Can we just stop saying that Longguo called his fans delusional? He literally never said that. The caption said disillusioned and was mistranslated in that thread of "proof". He never said he hates his fans either. He did say some were like nagging mother in laws or smt like that
I wanted to share my thoughts on this "proof" thread but I see some Joyfuls reported the poster and she was suspended. Not cool guys. I can understand because that thread was full of misinfo but she had a really nice Jung Sewoon account and only tried to help by translating 😑
The translation was a bit lacking and it did cause a lot of misunderstandings but there wad another thread commenting and debunking some of the claims also. I'm guessing that also disappeared with the original thread.
I just want to clear some things up.
About the potato thing. It was a misunderstanding and he also talked about it. He didn't like it but after the fans explained they meant the small cute snack potatoes he got it and was ok with it. He talked about it in a v-live I think but I'd have to review them to know witch.
Ppl are saying he's fake but he's been pretty open about what he likes and doesn't. Also saying the fan looked 33. Well, she asked and he answered. He might just have been bluntly honest. He's not the most eloquent and personable guy. Rude? Maybe not in his mind? We don't know.
About abusing his cats. He and Hyunbin did say their room was really dirty and full of cat hair. Hyunbin did say he slept with a mask because of the hair everywhere. They also admitted to Hyunbin taking care of the cats a lot. That they liked him more 'cause he gave them snacks..
They did complain about it but they played games on their birthday V-live and the loser was gonna have to clean the room. Longguo lost and Kenta was also gonna help him bathe the cats as a bithday present. We never got to see that because the disbandment thing suddely happened...
I don't think the cats suffered a lot from furry bedsheats. Hyunbin and Longguo were both too lazy/tired/busy (idk) to clean the room. Maybe Longguo was mostly responsible since the cats were his but Hyunbin chose to live with the cats too.
Ppl are saying Longgou hates Hyunbin and used his standee as target practice. It was obviously full of bulletmarks and someone shot at it. Was it just Longguo or did they both fool around? Hyunbin just laughed about it at a fan sign. We don't know...
Any Joyful should know they don't hate eachother. They still talk, hang out, game. They even did a duet together before because they wanted to. Hyunbin picked Longguo up after the show and they drove off together. They didn't do that for any cameras.
Sanggyun and Hyunbin went to visit Longgou after he moved to his new place. This was after he gave away Rcy so they knew about it. Why would they go visit him he was such a terrible, shitty person to them while they were living together? There were no cameras there either...
The people saying that Longguo was a shitty person to the members and his cats are obviously not Joyful who followed them and watched their V-lives. In one V-live from the making of My flower MV Longguo sits outside and plays with kittens for a really long time. Cat hater?...
I was wrong, it's from the Fantasy filming but here's alink so you can watch it for yourself… there's two scenes of Longguo playing with the kittens. Did he just do it for the cameras? You be the judge.
Longguo also teamed up with Donghan to record a duet version of my flower and perform it as a special stage on the show. Did they have to do that or did they want to do that? I don't think Donghan would've want to do it if Longguo was such a shitty person. Company orders? we dk
I saw someone tweeting about the burger incident. Hyunbin was not happy about that but it's no secret. The talk about it in the LieV here at 1:51:00… and again the day after at the Mwave meet and greet
I don't know if Longguo bought Hyunbin 10 burgers but they obviously made up since they're close friends now. I think they mentioned this burger incident in other lives as well but I can't remember exactly right now.
“It is true that I gave Rcy away and that I took her back. I am full of regret about what I did back then, and I am so sorry to Rcy for causing her needless suffering. I apologize for causing many people concern through my insufficiencies in being aware of and caring for my pets"
" I will not forget the mistakes I made and will learn from it for the rest of my life." This is not admitting to abusing his cats or throwing Rcy out on the street. He's admitting to insufficiencies and that's good. He's aware of a problem and is learning from it.
Strip club? So? I hope he had fun although the "stripper" looked fully clothed. 😅 He can do whatever he wants in his free time and we aren't entitled to know about it. Let him enjoy himself. Many Kpop stans drool over their idols on a daily basis. Double standards anyone?
Misogynistic comment while gaming. Not sure about this one since they were made from his friends account? Of course that "friend" is gonna say they didn't use that account for a while. If he did he'd get shit for it. There's a lot of insults flying around in games though and...
of course Longguo is gonna do it too. Doesn't mean Longguo hates women. That's overexagerrating although I don't condone, excuse or defend using shitty insults online. That's immature and I sure hope Longguo grows up real fast now.
Correct me if I'm wrong, please! Send me evidence of the contrary if you have it. I'm not blindly defending Longguo. I'm just sharing my thoughts and I just don't think he's getting a "fair trial" because of how vicious and exagerrated some of the claims have been.
