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@rlefraim wrote, "AN INTERESTING THOUGHT

IF THERE HAD NEVER BEEN ISIS (Da'esh), what would Northern Syria have been like today. 1) #ISIS #Daesh #Syria #Kurds #Turkey
Well, Turkey would be complaining about attacks by the Syrian Kurds across the border and they would have assembled a force of about 28,000 to invade and create a buffer zone.

Syria, in a civil war, would have tried to send help to the Kurds.

And where would be the Americans? Not there, because they never would have been there in the first place.

So, in short, nothing will have changed." 3)
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@SPIEGELONLINE 1. Wie kann es sein das Abu Bakr #alBaghdadi noch am Leben ist?
Saddam Hussein im #Irak hat man aus seinem Loch geholt.
#BinLaden wurde in seiner pakistanischen Villa erschossen.
Es gibt Agenten, Informer, Drohnen, aber der läuft immer noch rum: Warum? Gewollt? #ISIS
@SPIEGELONLINE 2. Bei Osama #BinLaden fragten alle Medien für JAHRE "Wo ist Osama Bin Laden?"

Warum wird nie gefragt "Wo ist #AlBaghdadi?"

Braucht man ihn noch für einen dreckigen Krieg gegen #Assad?
Versucht hat man es ja schon: "Moderate Rebels"(viele #AlNusra, einige gingen zum #IS).
@SPIEGELONLINE 3. Der #Spiegel steht doch (oder nur stand?) für "investigativen #Journalismus": Dann forscht doch mal nach!
1. Wer hat alles #ISIS unterstützt (mit Geld & Waffen)?
2. Warum durfte #NATO-Partner #Türkei vom #ISIS-Öl profitieren?
3. Warum wohnten IS-Offiziere in türkischen Hotels?
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More than 50 minutes behind schedule, @POTUS news conference with @Quirinale finally due to begin momentarily.
And we’re underway. @VP also in room.
@VP As @POTUS begins his remarks, word comes from Ankara that #Turkey is preparing retaliation for US sanctions.
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[THREAD] Morning DC, as a 🇪🇺 newly arrived at the @Washinstitute, I’ve been surprised by several things in the current US discussion on #Syria and the fight against #ISIS. I have focused on two in this piece on @thehill: #endlesswars & #burdensharing… 1/
I have indeed heard a lot about the need to stop « #endlesswars » in the #MiddleEast. European can probably see good reasons for this from #Afghanistan to #Iraq, as many of them opposed the war in Iraq. However...2/
Seen from #Europe, #Syria is not one of US #endlesswars, but a low-cost, high-efficiency CT op. It has not been shaped by US intervention, rather by US reluctance to intervene. Europeans who opposed the US-led war in #Iraq consistently called for more U.S. leadership in Syria. 3/
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The indictment is based on numerous intercepted conversions of Erdogan and others including his son-in-law who is long suspected #ISIS associate. If @NSAGov has had him lit up on 702 FISA then @FBIWFO should know Erdogan is ISIS. Why has it been suppressed? Doew @RepAdamSchiff
know? At least this indictment should be the beginning of the end of Erdogan and the AkP. I think we know everything. Plus now that we are willing to show a 702 in a court filing, we should now demand to see all of Trump and his crew's 702 too, soon. 😎
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Today, @CBCTheNational reported that two Canadians are being detained in Turkey. The CBC alleges that they were interested in joining the Islamic State. I was interviewed for this piece but have concerns regarding these allegations, and here’s why (thread)
1) As far as I can tell, there is only one piece of information that links the couple to the terrorist group, and that is a report by the parents to the Turkish authorities asking for help because they thought their daughter and her husband were trying to join #ISIS.
2) At some point during a family vacation in Turkey, the daughter and her husband disappeared. The parents contacted Turkish authorities and expressed their concern that their son-in-law wanted to join the Islamic State, and he was forcing his wife to go with him.
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Never has the self-suicide of #Syria's mainstream opposition been more clear than in recent days.

