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**BREAKING** (thread)

In the latest Star Citizen drama, I am hearing that a much hated community employee who is active on the game's official forums, is none other than Sandi Gardiner.

That person's alias is Kraiklyn | CIG

Why is this significant? Let me explain.
Before CIG moved to their new custom forum called Spectrum, they used to have a standard forum which apparently didn't have enough tools for spying on, lying to, or abusing their backers.

This new swanky forum came with a lot more tools.…
This new forum, barely a year old now, also allowed them either wipe or hide away years of game's storied history of lies, failed promises, and everything in between.

It longer appears on the main page, but there is a direct link.
During the heydays of the old forum, this was back in 2015-2016 when it was obvious that the project was headed for destruction, the company's community officials engaged in all manner of real shitty things.

To list them all, would require me to write a whole blog.
For starters, they had hired one of the most toxic buffoons in the history of game communities, Ben Lesnick, to be head of the community. So, as expected he was primarily held responsible for the bad rap that Star Citizen community eventually got, and which still prevails.
These are the same people who, after being presented with proof that one of their large backers was sending inappropriate messages and images to a fellow female backer, they did nothing. In fact, they later rewarded him by making him part of the security detail for a 2016 show.
At another time, when Ben Lesnick's website which was full of homophobic, anti-semitic, racist, stalking material was uncovered, they did nothing.…
Amid the uproar, he latter issued a non-apology, even as CIG kept him on the payroll.…

Several sources have flat out said that Ben is the one person they can't afford to fire, as he knows where SOME of the skeletons are buried.
These past few months, as the community's bad rap (which includes attacking media and dissenters, doxing people, issuing death & threats of harm etc) continues to decline, Ben Lesnick was eventually sidelined. Word is that he is on some sort of out-of-sight contract.
So far, neither Ben nor CIG are saying anything about what his new function at the company is.

Instead, they've been trotting out Jared Huckaby (disclaimer: we like him. he's every man's unapologetic goofball) in all the shows where Ben would otherwise be featured.
During all the controversies surrounding Star Citizen backers and their CIG counterparts, Sandi Gardiner, wife of Chris Roberts was busted making derogatory remarks about backers. Not only in a leaked email chain, but also in their internal CS tool.
Oh where to begin?

First, let's go to early 2016 where the email between a backer and Sandi, was made public.

Next up, we have that time when Sandi, a corporate exec for a multi-million Dollar crowd-funded company, referred to dissenting backers as "butt-hurt snowflakes"

Then we FF to the time when the derogatory descriptors used to tag backers internally, was discovered.

For that one, here is a media article.…
It wasn't long after this that she staged her very own "I'm quitting social media due to harassment" bullshit. Which of course fell flat. We all just heaved a collective sigh, then burst out laughing.
Just to make sure that she had enough ammo to make a good job of her "exit", while channeling her inner "B-Wu" I even wrote a whole blog.

"Woman in gaming. So what"…
Alas, while it was good for a few lols, and seeing as she wasn't being harassed at all, and that she was just making shit up as a rallying cry for the toxic backers - Shitizens - to engage in what they do, it did distract from the already burning train-wreck project.
Now that refunds are a MAJOR problem, and the "Derek Smart Was Right" movement has taken center stage, they have upped the ante as it pertains to quashing ANY form of dissent on Spectrum.

And between Borax and Kraiklyn | CIG, the forum is a spectacular circle jerk.
Amid the burning wreck that is the project, even as they enlist their biggest media shill, Charlie Hall, to keep writing pieces like his latest Pulitizer prize winning (for Most Obvious Shill) one, they're now alienating their own whales.…
In my latest blog, I had written about changes in their latest ToS which, like the ones before it, serves to continue reducing their liability and obligation to backers.

Go to Google and find where a company issues a PR about their BBB dealings.…
You won't find any. Why? Well because that's not what a company would do, unless they were enlisting the media to promote a bullshit narrative that serves NO purpose other than for propaganda.

With the new ToS, the growing base of the "Get A Refund!" movement over on Reddit, CIG is doing everything that they can to weed out whales who are big enough to dissent. Which, to a normal person, makes NO sense at all. Unless...…
...they really don't care what happens now going forward. It's not like they stand ANY chance of prevailing in the massive lawsuit that Crytek saddled them with back in Dec.…
So after news recently leaked that Kraiklyn | CIG had systematically deleted posts made by a $30K backer who was questioning the project, the community handling etc, I decided to go digging.

That would be this guy:…
In the past 48hrs, this whale backer and his friends have decided that they've had enough of everything.

They put in for refunds en-mass.

Just like others before them.
Going through all the posts, the dissent, the arguments, the deleted stuff which would otherwise be OK anywhere else etc, a pattern began to emerge. One which is about to be sourced & exposed if true.

Kraiklyn | CIG appears to be none other than, our girlfriend, Sandi Gardiner.
So, if you were ever wondering why most of the relevant discussions, including dissent, about the project do NOT take place on Spectrum, it's because they're NOT allowed there.

In fact, I'm still shocked that this one is still up.…

ps: I forgot to link the Twitter account that is supposed to be Kraiklyn | CIG

CIG profile.…

Like most involved with the project, they're all anon alts.
OK, for those of you who lack reading comprehension skills, and are thus mad about the whole speculative Sandi == Kraiklyn | CIG thing, I am willing to debate you in your favorite enclave.

Please meet me at the URL below at sundown. Start without me.
FYI, Kraiklyn | CIG started back in 2015, has zero CS experience, and like the rest of the CS staff, gets directions from Sandi.…
It never ceases to amaze how dumb some of these toxic Star Citizen backers are. I mean, seriously.

OK, fine, let's go..

THIS is Henry Davis aka Kraiklyn|CIG from back in Nov 2015 when he was shilling the Constellation…

Does that look like Sandi Gardiner to you?

And this a CS refund exchange ticket from 2015, with both Sandi and Kraiklyn|CIG in it.
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