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Today is Weird Pride Day.

I am WEIRD and PROUD of it!!! Photo of Lyric, a fair skin...
Two names I was called often, as undiagnosed AuDHDer growing up were “rebellious” & “weird” - you know I have a thing for reclaiming the insults that have been used against me, so when I was asked if I wanted to participate in Weird Pride day, my answer was an enthusiastic, yes!
“This is a day for people to embrace their weirdness, and reject the stigma associated with being weird. To publicly express pride in the things that make us weird, and to celebrate the diversity of humankind.

Why should people be proud of weirdness?
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Options - the next generation - managing butterflies - when good times roll / when bad times come...
Say you bought a simple balanced butterfly spread on 1/5 that looks like this

Its balanced, and theta neutral
Then 1/6 happened (Partaeeee)
You got a near 30% change in every leg.

What should you do - sell it?
Manage it?
Or do nothing?
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Part of my New Year’s Resolution: be more direct, speak more truth… Side note: I do not believe in New Year’s Resolutions, this serves more as a warning for what’s coming…
For example: There is an antiestablishment establishment in Texas. Specifically North Texas. Almost as if they are the “controlled opposition”. 🤔
Ex. A: Antiestablishment establishment seems to focus solely on criticizing @GovAbbott while remaining eerily quiet of other politicians taking similar donations.
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11.8M views for a TikTok of "a mosquito 🦟 with a number on its back". 😲

Is Bill Gates involved? (Spoiler: no.) Investigate! 🧵👇1/...

#Verification 🎥

#BillGates #TikTok #FactCheck #Weird
The Russian caption (albeit with typo) on this viral video reads: 'Guys who know where the numbers on mosquitoes come from (?)'.

Good question! Let's start with some basic Google... 2/...…
To find out the origin of the images, we google part of the Russian inscription.

So we come to an article on the Kazakh news site Ekspress.

That article features the same video and situates it in Kazakhstan. 🇰🇿3/...
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Things got a little #weird on the #TIFF #WEIRDTheAlYankovicStory red carpet last night...
Daniel Radcliffe and his GF Erin Darke walked the carpet together 💕
Evan Rachel Wood (AKA Madonna!) was in the house
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🧵: antiblackness [and sexualization] in the gyaru community, and to some extent, anime community
[rts are appreciative]
READ THIS BEFORE MOVING ON: thread will include visuals (culture appropriation for example) and in depth talks on antiblackness and sexualization of women and children/teens alongside mentions of pedophilia.
I’m sure everyone has an idea or seen gyarus, you may have seen kogals and ganguros a lot! but let’s first understand what it is (just in case you don’t know)! if you want to know more I highly suggest researching more.
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Start now!
Start small!
Start with what you have.
Use paper and pencil. Google docs. Scribus. Public domain art. Stock art. Creative Commons.

1/4 Image
Set a reachable short term goal that will still challenge you.
Write 300 words everyday.
Finish a Pamphlet with a adventure/monster/miniRPG.
Write a game in less than 24 pages!
These will kickstart your creativity and keep you motivated!

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🦖#PrimalJam is starting TODAY!🌋

Create for the #Weird #StoneAndSorcery #AdventureGame, #PrimalQuest!

The game has a FREE OPEN LICENSE, and we made available more than 40 curated and treated #PublicDomain #Art for it! Join us and #GetPrimal!…
#PrimalQuest is the #Weird #StoneAndSorcery #AdventureGame with modern rules and challenging old-school style play!

Learn more about it below!

@ricardo_peraca submitted #RuleOfOg, a set of optional rules for communication in the #Mythical #StoneAge! Very interesting and I will take a deeper look later today!
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How about a #TTRPG adventure that not only helps you immerse in a #Fantasy and #Mythic setting, but helps you bring a bit of this world outside the game?

#TheCaveOfOurPeople introductory adventure for #PrimalQuest does exactly that!

In #TheCaveOfOurPeople, PCs are going through a #RitualOfPassage to become full members of their tribe. They are not necessarily young. They accept people from all sorts, from other people and species, other tribes, exiled ones, and anyone who needs a place for themselves.

They will drink a magical tea prepared by the tribe’s elder and experience vivid dreams that will reveal their destiny and secrets of their people’s past. They will see things that were not there but will be guided by the tribe’s ancestors too. It’s a #DreamCrawl!