I haven't seen any evidence of the alleged drug use. If that's true and there are pics of that then that's definetely a big problem. Big no no in South Korea. He could go to jail. So I hope those allegations are completely false.
Throwing away gifts from fans? I'm sure he did. You can't really expect idols to keep everything they recieve. That wasn't a nice thing to do I agree but going though his garbage is just...pathetic. He probably thought no one would find out and get hurt. Another lesson learned...
Also, this is just me speculating, but we don't know what reasons he had for throwing stuff away. Maybe they were gifts from fans that made him feel uncomfortable and he didn't wanna keep them. Maybe they were from stalker fans that he didn't like...again just speculating here
Imagine have to meet your sasaengs at every fan meet/sign and being nice and pretending you like them when they stalk you everywhere. I know I'd hate it. Also them telling you what to do while thinking they're protective and even threatening you...
Could this be what Longguo meant by nagging fans? I don't know. Again I'm just speculating. I've been thinking a lot about this and trying to make sense of it all because many things just don't ad up.
I'm trying to think about things from Longgous perspective. Most people are just assuming what's on his mind anyway so so can I. No?
The hate each other so much that Hyunbin came to Longgous fan meeting to sing their song together.
About his family situation. We don't really know shit about it but I'll speculate a bit. We know his parents are divorced and that his mom lives in the U.S. We've ween the text messages he didn't reply to. We know he gave tickets to his GF but not his Mom? Aunt? (can't remember..
...not my business anyway) (Is the "proof" thread up again somewhere? I saw it yesterday but now I can't find it again. Someone send it to me, please.) But we know his uncle went to a/the concert. There's so many variables here. Maybe he didn't answer by text but called instead..
or skype? Who shared the text message? And when? Was he being a shitty son or are they things we don't know and frankly aren't entitled to know? His family relations are none of our business but I doubt he hates his mom since he seems so happy to be able to go see her next year.
Longguo was also about to take the exam to become a police officer in China but changed his min two hours before and decided he'd much rather go to Korea be a singer. He basically gave up the chance for a steady, respectable job and life for a very uncertain dream...
His family might not have been very happy with that decicion. I think he said something about this actually but I can't remember. Sorry I'll have to go over tons of interviews to find it.
Maybe I should point out that I'm not Longgou biased. But I read and watched pretty much all the interviews JBJ did before, during & after their promotions. I didn't know Longguo&Shihyun did the duo thing until I found out JBJ was happening for real. I honestly didn't stan...
Longguo during pd101 because he didn't really stand out enough to catch my attention. I got to know him trough JBJ and I can't really believe his personality was some act he put on. If it was then slap me and give him an award 'cause then he's a genius actor!
I have no delusions about him being a perfect man. Maybe because I'm older and I don't delude myself into thinking they'd ever be my BF or even friend. To be honest Longguo is not even my type so me "defending" him is not about that. I don't care about him dating but I understand
if others do. Girls who dreamed about him being theirs or even with Hyunbin. Hah. But I'm happy he was dating and in love. We're not supposed to know what he posted on his private insta anyway.
The private insta leak is such a huge betrayal though. He had some bad days at work and yes, he didn't love every minute of it but he thought he had a safe place to vent. Turns out you can never be too careful. I guess someone stabbed him in the back to get his account hacked.
I'm a bit surprised that he's the one who didn't want to extend the contract though. I thought it was mostly YG but I did hear that Choon said they wasn't gonna extend either, at the time so I guess it makes sense now. It's dissapointing but I can understand Longgou too.
With his introverted personality I can understand if he wasn't happy with the endless scedules and working around the clock, even if he pretended to be. I'm a schoolteacher and after a day of acting like I'm happy infront of kids I'm completely exhausted when I get home...
doing that for weeks without sleep would completely burn me out. Even if I loved my job. I need a lot of time to recharge after socialising with people all day. I'm not Longguo but it might be similar for him. Although I think everyone in JBJ except Kenta is an introvert too...
maybe not Taehyun as well so I'm not saying it's an excuse for Longgou to hate being in JBJ. I'm just speculating that it might be a possibility. I don't think he hated it all the time though. I hope he didn't at least. That would suck for him too.
At least I'm sure he didn't hate the members. He's the one who's been most active in their group chat lately. In case you didn't know they have a katalk group chat for JBJ and they keep in tough pretty much every day. Hyunbin of course post pics of his cats and Donghan posts...
ugly pics of Kenta. ;) Anyway, if he hated them he wouldn't keep in touch like that. He posted a lot when he went to China recently. This is what other members have said (Donghan and JBJ95).
