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Thread for #SaveAareyExpose
by certain Religious groups,NGOs with Vested Interests who are trying their best to Sabotage Govt of India Developmental Projects for their illicit gains
They did the same in Kudankulam nuclear plant, konkan railway projkt

Max Retweet to know Truth
Why selective protest against, 'Metro Shed' only, while there is absolute silence on 'Film City'& 'Royal Palms' etc. #AareyExpose

Just think...
This photo explains a lot. Just see how tiny area will be used for metro car shed. Look at the yellow part.

So why this HALLA GULLA over a small area which is given for construction of #MetroRailway3
Why is Catholic church up in arms against this project ?
If #CatholicChurch had so much concern abt #AareyForest;
why didn't it humbly reject land earmarked by BMC?
Did #Church start something SECRET in land which
@MumbaiMetro3 shed project would expose? What exactly they want to hide?

@MumbaiMetro3 Do they want to expand encroachment? These were the questions raised by Legal Activism Firm #LegalRightsObservatory @LegalLro in their Twitter post link : ()
@MumbaiMetro3 @LegalLro Here we give u legitimate news links to cross verify
Link : timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/mumbai/af…
Catholic church happily accepted land for making cemetery when BMC gave it to them... Then where was the concern for #SaveArrey 🤣🤣 sleeping... Or hiding ????
@MumbaiMetro3 @LegalLro Plz note u can't construct cementry without cutting trees 🌲🌳🌴 ..Then why this drama??!!
they immediately started protesting linking it to environment ..when BMC gave the same land to Mumbai Metro 3 Project for construction of Metro Bhavan in AAREY area
@MumbaiMetro3 @LegalLro Catholic Church organised a Signature campaign in St Peters Church, Bandra, Mumbai on Sept 15,2019 against Construction of Metro Railway 3 project according to investigative data collection by Legal Activism Firm @LegalLro
@MumbaiMetro3 @LegalLro According to #LRO's tweet , Innocent mumbaikars were emotionally fooled to rally behind a ngo #Vanasakti.
The tweet above further reads,
Church targetted developmental projects like
Konkan Railway Projkt
Surprisingly the link is made inaccessible nw
@MumbaiMetro3 @LegalLro According to Tweet by LRO
The church also targetted
Indo Russian Nuclear Power Plant in Kudankulam
@MumbaiMetro3 @LegalLro Catholic Church organised a Signature campaign in St Peters Church, Bandra, Mumbai on Sept 15,2019 against Construction of Metro Railway 3 project according to investigative data collection by Legal Activism Firm Legal Rights Observatory @LegalLro

Source of Pics : @LegalLro
@MumbaiMetro3 @LegalLro According to @LegalLro
#Vanashakti NGO is under scanner for possibly receiving funds from foreign sources to sabotage @MumbaiMetro3, Mumbai activist moved complaint to MHA @AmitShah
to seek investigation of possible foreign funds it received n reasons behind its FCRA rejection
@MumbaiMetro3 @LegalLro @AmitShah Complainant against Vanashakti NGO correlated opposition 2 @MumbaiMetro3 with #CatholicChurch's opposition to Goa Konkan Railway n #Kudankulam Nuclear Project which was funded by #Church n sought inquiry 2 find out why NGO's FCRA application was rejected
Source : @LegalLro
@MumbaiMetro3 @LegalLro @AmitShah @LegalLro shot letter 2 apex #Catholic body CBCI- Catholic Bishop Conference to surrender Aarey Forest Burial ground & stop Catholic Sabotage of @MumbaiMetro3 Project & warned CBCI to lodge complaints at @PMOIndia @AmitShah ,NSA office to investigate role of church in this issue
@MumbaiMetro3 @LegalLro @AmitShah @PMOIndia Full text of @LegalLro letter to apex #Catholic body #CBCI is at this facebook link.
@MumbaiMetro3 @LegalLro @AmitShah @PMOIndia Whats worse !!
#CatholicChurch Vs Metro3,
St Stanislaus School in Bandra sent a letter 2 parents thru students seeking their support in #SaveAareyForest campaign which is a Blatant violation of JJ Act 2015.
@LegalLro moved complaint at @NCPCR_ @KanoongoPriyank
to seek action!
@MumbaiMetro3 @LegalLro @AmitShah @PMOIndia @NCPCR_ @KanoongoPriyank @LegalLro filed Complaint against Archbishop Bombay n Anna Correa, St Stanislaus School Principal under JJ Act,RTE Act n Child Labour Act 1986 lodged at
@NCPCR @KanoongoPriyank @LabourMinistry , #CatholicChurch forced kids of #Church schools to take part in #SaveAarey
@MumbaiMetro3 @LegalLro @AmitShah @PMOIndia @NCPCR_ @KanoongoPriyank @ncpcr @LabourMinistry @LegalLro filed Complaint regarding misuse of Mumbai
@mybmc schools by Christian groups for evangelization n illegal mobilization of school kids for political protests by
#CatholicChurch run schools lodged with education officer BMC Mr Mahesh Palkar #AareyAiKaNa
@MumbaiMetro3 @LegalLro @AmitShah @PMOIndia @NCPCR_ @KanoongoPriyank @ncpcr @LabourMinistry @mybmc According to @LegalLro
Whenever #CatholicChurch decides to sabotage Govt projects, it unleashes all weapons in its arsenal.