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My neighbor (older, mechanic, military veteran) told me he admired how I write things. That he couldn’t picture things in his mind. I asked if he could think of and see a red ball. He replied no. He never could. (Smart man who can fix anything.)
He asked me if I could. I told him I could visualize anything, like a fork, a house full of furniture room-by-room, or even whole worlds with people. Sometime I drift away into the past, or future. He looked shocked. I love learning how people’s minds are so different.
I have another friend (Harvard grad, advanced degree) who mentioned she also has this. I have never asked either of them deeper questions, but I am interested in how does one write or repair things without the ability to picture concrete objects. What does that feel like?
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Something not right with the Peace Movement .. so I was idly googling what PEACE might mean to satanists , as you do 🙄, when I stumbled down a rabbithole .. ImageImageImageImage
A 1993 training manual from the US Dept of Justice - SATANIC CULT AWARENESS

> Dale Griffis , PhD - Tiffin, Ohio Police Department… ImageImageImage
Dale Griffis was involved with The West Memphis Three Trials…

"Delving into matters of the occult took center stage with the calling of Dr. Dale Griffis, a "cult expert" from Ohio ImageImageImage
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100 things I learned as a blogger and online course maker by reading 100 things @viebel learned from writing his book. (Thread)…
#blogging #BloggingTips
"Writing a technical book is much harder than writing blog posts."

Definitely agree. A much larger part of content needs to be extremely coherent and well-linked.
"Writing a blog post is like running a sprint while writing a book is like running a marathon."
@viebel true, but I think you should compare writing a book to writing a successful blog. This also feels like a marathon. We don't compare a class to a startup.
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Today is my birthday and what better way to mark it than by revealing that I am currently editing a collection of R Murray Gilchrist’s #gothic #weird tales for @BL_Publishing’s Tales of the Weird series! I am absolutely over the moon, to say the least!
Some of you will know that I’ve been trying to get Gilchrist back in print for years now so to manage that not only as part of such a great series but in the company of luminaries like @XAldanaReyes, @Jendeavour, @daisy2205, @JoanPassey and @HenryBartholom6 is just amazing!
Specific thanks to @Jendeavour and @RomGothSam for letting me work through my thoughts about Gilchrist’s importance as a writer in their respective events and, of course, to @AnatomicalCat for putting up with me rattling on about him near-constantly.
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A Revista Tricerata chegou! Uma revista bimensal exclusivamente digital de fantasia, ficção científica e horror.
A revista traz o melhor destes três gêneros da literatura fantástica em colunas e conteúdos singulares, desde entrevistas com autores a novidades da editora.

Confira o edital completo:…
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Well this is unusual, a 7 year old bribery allegation where a lawyer tried to bribe a police agency (not officers) with £1m as part of a bizarre plot to release £274m in a Swiss bank that was claimed to be the CIA's money.#ButNothingsHappening HT @MuseScry…
So a partner at a 'prestigious' law firm tries to bribe the police, by paying the agency £1M or their pension as they had budget problems. Who bribes a law enforcement agency instead of individual cops?

That's weird but it gets weirder! Image
The lawyer claimed it was CIA's secret money to pay for operation in Somalia, that he wanted his suspect out of jail & given his passport so he could get the £274M from a Swiss bank as part of a sting against the suspect he was representing.
Setting up his client? Sounds Swampy ImageImage
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S Schnorr @schnorrax & A Crittenden @an_crittenden presented an impressive approach to the ethics of science & field work that embodies our motto #HometoTheorythatMatters. Thread below summarizes messages important for anyone working with vulnerable populations! #KLIColloquium
The push across scientific disciplines to collect biological samples outside of #WEIRD societies (western, educated, industrialized, rich, and democratic) has led to an increase in research teams collecting bio-specimen data from an ever-expanding global participant pool. /1
Many of the most sampled populations are from low income countries in the #GlobalSouth – many are Indigenous and marginalized. It is the responsibility of the scientist(s) to acknowledge this and communicate the benefits of their work (or lack thereof) to the community. /2
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 6/03/2020-2…

An interpretable mortality prediction model for COVID-19 patients | Nature Machine Intelligence…
#model #intelligence #machine #prediction #mortality
“Immune to Evidence”: How Dangerous Coronavirus Conspiracies Spread — ProPublica…

#conspiracy #evidence #immune #spread
The public do not understand logarithmic graphs used to portray COVID-19 | LSE Covid-19…

#public #Graphics
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Science News - Other Sciences: Mathematics, Social Sciences, Archaeology, Fossils
#archaeology #mathematics #fossils #science #economics
New findings suggest laws of nature 'downright weird,' not as constant as previously thought…
#laws #weird #nature
The Federal Reserve's Coronavirus Crisis Actions, Explained (Part 6) - Notes on the Crises…
#FederalReserve #actions #explained
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The kind of status we would be updating on social media, if we were in the times of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, etc: 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Princess: Guys its scary, Lot's wife just turned into a pillar of salt!

