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We live in an attention #economy & what #Tweetiatricians have known for decades (#Twitter started in 2006): importance of drawing attention to factual science-based information as compared to #misinformation & #disinformation, especially on #vaccines…
You have to be fast & prolific to play catch up to this. I have 77K tweets, a moderate sized band of 6K followers interested enough to tolerate my volume but use of hashtags allows reach across Twittersphere. Trending hashtags = better for riding a way for that attention economy
If is unclear if we are now so siloed that tweets are ineffective with anti-vaxx. But not all anti-vaxx are QAnon
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 12/19/2020…
Albert Edwards: The 10-Year Yield is Heading to Zero - Articles - Advisor Perspectives…

#investing #deflation #forecast
Optimization is as hard as approximation – Machine Learning Research Blog…

#optimization #MachineLearning
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#algoquemeditar 🔎💡
1) "“How can you think yourself a great man, when the first accident that comes along can wipe you out completely.”
or as @FeeriLee would say "How can you consider yourself the great S**t if you put all of your eggs in one basket."
2) Optimization is the favorite word for many people, governments or corporation, looking that input and output are "well" used, while everything extra is a "waste" or what is better called redundancy..which end up beign way better for the unkonws (as @paulportesi would stated).
3) This happens everywhere, beign even pathological, specially when not all risk are created equal, some will look at easy to spot risks, but the most terrible and common in our modern times, are the silent ones.
#fragility #optimization
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1⃣ Awareness. Most policymakers are challenged to understand how many #health workers they have, their locations, status & latest qualifications when making #health decisions. These challenges are exacerbated during crises like #COVID19 where real-time data are essential.
2⃣ Self-regulation. Effective human resource information systems are not built overnight. Most resulted through #healthpolicy mandates & required #multisectoral governance & buy-in, including health, IT, education, labor, finance, private sectors, as done in the #Philippines.
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"It is hardly conceived[sic; this sounds as if German native speakers tried to translate the German expression 'Es wird kaum begriffen, wie..'; it is not wrong, though not the most usual way to express the idea; people usually say: 'It is hardly APRECIATED how>
> hard such-and-such task is.' of 'It is seldom UNDERSTOOD how hard such-and-such task is.' LG,I ] how important #mathematics and especially mathematical
#optimization is for all parts of #VLSI technology."
M.t. 'Es wird kaum verstanden, wie wichtig #Mathematik (und insb. die
> mathematische #Optimierung für alle Bereiche der Technologie sehr großer integrierter Schaltkreise ist.'
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/05/2020…
Tracking the COVID-19 pandemic in Australia using genomics | Nature Communications…

#tracking #COVID19 #pandemic #Genomics
Why efficiency is dangerous and slowing down makes life better | Psyche Ideas…

#optimization #efficiency
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 08/20/2020…
The Challenge of Marxism - Quillette…

#marxism #challenge
Why efficiency is dangerous and slowing down makes life better | Psyche Ideas…

#life #optimization #efficiency
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Our clients always get positive response from recruiters when our team optimize their LinkedIn profile

If you want to be visible to recruiters on LinkedIn?

DM now via:

Fun fact:
#LinkedIn #optimization speeds up your employability chance x3 ImageImageImageImage
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@IBM @qiskit Summer School Day 2
Time to learn algorithms.
@IBM @qiskit Summer School Day 3
Time to learn Shor's algorithm QFT and QPE
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1/23 #Economics of #OpenPit #Mining & its impact on a Mining Co's success. This brilliant pic of Letseng diamond mine in Lesotho shows the results of sensible & good strategic & tactical mine #planning. Take a careful look and then compare this pic to the next one of
2/23 Guyana Goldfields, which is an example of what NOT to do. At first glance, the two pits don't look too dissimilar, right? But what from these pictures is it that lead to the disaster & ultimate collapse sale of $GUY, while GEM Diamonds is still doing great? Can you tell?
3/23 The answers is in the phasing of the pit & ramp access. GUY's next pushback (yellow) is constantly cutting off access (red) to the cut below from blasting -The only cut which supplies the gold. They have to mine the yellow cut/pushback to expose ore later on but it looks
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How do you enhance recovery before surgery? Let's talk about preoperative #optimization initiatives with goal of #prehabilitation! #EB4S 1/

#MedThread #Tweetorial
@aoglasser @TomVargheseJr @KurtPfeifer @afedwardMD @Docbasia @dremilym @tony_breu @ruthi_landau Image
1st, goal is optimization for everyone, but that may not be possible in your place. You want to risk stratify your patients. We use the NSQIP Surgical Risk Calculator, Gupta MICA Calculator, and the Duke Activity Status Index DASI. 2/
You can learn about risk stratification here:
Remember: it's not always just about the heart. Kidney, Lungs, Brain, etc. are at risk. 3/

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#Bigdata vs Machine Learning vs Artificial Intelligence
By Irene Aldridge
☝️author High-Frequency Trading: A Practical Guide to #Algorithmic Strategies& #Trading Systems
☝️co-author Real-Time Risk: What Investors Should Know About #Fintech,#highfrequencytrading and FlashCrashes
1. ☝️🧐➿🔢 In traditional #statistics or #econometrics, researchers make assumptions about #data distributions ahead of the analysis
2. 🥇💪#machinelearning = the 1st discipline to apply #efficiency to #problemsolving brought by #computers & their enhanced computational power
3. 🤗➿🔢#ML scientists try to reduce #assumptions about the data as much as possible&let the data (&computers) decide what fits best.
4. ♾➡️🔤🌐#Datascience identifies core characteristics of the data, summarized by what has been known as #characteristic values (#eigenvalues)
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0/ Thread: Fascinating discussion on Structuring your #Sales with @JonathanAngv, COO of @aircall last night at @_TheFamily. I love it when experienced founders pass on what they've learned so new generations can move faster & avoid traps. A few highlights from last night 👇✨
1/ Process beats talent: 🤖 There are no good or bad salespeople. What matters is how they respect the process, and how well defined it is. At @aircall, they have changed their process over 100 times #continuouslearning #optimization
2/ The importance of metrics: 📈 Only one thing matters - MRR. It is displayed on screens in every room and every single person at the company knows this number by heart. Every target is determined in accordance with this number. Full #transparency
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Absurdly long tweet storm coming your way.

Goal is to connect the dots on the concepts in our Optimization Machine series and show why its relevant.

Currently at 38 tweets and 6 figs/tables. Will bleed it out so it's not so overwhelming.

#Optimization #RiskParity #investing
1/We’re 3 articles into a series on portfolio optimization and I’ve been challenged to distill the core themes and make it relevant for practitioners.

Here’s the TL;DR:

Portfolio construction may substantially boost performance without active views on relative returns.
2/First off here are the three articles under discussion.

Optimization Machine:…

Simple vs Optimal Methods:…

Optimization and the Sharpe Multiplier…
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