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I interrupt the relentless assault on our Mother Earth led by the ruling classes, to bring to your attention to critical information by @Mision_Verdad regarding a new coup attempt underway in Bolivia. This relates to the #Amazon fires media saturation. #NPIC #Imperialism
@Mision_Verdad Capitalism never sleeps. Nor does imperialism.

The original article by @brunosgarzini for @Mision_Verdad:


@Mision_Verdad @brunosgarzini It has been translated into English by @libya360 on the Internationalist website (which everyone should subscribe to).

The U.S. Footprint in Bolivia’s Incipient Colour Revolution

@Mision_Verdad @brunosgarzini @libya360 "This posterization of citizen opinion, promoted from social networks and private media, also corresponds to basic principles of #propaganda and #marketing, focused on establishing a single enemy and a set of basic arguments repeated to the point of exhaustion..."
@Mision_Verdad @brunosgarzini @libya360 "The Nazi propagandist Josseph Goebbels catalogued some of these techniques as principles of simplification, vulgarization & orchestration."

Today advertising agencies have carried on Goebbels research. NGOs financed/incubated by the power elite spend millions to provoke hate.
@Mision_Verdad @brunosgarzini @libya360 Example: Rio Summit “Good Versus Evil” Advert Displays Blatant Racism and Imperialism at Core of #Avaaz

@Mision_Verdad @brunosgarzini @libya360 Back to the article by @Mision_Verdad:

"In this way, the videos ranked as a trend in #SOSChiquitania appeal to the emotions of the public by reflecting the natural devastation and death of animals resulting from the burning of the forest."

#Language #Framing #Psyops
@Mision_Verdad @brunosgarzini @libya360 The behavioral economics of hatred is a powerful weapon that the ruling classes use against the citizenry. An economist’s definition of hatred is the willingness to pay a price to inflict harm on others:

@Mision_Verdad @brunosgarzini @libya360 @Mision_Verdad: "In this way, Evo Morales is positioned as the “sole culprit” behind the fires. This basic idea circulates through viral stories on social networks, according to advertising principles that the theorist Edward #Bernays collected in his work...
@Mision_Verdad @brunosgarzini @libya360 In Bernays work - The Engineering of Consent, "he elaborates a method for “people to support certain ideas and programs, from the application of scientific principles and public opinion studies”.

@Mision_Verdad @brunosgarzini @libya360 "In the same vein, the orchestrators of this campaign unilaterally established the figure of 1 million hectares burned to position the fires as an unobjectionable “natural disaster,” one of the strongest arguments for pressuring the Bolivian gov't to accept international aid..."
@Mision_Verdad @brunosgarzini @libya360 "The fire in social networks and private media concentrating on the same opinion matrix led to a series of street actions, spectacularized in social media to reinforce the campaign of agitation against the Bolivian government."

We saw these same methods used in #Nicaragua
@Mision_Verdad @brunosgarzini @libya360 "As is already common in these cases, the promoters of this call were celebrities, in this case Ximena Zalzer and Jurgen Klaric, as well as members of environmental groups influenced by NGOs."

We discussed the purpose of celebrity yesterday:

@Mision_Verdad @brunosgarzini @libya360 "In the same narrative exercise of consolidating Evo Morales as the only culprit, environmental groups called him the “saint of ranchers” with the clear intention of placing him as protector of the Santa Cruz Federation of Ranchers..."

#Otpor - & the significance of Santa Cruz:
@Mision_Verdad @brunosgarzini @libya360 "Among the accounts presented as influential in the campaign... is that of environmental NGO Ríos de Pie founded by Jhanisse Daza, a member of the Human Rights Foundation (HRF) of Thor Halvorssen Mendoza, cousin of Venezuelan businessman Lorenzo Mendoza."
@Mision_Verdad @brunosgarzini @libya360 "The HRF belongs to the #Atlas Foundation network, financed by the American industrialists of the Koch oligarchy, which has financed movements such as “Brasil Livre”, which in 2013 took to the streets against Dilma Rousseff in the Gold Cup for the rise of bus fare"

@Mision_Verdad @brunosgarzini @libya360 @BrasilWire "Paradoxically, this movement shaped the prelude to the process that led to Rousseff’s illegal dismissal, turning into a coup d’état, similar to “La Salida” in Venezuela in 2014."


@Mision_Verdad @brunosgarzini @libya360 @BrasilWire "Daza, on the other hand, was educated at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government, where he participated in the program “Leading the Nonviolent Movement for Social Progress”.

Popovic (#Canvas) led the course with #Otpor co-founder Slobodan Djinovic.
@Mision_Verdad @brunosgarzini @libya360 @BrasilWire Note on translation above. "He" (Daza) should be "she".
@Mision_Verdad @brunosgarzini @libya360 @BrasilWire "In February, [she] gave a TED-style lecture, sponsored by the Spanish Embassy in Bolivia, in which [she] described the “non-violent strategy” [she] is developing to overthrow Evo Morales."

@Mision_Verdad @brunosgarzini @libya360 @BrasilWire “CANVAS has welcomed interns from Harvard University since 2013.”— #CANVAS website

Harvard is not alone. Popovic and his regime change squadron now engage with some of the world’s most prestigious universities.

@Mision_Verdad @brunosgarzini @libya360 @BrasilWire @MaxBlumenthal's Gray Zone is also covering this.

