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The psychology and science of #fear of #suffocation and #panic : a thread

It is easy to mock people who believe that #masks will poison them with #CO2 or kill them.

While mask wearing has become politicized, particularly in the US, what is most notable when you listen and watch people talking about masks is their FEAR.

Some people have an experience of suffocation when they wear masks.

This is not unique to wearing medical masks or face coverings— this is true of wearing sleep apnea masks or Hallowe’en masks too!

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1. News: BRAVO POLICE! Seattle law enforcement taking their city back from thugs Antifa & BLM. ~Thread 7.1.20 #StandUp #WWG1WGA #Fight #WIN
2. News: EXCLUSIVE: Politicians Throughout the US Need to Look at the COVID19 Data and Stop the Panic Porn and Insanity… h/t @gatewaypundit
3. News: Doctors told us masks didn’t work and then that they did. Finally, a doctor had the guts to tell us that masks pose serious risks to healthy people and give them headaches.

The long term implications are unknown: #COVID

h/t @gatewaypundit
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"#Homoeopathy is a branch of universal #medicine based on the ‘principle of the like’ (Similia Similibus Curentur = Like treats Like) and in #minimum doses." .. I
It means that a #substance in a massive dose generates #pathological #symptomatology; has the possibility to #cure it, if applied in the #minimum doses obtained by #dilution and intense #agitation, in other words, #homoeopathic #succussion. .. II
#Homoeopathy is derived from a #Hippocratic #concept developed by the #German #physician, Samuel Hahnemann (1755–1843), with serially #diluted #medicines (1:9, 1:99, 1:999 and others) in water-ethanol vehicle alternating #dilution with #succussion. .. III
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1. News: President Trump administration ROLLS BACK OBAMA-ERA RULE THAT DEFINED 'SEX' to include 'GENDER IDENTITY'

Federal law will now define sex as it is 'determined by biology.'

BRAVO!! 👏👏👏…
2. News: Congress WASTED $3.06 MILLION on trying to impeach our great President Trump!

They knew he did nothing wrong! Just another Never-Ending COUP-ATTEMPT!!… #HappyBirthdayTrump
3. News: Portland Fire Bureau Asks For Public’s HELP ID’ing Arson Suspects In 94 Riot Fires, Police Stood Idly By… @realDonaldTrump #Riots #Terrorists #Antifa
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1. News: “We Are Scared for Our Lives” – Simona Papadopoulos.

George "I have been vocal about Australia’s involvement in SPYGATE"

They called police after “Australian man” tried to get inside their home fraudulently.– Thread 6/13… #ObamaGate #SpyGate
2. News: Millions Donated To ‘Defund the Police’ Secretly Directed To Biden’s Campaign [just like BLM $$]…
3. News: REPORT: Lawyers Who Allegedly Torched NYPD Vehicle During Riots COULD FACE LIFE Sentences… #Riots #Terrorists
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1. News: Twitter REMOVES President Trump's Call For Unity Video... Because Why? Reasons... #RIP #GeorgeFloyd #Condolences
2. News: Facebook reportedly shutters moms group for transphobia after group speaks out against Drag Queen Story Hour… #SaveTheChildren #Censored
3. News: Jeff Sessions shuts down Ilhan Omar in Twitter over her call to disband the Minneapolis Police Department:

'How's your brother, by the way?'…
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Crypt Keeper says Muh Russia!😂🤣
What happens to people that do that? BOOM!!!!!
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Some people mean well but Jack’s pizza post was not a “trap” to get us banned. He already has us categorized. Just fear porn. We cannot be stupid & break the Twitter TOS but replying to his post with #Pizzagate will not get you banned or shadobanned. Jack is on the ropes. #PANIC
Q post 3111…
You were warned, @Jack.
The Strike Will Be Fast.
Let's Keep Playing…
Q post 3109

