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Why @krls & @toni_comin must be allowed to take their seats in the @Europarl_EN
"The essential step to become an MEP is to receive enough support. #Catalans understood this and delivered massive majority support to @krls, @toni_comin, @ClaraPonsati, and the whole list"

"#Spain's #SupremeCourt should suspend the national arrest warrants against @krls & @toni_comin. Both now enjoy immunity that the Supreme can't interfere with. They must decide to respect the law or not, but the little credibility they still have in Europe is at risk."

Asked whether @krls & @toni_comin must swear to uphold the Constitution in person before #Spain's Central Electoral Board before taking office, @boye_g said the rule was out-of-date, against EU law, and, if the #SupremeCourt got involved in this battle, it would surely lose.

The @EP_President's "secret" #EU report denying @KRLS Puigdemont's immunity if elected to @Europarl_EN unless sworn in by JEC was signed by someone from outside the legal services of the #EU Parliament with "a career tainted by scandal". ID to be made public shortly.
"Sec-Gen @Europarl_EN Klaus Welle's barred @toni_comin @junqueras & I from conducting any procedure as MEPs. No legal reason; pure discrimination. All other elected representatives were able to carry out the procedures denied to us. Disgraceful!" @KRLS

Among those able to collect their credentials at @europarl was new Cs MEP & ex-president of Balearic Islands, José Ramón Bauzà, "the same Bauzà who requests such credentials be revoked. They're desperate"

#Catalan President @KRLS Puigdemont said the reason given for barring him & @toni_comin from @Europarl_EN was that #Spain hadn't provided its list.

All other #Spanish MEPs-elect managed were, however, able to collect credentials without difficulty.

Libération @libe journalist Jean @quatremer said:

"@Europarl_EN denies access to #Catalan indy MEPs-elect, @KRLS & @toni_comin. Argument: they didn't swear on #Spanish Constitution.
However, none of the Spanish MEPs have taken an oath! @EPP in action!"

"Huge blunder: @KRLS & @toni_comin unable to enter @Europarl_EN to get accreditation. The decision was made by outgoing @EP_President, Italian, Antonio Tajani, and his sec-gen, German Klaus Welle, both members of the conservative @EPP bloc."

"Spain's best friend"
@EP_President, Antonio Tajani, "has never hidden his passion for #Spain". Here he receives an award for "services to Spain as head of #EU institutions"
"Long live democracy, Europe, Spain & the King!"
Tajani's taking the @Europarl_EN down a dangerous path
President @KRLS Puigdemont called the boycott "a dirty trick" and announced legal action against @EP_President Tajani and Sec-Gen Welle, for a "serious violation of the fundamental rights of EU citizens".

"They're liable for this serious example of discrimination"

The @Europarl_EN increasingly discredited

The "secret" EU report requested by Tajani, @EP_President, and Welle, @Europarl_EN Sec-Gen, denying @KRLS Puigdemont's immunity was signed by someone with a "murky past" who isn't from the #EU Parliament's legal services.

@KRLS Puigdemont and @toni_comin complain to European Ombudsman, Emily O'Reilly, of "discriminatory treatment" and to @EP_President Tajani and Sec-Gen Welle asking for "paperwork showing the ban" and CCTV footage of the moment their entry to the @Europarl_EN was blocked.

Only @KRLS & @toni_comin were blocked from collecting provisional accreditations at @Europarl_EN but now @EP_President Tajani orders Gen-Sec Welle to suspend all #Spanish accreditations to "avoid political disturbance in #Spain" after letter from Spanish parties.
via @jujikucz
The @Europarl_EN's improvised and chaotic actions this week are of questionable legality resulting from a dodgy report denying @KRLS Puigdemont & @toni_comin immunity (authorship still in question) and a reaction to badly-written begging letters from #Spanish political parties
"Ciudadanos Europeos Delegation's" letter to @EP_President Tajani on Wed. asking that "runaway" @KRLS Puigdemont be refused @Europarl_EN
accreditation unless he "ironically" take an oath in Madrid is a piss poor piece of work in bad English, as if written by a #Spanish child.
If you have any questions for the @Europarl_EN regarding the "coup against democracy" it is perpetrating at the behest of #Spanish political parties by disenfranchising millions of #Catalan voters, you can do so here in most languages (except #Catalan)

So, the 15 April note supposedly denying all #Spanish MEPs immunity till the start of mandate was written by @Europarl_EN's not very expert jurisconsult, Freddy Drexler, of @EPP, Alsation Clan, sex for promotion, Juncker Lux Leaks cover-up fame.

Drexler's note - Tajani's will

The 1000s of advisory notes written by the legal services of @Europarl_EN every year are secret: not accessible to MEPs, MPs or the general public. Drexler's sole authorship reveals the imperative that this note reach #Spanish conclusions.

#Spanish Govt/@EP_President's strategy to block @KRLS & @toni_comin revolves around the Central Electoral Board's list. To receive @Europarl_EN accreditation #Spanish MEPs must be on the list; to be on the list they must swear an oath in Madrid and face prison.
A simple plan.

They go to @Europarl_EN, are told THE LIST isn't there, see A list with their names greyed out but fellow #Spanish MEPs accredited, only possible by swearing THE OATH in Madrid. This event isn't till 17 June! Realising the fuck-up, 🤡Tajani cancels all #Spanish accreditations.
Suits are filed, complaints lodged, and MEPs speak out against the blatant breach of #EU citizens' rights.