#Afrin was really bad, but this NE incursion (its manner; its consequences etc.) is truly beyond the pale -- in truth, what we've witnessed is a #Turkish campaign through-&-through.
It's clear now that the Dec 2016 loss of #Aleppo - in large part due to #Turkey selling it out to #Russia - was *the* turning point.

Opposition factions lost any sense of autonomy of action & over the years that followed, everyone but #JFS-#HTS & #AlQaeda existed *for* #Ankara.
An #American presence in NE #Syria kept at least some of this #Turkish ambition under wraps (just ), but #Trump's naive (or malicious?) "green light" decision after speaking with #Erdogan let everything loose.

Only now are we seeing the consequences -- and they're not yet clear.
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Who are the #Kurds? Why should overthrow of Govt of #Syria be their objective? Are they on a quest for #Kurdistan or are they just pawns in the game of geopolitical players? What are the implications of the Turkish #OperationPeaceSpring for #India?…
In 1973 President Richard Nixon & Secretary of State Henry Kissinger instigated a CIA #Kurdish uprising in #Iraq against #SaddamHussein. The US walked away from the rebellion when Saddam and the Shah of #Iran settled their differences, leaving the #Kurds to face their own fate.
In addition to political disagreements and rivalries, tensions between the two dominant Iraqi #Kurdish political parties, the #Kurdistan Democratic Party #KDP and Patriotic Union of Kurdistan #PUK escalated to a civil war that killed more than 2,000 #Kurds in the mid-1990s.
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1. As I have stated since before this all started Edogan's strategic objectives are freeing ISIS and seizing the oil and gas. TFSA forces are moving on Hasaka to effect both goals. Russia has a mutual defense treaty with Syria. Will Ankara or airbases be targeted? Unlikely.
2. US should get out out of all Turkish bases and evacuate our embassy and consulates except for the Marines and Chargé d'affaires in Ankara. This will go fast. Remember Tehran? This will be a lot worse. Nobody died in Tehran. Turks have already shown who they are.
3. And they're #ISIS. This could be Benghazi times 1,000 folks. @NSC @SenateGOP Don't say I didn't war you.
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In an earlier thread I had explained the complex history of #Kurds:

I will explain why #Trump withdrew from Northern #Syria and now intends to withdraw from Syria entirely. This is a geopolitical masterstroke that kills several birds with one stone.
Our starting point has to be his map. #Kurds now control a wide swathe of Syrian territory - more than they have perhaps in their entire history. A significant part of those areas has large Sunni Arab populations.

The Arabs do not want to be ruled by #Kurds but have no choice.
To the West, you have areas under the control of the Assad regime. To the North you have hostile #Turkey. To the East you have KRG Kurds who are friendly with Erdogan and do not like the YPG Kurds. To the south east, you have Shia Arabs who are mildly hostile to #Kurds.
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1. One big happy #ISIS Family. Taken just minutes before ISIS affiliate @RTErdogan ordered an attack on peaceful US Citizens in DC.

Turkey is ISIS and ISIS owns the @realDonaldTrump family.
2. Here's the Turkish creep who holds the ownership papers on @POTUS Trump and his kids. Mehmet Ali Yalçında. Son-in-law of Trump's Istanbul landlord who is Putin's and Erdogan's Trump family bag man. Giuliani and Flynn both did it and know. #MAGA @FBIWFO
3. @NewYorkStateAG Manhattan local prosecutors should charge Flynn for conspiring to kidnap Fetulah Gulen. Let him spend a few days in Rikers. Tough guy will sing like a canary and give up the Trump crime family. 😎
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1. @BarackObama set the stage to defeat #ISIS. I begged him in 2014 to support the Syrian #Kurds & he did. @POTUS @realDonaldTrump took over and slightly increased the support that was provided under Obama plan. But Trump takes money from #Putin and #Erdogan through Trump Towers
2. Istanbul through this guy, Mehmet Ali Yalçında, and through him, Putin and Erdogan bribed Trump to betray America and our Syrian allies and allowed Erdogan to free ISIS less than a month after ISIS head Al-Baghadadi ordered Erdogan to do it. Trump knew of Erdogan's conspiracy
3. with Al-Baghdadid and agreed to it. That makes Trump legally a terrorist affiliate and ISIS co-conspirator as a matter of law. @FBIWFO @NSAGov.