A normal woman who wrote supporting posts in favour of @MumbaiMetro3 was targetted by the NGO

@MumbaiMetro3 @LegalLro @AmitShah @PMOIndia @NCPCR_ @KanoongoPriyank @ncpcr @LabourMinistry @mybmc Black Magic program was even arranged at
@mybmcschool by #Christian #Missionaries.
@LegalLro lodged complaint at Education officer BMC, Education Secy Maharashtra and Commissioner/ Addl Commnr BMC urging them to stop misuse of Municipal Schools.
@MumbaiMetro3 @LegalLro @AmitShah @PMOIndia @NCPCR_ @KanoongoPriyank @ncpcr @LabourMinistry @mybmc #CatholicChurch's misuse of school kids,
@NCPCR_ ordered Dy Director of school education of Maharastra to inquire n submit report to commission regarding Church run schools forcing kids in #SaveAarey protests.
#SaveAareyForest is basically a Christian movement as per @LegalLro
@MumbaiMetro3 @LegalLro @AmitShah @PMOIndia @NCPCR_ @KanoongoPriyank @ncpcr @LabourMinistry @mybmc @LegalLro lodged complaint at state's Dy Director, School Educn against school for forcing students in #SaveAarey protests. Also @LegalLro sought investigation of Stalin Dayanand in forcing kids in it. And action is sought under stringent JJ Act Section 23 n 75
@MumbaiMetro3 @LegalLro @AmitShah @PMOIndia @NCPCR_ @KanoongoPriyank @ncpcr @LabourMinistry @mybmc @CPMumbaiPolice @LegalLro lodged complaint against BMC Edu Officer with state's Dy Director of school education.
Mumbai @mybmc schools n students have became Cannon fodder for #Christian evangelists n #CatholicChurch's covert political campaign
@MumbaiMetro3 @LegalLro @AmitShah @PMOIndia @NCPCR_ @KanoongoPriyank @ncpcr @LabourMinistry @mybmc @CPMumbaiPolice #CatholicChurch always used innocent school kids from their schools to push Church agenda as if they have drafted Indian laws n hv legal immunity! Now
@NCPCR_ takes cognizance after @LegalLro filed complaint

@MumbaiMetro3 @LegalLro @AmitShah @PMOIndia @NCPCR_ @KanoongoPriyank @ncpcr @LabourMinistry @mybmc @CPMumbaiPolice Even many criticised such activities