Regarding Rcy I do not believe he abandoned her on the streets. That just seems ridiculous to me. He had her for a year and then just suddely doesn't give a shit about her? He did kind of lie about still having her though but that was most likely not only his decicion...
the cat's ARE part of his brand and his brand is controlled by Choon. They probably didn't want the fans to know about the issue because they knew the fans would be dissapointed. Remember it's all business for them...
Since the photocards of all the cats were included in the album they wouldn't want the fans to know that Rcy was no longer Longguos cat. The decicion to give her away was not a bad decicion. If you have several cats and you can't get them to get along you have to separete them...
Regardless of Rcy or Kagu being the agressor, one of them had to go because they were in danger if they stayed together. Remeber that Longguo can't be around all day to make sure they're not harming eachother. Some ppl think it was shitty of him to give away Rcy because...
he had her first but the reality was that one of them had to go. If you've seen Rcy you would know she's always been pretty feisty and the members even said she was the top of the hierarchy at the dorm because she was kind of agressive. This behavior can not be blamed on Longgou
mistreating her because Tolbi is the complete opposite. Very mellow and calm. And he had Tolbi the longest. If Rcy is calm and cuddly in her new home that's great because she probably feels more safe in a calmer home without other cats. To me this proves that giving Rcy and not..
Kagu away was the best decicion. I can also relate this to my family cat who was adopter from my brother because she started hating the other cats in the home after she was spayed. She fought every day and injured herself and the other cats. But...
in my familys home she is the calmest nicest cat I have ever met. She has never hissed, scratched or bit anyone. She hates cats but she loves humans. Anyway ,enough about my cat. Just wanted to share that I have experience.
If Longguo knew Rcy was out on the street and didn't care about it that is a big problem for me too. But I don't know that that happened and it's so hard to believe that he'd do that. Most likely she ran from the new owners and whoever was contacted at Choon maybe dismissed it as
crazy fans saying crazy shit. We don't know that they told Longguo about this. Or if they did that's why he tried contacting the new owners to find out if Rcy was OK. The official statements certanily have some holes in them but I really think Longgou was worried about Rcy.
Here's a short clip of Longguo impersonating the cats and their personalities.
Cat butler Longgou who's heart hurts when he has to trim his cats nails. Does he care about his cats or is he acting?
These were thrown away. There's also Sanggyun stuff in there but no one is hating on him. Of course this would hurt fans feelings but I don't think he expected someone to go trough his trash. I'm sure all of JBJ have thrown out some gifts at some point but it does seem ungrateful
Those expensive gifts were on the list. Of course he'd want them. Mocking tone? I can't really say since I'm not great at korean. Looks like crazy laughing to me. I have seen the way he can spazz out though. Like this comment he made on Hyunbins cats. Seems typical Longgou to me
I also want to point out that many of these "bad" things he did have been known for months. I even knew about them because I read tweets about the fansigns and stuff. Like the 33 issue, Hyunbins standee, Longgous manager and Hyunbin taking care of his cats, the room being a mess
But no one seemed to care about that then. Suddenly those things are being used as evidence of how horrible he is in this online assassination of his career...
All the other evidence was also more or less known and just collected by "fans" so they could destroy him when they realized they could never get as close to him as they wanted. It's so wrong to hang out someone's normal life like they deserve hate for it...
He's been stupid, yes. He's been immature. We already knew his ego was pretty big. The members all said so early on. He's pretty odd but he's not a horrible person who neglects cats and hates his members and fans. That's just such a ridiculous accusation...
saying there's evidence of that because you found a few out of context things or gifts in the trash when there's hundreds of evidence pointing to the opposite... come on people. You think he's really been acting all this time? 😑 no offense but I don't think he's that clever
Longguo neglecting his cats? He had other ppl take care of his cats while he was busy promoting. This is the opposite of neglect. If he was neglecting them he'd be leaving them alone for days while he was promoting abroad/not at home. 😑
And no one should hate on Gyun! That's not what I'm saying. I love Gyun as much as I love Longguo. He's a total sweetheart. 💕
I think him covering for Longguo on the show is more like "I've got your back bro" and not "hah bitch I'm taking your job" like some ppl are trying to make it out to be.
Ppl are misunderstanding this tweet so I'm gonna post some previous replies again...
I'm not trying to shift blame to him. I'm pointing out that reactions from fans are exaggerated. So Longguo probably got some of Gyuns stuff in the move and trashed it. I love Sanggyun. He's indeed one of the sweetest men I've seen and I've only read good things about him from...
before debut so don't get me wrong. I just want to point out that if fans wanted to do the same thing to him that they are doing to Longguo they could spin info to make him look bad in the same way. I will defend all the members because I love them all.
Ppl think I'm trying to drag Sanggyun... Please read what I'm posting before jumping to conclusions. It's a long freaking thread. One tweet doesn't cover it...
