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It's NEVER been about "Doing it the right way," or "Legal vs Illegal Immigration."

Trump--MILLER--wants to cut immigration, period. Legal immigrants are just as bad to him. No visa. No green card. Deportation! If your child so much as got reduced lunch.

Here are the emails wherein MILLER got a bit hot under the collar a year ago bc he couldn't force USCIS to create regulations that would change how green cards are approved, in just days. He has no clue how things work.

Cuz Stephen Miller is a putz.
Miller, as everyone in the administration & beyond knows, just wants to reduce ALL immigration. He's said as much.

But this new Public Charge rule, which they're saying could be published in Final Form any day now, will have the add on effect of potentially killing people, too.
@KNDmex @quickwitter @moved2italy @Alyssa_Milano @BryanDawsonUSA @louminatto @model_daughters @CaptJaneway2017 @LunaLuvgood2020 @MatthewWolfff How's that, you ask?

People who think they can LOSE their legal status--who can even be DEPORTED--for going to the hospital or even to the doctor, or using SNAP or WIC to feed their kids, will be unlikely to use those entities, even when they are desperately needed.

Would YOU?
@KNDmex @quickwitter @moved2italy @Alyssa_Milano @BryanDawsonUSA @louminatto @model_daughters @CaptJaneway2017 @LunaLuvgood2020 @MatthewWolfff .@KenCuccinelli, the Acting Director of USCIS says he's gonna totes make sure everyone knows what benefits they're allowed to use that WON'T trigger deportations or denial of green card renewals.

But this is the guy who's compared immigrants unfavorably to vermin, so. 🧐
@KNDmex @quickwitter @moved2italy @Alyssa_Milano @BryanDawsonUSA @louminatto @model_daughters @CaptJaneway2017 @LunaLuvgood2020 @MatthewWolfff @KenCuccinelli This law about not becoming a public charge has been on the books a long time, & it's been used...let's say, uncharitably, in the past. But in 1999, guidance was issued making it clear it referred to the immigrant being reliant on cash assistance & lifelong institutional care.
@KNDmex @quickwitter @moved2italy @Alyssa_Milano @BryanDawsonUSA @louminatto @model_daughters @CaptJaneway2017 @LunaLuvgood2020 @MatthewWolfff @KenCuccinelli Guidance, schmidance, right? The new "rule" expands public charge issues to Medicaid, SNAP, etc. You know, life sustaining stuff.

This administration never met a law they didn't break. A point of cruelty they didn't underline and dot.

#CrueltyIsThePoint #SatansSnotRag
@KNDmex @quickwitter @moved2italy @Alyssa_Milano @BryanDawsonUSA @louminatto @model_daughters @CaptJaneway2017 @LunaLuvgood2020 @MatthewWolfff @KenCuccinelli Meanwhile, the State Dept. is engaging in the same crappy behavior, denying 1000s of visas over the *potential* someone *might* become a public charge once they emigrated to the US.

1300% more denials over *public charge* in 2018 than ALL denials during Obama's last full year.
@KNDmex @quickwitter @moved2italy @Alyssa_Milano @BryanDawsonUSA @louminatto @model_daughters @CaptJaneway2017 @LunaLuvgood2020 @MatthewWolfff @KenCuccinelli And the DoJ, under UberToady Bill Barr, is getting in on the act, preparing grounds to deport LEGAL IMMIGRANTS who've used certain benefits. You know, things we've never had a problem with folks using before.

Now...why would THREE TRUMP AGENCIES be doing this?
@KNDmex @quickwitter @moved2italy @Alyssa_Milano @BryanDawsonUSA @louminatto @model_daughters @CaptJaneway2017 @LunaLuvgood2020 @MatthewWolfff @KenCuccinelli Why would DHS, DOJ and State all be targeting LEGAL immigrants who use public benefits that no one's ever really had a problem with before? Programs like SNAP, Medicaid (esp. for pregnant women, children, etc.), WIC, HUD vouchers, etc.

The 2020 election, of course. And racism.
@KNDmex @quickwitter @moved2italy @Alyssa_Milano @BryanDawsonUSA @louminatto @model_daughters @CaptJaneway2017 @LunaLuvgood2020 @MatthewWolfff @KenCuccinelli Trump--AND MILLER--are positive that drilling home how hard they're coming down on LEGAL immigrants being denied green cards, and possibly deported, will play just great with their racist, xenophobic base (and CIS) that hates for those "furriners" to get any "freebies".
@KNDmex @quickwitter @moved2italy @Alyssa_Milano @BryanDawsonUSA @louminatto @model_daughters @CaptJaneway2017 @LunaLuvgood2020 @MatthewWolfff @KenCuccinelli The problem is that most LEGAL immigrants are WORKING LEGALLY, and if they are using public benefits, it's bc their job(s) didn't pay enough to cover everything...like a huge percentage of Americans these days.

Taking away their green card just keeps them from working...legally.
@KNDmex @quickwitter @moved2italy @Alyssa_Milano @BryanDawsonUSA @louminatto @model_daughters @CaptJaneway2017 @LunaLuvgood2020 @MatthewWolfff @KenCuccinelli Which means either:

1) More immigrants needing to work without green cards, at the mercy of those who'd hire the undocumented;


2) Not working...and relying more heavily on public benefits, to the point where they eventually get deported.

Both options sück donkey scrota.
@KNDmex @quickwitter @moved2italy @Alyssa_Milano @BryanDawsonUSA @louminatto @model_daughters @CaptJaneway2017 @LunaLuvgood2020 @MatthewWolfff @KenCuccinelli This is where in most of my threads I give a few rousing, "We're gonna take it back, and here's how!" posts, but I'm not doing that tonight.

