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So it’s been one year exactly since I (Andy) started tweeting under @remainernow.

This thread will cover thank yous, some of the things the #Remainernow campaign has done over the last 12 months, what I think must happen next & how you can help.
So 1 year ago today, having spent the previous 18 months devastated about Brexit & the ramifications it looked like it was going to have for UK, I decided I had to do more & I set up a new twitter account with a simple aim & this was the 1st tweet.

I'd been following several #regretful leavers (e.g. @HughNorris7 & @timjn1) for a while on my personal twitter (now dormant) & decided that their voices (& many others like them) must be amplified & they must know others feel the same..@remainernow was the result of that.

I had many motivations for doing more but my main driver then was (& still is), having not done enough prior to June 2016 vote, I wanted to be able to look my kids (now 2.5 yrs & 6 months) in the eye in the future & say I did what I could.

More see-…
At the time I didn't really know what to expect, maybe it would just provide a resource that a few “remainers” would find & use to prove a point in a twitter debate. Looking back I would have probably been satisfied with that at the time.

In the early days I quickly found there were some other people collecting evidence of a shift in opinion (eg @brexityregrets & @njstone9) by retweeting #bregret who really helped me locate people but there was not an account that also engaged with those who are #remainernow.
Back then I didn't really think that a 2nd ref was likely at all, it was only being advocated by @Libdems & Greens.

@peoplesvote_uk launch did not come until 6 months later. The odds on one were worse than 10-1. But, if you don't try you can't succeed so I decided to try.

I'd like to thank all the people with influence who gave me endorsements in the 1st month or 2 & helped me grow a following fast. E.g @markpark (who wrote an article in first 3 weeks) @guitarmoog @remainiacscast @dontbrexitfixit @spaceangel1964 @mikegalsworthy & many more.
As someone with very little background in political campaigning, I was also greatly helped at the end of Jan/Feb when Victoria, who was at @BestForBritain (since moved on), came on board to help with strategy & set us up outside of twitter & with political contacts.

We then proceeded to set up a Facebook page.

This is here.

We do about 2 posts a day there & (if not already) please do like and follow the page and help share posts to spread the word so we can bring more people into the #remainernow community.

I also should add I got involved in my local anti-brexit group (@IslingtonIn) in early 2018 and helped them out at a couple of street stalls (and attended a evening with @nick_clegg - whose book "How to Stop Brexit" had also given me a push) before I moved in late February.

An aside - I had not written to an MP prior to late June 2016 and unfortunately my first ten letters/emails (9 on brexit) to a certain @jeremycorbyn received no reply, frustrating, 2 days before I moved I sent an 11th (enclosing the other ten) which finally led to a reply.

That reply (forwarded on) was detailed to be fair but did not give me any of the answers I hoped to read. I just hoped after I moved the guys @IslingtonIn would have more luck and my new MP, Dominic Grieve, would be more responsive on this issue.

Anyway I digress, we continued to grow the @remainernow following over the next few months and in April (whilst the Brexit legislation was going through the House of Lords) we held our first #remainernow event on short notice.

Can read more here..

Shortly before the Lords event we did help @euromove by providing them with a couple of videos from @jdlarwood and @HughNorris7 of them explaining why they changed their mind on brexit and wanted a chance to vote on the deal. They got used @peoplesvote_uk launch n 15 April.

The next major campaign event the #remainernow team got involved in was to get a few guys together for #stopbrexitsaturday in June and the march in London.

A great day.

I prepared this thread on #remainernow at the march afterwards.

In July, we launched (with thanks to @euromove for allowing them on their Nation Builder). This give us a chance to host #remainernow stories, articles and news items (although we struggle to keep up to date). Please read & share them.

This also gave us the chance to get a crowdfund going to help us with things we want to do (note both Victoria and I run this as volunteers outside our full time jobs). If people want to help its here

Note also transparency…

Over the summer we continued to grow a following & also a local anti-brexit group formed in my area (@SouthBucks4EU) to energise me. I continued to write to my new MP (Dominic Grieve) about #remainernow & it was fantastic when he later joined @conservative4pv (2 unrelated) 19/n
In August we @remainernow helped the #peoplesvote campaign in their goal to publish a video of a regretful leave voter every work day in the month. We provided them with 3/4 of the #remainernow videos they featured & they were well received.

See -
Next, in September (with the help of @patricklohlein) the #remainernow team got involved at the #binbrexitinbrum rally arranged by @euinbrum at #CPC18. It was a great event & I took the stage with @JamesMellor22 & @AndrewHardie3.


In early October, I was delighted to help set up #remainernow @HughNorris7 and @MrsEmmaJK to be the special guests on @RemainiacsCast (a show I had listened to every Friday since May 17) to increase awareness of the campaign.

The show is here..

By this time we had also developed a good relationship with @PMPmagToday who helped turn threads and emails from #remainernow into articles. This is really appreciated and you can find the numerous articles they have published for us in this thread.

Later in October the #remainernow team joined 700k others at the #peoplesvotemarch. We planned to march in a big group but due to sheer numbers we could not meet several folk whom had travelled to London for it.

But do read this on the event...

In October I also decided to launch the #remainernow podcast. Its very rough around the edges and done on a severe budget (just on my phone) but brings you different #remainernow voices.

There have been 7 episodes so far, please to subscribe.…

Also in October we held our 2nd parliamentary event. This was in the House of Commons. We had 14 #Remainernow MPs come and sit in a room with @SDoughtyMP @RosieDuffield1 @BenPBradshaw @PaulWilliamsMP and Dominic Grieve for 2 hours.