Thanks for playing, @Jack.
Showing your hand was the intended target.
The 'SRIKE' will be FAST.
Shall We Play A Game?
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1. News: Senators Want Details On President Trump's SECRET POWERS. The day he declared the COVID-19 pandemic a national emergency, he made a cryptic remark,

“I have the right to do a lot of things that people don’t even know about”… #Trump #News #PANIC
2. News: WHOA! Gavin Newsom looks to CLOSE PRISONS amid budget woes… #Trump #News #CoronaVirus
3. News: Michael Flynn adversary’s law firm backs Democrats, having contributed $240,000 in the 2019-20 election cycle, almost all to Democrats or left-leaning causes, the filings show.… #Trump #News #ObamaGate #FreeFlynn
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2. News: Neurosurgeon: Face MASKS POSE SERIOUS RISK.

If you wear a face mask, contract a sickness, you can't fight it off as effectively as if you had normal blood oxygen levels.

It could create a “DEADLY CYTOKINE STORM" in some… #Trump #COVID19
3. News: NEW JERSEY: Latest Coronavirus Insanity: Surfing Is Allowed But Swimming Is Not… #Trump #News #KnowYourRights #CoronaVirus
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1 News: Judge Napolitano: Americans must stop acting like sheep & tell the government to take a hike. We've fought wars against tyrants who wanted to tell us how to live. Today we've elected masters who are doing just that. 5/14 THREAD… #Trump #CoronaVirus
2. News: 'I Don't Have Proof': Gov Whitmer Balks When Challenged By Reporter About Claim That Protests Are Spreading Coronavirus… #Trump #News #CoronaVirus
3. News: COVID-19 fear will destroy America: Citizens can't stay home until perfect safety can be guaranteed… #Trump #News #CoronaVirus
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1/ Potus tweets at 3:11 on 5/10 about #ObamaGate for the 1st time.
Potus tweets at 10:10 on 5/10 about #ObamaGate for the 2nd time today.

Post 311 is about Obama
2/ Post 1511 shows us who was at what position. 1511 is 3:11 pm military time
3/ so then Potus tweets #ObamaGate again at 10:10. Notice how on Twitter it has the day number but not the month number. So Potus is obviously pointing at 1010.

UK/GER [5 days].
Choice is yours.
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How do you comm [secure] non_publicly?
Define 'backchannel'.
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🤔 listen to the video again, then imagine....
This man & @GenFlynn righting the wrongs of planet earth... you want biblical?
This would be it....
Think last 30 minutes of "TOMBSTONE" ♥️🇺🇸⚖
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Today, President Trump showed us the testing swab for the COVID-19 and compared it with 2 Q-tips in the press conference.
This may have many meaning.
1. Can give the middle finger to the press and DS.
2. "The United States Naval Special Warfare Command, and the Special Warfare insignia, particularly worn by members of the US Navy SEALs, and containing a trident representing the three aspects (Sea, Air, and Land) of SEAL special operations".
3. Part of the golden-colored crest of the United States Naval Academy, which depicts a trident running vertically in its background.
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Important thread.

Q: What does #Imperial College, the World Economic Forum (#WEF), #Salesforce, #Sinovation Ventures (Chinese technology venture capital), #ABB (#automation technology), global artificial intelligence (#AI), all have in common?
A: #Vaccines, #EmergingMarkets, #gene editing - via the Fourth Industrial Revolution

[It is important to Important to note that on June 13, 2019 WEF officially partnered with the UN. On March 11 2020 it announced partnership w/ WHO to form "COVID Action Platform for business."
Jan 24 2019: "Imperial scientists present #vaccine revolution to world leaders at WEF in Davos"

Academics from Imperial's Network for Vaccine Research, joined heads of G20 & other states, #CEOs of #multinationals, members of int. orgs & other scientists at the #WEF meeting.
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He calls out wolfman howl, a murder most fowl. #GeorgeHWBush. He even shared the genius dot com link that gives you the break down of what the lyrics mean. Why would Bob Dylan release this now? Hmm seeding the public I see.
#PANIC it’s a 17 minute song! Do you believe in coincidences?
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Hear me out: this has everything to do with cyber.