This is the case that @SpeakerPelosi @RepAdamSchiff should pursue. In his trial let the @SenateGOP vote for Trump as a member
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We are learning about Twitter #thread construction today. Our topic: The events involving #Turkey and #Syria.
2/ What struck us this morning was the differential placement on assorted #news home pages. Here's what I mean.
3/ @CNN leads with impact of troop withdrawal, in particular the possibility of re-enabling #ISIS.
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#BREAKING: And My Reports On #Turkey- #Syria Op, Based On My High-Level Sources, Now All Confirmed: #Russia’s #Putin Says #Turkey Ops In #Syria will end very soon!!!- - -…
Here are a few #Flashbacks from my #Turkey-#Syria Op Coverage- Reporting From #Turkey where I’m currently based: See Dated Screenshots
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Thread/ These are the main points in the agreement between the #SDF and the Syrian government. #Syria
1/ The abolishment of the #SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces), with all the current Kurdish forces and military groups joining the 5th Corps (Assault Legion) under Russian control
2/ A solid guarantee of full Kurdish rights in the new Syrian constitution with autonomy which will be agreed upon by Kurdish leadership & Syrian state.
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Continua la resistenza di #Serekaniye, nuovo bilancio delle vittime, proteste a Diyarbakir e l’accordo tra SDF e Assad.

(nella foto una combattente #YPJ a Serekaniye)

#Thread #Rojava #Siria #SDF
Oggi entriamo nel sesto giorno dell’offensiva turca contro il Rojava.
Continuano gli scontri nelle due città di confine di Tal Abyad e Serekanye.
Entrambe le città resistono da giorni nonostante l’assedio venga portato da 3 lati.
I villaggi intorno alle 2 città sono occupati ed in queste foto i mercenari jhiadisti sostenuti dalla Turchia, calpestano le foto dei martiri caduti nella guerra di liberazione contro ISIS.

Dalla prima serata di ieri sono ripresi con forza anche i bombardamenti a Serekanye.
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#Breaking: Just in - French foreign Minister "Jean-Yves Le Drian" has cancelled his meeting with #Turkey's foreign minister today amid the invasion into #Syria, and arms deal withdrawn for the country. #France
#Update: Some reports says that the entire summit with the meeting with #Turkey/#France will be cancelled entirely. And that it might be moved after Turkey stops it's invasion into #Syria.
#Breaking: Reports says that the #UN has withdrawn all of their staff members who were monitoring and providing humanitarian aid at the #ISIS camps, and refugee camps in the Northern part of #Syria, in case of an all out war between #Turkey.
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1. I remain dumbfounded by the fact the @odni, @cia @DefenseIntel @RepAdamSchiff @MarkWarner @WHNSC and @EsperDoD are all unable to connect Erdogan’s recent actions that so far has released nearly 1,000 #ISIS fighters and this call less than a month ago by #ISIS head
2. Al-Baghaddadi. @FBIWFO should interview all people who should have known and raised the alarm as mole suspects. All military Four Stars who did nothing should be busted to E-1.

I have known about and reported Erdogan since mid-2014. @maddow @Lawrence
3. Here is last month’s call to Erdogan to act. IMO it is legal to use the 2001AUMF to remove the Erdogan threat.

