven It's no secret that many women who refer to themselves as anti-feminist use humanism as the label that captures their belief system - hence when one says they are humanists - some feminist raise an eyebrow and interpret it to as anti-feminism #BreakingBarriers
@dayus4heaven But these generalization continue to cause friction between both groups.
In reality, it is logically impossible for one to be a humanist and not be a feminist.

@dayus4heaven Let's see how they connect
Humanist say all lives are equal - hence the different isms fall under the big umbrella.

Feminism is one of the ism - but this focus is solely on women empowerment in a bid to lead to gender equality.

@dayus4heaven So just like feminism we have LGBT activist , child right advocate, anti racism activist etc that focus on their own different cause but with the end goal of ensuring we treated equally
@dayus4heaven So if you decide for human rights, how is it possible that you do not fight for women rights??

However it's important to note that one can be a feminist and not a humanist - they can fight solely for women and not the rights of others
@dayus4heaven However, these different systems of inequality such as racism, sexism, classism etc overlap to reinforce to each other . This is what it means when we hear the word "intersectionality "
@dayus4heaven Because many of these issues are related, striving to work and partner with people who champion these different cause is one strong way we can push forward
@dayus4heaven But there's another burning conversation
"If Feminism is about equality of sexes, why not use equalitarian and shouldn't they also fight for men's right"

Let's break this down then!
@dayus4heaven Feminism is about women empowerment - that's exactly why it created - to focus on gender issues that impact WOMEN.

So in all honesty the need to burden feminists to focus on gender issues that impact men can be tiresome and inappropriate
@dayus4heaven Feminists have many burning issues that they have fought tooth and nail to bring to the forefront, but despite that many feminist still champion men issues e.g. male sexual abuse is fought against by more women
@dayus4heaven We need men to actually champion these issues!! And if we are also being honest here, it is another level of privilege that some men who seek to belittle the movement carry.

No need to outsource your empowerment. Fight for it!!
@dayus4heaven But on the other hand, humanist are more likely to take up this fight to highlight key issues that boys and men face in the society that seeks to rob them of their rights.
So maybe instead of focusing on feminist to fight for men - look for human rights activist and push!
@dayus4heaven As a young girl, I identified strongly as a feminist because my first identity was woman due to my lived experiences but as I grew, my hierarchy of identify shuffled - human came first and woman Second - African - Igbo - in that order.

@dayus4heaven My first identity influences my perspective on issues experienced and recognized in our society.
As humans our identify that the power to influence our stance on issues e. g
A man who identifies as African first can easily be positioned as a Pan African
@dayus4heaven So as someone who identified as human first some issues will be handled differently than someone who identifies as woman first.

E. G
The need for women to get consent from their partners when traveling with their minor and men not given the same rule.
@dayus4heaven When I read this - I immediately go to the safety of the child.
If this Is to protect the child, why then do you only protect them from one parent? Both parents must consent!

A person who identifies as a woman first will demand that woman right be restored -
@dayus4heaven Because it's a discrimination based on gender.

The end goal for both are the SAME but different approach to the issue.

@dayus4heaven But we can't leave without addressing the elephant in the room - Radical Feminist who people seem to believe hate men.

Radical Feminists are not people that hate men (yes! I know some actually do, but not all)

@dayus4heaven Radicals in as much as we love to hate them are quite important, as they are here to disrupt the status quo - to ensure that they get people uncomfortable and force them to address the issues heads on
@dayus4heaven However as important as radical Feminist are, we must come to a place and time when we don't focus solely on extremes as they are not often a representation of the lived human experiences
@dayus4heaven Some. People have also associated patriarchy as man - This is something I find problematic.

I refuse to see men as oppressors and woman as victims, as both sexes have their problems that they deal with, that sometimes bleed into each other
@dayus4heaven But more importantly patriarchy is upheld by both men and women - so it is unfair to view Boys and men who were also born into a patriarchal society like women as oppressors.
@dayus4heaven We should focused on kicking down individuals and systems that aim to hold people captive.

In Africa we also have others other than patriarchy that hinder women empowerment such as Poverty, tradition, sexuality, and lack of love between sexes
@dayus4heaven This belief that men are oppressors is why many people assume that my sex ed classes are meant for girls, when in reality I'm teaching both boys and girls.
@dayus4heaven My wish is that no matter what cause you champion - the goal is to encourage human evolution in the beat way possible.

Let love win at the end!! We are more alike than we think!
@dayus4heaven Thank you for having me on this tweet chat and I hope you all enjoyed the chat.
I will like to read what you think on this issue 😊
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