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THREAD: America, let’s talk. No, seriously, it’s time. 1/
I need u to just stop for a few moments. Please shut down the Netflix, the Love & Hip Hop, & every other shiny distraction that gives u minute joy throughout ur days. I’m not saying u don’t deserve to have this, I’m saying that for a few moments, U HAVE TO PAY ATTENTION. 2/
& if ur one of the millions who are paying attention, please show this message to ur loved ones. I’m a US citizen BEGGING u to care abt ur rapidly diminishing Democracy. This isn’t a false claim. Please read this just once. Everyone should be aware. 3/
U KNOW it’s time for all this to finally end, that something is BEYOND wrong with this picture. We barely talk abt it among ourselves in real life, but we know. We turn away & focus on more “realistic” things, like the bills, the laundry that must be done 4/
Deep down u feel this brutal sense of disquiet. For those paying attn, it’s blown up into sheer panic. For u see—& this isn’t a conspiracy claim or a paranoid delusion—the US is falling apart. & it’s falling apart because of the saddest reason of all: OUR COMPLACENCY. 5/
Let me give u a quick rundown of just a few things Trump & this morally corrupt admin have cost US in the last 11 months:

---> US has lost its standing as Leader of the Free World.… 6/
A standing America had since the end of World War II and the advent of the Cold War: 7/
---> We fell 3 spots to 7th place in ranking on list of Best Countries. Now, most might think 3 spots means nothing, but I remind u: THIS HAPPENED WITHIN THE 1ST 2 MONTHS OF TRUMP’S PRESIDENCY.… 8/
---> Our STATE DEPARTMENT is currently being gutted by Trump-appointee Rex Tillerson. I encourage u all to do research on who this man is & his background, cause listing it all would require its own thread.… 9/
‼️‼️“Among those fired or sidelined were most of the top African-American and Latino diplomats, as well as many women, difficult losses in a department that has long struggled with diversity,” notes the Times. 👈🏽😡10/
For anyone that isn’t aware just how INTEGRAL the State Dept is to US security worldwide, standing, & diplomacy, please read this:… 11/
-OUR #NETNEUTRALITY is on the cusp of being taken away from us by @AjitPaiFCC… 12/
FYI: TRUMP designated him as the new FCC chairman back in January AND he announced he would renominate him for another five year term in March: 13/
What losing #NetNeutrality would do to us: You'll not only have to pay more $ to get access to videos, info, etc, but we’ll be in danger of losing our Freedom of Speech online.… 14/
---> Trump is packing our supreme courts @ an unprecedented rate.… 15/
Not only that, but qualification means nothing! He’s clearly picking judges that’ll vote for his party’s agenda only. Here’s 1 of his picks. 36 yrs old. Never tried a case. Oh, & he hunts GHOSTS 👻👌🏽🖕🏽:… 16/
Even worse? For anyone that’s heard of the battle going down @ CFPB (u know, that “pesky” agency actually protecting us from consumer fraud etc), here’s a TRUMP APPOINTEE, 1 appointed to Supreme Court in Sept . . . 17/
. . . He stepped in and blocked Leandra English from sueing Trump as he tries to FORCE his nominee to run the CFPB despite the law clearly stating he can’t… More 🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽for US 18/
---> U know what? Yeah. Let’s continue talking about the CFPB & Mulvaney’s views on it prior to being chosen by Trump to “lead” the agency. Hint: He called it a sick, sad joke… /19
IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE TO THAT JUDGE TAKING TRUMP’S SIDE: "he will also head up the CFPB, which Congress set up specifically to be outside the president's direct" influence.<—‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️… 20/
--->I should have mentioned this one sooner, but here’s the deal. He removed us from the Paris Climate Agreement:… 21/
Before the naysayers start with their BS cries of Climate Change being a hoax, let me give u all this little reminder. Back @ the beginning of this month, SYRIA signed it & joined in:… *American pride implodes 💥* 22/
But that’s just tip of the iceberg. Now we enter the fun portion of this segment where Trump continuously gets away w behavior no modern Pres ever would have (Hint: All Obama had to do was utter 1 racial slur & he would’ve been OUT): 24/
---> Trump Racial Slurs Galore:
Ex 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5:… 👈🏽
(There are literally THOUSANDS spanning his whole life, but FUCK YOU if that one right there doesn’t make you see red with HUMAN INDIGNITY) 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡25/
---> Trump forever attacking the FREE PRESS (Cornerstone of American 🇺🇸freedom, peeps. Look it up.)… 26/
The fact that a part of me even feels like diving deeper, further listing this man’s inadequacies, is truly frightening. What kind of society have we become that just the few things I’ve listed above are being allowed to continue?! 😓😫🤬👺<--literally ME every day lately 27/
Now, let me give you a quick reminder on the definition of Democracy:
1. a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives. 28/
2. a state governed by a democracy.