"Western regime-change operatives launch campaign to blame Bolivia's Evo Morales for Amazon fires Western regime-change operatives launch campaign to blame Bolivia's Evo Morales for Amazon fires."

@Mision_Verdad @brunosgarzini @libya360 @BrasilWire @MaxBlumenthal @Mision_Verdad: "Thanks to her membership in the HRF-sponsored Oslo Forum, the young Bolivian frequently exchanges ideas about “non-violent strategies” with U.S.-funded leaders in other parts of the world, such as those who are now leading the protests in Hong Kong."
@Mision_Verdad @brunosgarzini @libya360 @BrasilWire @MaxBlumenthal "A colour revolution or a prelude to a phase of harassment and demolition? The campaign is quite similar to what in 2011 gave rise to protests against the construction of a road in the Isiboro Sécure National Park Indigenous Territory (TIPNIS)."


@Mision_Verdad @brunosgarzini @libya360 @BrasilWire @MaxBlumenthal Bolibya? Juan Carlos Zambrana sets the Record Straight on the Destabilization Campaign Against Morales Led by U.S. Funded NGOs, January 24, 2012

@Mision_Verdad @brunosgarzini @libya360 @BrasilWire @MaxBlumenthal U.S. Funded Democracy Centre Reveals It’s Real Reason for Supporting the TIPNIS Protest in Bolivia: #REDD $$$, November 3, 2011


@Mision_Verdad @brunosgarzini @libya360 @BrasilWire @MaxBlumenthal ¿Por qué se defiende el tipnis?

January 28, 2012

@Mision_Verdad @brunosgarzini @libya360 @BrasilWire @MaxBlumenthal An excellent source for the research, articles and publications that were published on TIPNIS, is Bolivia Rising:

@Mision_Verdad @brunosgarzini @libya360 @BrasilWire @MaxBlumenthal @Mision_Verdad: "Needless to say, several environmental NGOs, funded by the United States, and Bolivian-Israeli photographer Sammy Shwartz, were among the main promoters of the #SOSChiquitania campaign."

@Mision_Verdad @brunosgarzini @libya360 @BrasilWire @MaxBlumenthal "In this context, it is to be expected that the target audience of this new regime change operation will be the upper middle class, traditionally anti-evista, and the new middle class born as a result of the Bolivian process."
@Mision_Verdad @brunosgarzini @libya360 @BrasilWire @MaxBlumenthal Here we can add that the "New Deal For Nature" is to be implemented in 2020. This is the financialization of nature, global in scale. Countries that are rich in resources are of special interest to the world's most egregious corporations.

@Mision_Verdad @brunosgarzini @libya360 @BrasilWire @MaxBlumenthal "It is to be expected that the most heavily targeted, through social networks, will be the youngest who grew up during the governments of Evo Morales, considered 39% of the electoral roll."

Today's youth are the sacrificial lambs of the ruling class.
@Mision_Verdad @brunosgarzini @libya360 @BrasilWire @MaxBlumenthal The Reality Brokers (or the Rise of the Automagicians)

"If teenagers today suffer debilitating anxiety, and a generalized fear of ‘doing’ anything lest it appear in Snapchat later in the afternoon, the result is an increasing cognitive paralysis."

@Mision_Verdad @brunosgarzini @libya360 @BrasilWire @MaxBlumenthal @Mision_Verdad: "Given that this sector in general, is receptive to the propaganda that may establish it as a “rebellion” to oppose the government of the day, even though the administration of the Movement Toward Socialism has assured them economic stability."
@Mision_Verdad @brunosgarzini @libya360 @BrasilWire @MaxBlumenthal Here we can add what the politics of Extinction Rebellion (gatekeepers for the capitalist economic system destroying the Earth) actually are:

"Extinction Rebellion Training, Or How To Control Radical Resistance From the Obstructive Left"

@Mision_Verdad @brunosgarzini @libya360 @BrasilWire @MaxBlumenthal "The singularity that Bolivia is today is that it integrates the regional bloc of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA), where three of its main members (Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela) are regarded by the United States as the 'troika of evil,'"
@Mision_Verdad @brunosgarzini @libya360 @BrasilWire @MaxBlumenthal "two of them (Ecuador and El Salvador) have changed their orientation through betrayals and changes of government."

@Mision_Verdad @brunosgarzini @libya360 @BrasilWire @MaxBlumenthal "In this sense, the failed colour revolutions in Nicaragua & Venezuela, manufactured under the same paradigm, allowed the US to launch new forms of warfare against the two countries through sanctions, & in the case of Venezuela, the promotion of a parallel government."
@Mision_Verdad @brunosgarzini @libya360 @BrasilWire @MaxBlumenthal "In a paper by Russian Ukrainian analyst Rotislav Ishchenko on “coups or colour revolutions”, it is stated that the “aggressor-state” generally seeks to drive the “victim-state” to face violent street protests."
@Mision_Verdad @brunosgarzini @libya360 @BrasilWire @MaxBlumenthal "Through these, the “aggressor-state” forces the attacked government to choose between capitulating or repressing the protests so that, if the latter happens, it will be described as “dictatorial” and that it has lost its legitimacy."

@Mision_Verdad @brunosgarzini @libya360 @BrasilWire @MaxBlumenthal Here we must add that Avaaz, 350, Canvas (Otpor), etc. are all pea of the same rotten pod. All in servitude to empire.

Further reading: Purpose Goes to Latin America [Part II]

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