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1 Putin's #Russia is the #enemy, the absolute enemy, not by nature but because of the threats it poses to the whole world.
Since too long.
Let's declare it so for good!
He's the total #evil, personally, and—most importantly—politically.
Short #thread🧵…
2 #Russia must be defeated totally, radically, absolutely, i.e. strategically.
It must be put out of action.
Its troops must be expelled from #Ukraine, from #Georgia, from #Belarus, from #Syria, from #Africa.
For the sake of humanity.
Our goal.…
3 Putin's speech is irrelevant. So let's stop giving it a value it doesn't have.
He repeated what we've known for 23 years about this regime. All these threats are old.
Some did not want to see it. Their fault is immeasurable.
This regime should have been destroyed long ago. Image
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1/ I #StandWithUkraine because I strongly believe that the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. To truly follow that maxim, we must understand what #evil is. The purpose of this thread is to push our comprehension. Where do we start?
2/ Lets analyze our intuition. Evil has this you-know-when-you-see-it feature. The Russian invasion is a perfect example. People from all around the world (regardless of culture, background, or religion) has identified the Russian aggression as evil and is siding with #Ukraine.
3/ But what is this feature that we so easily recognize? What is the nature of evil? If we could distill evil, what would it look like? These are the kind of questions I have been pondering since the start of the #war. I don't have the answers, but here are some of my thoughts.
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1/4 The war between #good and #evil is not one fought with #guns as much as evil wants it to be. It is a battle between #compassion and #selfishness, between the courage of vulnerability and the fear of others as ruthless competition. It is a struggle against selfishness in
2/4 order to grow, mature, build strength community and hope while serving the common good. Selfishness serves the ego, putting the individual above the group, with a zero-sum attitude that benefits the self only when others suffer or are harmed. The compassionate must unite in
3/4 defense and strength to resist the violence of the selfish and endure until "the wicked destroy the wicked", finally getting out of the way of building a more compassionate world. For the compassionate violence is the last resort and always to be restrained. The selfish go
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1) Last night I released a #Moonbirds at 19e (in at 31.9e); then took 6 #goblins without hesitation. I am still fully optimistic about Moonbird's long-term value, but today I want to share how this historical-level ghost project #goblintownnft makes me feel.
by @Wilsonchen1101 Image
2) The first time I saw #Goblin (5/22) at 11th place in the OS trading volume, after 5 seconds, I said "Fuck what? What a shit", I closed it because it was ugly! Ugly enough not to take a look at its #Twitter and official website.
3) Later, I heard from various channels, nothing more than unbelievable #ugliness and unbelievable #floor #growth... Yesterday I saw many ppl tweeting "Goblin language", I realized, I almost missed a #bluechip with most potential. I started to seriously study the gob project
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I believe #Web3 will be a #SpiritualCatalyst inspiration for a #Consciousness #DimensionalShift for #Humanity in the #Future

We can physically #Manifest #WorldPeace by clearly visualizing, emotionally feeling, taking action towards our #CollectiveGoals

Much of religion & spirituality has been about #RaisingConsciousness or #HigherVibrations many #EnlightenedOnes as #SpiritualGuides who got information from #DivineBeings which are incarnate or #HigherBeingSpecies which are carnate, native to this Universe or TransUniversal
A culmination and immersion of all these #Prophecies are beginning to merge into a One Collective Divine Understanding

We must prepare ourselves for a 5D Shift

It will be bad before it gets worse, but this transformation is needed for us to ascend to higher levels of existence
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Guess they're talking about Canada & @liberal_party re #BayduNord #TMX #LNGCanada
#oldgrowrh #clearcut 👇
"Ongoing investments in fossil fuel infrastructure & clearing large swaths of forest for agriculture undermine the massive curbs in emissions needed to meet Paris goal"
Such cuts would be hard to achieve without without drastic, economy-wide measures, the panel acknowledged. It’s more likely that the world will pass 1.5C

#JustinTrudeau never had any INTENTION of meeting 2C much less 1.5C target
Many experts say #CCS is UNFEASIBLE with current technologies, & even if it could be done it would be far costlier than preventing the emissions in the first place."

They need to elaborate what they mean by costlier @MarkJCarney @s_guilbeault
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Oh dear
2028hrs @AlboMP blows his bags abt the retired chief of #Energie Security Board, technically derelict & bereft #economic parasites much like South Australia’s @SAPowerNetworks, who talked💩about what we shld do when the wind doesn’t blow/🌞doesn’t shine