Shady Side Of Green: Can’t drive agenda with them:
says Arundhati Chavan
Link : dnaindia.com/mumbai/column-…
@MumbaiMetro3 @LegalLro @AmitShah @PMOIndia @NCPCR_ @KanoongoPriyank @ncpcr @LabourMinistry @mybmc @CPMumbaiPolice When @dna exposed #CatholicChurch behind #SaveAarey, it became part of smear campaign!
When @LegalLro askd abt foreign donation options w/o FCRA then @ThePrintIndia dint question Vansakti NGO
Let @AmitShah probe on complaint of @LegalLro
will @ThePrintIndia post its findings?
@MumbaiMetro3 @LegalLro @AmitShah @PMOIndia @NCPCR_ @KanoongoPriyank @ncpcr @LabourMinistry @mybmc @CPMumbaiPolice @dna @ThePrintIndia After running onesided, highly biased propaganda; media awakening to truth- #CatholicChurch using school kids as cannon fodder in #SaveAarey protest to kill @MumbaiMetro3 like #Church did during Kudankulam, Konkan Rail, Sterlite!
@NCPCR_ @KanoongoPriyank
@MumbaiMetro3 @LegalLro @AmitShah @PMOIndia @NCPCR_ @KanoongoPriyank @ncpcr @LabourMinistry @mybmc @CPMumbaiPolice @dna @ThePrintIndia @LegalLro :
Blackmailing by #CatholicChurch 2 force innocent Mumbaikars 2 support #SaveAarey!
So called ENVIRONMENTALIST retweeted this tweet👇See language used in it!
#Christians gives u everything; education n health facility; then how dare U to blame #Church?
@MumbaiMetro3 @LegalLro @AmitShah @PMOIndia @NCPCR_ @KanoongoPriyank @ncpcr @LabourMinistry @mybmc @CPMumbaiPolice @dna @ThePrintIndia #CatholicChurch,U opposed Konkan Railway still it completed! U opposed Kudankulam, it completed! U deployed Ur proxy NGOs to thwart @MumbaiMetro3
but court defeated your puppets!
Kudos to all Mumbaikars who raised their voice against enemies of Mumbai n India!
@MumbaiMetro3 @LegalLro @AmitShah @PMOIndia @NCPCR_ @KanoongoPriyank @ncpcr @LabourMinistry @mybmc @CPMumbaiPolice @dna @ThePrintIndia Mandatory Disclosure :
The above Thread of tweets are just copy of Tweets posted by @LegalLro on its Twitter account.
This Thread is just made to help people find them
Entire Tweets can be found in @LegalLro if u scroll down in their id
@MumbaiMetro3 @LegalLro @AmitShah @PMOIndia @NCPCR_ @KanoongoPriyank @ncpcr @LabourMinistry @mybmc @CPMumbaiPolice @dna @ThePrintIndia #Update
A new false propoganda by #Savearrey activists is in the air that 15 days notice is required after tree authority order getting uploaded on website. This is absolutely baseless. Tree Authority order is issued on 13th Sept 19.
15 days r over on 28th Sept.
@LegalLro watch
#Aarey #AareyForest

Myths & Facts explained by #MMRCL to bust all fake propaganda by so called Activists who are trying to stop construction of @MumbaiMetro3
#Aarey #AareyForest
Myths & Facts by explained by #MMRCL
#Aarey - Facts

➡ Aarey 'Milk' Colony is spread over ~1,280 hectares out of which 33 hectares has been planned for Mumbai Metro 3 car shed, this is approximately 2.5 percent.

➡ The state forest department informed the NGT that this 1,279.74 hectares of land at Aarey had been used for non-forest activities since 1949. No one objected to it since then.
➡ High Court has dismissed all the petitions challenging construction of Metro shed. HC has rejected to consider, Aarey as a forest land on 4th October 2019.
➡ BMC gave formal permission on 13 Sept, so the 15 day waiting period was over on 28 Sept, therefore notification of 15 days waiting period is not violated.
➡ There are 3,691 trees in 33 hectares section in which Metro Shed is coming up. Out of which 2,702 trees were causing obstruction.

➡ 2,238 trees came to be identified as the one which are required to be cut and 464 trees were identified as the one's to be transplanted.
➡ All trees (e.g. Sterculia alata) along the Aarey-Powai road / along the boundary wall that are not falling in the construction area and are very tall may be retained.
➡ Further any tree above 50 ft height required to be retained. To recover the loss of Green-cover the client or the Management of Metro No.3 are prepared to plant 6 nos of trees for cutting of each tree.
➡ MMRC has already planted 20,900 trees in the Sanjay Gandhi National Forest (SGNP). 2,946 trees planted at other places by MMRCL. 11400 trees more are yet to be planted.
➡ Mumbai Metro Line 3 is estimated to serve 13.9 lakh commuters daily from 2021. It will reduce 6.65 Vehicular trips per day, will reduce Fuel consumption of 3.54 lakh liters per day & reduce Carbon emission (CO2) by 2.61 lakh tonnes per year.
➡ Surprisingly, protesters are not objecting to 'Film City' spread in 210 hectares & 'Royal Palms' spread in 97 hectares, which have came-up in the very vicinity.

Now this is Surgical strike

@LegalLro gets ready to call for SIT probe into Role of Catholic Church in sabotaging Govt of India projects
@LegalLro Now SANJAY GANDHI National Park Wants Film City to return its 51 acres of forest Land in MUMBAI
@LegalLro watch this...

Now Forest Dept must file a case against Film city to take back the 51 acres of land

@ashokepandit any reaction

@LegalLro @ashokepandit Special Thanx to @PrinceArihan sirji
for the Article exposing Church Backed NGOs role in this #SaveArey expose


CC : @LegalLro @lawinforce
24,000 trees now planted by Mumbai metro in AAREY COLONY


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