I'm tired & y'all have heard all this from me before. Dedicated readers have already been calling DC, volunteering, donating, etc.
@KNDmex @quickwitter @moved2italy @Alyssa_Milano @BryanDawsonUSA @louminatto @model_daughters @CaptJaneway2017 @LunaLuvgood2020 @MatthewWolfff @KenCuccinelli Long time readers will also know that I've been advocating for massive, sustained protests and civil disobedience for...well, a long time. It's my firm belief that it's the only way we're going to bring this hateful regime to an end.

@KNDmex @quickwitter @moved2italy @Alyssa_Milano @BryanDawsonUSA @louminatto @model_daughters @CaptJaneway2017 @LunaLuvgood2020 @MatthewWolfff @KenCuccinelli To that end, the last few days I have been busying myself with a group that's sprung up very quickly but spread by word of mouth: friends inviting friends to be part of an Hong Kong, South Korea, Puerto Rico, "popular" style movement.

☀️ #SOSAmerica2019 🆘 #StrongerTogether ☀️
@KNDmex @quickwitter @moved2italy @Alyssa_Milano @BryanDawsonUSA @louminatto @model_daughters @CaptJaneway2017 @LunaLuvgood2020 @MatthewWolfff @KenCuccinelli @JoshuaPotash @ThomasPain2018 @LaSammi3 @NinaLS_ @ifindkarma @_SJPeace_ @AdamParkhomenko @ProudResister @DemocracyStorm Our goal is very simple: to be the glue.

We don't want to reinvent the wheel. There's a shïtton of established protest groups, and I belong to a fair number of them. Everything from @MoveOn to @NationalSOEC to @KremlinAnnex to @fams2gether to @womensmarch to @AMarch4OurLives.
@KNDmex @quickwitter @moved2italy @Alyssa_Milano @BryanDawsonUSA @louminatto @model_daughters @CaptJaneway2017 @LunaLuvgood2020 @MatthewWolfff @KenCuccinelli @JoshuaPotash @ThomasPain2018 @LaSammi3 @NinaLS_ @ifindkarma @_SJPeace_ @AdamParkhomenko @ProudResister @DemocracyStorm @MoveOn @NationalSOEC @KremlinAnnex @fams2gether @womensmarch @AMarch4OurLives @NeverAgainActn @UNITEDWEDREAM @riseandresistny @IndivisibleTeam These groups are all, individually, AMAZING. They do great work! And, in several cases, they've, many of them, come together for a day or two of massive protests that captured the world's attention...

For a day. Maybe two....before the world moved on.

☀️ #SOSAmerica2019 ☀️
@KNDmex @quickwitter @moved2italy @Alyssa_Milano @BryanDawsonUSA @louminatto @model_daughters @CaptJaneway2017 @LunaLuvgood2020 @MatthewWolfff @KenCuccinelli @JoshuaPotash @ThomasPain2018 @LaSammi3 @NinaLS_ @ifindkarma @_SJPeace_ @AdamParkhomenko @ProudResister @DemocracyStorm @MoveOn @NationalSOEC @KremlinAnnex @fams2gether @womensmarch @AMarch4OurLives @NeverAgainActn @UNITEDWEDREAM @riseandresistny @IndivisibleTeam I don't want the world to move on.

I want it riveted.


I want us to BE Puerto Rico, banging our pots.

I want us to BE Hong Kong, holding umbrellas high.

I want us to rise and proclaim our resistance like Seoul.

@KNDmex @quickwitter @moved2italy @Alyssa_Milano @BryanDawsonUSA @louminatto @model_daughters @CaptJaneway2017 @LunaLuvgood2020 @MatthewWolfff @KenCuccinelli @JoshuaPotash @ThomasPain2018 @LaSammi3 @NinaLS_ @ifindkarma @_SJPeace_ @AdamParkhomenko @ProudResister @DemocracyStorm @MoveOn @NationalSOEC @KremlinAnnex @fams2gether @womensmarch @AMarch4OurLives @NeverAgainActn @UNITEDWEDREAM @riseandresistny @IndivisibleTeam What @SoSAmerica2019 is about:

☀️ Helping boost signals for ALL protests already happening

☀️ Getting members fired up to put boots (or wheels) on the ground

☀️ Coordinating efforts amng large protest groups, if they're interested. To get MORE PRESENCE, MORE OFTEN, MORE PLACES
@KNDmex @quickwitter @moved2italy @Alyssa_Milano @BryanDawsonUSA @louminatto @model_daughters @CaptJaneway2017 @LunaLuvgood2020 @MatthewWolfff @KenCuccinelli @JoshuaPotash @ThomasPain2018 @LaSammi3 @NinaLS_ @ifindkarma @_SJPeace_ @AdamParkhomenko @ProudResister @DemocracyStorm @MoveOn @NationalSOEC @KremlinAnnex @fams2gether @womensmarch @AMarch4OurLives @NeverAgainActn @UNITEDWEDREAM @riseandresistny @IndivisibleTeam @SoSAmerica2019 We are the glue that can hold the movement together.

We are the stage that can lift the resistance into view.

We are the fire that can burn bright all year long.

✊🏿✊🏽✊🏻✊🏾✊🏼 WE ARE THE PEOPLE ✊🏼✊🏾✊🏻✊🏽✊🏿

☀️☀️🆘🆘🆘 #SOSAmerica2019 🆘🆘🆘☀️☀️

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