💥@Greens #auspol ImageImage
.. the people who engineered Australia’s internationally embarrassing (well let’s face it hideous & shameful) Santos/ @WoodsideEnergy “gas #transition” to fully #Renewable #energy (oh sorry net-renewable - ie. traded off agst false credits & offsets - in 28 yrs) are dogs #auspol ImageImageImageImage
DON'T fool WITH US you zombies: here's the @WoodsideEnergy declaration-of-war on the human race - enthusiastically supported by SmegMo & Bilbo Baggins' at December's @IPCC_CH #auspol
(@CA_Latest)(Bill Hare now on UN #Greenwashing guard-dog committee)…
Read 4 tweets… : Thank you, Carol Ruth Weber, for your continuous collaboration, standing up for peace, democracy and understanding the imperativeness and necessity of the democratization process in our world.
The Iranian populace's freedom quest is not just for the sake of the brave people of Iran who have endured an oppressive regime through the years. It is also an area and a region that must have peace and cooperation amongst nations post the Islamic Republic of Iran.
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Singer Traci Braxton of 'Braxton Family Values' dies at 50… <--- Pink lipstick. Srsly, how often do women wear that? Uses one eye symbolism. Mentions light, kids. Surprised "heartbreaking" not in it. S'pose they included enough to please the Big Guy.
Another story in which (transgender) sleb is shown wearing pinky-purple lipstick. That is so distinctive, innit? (Also, what do you use to *blow whistle*? Lips, right?) Kid mentioned as well. What are the odds? #symbolism #occultelite Image
At 55, Halle Berry Shows Off Super Toned Legs in Bikini While Skateboarding in New IG Post… <--- We can be thankful she's not 52. Risky age for famous, esp in Australia. In any case, there's heart again in form of Lolita glasses. They look pink too.
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Good for @Spotify standing up against #bullying. This is an important gesture on #BellLetsTalk day.

Unfortunately @NeilYoung has decided to leave. It’s his right to control his own music. It’s not his right to censor another entertainer and artist, @JoeRogan

My tribute to Neil:

Hey hey, my my
#FreedomOfSpeech can never die
There's more to the picture
Than meets the eye.
Hey hey, my my.

🎶 🎼 🎵

Out of the blue and into the black
If you give them this, they’ll takeaway that

And once it’s gone, you can never get it back
Hold the line, #freedom’s under attack

🎶 🎼 🎵
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#TranslatedIntoHonest: Not if he can help it.

The “harm” was a teacher telling the truth. She pointed out that “Some of the books filling our libraries make it seem simple, or even cool to take puberty blockers or opposite-sex hormones.”
She later said “This book is misleading because it does not take into account how Shane might feel later in life about being infertile. This book makes very serious medical interventions seem like an easy cure for emotional and social distress,” the teacher said.
She saw them as age inappropriate and (apparently) untrue.

Piatkowski ruled that saying these things is “transphobic” violates “the human rights code” and does “harm” to someone.

Canada is headed for dictatorship. It has been conquered by the forces of #evil.
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#Propaganda #protip: Never underestimate the power of the Big Lie. There have been NO studies about the implications of this, long term, because there CAN’T be. They would have had to sit on the #vax for YEARS to conduct them. We’ll find out the implications in future years.
Did you know the word “cisapride.” It’s the name of a drug introduced to the U.S. market in 1993, and ‘voluntarily’ withdrawn from the market in 2000. (It’s still available for vet use). Why was it withdrawn? It kills people. OOPS!

How did it ever get approved?
There were deaths among the test subjects in the clinical trials. But there didn’t seem like a lot of deaths, it was plausible that they were coincidental, so the regulators made a judgment call and approved it.

That is not a scandal. The scandal came later.
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Stop calling Scott Morrison a #dickhead, like he is some daggy bloke cutting you off in traffic.

He wants the poor, the helpless, the elderly, the disabled, to die. He believes the rich are rich because God favours them. He isn't a dickhead, he is #Evil.

He has been killing people by slashed disability support, implemented robodebt that led to suicides, slashing healthcare and pouring all that money into the pockets of his rich mates.

Let's not downplay this, look at his spending.
Vote, protest, do everything in your power to get Australia a leadership that loves thy neighbour, that heals the sick, that protects Australians rather than sells their life lines for profit.

End this.
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Flashback 04-14-2020

Doctors Face Troubling Question: Are They Treating Coronavirus Correctly... via @YouTube
-A VIRUS 'on steroids' spreads throughout the world
-Doctors went into 'overdrive'-found therapeutics that were & ARE effective
-This info & therapeutics were violently suppressed
-Draconian policies were implemented
-The Sick were hospitalized w/mandated protocol
-Many thus died
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And this stinking pile of 💩 reveals her inner nature. She is full of resentment and envy, and took the opportunity of a horrific quintuple murder to display what she thought was wit.

Truly #evil. Utterly #disgusting. The Twitter rules prevent me saying more.
And look at THIS imbecility, where she can't understand what she did wrong, and says her remarks were in "bad taste." As if anybody on Twitter cared about taste.

Note also how she tries to cover herself with "free speech," and how her "accepting responsibility" lie All text, reads: I firmly believe in the right to freedom of
is contradicted by the whining in the tweet above.

