#ClearFlynnNow Analysis: Alignment – 3 of 3, 23 December 2018

On 18 Dec there was a sentencing hearing for Gen Flynn, in the court of Judge Sullivan. I published an immediate analysis that day, essentially interpreting the day’s events through the prism of Sullivan’s honor.
2) Yet, during the hearing, Sullivan made egregious factual errors and inexcusable attacks on Flynn, 100% outside the scope of the sentencing process, basically leveling new indictments from the sentencing bench the moment we hoped for closure.
3) As he ended up walking them back and apologizing, my initial reading was to place Sullivan in the camp of opposing Special Counsel and angry at Flynn. I thought Sullivan desired a plea withdrawal and was angry not getting it.
4) Immediately, many fellow Flynn supporters attacked my analysis. They made their case so well, respect alone demanded a counter-analysis. My second analysis found their case against Sullivan’s honor compelling.
5) Today’s analysis is for the purpose of aligning a synthesis, to establish my position for now.
6) Try as I may, I am no longer able to justify the errors of fact –Flynn was not serving as an agent of a foreign government while in the White House – and…
7) The implication of treason, with the phrase, “you may have sold out your nation,” has now entered the historic narrative. As my friends have persuaded me, this is a completely unforgivable breach of judicial honor.
8) What’s more, and knowing nothing about legal procedure, there appears to me no excuse to ask Flynn about his guilt in open hearing first, and repeatedly. Had Sullivan wished to offer an honest opportunity to withdraw the plea, why not do so in private?
9) With these days of distance, I am constrained to judge the event as theater, macabre and inexcusable theater.
10) Yet what about Judge Sullivan’s fine track record? Sadly, I must now judge it no longer to be honored. What good he did, he has now undone, and at a far greater level of destruction than any contribution previously created.
11) But why? I would have pondered that long and hard, had Sullivan not given us the answer the very next day, with his activist position against the Trump administration’s efforts to secure our nation. Sullivan is clearly anti-Trump.
12) There is no need for speculation on any other so-tempting topic. How did the Deep State get to Sullivan, we are tempted to ask? Tempting as it is, I will forego the guesswork. Anti-Trump is sufficient.
13) By way of Sullivan’s lost honor, it as particularly painful to see it go. He was a hero. He was a source of true hope. Sadly, no longer.
14) So, what now? In future, it is possible we may discuss legal defense strategies in response, but I’ll leave that alone for now.
15) It is also tempting – but I will not yield – to request that Sullivan recuse himself from the case, now that he has so utterly and irredeemably disqualified himself. But I will not, and I don’t recommend it to others. Here’s why not…
16) Again, having no legal qualifications, I recommend rather the filing of complaint by whatever means appropriate. Which is to say, we must attack. If the legal team can complete that, wonderful, but that is outside my purview.
17) What is completely in our power is our social response. We may disavow Sullivan, removing his honor and attacking his reputation. For us, the only possible redress would be what should have occurred anyway, case dismissal.
18) This, sadly, is not to be hoped for, and neither is a Presidential Pardon, at least not now. Weakened by the media attacks, the more competent Democrat Party, the Never-Trump Republicans, our embattled leader does not have the power.
19) He clearly has the constitutional power. He does not – or at least so it appears to me – have the political power. Additionally, we, the #MAGA movement, failed in the midterms for the House. We did NOT send in reinforcements.
20) It is one of my most important conclusions that by failing to retain the House, and send in #MAGA reinforcements, we have served to weaken our leader. I predict we’ll wake up again in 2020, but for now, we must face our failure.
21) Our President having insufficient cover, the only thing we can do for our hero is continue to support him by way of the #ClearFlynnNow movement. And by the way, do please head over here for more info: ClearFlynnNow.com.
22) Also, BY ALL MEANS, please contribute you’re able, here: mikeflynndefensefund.org.
23) We must return, however, to the Sullivan/Mueller tag team. Many of my friends have tried to weaken my faith and love for our American court system, as a part of my passion for Rule of Law (ROL).
24) Funny, even after all this time, with activist judges doing their worst to obstruct our President, to legislate from the bench and to destroy the balance so finely tuned in our Constitution, I still must learn how far from ROL they have veered.
25) I hate giving up my illusions, don’t you? These judges, so many of them, are corrupt.
26) Please understand, corruption need not be paid in cash. It can be coerced or recompensed by many mechanisms. Being allowed to pay 10s of thousands of dollars for entry into a club can easily be an example of corruption.
27) I don’t know why Sullivan engaged in such a historic destruction of his honor, directly. I have come to the sad conclusion, though, that this is yet another example of the Special Counsel’s near infinite reach.
28) Those of us on the right must offer – as I am right now – that we failed as well in the foolish attempt to impeach Clinton, with our weak Special Counsel, Ken Starr. It’s a deadly combination, weak and over-the-top ambitious.
29) Mueller, unlike Starr, is not weak.
30) I wish I was ready to offer strategy and tactics, but I’m not. I can only offer resolve and some newly arising clarity. We have to realize, as Flynn goes, so goes America.
31) We have to realize, Flynn does not enjoy the benefit of justice, he suffers the weight, the terrible burden of injustice. We must dive just a bit deeper.
32) As egregious and terrible as Flynn’s case is, it is far from alone, and the problem is broad and reaches throughout the entirety of our American Injustice System.
33) And I’m not merely talking about the corruption at the top of the FBI and the DOJ, or the Clinton case, etc. Rather, consider the following legal imbalance. I only recently learned that prosecution may lie with impunity, legally.
34) Picture the traditional balance in one of Lady Justice’s hands. It is now thousand-pound weight against a single robin’s egg. She is no longer the Goddess of Justice. She is now the Witch of Injustice.
35) I say again, as Flynn goes, so goes America. The system’s corruption – and it is absolutely systemic – dates back far longer, and goes far deeper than just those in power at the top. If we fail to turn around, we lose ROL in America.
36) Right now, as opposed to strategy or tactics, let us simply contemplate and find the root of the problem when we can. I have no action-targeted clarity, yet.
37) I do realize, only now, how truly horribly we failed our #MAGA mission in November. All the investigative power of the House will be turned against justice, now.
38) I do know that we must organize, and we must re-strategize.
39) Here is a point of action! Read Alinksy’s Rules for Radicals. Read it now. There are many attempts at response by conservative thinkers, some stronger than others. However…

40) None of our responses rise to the level, nor reaches the depths of the original. We must realize that the Left’s ability to organize, and strategize, and fight for the future vastly surpasses our own. This must change.
41) Last for now, in supporting Flynn, we must play to our strengths. We are vastly superior to the Left in our social media work. On that note, I offer this banner image, created by @Real_Gaz and @Real_PeachyKeen. Please use it as your banner.
42) In its so-simple, elegant statement, as it spreads throughout social media, at least we may state our support of our hero. We will find our real action as we do. Until then, let us speak boldly, as we ought to speak.

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