1) Curious Cosmonaut Research has identified that information can be scattered around the Cosmos ecosystem; meet the monthly newsletter. If you are serious about #Cosmos this is a must. #stargaze #juno #secretnetwork #osmos #ibcgang #dydx #ethereum #evmos
2) First we recommend viewing this through our blog instead. medium.com/@cosmonautcuri… Developer Activity

First off, what is Github commits for us non-engineers? According to Free Code Camp freecodecamp.org/news/git-commi… it means
3) “The git commit command will save all staged changes, along with a brief description from the user, in a “commit” to the local repository. Commits are at the heart of Git usage.
4) You can think of a commit as a snapshot of your project, where a new version of that project is created in the current repository”
5) The last month we can see the most developer activity thanks to @mintscanio is:

@osmosiszone 615 commits

@cosmoshub 417 commits

@provenancefdn 359 commits

• @axelarcoreat 280 commits

• @CUDOS_at 257 commits
6) #IBC Activity

This month was a relatively slow month compared to some recently with a 30 day average IBC volume of ~$345 Million from a total of 2,511,090 transactions.

The top 10 in volume and number of channels are as follows:
7) Activity
1. #Osmosis
~$266.4 Million in total #IBC volume
~$93.5 Million inflows
~$172.9 Million in outflows.
~ 25.7 Million total transactions on chain
~1 Million IBC transactions
277 IBC Channels.
8) Activity continued

2. #Cosmos Hub
~$119.6 Million in total #IBC Volume
~$62 Million inflows
~$57.6 Million outflows.
~ 1.9 Million total transactions on chain
360 IBC Channels
9) Activity Continued

3. #Axlear
~$113.2 Million in total #IBC Volume
~$80.3 Million inflows
~$32.9 Million outflows.
~ 820 Thousand total transactions on chain
20 IBC Channels
10) Activity Continued

4. #Juno
~$31.8 Million in total #IBC Volume
~$15.8 Million inflows
~$16 Million outflows.
~ 1.3 Million total transactions on chain
94 IBC Channels
11) Activity Continued

5. #Evmos
~$30.5 Million in total IBC Volume
~$13.6 Million inflows
~$16.9 Million outflows.
~ 3.6 Million total transactions on chain
21 IBC Channels
12) The legendary @zcpeng steps down from #Ignite. This stirs up some controversy on why he steps down and the future of Ignite with the 50% layoffs announced. It also sparks controversy if it has anything to do with Jae coming back coindesk.com/business/2022/…
13) Overall, the community rejoiced in wishing Peng nothing but the best. Everyone who met Peng seemed to find him an incredibly kind and generous person with his time and knowledge.
14) Peng has been deeply involved in the Cosmos ecosystem for nearly 7 years and it will be interesting to see what he does next.
15) Another project throws its hat in the ring for a #stablecoin in #Cosmos, which is Ultra on the #Juno Network. Beyond that, there is almost no information on this project, but it will be interesting to watch.
16) A project called #OKC, a chain focused on the #Metaverse and part of the large #OKX exchange, announces they are running #IBC on their testnet. One of the projects on their chain HoneyWood will be the first project to utilize #IBC.
17) HoneyWood honeywood.io looks like a fun mindless farming and PvP game that allows players to play to earn. Although skeptical of most of these token models, it may be an interesting game for those interested to try, given the low cost to start.
18) For those interested more in what #OKC is, apparently, they are one of the approximately 12 chains #USDT is now natively on. They apparently have over 200 projects built on their chain now. OKC has market cap is around 300 Million.
19) Their token launched around January 18, 2022 at around $54. It had ATH of around $240 and has since come down to $18. According to Footprint, the ecosystem had over 1 Billion in TVL but is now around 39 million.
20) There is some commentary that #NEAR is getting closer to implementing NEP and will connect with #Cosmos but this is relatively unclear.
21) #Injective announces #CosmWasm is now live on the mainnet. This allows smart contracts, options, maker fees, and more for the platform they highlight. Injective has been experiencing a good amount of #IBC growth as well in the #Cosmos ecosystem. blog.injective.com/mainnet-chain-…
22) #Nomic, who is bringing #BTC to #Cosmos with their sidechain as NBTC has announced they are now enabling their bridge and slowly rolling out BTC into the ecosystem. blog.nomic.io/mainnet-bitcoi…
23) We checked, and we could see some #BTC in one of our staked addresses. They are trying to prevent large volumes by charging a huge premium to focus on slowly bringing this to the ecosystem in a safe and tested way.
23) Today not only can $NOM not be transferred, nor can NBTC this is all allowing them to slowly expand and test features while also continuing to expand mainnet.
24) Overall, the #Nomic team is working on an amazing task, and side chains with #IBC are going to be needed for the best security for connecting with a #PoW chain, according to some experts.
25) #dYdX was the big headline this month. This had the entire #crypto ecosystem in shock and had #Ethereum lovers questioning the viability of layer 2s. coindesk.com/layer2/2022/06…
26) Rather than provide too many opinions here, given the massive size of this news, we aggregated some content and interviews, mainly Antonio of #dYdX and @Thyborg_. medium.com/@cosmonautcuri…
29) @emoney_com announces they bringing fiat directly into Cosmos by allowing people to buy EEUR using Simplex. It is worth noting that Simplex has very high fees highlighted below on their website. Still, this is another good option for some users. globenewswire.com/news-release/2…
30) “Simplex's fees range between 3.5% - 5% of the transaction value. We do apply a minimum fee of 10 USD, which means that if your transaction is for a lower amount, the fee % will be higher than that. Additional fees may be applied if purchasing with a fiat currency other..
31) than USD. In addition to Simplex's fee, the wallet/site that referred you to Simplex will sometimes charge a fee for the transaction.

