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New Deal For Nature picks up speed. Here we have Global Deal for Nature. All language/marketing leads to Global Deal For Billionaires.

"© Copyright Global Deal for Nature, a project of Sustainable Markets Foundation"

All aboard the Global New Deals for Nature train. #NewDealForNature, Voice for the Planet, Global Deal For Nature. Here we have science is being used as a tool and even a weapon to privatize the commons under the guise of protecting nature, climate & biodiversity.
We are subjected to the branding "United Behind the Science" with a heavy emphasis from the face of the campaign (exploited Thunberg) to "listen to the science". Unite Behind the Science is not meant to protect Earth. It is meant to unleash a new era of privatization & plunder.
Because this is a heavy topic, let's add this video here.

"Greta Sails" - produced by @Bookofoursinfo


@Bookofoursinfo Global Deal For Nature: Interlinking two different United Nations conventions – the Framework Convention on Climate Change (aka the Paris Agreement) and the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) to implement the privatization of nature, global in scale.
@Bookofoursinfo Let's talk about the Paris Agreement again.

1. The single demand of the climate strikes is that states/gov'ts must align with the Paris Agreement. Econ. & Prof. Clive L. Spash explains the Paris Agreement in his 2016 paper "This Changes Nothing". #Marching4Capital
@Bookofoursinfo 2. The paper by Clive Spash can be accessed here, for free. It is not long - and easily understandable for all. Read & share.

@Bookofoursinfo 3. "In fact, the Paris Agreement fully expects substantive impacts from human-induced climate
change and has given up on avoiding all of them."
@Bookofoursinfo 4. The declared climate emergency by the ruling classes has nothing to do with climate change mitigation nor environmental protection. [The House is On Fire! & the 90 Trillion Dollar Rescue] [ACT IV]

@Bookofoursinfo 5. The real "emergency" in the eyes of the ruling elite - is that "capitalism is in danger of falling apart" [The Most Inconvenient Truth: “Capitalism is in Danger of Falling Apart”] [ACT III]

@Bookofoursinfo 6. Those at the helm of the World Bank, the World Economic Forum, the European Union - all key players promoting @GretaThunberg - all to benefit from the Climate Finance Partnership.

Global goals: #BlendedFinance to unlock public monies. #EmergingMarkets
@Bookofoursinfo @GretaThunberg 7. The Climate Finance Partnership announced at the One Planet Summit in Sept 2018 - is one such instrument to unlock 90-100 trillion dollars for a #4IR that will save #capitalism. [The House is On Fire! & the 90 Trillion Dollar Rescue] [ACT IV] #MarchingForCapital
@Bookofoursinfo @GretaThunberg 8. Coupled with the goal of unlocking 100 trillion (identified in pension funds) to save the ailing capitalist system, the GND is the Trojan Horse for the #NewDealForNature. That is, the financialization of nature, global in scale.
@Bookofoursinfo @GretaThunberg 9. The financialization of nature is cautiously being introduced to the public - it's ugly intent masked behind holistic images, emotive framing & blurred lines created by promotion and hype of a "Green New Deal", coupled with feigned concern over biodiversity.

@Bookofoursinfo @GretaThunberg 10. Thunberg's recent "victory" at the European Commission: "In the next financial period from 2021-2027, every 4th euro spent within the EU budget will go towards action to mitigate climate change" - European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker

@Bookofoursinfo @GretaThunberg But in fact this was not a victory at all. It was orchestrated spectacle for mass consumption.

@Bookofoursinfo @GretaThunberg 11. Dec. 12 2017, One Planet Summit, Frank Bainimaramai, COP23 Pres/PM Fiji: "...after all when we talk about tapping into the vast amounts of institutional capital for climate solutions we are largely talking about the retirement savings of ordinary hard-working citizens..."
@Bookofoursinfo @GretaThunberg 12. Most of the 100 trillion coming from "the retirement savings of ordinary hard-working citizens" will be spent, not in the West (maxed out in debt) , but in the Global South. Introduction to debt culture, pay-as-you-go racist services. Recolonization under guise of green.
@Bookofoursinfo @GretaThunberg 13. Consider at the One Planet Summit in 2017, the EU conveyed it had already EXCEEDED its Paris commitments - while the US stated it was well over halfway to meeting its commitments. Yet, surprise, there have been no sweeping changes to mitigate the pillage of our planet.
@Bookofoursinfo @GretaThunberg 14. In ACT IV, we examined the current campaign, now fully deployed, in “leading the public into emergency mode”. More importantly, we summarize who and what this mode is to serve.

