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SUMMARY: Global Public Broadcasting (#GPB)

An idea percolating since @Foxnews & @CNN got Trump elected. @GeorgeSoros (or equivalent) provides a few billion in seed funding for a new nonprofit global news network to shore up journalistic traditions and help fend … 1/4
@FoxNews @CNN @georgesoros off the daily assault on reason, media and governments by the Murdochs and other bad actors. I introduced it here:

Then I suggested this could be a crowd-based project and that frustrated scientists like @MichealEMann might become early … 2/4
@FoxNews @CNN @georgesoros @MichealEMann endorsers and advocates:

Going further, I said other industry notables might help form a new kind of union of concerned scientists; one aimed at taking on the media hegemonists polluting the role and messaging of science and scientists in … 3/4
@FoxNews @CNN @georgesoros @MichealEMann multiple governances worldwide.

This might mature into a very real project. I’ll add more to this summary thread as it evolves (or not). If interested, save the URL and follow tag #GPB. Feel free to jump into the replies (or DM me). 4/4
@georgesoros @MichealEMann What I’m proposing isn’t a global @CNN. That would take years & probably not even be useful. I envision a well-funded “deeper dives” news service that syndicates analysis, micro-documentaries, and some novel ways of sifting & prioritizing existing content. 1/8
@georgesoros @MichealEMann @CNN #GPB would serve as a credible syndicated content farm for media that welcomes inexpensive, high-quality content which their own anchors and reporters then provide scripted lead-ins for.

This is mostly how the broadcast news industry works today, anyway. I am … 2/8
@georgesoros @MichealEMann @CNN simply proposing a far larger nonprofit content farm with better talent and resources that can be truly independent of the corporate sponsors and their hegemony that has reduced many news operations to almost in-joke status.

For example, rather than a 20 second … 3/8
@georgesoros @MichealEMann @CNN “book review” of @MichaelEMann’s latest work, the network would produce a 5, 15 & 30 minute explainers that illustrates the points mades, corroborates it with other experts, annotates it with links to references, source data, experts and contacts, and then … 4/8
@georgesoros @MichealEMann @CNN @MichaelEMann distributes the modular content to subscribing news outlets, other producers, and schools. These affiliates then opt to air as-is, or record their own lead-ins and annotation prior to broadcast.

Think @Propublica, on a much larger scale, but more video than … 5/8
@georgesoros @MichealEMann @CNN @MichaelEMann @propublica print-centric. Much like PBS and NPR, the #GPB Network would have national & local affiliates, independently funded (within a governed framework) that could produce sub-stories that add local takes on the global or national stories.

@PBS and @NPR are 20th century … 6/8
@georgesoros @MichealEMann @CNN @MichaelEMann @propublica @PBS @NPR ideas of nonprofit news gathering, and their shallow pockets make them deeply susceptible to bias, skew and very limited distribution channels. And #GlobalPublicBroadcasting would obviously feed them content, too, allow them to focus on adding-value to important … 7/8
@georgesoros @MichealEMann @CNN @MichaelEMann @propublica @PBS @NPR stories, rather than spending resources they don’t really have to produce their own.

#GPB needs a high-net worth individual to provide seed money for a professionally crafted proposal that very wealthy liberals might eagerly step into. Help me find one. 8/8
@FoxNews @CNN @georgesoros Look, you, me, and most liberals we know have been lamenting this growing media crisis, fueled by selfish commercial interests for most of our lives, ever since Ben Bagdikian first warned of the emerging #MediaMonopoly in the 1980s.

When have you ever heard of any … 1/2
@FoxNews @CNN @georgesoros I follow more media and journalist than most people. There are many “precedents” for this kind of approach, but nothing that approaches the ambition and scale that I propose.

But “big ideas” are not unworkable ideas. Just ambitious ideas that take work.

If you … 1/2
@FoxNews @CNN @georgesoros and a handful of other people decide to help something like this take flight, I not only know it will fly, but I know it could have immediate and lasting impact on how news is reported, propagated, and acted upon, planet-wide. 2/2
@FoxNews @CNN @georgesoros I will never understand some of my followers. I have 47 DMs in my inbox about this, and a whopping 3 retweets for this entire thread. It’s like we’re all so gaslighted by these media mofos that even sharing a single idea that might annoy some of them is a risk no … 1/3
@FoxNews @CNN @georgesoros one wants to take? Perhaps we’re all waiting for @moveon and @speakerpelosi to come up with some kind of big idea for approaching this global threat? Or maybe everyone thinks some Hollywood hipster will come along and propose something that breaks this … 2/3
@FoxNews @CNN @georgesoros @MoveOn @SpeakerPelosi stranglehold on news and information? Don’t hold your breath for that solution. Celebrities rarely even talk about new ideas, let alone propose any. They’re just like you and me. Just prettier, richer, and much less in danger than we are. 3/3
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