When issuing a purchase from Simplex.com, the transaction fee can range from 13 to 17 %.”
32) Prop 72 passed in #Cosmos to allocate roughly 1 Million dollars to jump starting Interchain Security (ICS). It allocates 150K #ATOM to this imitative. 50K ATOM will go developing a DeFi hub consumer chain on ICS. Allowing another 100K to fund large projects using ICS.
33) They will get 50% of the funds to start and then the rest within 2 weeks after launching ICS. Lots of details, including the pros and cons of various community members, were all highlighted here medium.com/@cosmonautcuri….
34) #Juno was halted again due to a bug issue creating a consensus failure.
35) @JakeHartnell remains very modest about the issues, and many individuals in the #Cosmos ecosystem come to help for a speedy recovery. Unfortunately, the halt was also during the listing of #Juno but a huge congrats for Juno’s first exchange listing.
36) #Juno continues to show both the pros and cons, as Jake has highlighted in the past of a very decentralized network that is moving fast.
37) @JACKAL_DAO ($JKL) on the @SecretNetwork announced they have their beta live for users to test the platform. For those unfamiliar, Jackal DAO is a privacy-focused data storage platform built on the Secret Network.
38) The @SecretNetwork added more coins like #Juno, #Stars, Gravity, and #Luna into their privacy wrapper. This allows individuals to hold even more coins in a private manner preventing people from tracking their holdings and movements as easily.
39) The @SecretNetwork also released ] a large upgrade to their network called Shockwave. scrt.network/blog/shockwave…
40) @keplrwallet has made some enhancements to their wallet dashboard. There has been some feedback in the community though that while some features are nice the color pallets are a little too intense and some things are now less intuitive than previously.
41) @CosmostationVD also announced - some advancements this month; love to see the friendly competition. They have created an extension wallet that now supports cosmos and many non #Cosmos assets such as #Ethereum, #Polygon, #Binance, and more...
42) This is critical as #Cosmos expands to become the true Internet of Blockchains.
43) The tool expansions just keep coming. @Mintscanio ships a new tool that lets you see better details about holders of an asset as well as breakdowns on how much is staked, liquid, and so on.
44) @Mintscanio also announced that they added the feature to see developer activity.
45) @penumbrazone ($PEN) was able to do their first fully privacy shielded transaction! If you are not familiar with them they are building crosschain #DeFi/trading.
46) This could be valuable in allowing chains to run publicly but also for some privacy in holding, staking, sending, swapping, and governing assets. This could be one project to certainly keep an eye on.
47) Kevin Smith released the first ever #NFT movie on #SecretNetwork. There are 1,000 NFT movies available and at the time of writing this 599 were minted. killroywashere.io
48) The NFT holders owned full commercial rights to the movie and could participate in offseries such as comic books and sequels. Kevin Smith and Guy of Secret Labs did a great interview with the Delphi team on their mint. podcasts.apple.com/it/podcast/kil…
49) @DecentrNet and #DVPN announce a partnership for DVPN built right into their desktop browser, although not their mobile browser yet. For those unfamiliar Decentr is a #blockchain based browser tool, and DVPN is a decentralized VPN system.
50) If you have never tried Decentr we recommend checking it out.
51) The Interchain Foundation announced that they were changing up their ATOM delegations.
52) Despite that #Microsoft announced recently that #Minecraft will not allow any #NFT monetization strategies the @crafteconomy_Craft team claim to be moving ahead with their plans to build a GameFi chain and Minecraft ecosystem.
53) We hope they can overcome this and create a fun #metaverse in #Cosmos even if they have to remove some monetization plans. This is something a while back a couple of our researchers mentioned Craft Economy should get a legal opinion on.
55) #Evmos gets listed on #Huobi making it the first major exchange to list EVMOS. Before that EVMOS was roughly a 400M market cap without ever being listed on a centralized exchange.
56) @fekunze also discusses the ideas of additional staking rewards to improve security. It is an interesting idea, but given the high staking APR it will be interesting if this would actually attract better security or if the funds would be better used elsewhere.
57) Regardless it is great seeing the discussions around how to best address various incentives and security.
58) There are conversations around #Evmos implementing Interchain Security. Evmos, #ATOM, #SecretNetwork, and a few others appear to be key candidates for ICS.
59) @CrescentHub announces their orderbook and ranged liquidity is now live making it the first hybrid #DEX in #Cosmos.
60) Crescent also announced their 3 month roadmap the combination of lending, limit orders, and an orderbook all being available could be an amazing experience for investors.
71) @_gnoland
released an airdrop qualifier and calculator for their future drop. app.gno.tools/verify-balance
72) @AltCarbDAO ($SWTH) integrates with #Juno to allow for permissionless futures trading.
73) The legendary researcher @Thyborg_ announces they are joining Informal to take on the onboarding of all the next generation of chains coming/migrating to #Cosmos marking a huge win for the Cosmos ecosystem.
76) Onenet/Bushi announced their whitelist and Alpha access which appears to come with a lifetime access.
78) #HackATOM has released the videos for those who could not attend.
79) @B__Harvest discussed how they would like to explore the idea of creating a new Cosmos R&D center in Seoul for things like improving #Tendermint, #Cosmos SDK, backend kits, and more. They mentioned they had in mind 1 Million dollars for 5 engineers in mind...
80) It is an incredibly interesting idea but $200,000 a year salary per engineer seems really high especially if there is not very key things in mind to execute. It would be nice to see some continued discussions on this.
81) Quasar announces they have raised an immature number of $6,069,420 dollars to bring a #DeFi 2.0 like model to the #Cosmos ecosystem.
82) @AnonsNFT the first ever privacy PFP NFT series started their whitelist on July 29th they ended up selling out in around 3.5 hours on their actual public listing.
83) If you want to learn more about Anon’s here is our article discussing them. medium.com/@cosmonautcuri…
84) #Sifchain is working on getting a grant from the Cardano ecosystem to bring #Cardano to the #Cosmos ecosystem.
85) Curious Cosmonaut Research plans to become a platform that will decentralize Cosmos Research. It will aim to create a model similar to Seeking Alpha where content creators can get paid for writing articles and funds raised will be staked..
86) or used to provide liquidity on DEXs to create income to fund the platform in addition to offering NFTs and other rewards as incentives for content creators with time. Instead of focusing on a particular individual, we plan for the content creators to represent the platform.
87) We also plan on building some content aggregators and research tools. Content creators can write articles and submit them for review to be published under their name or the Curious Comsonaut Research name depending on their preferences.
88) Today content is backed on Medium, Twitter, LikeCoin (IFPS), and the Cosmos Hub using custom memos, we plan to expand into a full suite built on a platform like Akash including a full yearly Cosmos book.
89) Today there are no incentives in place for content creators but we hope to change that in the future; if you would like to be an early supporter feel free to message Curius Cosmonaut Research directly.
90) We are 100% self funded today and if you enjoyed this content any donations would be greatly appreciated towards our website and write to earn model here app.starname.me/profile/*curio… is our Starname and our Stargaze address is stars1xz5ljpvh9rds32cm20tz566mkhwf8r2qcm60re.
91) Edit 1 apologies for randomly skipping the 60s numbers. 😅

