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McCabe interview thread:
So Trump knew that McCabe was one of the people who was undermining Comey in the Clinton Email investigation. Tried to hide that he was sabotaging the case.

Trump knew in 2017 that Comey & McCabe wear different colored hats!
Here is the first direct lie in the interview. McCabe was not trying to get a special counsel appointed. He testified on 5/11/17 to SSCI that a SC was not needed.

McCabe was trying to start all the investigations of Trump that Comey blocked.
Next lie: McCabe claims he opened an Obstruction case on 5/10, but testified on 5/11 that he saw no evidence of an attempt to interfere with or impede the case.

If he had no evidence of an action to impede the case, then he had no grounds to start the case.
So then McCabe claims the President’s public statements were his probable cause to start the investigations. I mean if you ARE secretly conspiring to collude with the Russians, you wouldn’t make public statements to confirm it.
Comey & the FBI had already determined that the Flynn statements were not evidence of an effort to obstruct justice. Which goes back to Trump accusing McCabe of countering Comey…
Page & Strzok wanted to take advantage of Comey's firing to open that case before Andy lost Acting.
Again we have McCabe making accusations versus Rosenstein, when McCabe has no credibility. Especially with regards to RR, who he has repeatedly tried to blame for McCabe’s actions.

McCabe is trying to replace scapegoat Comey with scapegoat Rosenstein.
Again, if these articulable facts are true, then McCabe lied to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence saying there “has been no effort to impede out investigation today.”

If McCabe had evidence of obstruction, why would he have to wait for Comey's departure & lie to SSCI?
Rubio's use of impede rather than obstruct is a critical point. To commit obstruction you have to impede the investigation with the intent to obstruct it. Intent is squishy, but impeding is not. HT @CodyAve
But McCabe testified there was no effort to impede the case so the intent is not relevant & an attorney like McCabe knows it.
If there was no evidence of impeding the case, McCabe couldn’t legally open the case. So he lied to SSCI about opening the case on Trump.
Warner then builds on what Rubio asked forcing McCabe into a deeper hole. He has McCabe promise that as long as he is Acting Director, that he will inform SSCI about any effort to impede the case. McCabe never told SSCI, yet opened the case without evidence.
Sen. Lanford even gets McCabe to say he has all the resources he needs. Then asks McCabe about the need for a Special Counsel to take the case away from McCabe.

So how can McCabe now say he argued for a Special Counsel? He had his chance right there & said "No sir"
Senator Collins even asked McCabe about the agent in charge of the case. Strzok was removed in early 2017 & returned by McCabe.

It’s almost certain that they knew McCabe was dirty & set him up to confirm there was no obstruction & he didn’t want a special counsel.
So now McCabe is arguing that the President made a decision he disagreed with. It isn’t the job of an Acting Director of the FBI to second guess the decision making of the President. Especially when he testified there was no effort to negatively impact the case or shut it down.
McCabe says Rosentein supported his opening the investigations. Yet RR’s response was to appoint Mueller & order McCabe removed from the case.

Doesn’t sound like support, it sounds like another McCabe lie.
I bet it was very stressful for McCabe, they had engineered Comey as the fall guy by blaming him for helping Trump win the election with his Hillary email announcements. Now Trump fired him first sabotaging the insurance policy.
McCabe is trying to use RR as cover for conducting illegal surveillance on the President & the White House. RR knew that McCabe was already conducting surveillance & may have worn a wire to his WH meeting with the President, without authorization.
Trying to convince FBI's general counsel that Rosenstein authorized the wiretapping & wearing of wires to the White House to record the President of the United States.
Comey’s memos document illegal surveillance upon the White House, it was why they were leaked to leave breadcrumbs for later…
McCabe’s plan is to blame RR for the 25th Amendment stuff, when clearly it was leaked to the press before RR mentioned it. In fact the first article on the topic was before RR was confirmed as DAG. But he knows he has to watch his allegations of intent.
Sure McCabe, you committed multiple felonies while serving as the Acting Director of the FBI but it was all Rosenstein's idea. Even before he was confirmed as DAG.
@ScottPelley couldn't be this gullible could he?
@ScottPelley Here we go, McCabe was disoriented because had used Comey as his cover & scapegoat but lost him too early in the plan. But RR was being too helpful floating ideas that McCabe was already doing but couldn’t admit to without confirming the coup plot.
DOJ released a statement by RR claiming he never authorized any recording that McCabe may be referring to. Carefully worded because the DOJ will speak through the coming indictments...
McCabe had no clue what to do when Trump wouldn’t play along with the game the coup plotters designed to help frame him for colluding with the Russians.
McCabe had to know Trump was trolling him on the campaign of his wife. Yes a governor under FBI investigation & controlled by the Clintons. I'd feel sick too if I felt the POTUS had evidence that I was a traitor to the FBI & the nation.
McCabe is lying, he did not call for a Special Counsel. In fact, he testified to SSCI against the appointment of a Special Counsel. He tried to get Rosenstein recused from the case so RR could not take the case from McCabe.
Yeah, sure. RR was scared for his job that’s why he & Mueller met for 4 hours with Trump the day before RR assigned Mueller to take the case from McCabe. The case McCabe didn't want taken away, & wanted to make unstoppable before he lost power.
During this entire time, McCabe the Acting Director of the FBI was under investigation by the FBI for misconduct. Misconduct aimed at helping him & Hillary a week before the election. He committed crimes to hide that.
Lying to federal investigators is a crime, ask @GeorgePapa19! I'm sure McCabe knew he had to commit more crimes to hide his previous crimes. All while the SSCI & Rosenstein were asking him tough questions he felt he needed to lie about.
Of course he didn’t expect to get fired, he thought the Swamp would protect him. He failed to recognize that they were so trapped, no one could save him from his crimes.
I’m sure we haven’t heard the last of McCabe’s memos. Comey’s were leaked to make them sound anti-Trump but they exonerated him once released.

McCabe’s will be compared to the texts before a grand jury to show he rigged everything…
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