3. control of an organization or group by the majority of its members. <---this last one’s important, folks! Some of ya might wanna start taking some notes, eh? (Looking @ u, Conservatives) 29/
“Elected representatives.” & to anyone confused about what that means: WE the people elect who we want running our gvmt based on our hopes, our dreams, our desires when it comes to our way of living. & NO. NO SINGLE GROUP OWNS THE RIGHT TO DECIDE WHAT THAT MEANS 4 US ALL 30/
Now, I’m not saying that a portion of America isn’t taking full advantage of this; THEY ARE. And you know who that is? The conservatives. AKA: the Republicans. (Looking @ u again, Conservatives. Sry. Been side-eyeing u for a while now 😒) 31/
Let me state this upfront before I continue: I’m in no way insinuating that every single Republican in America is gun-ho with what’s happening right now. Unfortunately, the percentage IS quite high though. Something fishy's going on 🤷🏽32/
One need only look at the replies to Donald Trump’s racist & accusatory tweets, or Ms. Sander’s defense of his sharing a FAKE anti-Muslim video—1 that was originally shared by a famous Neo-Nazi supporter who’s been arrested in UK for her violence against Muslims. 33/
For those of u that don’t know this yet, the video actually featured 2 DUTCH boys having a teenage fight. A horrific one, yes, but what makes it worse is that our PRESIDENT didn’t even think to vet before sharing such an awful thing. The WTF force is strong here, I know 😒👌🏽34/
US-of-A? All he cared abt was spreading his Muslim HATRED agenda. & why? Well, aside from his racist views, our President is also a master of distraction. Almost forgotten behind this scandal were the bombshells dropping in the news in regards to #TrumpRussia #Russiagate 35/
& now we finally get to the point of this entire thread to begin with. Most of us know what he’s doing. Heck, even if you aren’t paying full attention, a part of you is aware enough to be worried. Scared even. & yet we sit here just WAITING . . . 36/
Why? Well I’ve discussed this with many of my fellow citizens. Some tell me, “There’s nothing I can do about it.” WRONG. Others tell me, “The government will handle it.” *looks around confused* Ummm, WRONG. & yet others hit me with the most heartbreaking reason of all . . . 37/
. . . in their opinion, their everyday lives are more important. The bills. The kids. The appts. The this, the that, & forgive me for saying so, but WTF?! 🤦🏽America, honey, you’re confused. This everyday life you’re so consumed with? Soon it’ll be gone as you know it. 38/
Soon, your #NetNeutrality will be gone. That Netflix you love to lose yourself in so much? That Hulu? Youtube? If ur an average American struggling to get by already, ull have to pay even more $$$$ to access that shit u love oh so dearly 🧐39/
How about that nifty little thing that allows you to say whatever the 👉🏽 flying fuck you want 👈🏽 online as long as you aren’t breaking the law by threatening someone’s life etc? Yeah that thing. Once the government has control, start kissing it goodbye 40/
Trump has already made it clear how he feels about our FREE PRESS calling him out on his shit. I won’t go into detail abt his trying to control it through blocking the AT&T Timewarner merger, or Koch brother’s buying out Time, Inc 😒👏🏽👍🏽41/
But once the government has its little hands in ur internet, believe u me, it’s a matter of time before u even so much as sneeze wrong in the direction of a politician online & suddenly they can find ways to silence u (see: Russia’s treatment of Journalists and Protesters). 42/
And that tax bill? Still hoping it won’t mess with ur life? Hah. Most of us make below $100k. It’s just a fact of life *insert melodramatic sniff*. Say goodbye to ur plans of buying a house. Oh, & how abt those health premiums? Guess being healthy doesn’t mean shit anymore 43/
So here is my question to you, America. Honey. Darling. Once-Spectacular YOU. With all ur glorious self-denial, & ur belief that this thing we were given is ever-lasting . . . U don’t feel that water slowly reaching boiling point around you, little frog? 44/
We’re all talking abt 2018. 2020. Our country is already unrecognizable ELEVEN MONTHS IN. R u seriously still holding out the faith of fair elections still being a thing by then? Cause if so, tell me where Santa is. That mofo owes me some Uggs 😒 45/
Have we become so lazy and caught up in our daily lives that we willfully turn away from the collapse of our Democracy, crying out about it online but too scared to do so out there, where it matters most? The sad answer to that is: YES. *Most* of us have. Not all, just most. 46/
We resist online, sure. It’s comfy. It’s easy. Our phone’s in our hands while we do what we must, etc, but today was the day where this question bounced around the loudest on Twitter . . . 47/
Why are we still sitting @ home waiting? Like 1 international twitter user said: the world feels so bad for us, but they’re also wondering why the ppl haven’t peacefully taken to the streets yet. Another US one made it very clear in all caps: WHY AREN’T WE ON THE STREETS YET?48/
And I ask u, America, as we grind our teeth, & lose our sleep, why haven’t we? We’ve given reason, & law, & order 11 months to step in. Not to say I don’t believe in the almighty Mueller. Praise the new Lord Mueller <---come @ me, Conservatives 😚 49/
But then again, look at how wily our enemies are. How much they’ve gotten away with. The damage will already take decades to reverse. DECADES. Much longer, & we’ll be truly unrecognizable. America will be her most feared thing: A HAS-BEEN. Glory days done. 50/
I guess the final question I have to ask is this: America. Are we really, truly willing to lose our freedoms in the name of not budging from our “comfy” little lives? Comfy lives that won’t exist much longer, mind u 51/
& hey. Maybe the solutions ISN’T peacefully marching in the streets. I’m open to any new ideas, but the reality is very clear to see. Our current strategy isn’t 100% defensive or offensive enough, & what we’ve been doing sure as hell isn’t saving us either. 52/52
PS1/ It's another sad testament to our times that I feel the urgent need to reiterate: I am in no way advocating hatred, violence, or anything of the sort. What I'm talking about is pulling off an Icelandic Revolution 👉🏽… on a MUCH smaller scale.
PS2/ or if no one agrees now's the time, all I ask is to keep the possibility @ the forefront of ur minds. Trump is escalating the closer Mueller hits home. 1 day now, he WILL attempt to fire Mueller. @ that point, do we continue waiting for some kind of miracle? Food for thought
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