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Operation Timber Sycamore - How the West funded and trained #ISIS terrorists with the objective of overthrowing the Government of Syria. The #DeepState project ultimately phased out by @realDonaldTrump.…
Operation Timber Sycamore is a covert operation authorized by Obama to train and equip the anti-Assad rebellion. However the op started way back when CIA was operating via Britain’s MI6 to avoid having to notify Congress that it was arming rebels in Syria.…
In 2012 Obama signed a top-secret executive order authorizing CIA to provide “non-lethal support” to the rebels in Syria aka #ISIS terrorists for the "Assad Must Go" Project.…
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Since 2012, the Turkish intelligence service, MIT, under Erdogan’s direction, has provided resources and material assistance to ISIS. ISIS fighters captured by pro-U.S. Kurds showed Turkish passport stamps, boasting of direct assistance from 🇹🇷authorities.…
In 2016, Wikileaks published an archive of 58,000 emails documenting the involvement of Erdogan’s son-in-law, Berat Albayrak, in helping ISIS market #oil stolen from Syria and Iraq. Until the publication of the emails, Albayrak had denied any involvement in the illicit oil trade.
Sümeyye #Erdogan, daughter of the Turkish president, reportedly set up an entire medical corps, including a hospital to treat wounded #ISIS fighters in Sanlurfa, a city in Southeastern Turkey close to the Syrian border. #TrumpBetrayedOurAllies #TrumpBetrayedAmerica
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JUST IN: @POTUS says US "has the worst of the ISIS prisoners but then warns, "Turkey and the Kurds must not let them escape. Europe should have taken them back after numerous requests. They should do it now..."
#ISIS #Syria #Turkey
@POTUS .@POTUS tweet raises a question-if the US has the worst #ISIS prisoners, how is it up to #Turkey or the #SDF to not let them escape?

Also who, if anyone, now is still guarding them? Top SDF commander called guard duty "not a priority" 2 days ago
@POTUS The #SDF had also ruled out talking or coordinating w/#Turkey on #ISIS detainees and now has a deal with #Syria and #Russia...
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Some important facts when reporting on #TurkishArmy operations in #Syria:
•The #YPG has ethnically cleansed several cities of their Arab inhabitants as documented by @amnesty & others
•ISIS has carried out many terroris attacks inside #Turkey including 2016 Airport, 2017 NYE
•As with every war, each side pushes its own propaganda. The #PYD/#YPG have previously used images that were proven to be either doctored or from other countries
#Turkey says main aim is to create safe zone &go after “terrorists” but #OperationPeaceSpring has other motives too
•These include economic benefits from construction projects + others in post-conflict #Syria
•The issue of refugees has become a toxic electioneering one domestically in #Turkey. There’s a belief that by reducing their number Gov popularity will increase.
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News are so fast:

The Syrian Army is in Manbij now. Another Syrian Army force heading towards the Turkish advance supported by Syrian #Kurds.
It only needed the announcement of the #US withdrawal to put the end of the war in #Syria on a fast track in no time.

#Kurds agreed on all requested points by #Damascus and #Russia is the guarantor.

#Kurds have become part of the #Syria/n security allied forces.
The Syrian Army agreed to take in hand all #ISIS prisoners, families and those on the run.

#Europe will have to deal with #Damascus now.
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Syria Options
@realDonaldTrump please consider

#Erdogan is conducting an ethnic cleansing
Turkey is committing numerous war crimes
#ISIS prisoners are escaping
We are complicit now
Even if only by inaction…
#Turkey has been threatening this for 2 years
We've negotiated to stop or contain it

The Kurds are an ally against ISIS
But Turkey is a NATO ally by treaty
Though they haven't acted like one for a long time
We have no mechanism to remove them fm NATO…
The PKK has been conducting attacks in Turkey for a long time

Turkey could have invoked Art. 5 of the NATO Treaty saying all members must respond to an attack on one…

They have gotten NATO collective defense help previously
due to problems w/ Syria
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