And like someone pointed out this stuff was probably thrown out by choon. Sanggyun had nothing to do with it. But if some crazy fans wanted they could spin this against him too. I am not.
People jump to conclusions way too quick. I wanna clear up that I said 'seems' ungrateful. Not that they are ungrateful. I know they are grateful! I've seen them cry over how grateful they are enough times to know that.
when I say "he" and "his" after mentioning Gyun, I'm referring to Longguo not Gyun. Just wanna clarify that. I'm not trying to drag anyone.
I'd like to rant more because I have more thoughts about this but I'm gonna have to take a break. I know I haven't talked about everything he's accused of but I'll try to do that later. Maybe no one cares anymore anyway so here's Longguo eating a banana.
Update about Rcy! Someone sent me this conversation she had with a friend who contacted the ex choon staff that was taking care of Rcy. As we already know it was her sister(?) who uploaded this story. This is not really evidence either since it's hearsay but it...
makes a hell of a lot more sense than the accusation of Longguo throwing Rcy out and knowingly neglecting her!
See replied tweet ⬆️
#longguo #김용국 #Rcy #jinlongguo
I will add more info soon! Many great things are being sent to me. I'm sorry but I'm going on a job trip today so can't be super active. Please wait for a little while. I'll try to post when I have every opportunity! 💙
Here's more that was sent to me. 🙂
More is coming!
The links……
#longguo #JinLongguo #김용국 #kimyongguk
More is coming!
The links below this tweet ⬇️
#longguo #JinLongguo #김용국 #KimYongguk
#longguo #KimYongguk #김용국
Last of this text.
About the donation. Does anyone have screenshots of the cat hospitals post? #KimYongguk #JinLongguo #김용국 #longguo
I'm sorry the pics uploaded in the wrong order. 😅
The post from the cat hospital. They also mention Kenta and posted his pic but he didn't donate. Maybe they're just a Kenta stan. 😅
I'll post a summary translation in the next tweet. Stay tuned! 😄
#JINLONGGUO #김용국 #longguo
Summary of previous post from the cat hospital.
#KimYongguk #JINLONGGUO #김용국 #longguo
A correction of previous tweet! Kenta donated with Longguo. Thank you! #KimYongguk #JINLONGGUO #김용국 #longguo
Thank you all for helping me and hearing me out! I hope this thread has helped as much as it's been seen. I might not have much time to tweet tomorrow since I'm working. I'm on a small island and only have internet when my friends share with me. Good night! #김용국…
I just want to add that this feeder can be bought from Korea. Although it's really expensive so I don't think she would buy it for a cat she's temporary taking care of. But you decide what you think. I think she got it from Longguo.
More info coming to me! It was a donation from Longguo and Kenta fans donating in their name. Here's a link to their tweet
Still not clear on the hospitals post if they communicated with Longguo.
Correction about this translation from my source. More to come hopefully.
#KimYongguk #JINLONGGUO #김용국 #longguo
Here's another silly thing people hate him for.😑
#KimYongguk #JINLONGGUO #김용국 #longguo
I haven't been able to be very active here lately but I have a good update today! Someone accused Longguo of texting with his gf when it was in fact his mother. His mother also posted a letter talking about Longguo. I found a translation but I also have the original. #김용국
Here's the *attached photo. #longguo #김용국
Guys, I love Longguo's mom. 😭
I'd like to point out that this tread has some replies to certain tweets that can contain corrections and more info related to the first tweet so please check out the replies too! Thanks for reading and let's read Longguo's mom's post again #김용국
SBS has made an offial statement that Longguo has not been dropped from or left his MC position on The Show. This is great news. I hope to see him back soon! #Longguo #kimyongguk #김용국 #JINLONGGUO…
I hope we'll see more and more ppl speaking up for Longguo in the near future. Maybe even the members but their companies might not let them get involved because of a possible negative impact om them as well. I hope to see more from ppl who are close to him who really knows him.
I wish that we can also hear more of Longguo's own thoughts and feelings about this. Maybe it's not possible to hear it from him directly at this time but from his mother or others he has communicated with. Sometime soon I also hope he can communicate with fans again in V-app.
In his apology he seemed very sincere to me and I even think he grew more mature after JBJ and preparing for his solo debut. I think he already learned to appreciate his fans more and be more grateful. If I consider how hard he works at his fan meets now...
I think he already realized his immature behavior during JBJ and was already working to change it, and even more so now. Hating him for having a gf is just stupid. This type of possesive behavior needs to stop and the more celebs that date openly, the better IMO.
Remember that the jbj members companies might not let them get involved and speak up for Longguo because of a possible negative impact on them as well. Even if they say something positive. If kfans are still angry it can backfire. I'm sure they've talked privately though.
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