Let's look at her "bad taste." Here's one example, which she has since deleted. "No one" @tweettruth2me tweeted : "When your political ideology means more to you than human life, you have lost your way." Lemanski's reply: Quote tweet by Lemanski: Quoted tweet from, all te
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What Sky says. The "multiple major outlets" don't want to admit what anyone with a brain knows, things like 'some people who claim to be supporting a political cause are liars', and 'when you put males into the same space as naked women, many of the women will be distressed'.
So when news of the Wi Spa incident began to circulate, the "major outlets" REFUSED to investigate. They eagerly swallowed a story about how the whole tale was made up, and that the mother who complained was an #evil #transphobe.

Andy Ngo DID investigate the story.
Ngo found out the incident probably had occurred, and that the police had charged someone. QUIETLY charged the someone. LAPD wasn't very eager to publicize this.
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Afgelopen jaar of 2 heeft 't Afbrokkelende #Evil #Empire de Bouw van de #Russische #NordStream2 #Gaspijpleiding door de Oostzee naar Europa (Duitsland) gesaboteerd & gefrustreerd.

#Glastuinbouw komt met #Crisisteam vanwege #Hoge #Aardgas #Pijzen: via @NOS
't Begon met #Caesar #Trump, die de Russisch Nordstream2 Pijplijn wilde blokkeren omdat hij duur Schaliegas aan Europa wilde slijten, per schip vanuit de VS naar Europa.

Opnieuw sterke stijging gasprijs, nu al 8 keer zo hoog als 'n jaar geleden: via @NOS
Maar #Rusland wil de #Contracten met #Oekraïne voor #Gasdoorvoer niet langer verlengen, omdat die al een paar maal Russisch gas #Zelf gingen gebruiken in plaats van naar de EU door te sturen.

Bedrijven in de knel door extreem hoge energieprijs: via @NOS
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1/🧵 EVIL & the #AntiVaxx Movement:
By no means do I think the #Unvaxxed patients filling our ICUs to capacity are evil. NO. But I do think there is evil involved in the misinformation leading many good, caring people to that decision. And I listen to each. Please hear me out.
2/ Philosophers define evil as “a deprivation of the rationality that proper human action requires individually and as a member of society.” In that sense, we can discuss choosing not to be vaccinated and “cooperation with evil.”
3/ Thus far, “cooperation with evil” has been used as an argument by some in the #antivaxx culture as a reason NOT to get #Vaccinated. The main argument is that Pfizer and Moderna were safety texted w the HEK-293 fetal cell line.
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#EvilJustice #EpsteinCoverup
Hundreds of Unindicted Epstein Employees
Thousands of Perpetrators
Thousands of Victims denied Justice by American Sh1thole Fake Perverted @TheJusticeDept
Two Fake Arrests
One Fake Death

Thus the abominations surely continue off grid...
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Do we have proof? Ja. We can draw from how our elected governments acted in the pandemic: too little too late, always pro-companies not pro-people, corrupt for their own profit in the case of Merkel's CDU CSU, touting voluntary action whereas regulatory enforcement saves lives,..
#2 Do we have proof? Ja. We can draw from their actions in the pandemic.
Although a pandemic is clearly a global and at least a regional rather than national issue, our govts do not act accordingly but leave it to people's voluntary decision not to travel.
#3 Do we have proof? Ja. We can draw from their actions in the pandemic.
Although a pandemic is a global not national issue, our govts do not act like it. In egotistic nationalism worsening the fallout, PPE & vaccines for global medical staff is denied.
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The #FallenAngel Watchers & Nephilim Hybrid #GIANTS

of the [END TIMES] of Revelation

#Monsters of the GREAT #DEEP of the #ABYSS

D.U.M.B.S of the [#Nazi][SS][#DeepState]

#SecretSpace [SS] Programs

CLAS 1-99



"Heavenly Father,
We thank you so much for keeping us safe from #evil during these chaotic times & we #pray you & your army of Guardian #Angels will keep watching over us & the best @POTUS ever. Amen"


...when the sons of #God (Elohim / Watcher Fallen #Angels) came into the daughters of men and they bore children (Nephilim) to them. Those were mighty men who were old, men of renown."
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If you're a #Christian and you believe in #God and #Jesus #Christ then you should probably learn what this #wicked #satanic "holiday" is really about

If you're seeing this then God is warning you not to

#HalloweenKills #Halloween2020

#HalloweenKills #Halloween2020 #Satanic #Evil #Demons

"There are children all over the world who are losing their lives on Halloween night and yet we as a society celebrate it"

Video interview with a "Generational Satanist"

LINK 👉 👈

#HalloweenKills #Halloween2020
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Yes there is.

He had her on his lap, seen without his shirt on in the company of what was clearly a underage girl.
#BorisHasFailedTheNation #KeirStarmerhasfailedthekids when head of @cpsuk helping @ClarenceHouse #PrinceCharles @JimmySavileNews to be buried.

Who is now #leadersdebate of @UKLabour who is attempting to divert you away from @TheDukeOfYork as @KensingtonRoyal carry on as
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