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1. Dear #WeThePeople of the LEFT

U have correctly identified the problem - that a 1% ELITE controls our government

But your solution of SOCIALISM is misguided

Let’s work TOGETHER to destroy this ELITE class

ONE ISSUE POLITICS - Destroy the Elite

2A. From @noamchomskyT
Requiem for the American Dream

“If u look at wealth distribution, the (income) inequality mostly comes from super-wealth -.. the top 1/10th of a %... If u check u find that over the course of these years the govt policy has been modified ...
2B. “.. AGAINST THE WILL OF THE POPULATION to provide enormous benefits to the very rich... Real incomes have stagnated for over 30 years. The MIDDLE CLASS in that sense.. is under severe attack. A significant part of the AMERICAN DREAM is class mobility... It’s all collapsed.”
3. Noam then goes on to support socialist policies of Bernie Sanders and #AOC

So I will give you, #WeThePeople of the Left, an A+ on the identification of the problem.

But the SOLUTION u propose only serves the GOALS OF THESE ELITE


Let’s work together
4. Here’s a great book that helps identify the problem: who exactly these ELITE are that are driving us to a #NewWorldOrder of #Globalism and #Socialism wilst purposefully destroying our middle class

The new policies being established are set up 2 service these very Elite

5. This process of globalization is being controlled by a “synarchy” - an ELITE group of bankers, businessmen, & industrialists - controlling global affairs by manipulating governments

6. Karl Marx believed if we followed HIS route we would end up with a “stateless State”

Our Elite are pushing us to a socialist system in which mankind is DEPENDENT upon BIG GOVERNMENT

Outwardly, this govt is run by elected officials or dictators. Secretly, THE ELITE RUN IT
7A. Rough outline of how we got here

Cecil Rhodes -> Secret Society.. Most influential member = Nathan #Rothschild

Rothschild-> Pilgrim Society in New York -> American chapter of the Roundtable Movement, House of Morgan

#Morgan -> creation of the #FederalReserve
7B. Federal Reserve = Central Bank, privately owned by world’s leading bankers: Morgan, #Rockefeller, Warburg, Kuhn-Loeb




Monopoly Capitalism Cartel

7C. Federal Reserve : elite families working together to manipulate USA and WORLD economy

Morgan -> sinking of the Lusitania to bring USA into WW1 for the goal of establishing a global govt

This failed -> but led to creation of the #CouncilOnForeignRelations (CFR)
7D. The CFR has over time gained control over US State Department (see 2020 Impeachment)

Elite banker gang-> created the Great Depression -> establishment of the Bank of International Settlements (BIS)-> covert economy based on GOLD - > world gold hoarded into vaults of the BIS
7E. BIS -> gold standard abolished -> American Govt under #FDR confiscated gold of its citizens

Elite bankers -> manipulated WW2 to have USA brought in -> #Rockefeller emerged as dominant family in the cartel -> creation of the #UnitedNations, #IMF, #WTO

7F. Rockefeller + UN + World Trade Organization + International Monetary Fund worked together to gradually erode the sovereignty of the USA
7G. Rockefeller cartel->institution of FREE TRADE -> offshoring of American manufacturing + creation of a GLOBAL LABOR FORCE

Post WW2 Banking Cartel-> endless wars everywhere -> breakdown borders of countries -> free flow of commerce & people

America lost its industrial base
7H. Federal Reserve + Rockefeller cartel = free exchange of labor and trade between nations = America losing industrial base = USA citizens more and more dependent on BIG GOVT to meet needs, including HEALTH CARE

Democracy dissolving into SOCIALISM SEEMINGLY out of necessity
7I. USA citizens becoming more dependent on big govt

And all the while

Big govt being MANIPULATED

By these ELITE ... The top 1/10th of a percent

Driving us to socialism

With big govt eliminating the competition for these elite

And big govt DEPENDENT on these elite
7J. Rockefeller cartel: as American infrastructure fell, the cartel seized natural resources throughout the world, creating false flags everywhere to bring Americans into endless wars

See: Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, war on terror


7K. Rockefeller cartel endless wars: everywhere a mission: control poppy / heroin, control oil pipelines, etc -> CREATION OF THE C_A to topple govts hostile to the cartel

C_A even worked with Mexico to create poppy fields there ... all for the benefit of the banking cartel
8. You see, #WeThePeople of the LEFT...

I agree with you ... We DO HAVE AN ELITE here that has caused our problems

And our #Congress, via lobbyists over the years, has become a #Uniparty, each party driving us to #Globalism and #Socialism


SOCIALISM, no matter how it is defined, leads to VICTORY for these ELITE

The ELITE are not pushing FOR CAPITALISM



Big govt falls right into their hands
10. Our problem with the Elite Cartel has been growing for >100 years

This will not end with one president ... It will take a concerted effort to elect multiple presidents in succession to end this

11. Our problems reside not with our #Constitution or our Founding Fathers

Our problems reside in this elite cartel of bankers, businessmen, and industrialists

To defeat them we need to return to the Constitution and the Founding Fathers
12A . Proposals for a strategy found in the book below

How to Defeat the Elite

i) Audit the Federal Reserve
ii) Produce Real Money (back $ with natural resources)
iii) End Endless Wars (rebuild American rotting cities instead)
iv) End the C_A
v) Absolve the National Debt
12B. Defeat the Elite

vi) Stop University Funding

vii) Investigate the Foundations (ie Rockefeller, Carnegie, Ford F’s, World Council of Churches, ...)

viii) Downsize Govt

ix) Impose tariffs (reduce USA dependency on foreign goods)
12C) Defeat the Elite

x) Drain the Swamp : cutoff all lobbyist funding, term limits

xi) Overthrow Judicial Tyranny:
10 year term limits to judges..

xii) Uphold States Rights - 10th Amendment
13A. “One would assume that, since the Rockefellers are thought of as capitalists, they would use their fortune to foster.. individual liberty... The OPPOSITE is true. We have been unable to find a single project in (their) history.. which promotes free enterprise..
13B. .. Almost all the Rockefeller grants have been used promote economic and social collectivism.. JD Rockefeller was a Machiavellian who .. hated competition.. (He) used the govt to promote his own interests and to hinder his competitors...
13C. ... Monopoly capitalism is impossible unless you have a govt with the power to strangle would-be competitors.”

-Gary Allen, The Rockefeller File

Defeat the Elite

Look TO the #Constitution for the answer, not away from it

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