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@jbenton @feliciasonmez @CaitlinPacific @TheAtlantic Good morning: As a female professional who has fact-checked for years, let me say that Flanagan sounds exasperated w Sonmez bc Sonmez's actions against #JonathanKaiman were extreme in the heat of #MeToo. Sept 2017: Sonmez & Kaiman were drinking alcohol at an all-day party. 1/x
@jbenton @feliciasonmez @CaitlinPacific @TheAtlantic Kaiman says Sonmez initiated kissing him at the bar. (Sonmez did this knowing he had a girlfriend?) Sonmez admits she drove him home on her scooter. (Again, she was irresponsible. Sonmez drove a scooter in the streets while drunk, jeopardizing others' safety?) 2/x
@jbenton @feliciasonmez @CaitlinPacific @TheAtlantic It was late in the night. Both Sonmez & Kaiman were drunk messes. Sonmez claims Kaiman digitally penetrated her w/o her consent while the 2 were on her scooter, & was aggressive. (But she drove him home to his apt, instead of screaming, kicking him off, & driving away?) 3/x
@jbenton @feliciasonmez @CaitlinPacific @TheAtlantic Sonmez claims that when the 2 reached Kaiman's apt, he backed her against a wall around the corner from his front door. She claims that while they were kissing & he was taking off his shorts, she verbally fended him off: "Again I told him no, I didn't want to do that." 4/x
@jbenton @feliciasonmez @CaitlinPacific @TheAtlantic Sonmez is a privileged Harvard-educated 30-something white female professional who had the strength & boldness to drive a scooter, drink w the boys like Kaiman, navigate the competitive professional world & travel to a foreign country to live amongst strangers. 5/x
@jbenton @feliciasonmez @CaitlinPacific @TheAtlantic It doesn't add up. Sonmez claims Kaiman sexually assaulted her while they were on her scooter, & that Kaiman was sexually forward while they were kissing, BUT SONMEZ CLIMBED 6 FLIGHTS OF STAIRS WITH #JONATHANKAIMAN TO HIS APT? 6/x
@jbenton @feliciasonmez @CaitlinPacific @TheAtlantic As @EmilyYoffe reported in her Oct @reason story, Sonmez wrote that "many parts of the night remain hazy in my memory." Sonmez: "I don't remember what was going through my head as I went upstairs, whether I wanted to take a nap or get some water or maybe make out." #Makeout?! 7/x
@jbenton @feliciasonmez @CaitlinPacific @TheAtlantic @EmilyYoffe @reason 2 sides to story:

Sonmez claims she ended up naked on Kaiman's couch w him on top of her. Says he performed oral sex on her, then had unprotected sex w her.

Kaiman says they undressed, he performed oral sex, he got a condom & they used it, & she performed oral sex on him. 8/x
@jbenton @feliciasonmez @CaitlinPacific @TheAtlantic @EmilyYoffe @reason Sonmez & Kaiman were on friendly terms after their Sept 2017 drunken hookup night. But Jan 10, 2018, in the heat of #MeToo, after Tucker accused Kaiman of misconduct, Sonmez messaged Kaiman to confront him about his "aggressive" & "inapproprate" behavior, & "forcefulness"? 9/x
@jbenton @feliciasonmez @CaitlinPacific @TheAtlantic @EmilyYoffe @reason Sonmez & Kaiman had talked about their drunken hookup night soon after it happened. Jan 10, 2018: When Kaiman called Sonmez, she talked w him on the phone for about 20 minutes. (What woman would feel comfortable talking w a man who had sexually assaulted her for this long?) 10/x
@jbenton @feliciasonmez @CaitlinPacific @TheAtlantic @EmilyYoffe @reason In 2017, Kaiman was elected president of @fccchina. Jan 11, 2018: He met w the board of FCCC, & had to resign. After the mtg, Kaiman reached out to Sonmez & they talked via phone for 90 mins. (What woman would talk w a man who had sexually assaulted her for 90 mins?!) 11/x
@jbenton @feliciasonmez @CaitlinPacific @TheAtlantic @EmilyYoffe @reason @fccchina An appointment calls for me. But long story short, Kaiman lost his @latimes job, lost his book deal, & has had suicidal thoughts. @CaitlinPacific is a bold, sharp truth-teller who has been flabbergasted by Sonmez's inability to #discern how inappropriate her "punishment" is. 12/x
@jbenton @feliciasonmez @CaitlinPacific @TheAtlantic @EmilyYoffe @reason @fccchina @latimes P. S.: I see Sonmez's "incredible restraint" as a strategy. But Sonmez is not restrained. Sonmez's endless tweets to/about Flanagan should be filed under "Incredible #Pettiness." Nothing Flanagan said warranted a 24-tweet thread. Cc @TheAtlantic @Femsplainers #MeToofraud 14/x
@jbenton @feliciasonmez @CaitlinPacific @TheAtlantic @EmilyYoffe @reason @fccchina @latimes @Femsplainers P. P. S.: Has Sonmez apologized to Kaiman's girlfriend, Charlotte Arneson? Just curious. 15/15
@jbenton @feliciasonmez @CaitlinPacific @TheAtlantic @EmilyYoffe @reason @fccchina @latimes @Femsplainers Update: Instead of engaging w me in a thoughtful conversation about #FeliciaSonmez after reading my thread, Joshua Benton (@jbenton) blocked me? So, Sonmez can write a somnolent 24-tweet thread about @CaitlinPacific? And Benton can tweet? But if I tweet an analysis, he blocks?