B'jayB: Just chilling in 1st class at Noah's ark, the view here is fantastic. But this Lions keep staring at me.
Damiflex: Chilling with Moses by Mt Sinai... Miracles be going down here. #miraclethings

Kemikollz: Eve and hubby got banished. O, they ate the forbidden fruit. I mean who does that?
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🤬 CONTEMPT - for the law🤬

AG William Barr decides not to appear at House Judiciary Committee meeting. Nadler threatens contempt. Nadler calls the WH a "clear and present danger."
🤬 CONTEMPT 2 - for the law 🤬

Without Congressional approval, governments of Iraq, Kuwait, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Thailand, and EU got the green light to rent in Trump World Tower.

Barr is helping to dismantle the ACA.
🤬 CONTEMPT 3 - for the law 🤬

Butina's National Prayer Breakfast schedule is out and it's heavily redacted.

Speaker Pelosi calls out Barr lying under oath.

Sen. Kamala Harris asked Barr point blank why he didn't review underlying evidence, despite making a charging decision.
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Natasha Devon a Mental Health Ambassador calls #Socialists #Weird #cultists & calls on #Jewish people to rid the Labour party of them. Many socialist support Labour's policies on the #NHS & some have #mentalhealth issues but its OK to demean them! @simonmaginn @JVoiceLabour
I called Devon out on a tweet that smears people who consider themselves socialists. She calls me #AntiSemitic for my tweet. Perhaps I misinterpreted her tweets but she seems to call socialists: Weirdos, Cultists and pond life. @RespectIsVital
My challenge was simple. I felt she was smearing a whole group of people some of whom may have the very health problems she is meant to be an ambassador for! So my question stands is she fit to be a mental health ambassador @MichaelRosenYes @mojos55 @skwawkbox @mikecoulson48
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Hey, bro...

Our pilots have been ‘practicing’ extractions in multiple war zones since 2001 - I’m not sure why they’d need to practice in downtown L.A.

I’m not saying I have a better idea than ‘an excercise’, but I’m also not trying to be the best at ‘normalcy bias’.



Wanna see something hilarious?!
That ‘exercise’ was 1/2 mile away from... 👀

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As the #NXIVM case gains momentum in #Mexican media, a political blog in #Mexico, "indice politico," published this article a few days ago. In case you don't know Spanish, the headline says, "[frmr. Pres.] Carlos Salinas can have you assassinated." #NXIVM…
...[continued] 4 those of you who know how 2 use Google Translate, U can cut and paste this quote: "Sea o no merecido, Carlos Salinas es probablemente el hombre más temido en México, el hombre asumido como el verdadero jefe de la mafia mexicana..." #ArizonaMafia #NXIVM
...[continued] "...con sus negocios multimillonarios de lavado de dinero, venta de drogas, tráfico de personas, manejo de armas y asesinato." Plug that quote 2 Google Translate 2 learn abt #CarlosSalinas, the man my frmr. friend Marco Lopez & his #ArizonaMafia have been wkg with.
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1) Today Whistle-blower #ChristopherWylie appeared in front of #British #MPs.

Did he inadvertently connect the dots on the very strange and developing relationship between the #democrat party and #MuslimBrotherhood?

#QanonPosts #Q #QAnon @POTUS #TheStorm #MAGA #DrainTheSwamp
2) Wylie was testifying about his work for #CambridgeAnalytica and while testifying, he revealed his predecessor was found dead in a hotel room... in #Kenya. Why does that matter?

#Africa #QAnon @POTUS #DrainTheDeepState #CORRUPTION #MurdochMysteries…
3) Recall recent #Q post regarding #Kenya.

His predecessor Dan Mursean died mysteriously in Kenyan hotel room in 2012 working for President Uhuru Kenyatta's re-election campaign.

Look at #QanonPosts below.

MB = #MuslimBrotherhood.

Something's swirling.

#MAGA #Weird #QAnon
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