@Bookofoursinfo @GretaThunberg 15. "The failure to price our natural capital, on which our wealth & well-being depends, is a serious failure in the global capital market. Worth many trillions of dollars in financial assets, the global capital market shapes the world we live in..." - World Resources Inst. 2016
@Bookofoursinfo @GretaThunberg 16. “We need the CBD [Climate Change and Biodiversity] to attain the highest political relevance and develop a far higher shared vision if we are to reach a New Deal for Nature and create a Paris-style moment for biodiversity in 2020.” — November 15, 2018, WWF
@Bookofoursinfo @GretaThunberg A Global Deal for Nature. #Framing #Language

"placing half of the Earth’s lands under protection" sounds perfect.

Read it again.

Whose protection? By what means?

#Landgrabs #EcosystemServices #PaymentsForEcosystemServices #CarbonCredits #CarbonOffsets #REDD
@Bookofoursinfo @GretaThunberg "...from supporting communal conservancies in Namibia’s Damaraland refuge for lions and elephants, to indigenous communities in the Peruvian Amazon that conserve key ecosystems..."

We already know what this looks like:

@Bookofoursinfo @GretaThunberg "banning the international transport for commercial purposes of all threatened wildlife and plant species should be in place by 2050."

Waiting until 2050 to do something that should be done today. #EmptyPromises are employed to sell the most vulgar schemes.

@Bookofoursinfo @GretaThunberg "With recent advances in technology & globally available earth information systems, we have the tools necessary to protect most of life on Earth."

We don't need new technology, "earth information systems" or tools to protect most life on Earth.

We need to stop destroying it.
@Bookofoursinfo @GretaThunberg #Indigenous are used by the #NPIC as a selling point. Rarely are they sought/appointed to leadership positions. Their proven record as protectors of the forests are ignored. The white man (who has destroyed the Earth) always knows best.

@Bookofoursinfo @GretaThunberg "A new United Nations report by the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) has been compiled by 500 scientists and experts..."

#IPBES supports the #NewDealForNature
@Bookofoursinfo @GretaThunberg Thunberg advice to US youth activists, 2019: "I think just to stick to your message and don't come with any demands, any specific demands. Leave that to the scientists because we don't have the proper education to do that..."
@Bookofoursinfo @GretaThunberg Continued: "Now we should only [be] focusing on speaking on behalf of the scientists and telling people to listen to them. And that is what I'm trying to do. And to not have opinions yourself, but always refer to science."
@Bookofoursinfo @GretaThunberg "Activism" with no demands – is "establishing a new norm."

A dream for corporate power and ruling classes – a nightmare for the working class and those in the Global South who do have the luxury to afford such lax dissent.

#Obedience vs. #CriticalThinking
@Bookofoursinfo @GretaThunberg In 2015 Spash was involved in a ‘debate’ with Peter Kareiva (see previous tweet). Spash received a standing ovation.
He followed the debate with a lecture.

#EnvironmentalPragmatism #NewDealForNature #NatureForSale

Lecture transcript with slides:

@Bookofoursinfo @GretaThunberg The institutions, scientists, corporations behind the paper that the Global Deal For Nature uses as its premise, include Revolve, National Geographic, WWF, UNEP, Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, Google, Microsoft & Woods Hole Research Center ("natural capital").
@Bookofoursinfo @GretaThunberg The director of biodiversity & wildlife at Resolve served as the chief scientist for the World Wildlife Fund for 25 years.

One only has to follow the work of @StephenCorrySvl to quickly see how "conservation" under WWF et al is working out in real time. #Murder #Rape #Landgrabs
@Bookofoursinfo @GretaThunberg @StephenCorrySvl Of course we all know that WWF (co-founder of GCCA - at the helm of global climate mobilizations in servitude to funders) is head of both the New Deal For Nature & Voice for the Planet campaigns (payments for ecosystem services, privatization of nature). #NatureForSale
@Bookofoursinfo @GretaThunberg @StephenCorrySvl WWF, perhaps the most egregious NGOs in the world, organizes youth to destroy their own futures. Such is the case with Voice for Planet (WEF Global Shapers), the climate marches & "natural solutions". They exploit the youth to literally steal the Earth from beneath their feet.
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