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@BestStephen @Joyuslyfly @ElizabethMay @JustinTrudeau I don’t. What I find upsetting, for the 5th or 6th time in this discussion...

It’s your abandonment of your principles and beliefs because you didn’t get a reserved seat for Elizabeth May at the decision table. There are much bigger fish to fry right now. So it scares me.
@BestStephen @Joyuslyfly @ElizabethMay @JustinTrudeau That’s very disturbing. Vote your conscience.

I’m asking you to stop making my choices controversial to not join you in your endeavour to make PR your hill to die upon.

I don’t prevent your choice. I’m asking you to stop using dirty politics to win. It’s unethical, & like CPC.
@BestStephen @Joyuslyfly @ElizabethMay @JustinTrudeau You are free to make PR your number one issue. You’re free to feel disappointed and let down because you didn’t get what you thought was the most important policy.

But you’re not free to cast aspersions and personal insults to besmirch the character of the PM to win support.
@BestStephen @Joyuslyfly @ElizabethMay @JustinTrudeau I’m free to disagree. And protest. Because attacking the character of any politician should be based in reality, not drummed up lies and false accusation.

You have every right to feel disappointed. No question. If that was your most important policy, PM failed to implement.
@BestStephen @Joyuslyfly @ElizabethMay @JustinTrudeau Using character only, not race, religion sexuality or smears or lies, I’m free to question your choice to adopt those methods to win support and create the impression that PM was dishonest and didn’t address ER at all. That’s a lie. He did address it.
@BestStephen @Joyuslyfly @ElizabethMay @JustinTrudeau It’s unethical and undemocratic to suggest otherwise.

It was one of the needs the PM conceded to gain cooperation in other areas. That’s bound to piss you off if it was your main priority.
@BestStephen @Joyuslyfly @ElizabethMay @JustinTrudeau But that, Stephen, is democracy. It may be your priority, but it isn’t the priority of the vast majority, as evidenced by failure to gain approval in BC & PEI.
@BestStephen @Joyuslyfly @ElizabethMay @JustinTrudeau Same as pipeline purchase and support for Alberta economy. PM bought a pipeline to appease the industry and nullify the claims of far right that he was sunsetting oil immediately. That argument, though still made, has lost its veracity by the purchase of the pipeline.
@BestStephen @Joyuslyfly @ElizabethMay @JustinTrudeau May’s Green New Deal calls for immediate cessation of fracking. Industry and far right will resist vehemently. CPC would give them freedom to frack with impunity. They’d sooner force citizens to buy earthquake insurance and rely on bottled water than restrict fracking for profit.
@BestStephen @Joyuslyfly @ElizabethMay @JustinTrudeau Effective policy requires meeting both needs of disparate interests to create a happy medium. Greens will never get a policy that immediately sunsets all fracking activity. The senate is controlled by cons.

So that policy is a fantasy. It’s a wish list, not a platform.
@BestStephen @Joyuslyfly @ElizabethMay @JustinTrudeau I live in Alberta. Not Ontario. Fracking directly affects me, not you. It impacts my fresh water supply and arable land for farming, and leisure.

Green Party policy statements directly threaten my environment. Not yours. Remember that.
@BestStephen @Joyuslyfly @ElizabethMay @JustinTrudeau If CPC wins a majority, they will approve unlimited fracking. I have no doubt. My province will be an environmental dystopia, and I’ll be forced to purchase earthquake insurance from the resulting insanity to protect my financial investment in my home.
@BestStephen @Joyuslyfly @ElizabethMay @JustinTrudeau It won’t be long before I’m forced to purchase bottled water. CPC and provincial cons will remove safety protections to maximize their use of water and reduce the quality of standardized purification.

Water that I’ve drank for 50 years will become unsafe or toxic.
@BestStephen @Joyuslyfly @ElizabethMay @JustinTrudeau Because Greens leadership want to sell fantasy promises to those who neither live here or will be affected by Con policies.

Liberals propose an alternative. Feed the wolf to keep the sheep safe.

I’m the sheep Stephen. I want clean drinking water and earthquake free living.
@BestStephen @Joyuslyfly @ElizabethMay @JustinTrudeau I don’t want safety regulations removed. I know oil will sunset slower, but the wolves still eat while I get to survive too.

That’s the only language wolves use. Money. Keep them in the money and they will compromise. Starve them and they attack and take over.
@BestStephen @Joyuslyfly @ElizabethMay @JustinTrudeau The oil industry wolves have the $ to pay for policy. Who do you think is paying for all the wolves in CPC and the provincial cons? The oil industry.

They can be appeased, but not eliminated. Yet. They hold too much political power. A carbon tax is throwing them into a tizzy.
@BestStephen @Joyuslyfly @ElizabethMay @JustinTrudeau It doesn’t matter how much the rest of the nation wants climate change to speed up. Until a framework restricting natural resource production to climate action goals is law, the wolf is in the drivers seat. And continues to demand more food. They are greedy.
@BestStephen @Joyuslyfly @ElizabethMay @JustinTrudeau Harper stacked the senate committees. Bill C-69, the framework law, may be killed. CPC is doing all it can to kill it. The negotiation of cooperation & concessions is Bill C-69. It’s not perfect, but no bill will be in the political environment we have. Wolves guarding the sheep.
@BestStephen @Joyuslyfly @ElizabethMay @JustinTrudeau And you have the audacity to say PR is more important than me and my family’s future?

May accuses PM of not doing enough often. He can’t deliver until a framework law is in place. She knows that. Or she shouldn’t be leading a political party if she doesn’t.
@BestStephen @Joyuslyfly @ElizabethMay @JustinTrudeau Greens are pushing hard to declare a climate change emergency. At the exact time the Senate votes on Bill C-69, fanning the wolves fears that LPC & progressives will shut down oil immediately. Or at least giving fuel to that argument.

Why? Why now? Not after the vote, why now?
@BestStephen @Joyuslyfly @ElizabethMay @JustinTrudeau So forgive me if I question May’s motives. She’s either the most daft politician in Canada who hasn’t a clue how to get policy through the senate or on the CPC payroll. You tell me.

Neither prospect is protecting my home, water supply or local produce.
@BestStephen @Joyuslyfly @ElizabethMay @JustinTrudeau I just want to survive Stephen. Which is made increasingly difficult by blunderous attempts to force the situation on the eve of the vote that will determine our collective future.

But you didn’t get PR. Boo fucking hoo!
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