A short video

I also appeared on @RemainiacsCast and talked about the event afterwards, you can listen here..

Following the event, one of the attendees, Chris, wrote a great letter to all MPs. With the help of @BenPBradshaw and @SDoughtyMP this was sent to all MPs with a link up for them to contact me for more information.

This letter is here.…

Recently we've continued to bring you clips of the ever increasing number of #remainernow that are appearing on the media ( thanks to @Card5hark for volunteering to clip all them for me) all of the time. This compilation is just one of the examples.

We have also been trying to do your best to highlight the great work some of the local groups do all around UK. This thread highlights some of the #remainernow who have been willing to be recorded (first video sound is off but rest are fine)

In the past month or so, we have been fielding almost daily calls from different media outlets (both UK and abroad) asking for stories about the campaign and to be put in touch with leave voters now fighting for a #peoplesvote and to #stopbrexit & will bring these when out.

We've been getting support and follows from more and more MPs across parties including MPs including @BenPBradshaw @thomasbrake @EdwardJDavey @CarolineLucas @SDoughtyMP @RosieDuffield1 @ChukaUmunna @Wera_Hobhouse @PaulWilliamsMP (Dom Grieve not on twitter but met few times)
Also a number of cross party MEPs do follow us and share material. Including @CharlesTannock @catherinemep @MollyMEP @Jude_KD @RCorbettMEP @SHKMEP @julie4nw and here are 4 more (discussing the initiative on @CakeWatchCast

(Talking of MEPs I wrote a letter to Brexit Steering Committee last month about #remainernow movement and how the UK as a whole was #remianernow

Before I move onto where we are today and whats next, a couple fo thank yous.

Thanks to everyone who has followed, RT and interacted on here and FB. It so important in helping others speak out and those that have to feel like they can do more.

Thanks to all the amazing folk who either voted leave or abstained who have been not just willing to reconsider their view and be #remainernow but also talk about it so publically. This account would not of course be here without these awesome people.

And a massive massive thanks must go to my amazing wife.

She has been so supportive (including coming to #binbrexitinbrum with 4 month old) and patient (including when it takes me 25 minutes to make a morning cup of coffee) as she knows how much I care about this.

So where are we now a year on from @RemainerNow started.

Well firstly, it's clear that the will of the people is not for #brexit and that the UK is #RemainerNow

Just some examples of polling below..

...the negative brexit ramifications are clearer and it turns out that @theresa_may definitely is not delivering the #brexit people voted for.

A #peoplesvote (at 10-1 a year ago) is now as low as 8/11 👇with many political commentators agreeing it's more likely than not!

So what is next for the #RemainerNow initiative.

Firstly, we have not got a #peoplesvote yet & can't be complacent so, with the meaningful vote being delayed, we plan to do another (and far bigger) #RemainerNow goes to parliament event 1st week after recess to.lobby MPs.

But if we do get a #peoplesvote / #FinalSay, where do #RemainerNow community fit in here?

Well here are @mediawhizz and @ottocrat (in a recent @CakeWatchCast naming the non-politicians they want involved up front on the campaign) suggesting we could be important.

and here is @JimMooreJourno take on a #peoplesvote and where #RemainerNow fits in.

I agree....

So what do we have planned and how can you help?

Well, Victoria & I have recently had conversations with a number of people re possible funding & support for campaigns out of social media to greatly increase awareness & publicity. We hope to announce these in new year.

If you are a #RemainerNow, for the above & generally please do any of the below you are comfortable with

- keep tweeting about your regret etc.
- prepare a longer story that we can publish.
- do a video talking about it.
- call radio shows.
- attend events we sort.

For #RemainerNow again please also do sign up on the website so we can keep in touch there..

For others, we need help to grow. If you've skills that may be useful like filming, journalism etc & can give your time - ace but any help is useful.

Eg. We need help us locating & validate new #RemainerNow (@JamieWoodhouse & @NeilMaybin already are)

Let us know.

Also, if people do feel like helping financial for moment such as events, publicising tweets/Facebook posts, banners etc please do donate on as mentioned we are fully transparent on where money is used.

One final thing we should all do. Remember the phrase "the enemy of my enemy is my friend"

This is so true, I understand politics is partisan but until this brexit fight is over, let's remember the above, be supportive of anyone opposing it. Party politics can wait.

So I think that may be where we are.

Hopefully this thread shows not just how far #remainernow but how far the #stopbrexit movement has come in a year, we can work together & we can stop this madness & then deal with brexit's causes & all the issues being neglected.
"It's ok to change your mind", the UK has, it is #remainernow the reality of brexit is clear

But I myself (and I have no doubt many of you) will ensure that if that #PeoplesVote happens, we fight for every vote.

After that, my evenings can again be spent watching sport.

Ps. Couple things we did and I forgot to add.

In March, Will from @limehousepod generously agreed to have me on his show in the hope of increasing awareness. We did a 4 way chat with with @Femi_Sorry and #RemainerNow @Will_DryOFOC. Can listen here 👇

I also need to thank the guys @16MillionRising who allowed me a few minutes me to contribute a message their September show and more importantly also featured several messages from various #RemainerNow. 👍

PPS. Forgot to mention that a few months back we also launched on Instagram.

We post short videos, radio clips and the odd picture.

If you are on there please do give us a follow.

Here is a post with @MylesHSG.…
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