@jbenton @feliciasonmez @CaitlinPacific @TheAtlantic @EmilyYoffe @reason @fccchina @latimes @Femsplainers Any discerning journalist can see how difficult, nitpicky & passive-aggressive Sonmez is. Look at how Sonmez handles her grudge against @CaitlinPacific. Sonmez publicly shared their DM. To have Flanagan seem flaky? And record-keeping Sonmez asked Flanagan to email her. #petty
@jbenton @feliciasonmez @CaitlinPacific @TheAtlantic @EmilyYoffe @reason @fccchina @latimes @Femsplainers @npratc @NPRMichel #JonathanKaiman's accuser, #FeliciaSonmez, has been tweeting endlessly about @CaitlinPacific for over a month. Oct 2: Sonmez wrote a 24-tweet thread. Today, Oct 8: A 10-tweet thread. Sonmez wrote a letter to Flanagan's editors @TheAtlantic bc Flanagan spoke her mind? #freespeech
@jbenton @feliciasonmez @CaitlinPacific @TheAtlantic @EmilyYoffe @reason @fccchina @latimes @Femsplainers @npratc @NPRMichel In her letter to @TheAtlantic editors @JeffreyGoldberg @AdrienneLaF @YAppelbaum, Feeling Entitled #FeliciaSonmez dared to write, "I believe the Atlantic should reconsider its association with Ms. Flanagan in light of her unacceptable behavior..." Cc @CaitlinPacific #freespeech
@jbenton @feliciasonmez @CaitlinPacific @TheAtlantic @EmilyYoffe @reason @fccchina @latimes @Femsplainers @npratc @NPRMichel @JeffreyGoldberg @AdrienneLaF @YAppelbaum Sun, I found my access pass to a Dec 2017 @UN event on #NorthKorea & #HumanRights. How can #FeliciaSonmez, who lived in China & works for @washingtonpost, spend her time so foolishly? North Korean women in China suffer for real: rape, sex trafficking, sexual abuse... #MeToofraud
@jbenton @feliciasonmez @CaitlinPacific @TheAtlantic @EmilyYoffe @reason @fccchina @latimes @Femsplainers @npratc @NPRMichel @JeffreyGoldberg @AdrienneLaF @YAppelbaum @UN @washingtonpost #FeliciaSonmez spends her time #tattling on journalists who voice their thoughts on her. Sonmez wrote a letter to @TheAtlantic about @EmilyYoffe even though Yoffe's story about #JonathanKaiman was published by @reason. Today, Sonmez posted @AdrienneLaF's private email to her. :/
@jbenton @feliciasonmez @CaitlinPacific @TheAtlantic @EmilyYoffe @reason @fccchina @latimes @Femsplainers @npratc @NPRMichel @JeffreyGoldberg @AdrienneLaF @YAppelbaum @UN @washingtonpost In tweet 24/24 of her Oct 2 thread about Flanagan, #FeliciaSonmez wrote, "...don't take criticism from someone you wouldn't go to for advice. I probably won't be going to Ms. Flanagan for advice anytime soon."
@jbenton @feliciasonmez @CaitlinPacific @TheAtlantic @EmilyYoffe @reason @fccchina @latimes @Femsplainers @npratc @NPRMichel @JeffreyGoldberg @AdrienneLaF @YAppelbaum @UN @washingtonpost Advice? Under #FeliciaSonmez's mask of restrained professionalism? A petty, passive-aggressive person taking a secret swipe at journalist @EmilyYoffe, who wrote the @reason story about #JonathanKaiman, who used to be the Dear Prudence advice columnist for @Slate. Cc @kmanguward
@jbenton @feliciasonmez @CaitlinPacific @TheAtlantic @EmilyYoffe @reason @fccchina @latimes @Femsplainers @npratc @NPRMichel @JeffreyGoldberg @AdrienneLaF @YAppelbaum @UN @washingtonpost @Slate @kmanguward In tweet 24/24 of her Oct 2 thread, #FeliciaSonmez also wrote, "Trust yourself." Can Sonmez honestly say that she trusts her own judgment? She accused Kaiman of having sexually assaulted her in Sept 2017, but admitted she was drunk & can't remember all the details of that night.
@jbenton @feliciasonmez @CaitlinPacific @TheAtlantic @EmilyYoffe @reason @fccchina @latimes @Femsplainers @npratc @NPRMichel @JeffreyGoldberg @AdrienneLaF @YAppelbaum @UN @washingtonpost @Slate @kmanguward Today, Oct 10: #FeliciaSonmez tweeted @Femsplainers, "Mr. Kaiman's actions were not consensual." How can Sonmez honestly, for sure, say that #JonathanKaiman's sexual engagement w her was not consensual? How can she insinuate that he may have #raped her? Truly unfair. #MeToofraud
@jbenton @feliciasonmez @CaitlinPacific @TheAtlantic @EmilyYoffe @reason @fccchina @latimes @Femsplainers @npratc @NPRMichel @JeffreyGoldberg @AdrienneLaF @YAppelbaum @UN @washingtonpost @Slate @kmanguward #JonathanKaiman says that #FeliciaSonmez performed oral sex on him AFTER they had consensual sex. Kaiman also says that #Sonmezcalledhim days after their Sept 2017 drunken hookup night. He says that the first thing she said was, "Why didn't you call me?" Did Sonmez like Kaiman?
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