#Catalan civil & political orgs plan demonstration in Strasbourg on July 2 for the opening of the @Europarl_EN. Who knows what #Catalans will organise in a month.

"The best #Spanish commissioner" & Prince of Asturias award winner, has a street in Gijón named after him and a Spanish infantry flag in his office. He leaves the presidency soon and cares little about fuck-ups. This show's a parting gift to 🇪🇸

In 2011 a @Europarl_EN staff member's resignation e-mail accusing then chief of staff Freddy Drexler & Sec-Gen Welle of giving promotions for sex was sent to 5K people on a distribution list. IT services entered mailboxes and deleted messages.

In 2015, Martin Schulz commissioned a study from Drexler to head off an inquiry into the Lux Leaks scandal threatening Juncker's career. Drexler also worked alone. “That was obviously an obliging report. It was practically produced overnight.”

Whether MEP-elect, Oriol @junqueras, can take his seat is up to #Spain's Supreme Court. If @Esquerra_ERC leader (jailed 02/11/17, on trial for rebellion) is allowed to attend the @Europarl_EN, he'd gain immunity. The Supreme's expected to block it.

When the maverick @EP_President, Antonio Tajani, decided to block @KRLS Puigdemont & @toni_comin's entry to the @Europarl_EN & suspend all #Spanish MEPs' accreditations he did so without consulting the Parliament's Vice Presidents

All highly irregular

.@EP_President Tajani's improvised decree depriving 3 #Catalan MEPs-elect of their seats has caused such chaos at @Europarl_EN they don't know how many MEPs there are anymore

🐦Twitter 🇪🇺751 🇪🇸54
🌐Web 🇪🇺751/748 🇪🇸53
🕵️‍♀️@junqueras, @KRLS & @toni_comin have no bios

Jaume Duch @jduch, #Spanish Unionist spokesperson/Dir-Gen of Communication, guardian of @Europarl_EN's image, took one for the team, waffling about Tajani's mess, denying @KRLS & @toni_comin were refused entry to @Europarl_EN premises, kinda, in #Catalan & without naming them

In 2018 Duch received the Order of Isabella the Catholic, granted by King Felipe VI and presented in the #Spanish Ambassador's residence in Brussels in the presence of the ex-Foreign Affairs Minister Dastis and the Roman Emperor himself, Antonio Tajani

A letter defending @KRLS, @toni_comin & @junqueras' political rights was sent by #JuntsxCat, @Esquerra_ERC, @CatEnComu & @cupnacional MPs to the @EP_President & the Vice Presidents, who admitted they knew nothing of Tajani's unilateral intervention.

In the end, @KRLS & @toni_comin were accompanied into @Europarl_EN by MEP @ramontremosa. They met @ivajgl, @Telicka, @mattcarthy and others, as if it'd been possible all along. That it took @jduch a week to comment on last Wed's circus says it all.

4 of the @Europarl_EN Board's 14 Vice Presidents have questioned the @EP_President's unilateral decision to block MEPs-elect @KRLS, @toni_comin & @junqueras from taking their seats without consulting them: @telicka, @sylvieguillaume, @ZdzKrasnodebski @HeidiHautala

Though the accreditations of all #Spanish MEPs-elect have been revoked, @gonzalezpons is elected vice-president of the EPP's parliamentary group. The @Europarl_EN @EP_President Antonio Tajani's autocratic improv's bringing the institution into disrepute
It took 1 wk for @Europarl_EN head of communication @jduch to "address" @EP_President Tajani's mess.
It'll be nearly 3 wks before he himself gives an explanation, and ít'll be on the same day #Spanish MEPs swear on the Constitution in Madrid, 17/06.
Tajani's taking the piss.

The @EP_President, AntonioTajani, has now been asked to explain his anti-@KRLS, @toni_comin, @junqueras campaign by 5 of the @Europarl_EN's 14 vice presidents, as @ramontremosa's thread shows. @FMCastaldo is the latest to complain.

.@Europarl_EN bullshit reply to complaints that MEPs-elect were being denied access: "MEPs may receive a temporary pass" but "to avoid interference in national procedures" @EP_President Tajani all till official list received. Spanish MEPs conduct business on visitors' passes.

#Spain's Central Electoral Board refuses to send proclamation as MEPs to @KRLS & @toni_comin. Official State Gazette (BOE) publishes list of new MEPs ahead of swearing in ceremony on Monday, including their names and forcing them to go to Madrid.

Lawyer @boye_g says #Spain's Central Electoral Board is improvising, not only reinventing the very laws they are supposed to uphold by not issuing the accreditations (LOREG), but also contravening the higher regulations of the @Europarl_EN and Article 14 of the Lisbon Treaty.

Despite the immunity afforded Oriol @junqueras as an MEP-elect, the #SupremeCourt refuses his release for Madrid swearing-in, ruling that his travelling to Brussels would pose a "danger" to the case against him.
In #Spain, the rule of law is selective.

The operation of the #Spanish State to stop elected #Catalan independentist MEPs & MPs from representing their electors not only contravenes international and #EU law, but also the Spanish Constitution.

There's no longer any guarantee votes cast in #Spain will be respected.

.@iunida general coordinator, @agarzon, on #SupremeCourt decision to refuse Oriol @junqueras permission to collect MEP accreditation:

"#Spanish judges see themselves as saviours of the Fatherland. They're a wild, out of control ultranationalist power"

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