• • •

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Evaluating the Cosmos Chain vs L2 Decision for Investors and Builders. Decentralized exchange dYdX recently made headlines in the crypto community when it announced it was leaving the Ethereum L2 …
3) ecosystem powered by StarkWare to launch its own #Cosmos chain. #dYdX was the biggest protocol by TVL on L2 at the time of the announcement. The move prompted questions from the #Ethereum community on the long-term attractiveness of L2s for builders.
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1) Now that is has been a week and we can do a look back and @LoopyLorisTribe has not said this on Twitter nor in Discord announcements here it goes. First they have announced they are not moving forward with the project see next tweet. @StargazeZone #cosmos #nft
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1) @SecretNetwork has such an interesting value proposition when you start thinking about all the ways that no privacy can be a challenge. Just some quick takes. #cosmos #stargaze #secret
2) Public facing services like Venmo/PayPal would be great on chain but if I send you $100 you should not see my entire history that is not your business. This is a perfect example where even various stablecoin banking/payments and interest accounts would be huge.
3) Front running can be a real issue. For example if I see someone buy 5 #NFTs back to back and go to their account and see they recently loaded up on crypto they may be highly interested to buy more. I then buy up some of the floor and raise it 10-40%…
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1) Love @HubbleTools and their @HubbleToolsBot. Just saw that someone is buying up lots of @CoHo_Cosmos NFTs. Just cool to see when the market is being taken on at @StargazeZone. #cosmos
2) Then without the privacy of say @SecretNetwork we can quickly see that the person buying them up has this address stars18jkq8aws4e53qanhyrxjstdzmp7hee6j0peh47 which now already owns 207 of their NFTs. This adresss unless a treasury is about to become a “minority shareholder”
3) They now appear to be crossing the 5% ownership threashold of @CoHo_Cosmos
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