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(1) Just to give you an idea of what happens when you allow your curiosity about American politics to run wild, here's the tangential path my mind took today.

Saw a tweet about gun grabbing at Wounded Knee. Had vaguely heard of it, so did a search for more info.
(2) Read that Wounded Knee was a 1890 South Dakota massacre that killed 150-300 native American ?combatants/suspects and civilians & some of the troops. Not good. One tangent took me down the path of wondering why the US military did that.
(3) Because it seems to me that if the native Americans at the time were protected by the US Constitution, they had the same 2A rights as any other citizens. I know many of the settlers hated the native Americans, but that doesn't give government the right to disarm them.
(4) The other path I went down was learning about the history of native Americans in that area, which took me to a Wikipedia entry about Standing Rock, which was overloaded with Leftist talking points about the Dakota Access Pipeline project.
(5) Which reminded me how useless Wikipedia is when it comes to any potentially political topic. I'm constantly looking for other information sources that are effective and work harder to reduce bias.
(6) When I had searched for "Wounded Knee" I came across an entry about the 1973 incident, which appears to be an internal dispute among native Americans over corruption, which tragically led to ~60 deaths. A lot of similarities with the DAPL protests, but a lower body count.
(7) Thinking back to the 2A issue, I remembered my ongoing effort to learn more about all the Constitutional amendments, since I'm most familiar with the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th and 14th and my knowledge feels very incomplete.
(8) The 3rd seemed obscure and obsolete, until I looked up what is thought to be the only higher court case about it,…, 1982.

Fascinating case from a legal perspective, about troops brought in to break a prison officers' strike.
(9) Striking employees were evicted from employee housing to accommodate the National Guard. Two affected employees petitioned the court, relying on the due process clause of 14A, and 3A. That got me thinking about 14A, and Roe v Wade.
(10) I used to be an SJW, Democrat-supporting Leftist. I made a 180 degree turn in 2016 and am now more conservative than some of the conservative friends who helped to Redpill me. LOL. Particularly on my pro-life views, which unusually, happen to not be faith-based.
(11) I hate judicial overreach almost as much as I hate the murder of unborn children.

Judicial overreach is the reason abortion is legal in the USA. And it can be remedied by Congress and the states amending the Constitution. Which I think will eventually happen.
(12) So I wanted to find out how the USA ended up with insufficient originalist, Constitution-respecting SCOTUS justices in 1973. I'm still working on that, but I came across these excellent quotes from the two dissenting justices, White and Rehnquist.
(13) Roe v Wade dissenters:….

Some of Justice White's opinion said:
(14) This reminds me of the Scalia dissent to the 2015 same sex marriage decision. Justice White's Roe v Wade dissent is an excellent description of the judicial overreach problem, that has seen an unelected panel of 9 increasingly override the elected Congress & "We the people."
(15) Of course, neither liberals or conservatives like the fact that Presidential elections are what now decides the partisan make-up of the SCOTUS, potentially for a generation or more.

However, it is what it is.
(16) In this context, many who voted for Trump were voting to have as many originalist judicial appointments as possible, esp to the SCOTUS during a 4 year period likely to produce several vacancies. We won, and so far the plan is ticking along nicely.
(17) IMO most Democrat voters don't understand the US Constitution, originalism, the separation of powers, or even how a bill becomes law. Their lack of curiosity is their responsibility and no one else's. If they did understand, they might have fought harder to win in 2016.
(18) Their ignorance was our gain, as it turns out. No matter how many teenagers become overnight gun control celebrities with help from CNN & other Democrat SuperPACs, their street protests will not be able to overturn #2A. Thank God (& the founding fathers).
(19) I look forward to the day when the collective humanity and ethical consistency of conservative voters abolishes legal baby killing, as it did for slavery.

And that, folks, is how I got from Wounded Knee to saving the lives of unborn kids. #MAGA #ProLifeGen #MicahsLaw

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