1/5 Three decades of #computer virus panic leads me to predict #COVID19 will lead to a major reduction in U.S. food poisonings -- but only over the short term.

I've long hypothesized that many so-called "food poisonings"...
2/5 ...actually stem from unsanitary conditions AT HOME.

Somebody plops a greasy taco bag or a leftover container on the kitchen counter / table. That residue spoils.

Then it transfers to Timmy's Big Mac. He pukes & poops and his parents auto-blame it on McDonald's.
3/5 I believe the U.S. has grown so "fast-foody" that we've collectively lost our discipline for kitchen & dining room cleanliness.

Now, suddenly, panic has swept the U.S. Everybody hoards @Clorox wipes and, wow, actually uses them!

These wipes are closely related to...
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The #coronavirus #pandemic/#panic has already fundamentally changed our society and #economy. We're already seeing #quarantines along with #unemployment, #bankruptcies, and empty shelves in stores. And we see how entire states are being shut down as government asserts they know
which businesses are 'essential' and thus may operate and which are 'non-essential' and therefore forced closed. Whereas this obviously will cause enormous economic problems, let's take a look at what is actually going on. We are not only in the midst of a virus pandemic, but
also a major economic shift: from industry to information. Such shifts can happen smoothly, but government's actions are forcing the shift and disrupting all industries--uprooting the traditional employment model and creating a gig and work-from-home economy. Part of this is the
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Coincidence? Same spike at marker 4 is 2pm pst, cleared and anchored.💙🌈✅ #MissionForward
Also saw this as I completed the Majestic Kern River by Bakersfield into entrance to Sequoias (Gateway to Gold Hz). It came around 2 most remote place where I was. While I was hiking to find a place to get next to river. After, then heard this fast loud sound 2x. Then I asked my
Guides is that what I think it was. If so pls let me see it fly again. After reaching 100 giants entrance but was close, due to CV, was sad cuz was looking Fwd to hugging one of them. So had to make a u turn. On way day the mtn, 1 hr after 1st sight it came back, N this time it
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This thread is documentation of #viral, #PseudoScience & #irrational information circulating around in the midst of #CoronavirusOutbreakindia.
Starting from @AltNews report debunking uniform latitudes of places where #Corona came.…

Coronavirus: Is drinking cow urine any help?
By Reality Check team @BBCNEWSIndia1…
China culled around 18,000 chickens in Shaoyang city in the southern province of Hunan as a result of a flu outbreak. Rumours in India started circulating, that broiler chicken has been infected with Coronavirus and people should avoid consuming it.…
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Think 45 played his ACE card...all the carriers are more than likely deployed...This is around the PI, where muslim-jihad R in So. Island. Phil in lockdown for a month w/ curfew... #PANIC #CheckMate #EvilWillBeNoMore…
Grd crew warriors have been undercover to many cabal countries to catch PEDO activities, just example below...This is the SICK VIRUS that is being purged WW now...#ForTheChildrenWW
Not that PI (my birth country) is a cabal country, it's been controlled by DS/Cabal, since DS took out Marcos in the 80s, to start [their] pedo/precious mineral resources from the islands.
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#PANIC since '17, GFL/Q forced mtg on Modi (who provided the Cabal cntrld tech engrs to US, n why majority have gone to Silicon Valley since the dot com, w/ working visa, part of the SPY campaign against US citizens/WW, per patriot act by Bush since 9/11)...2017 was a majestic
turnover, clean out cabal hold on IT tech giants. #TrustThePlan #TrustGFLQTeam #TheFinalPurgeUnderway
Just to msg was coming in fr my guides that the purpose of the PEAS in 2018 was to reverse any spying software/gps locator to all iphone/other top mobile phones w/ malice. In order for the other activated warriors, such as traveling light rays to be safe on the road b4
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