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1. It’s a privilege to be a designer, but it comes with a burden. We will always be explaining what we do and what it means. We could choose to be a lawyer or a plumber where no explanation is necessary, but we don’t. Why? Because we know #design is special.
2. When someone is baffled by “what design is” ask them what car they drive and WHY, or what clothes or shoes they choose. Or their favorite software or phone. Then say “a designer designed the thing you love, and that is what I do."
3. It doesn’t take much creative energy to explain #design or #ux and to be an ambassador of the craft, instead of complaining about their ignorance, passively, after they walk away. And when you do it you’ll be paving the way for the next designer they meet at a party. /fin
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As designers we need to help develop the voices of underrepresented groups, women, & POC. The quality and the richness of ideas will be broader. Events will reflect the reality of our diverse society. #DiversityandInclusion #speaking #ux #design…
Looking to hire or bring great speakers to your event?
Here are some great resources:
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1/ Organisations need generalist advisers who are not attached to their experience and expertise. Fresh eyes + deep understanding of individuals across cultural divides will mark emerging consulting paradigms. This will put pressure on business schools.
2/ In the words of @davidsrose "All companies designed to succeed in the 20th century are doomed to fail in the 21st century."

Several reasons -

The new world is digital. The new generation is digital. Change is on an accelerating curve. Learning is not. #futureofwork
@davidsrose 3/ Companies are led by people trained on industrial age methods by industrial age academics in industrial age institutions. Leadership is about growing existing portfolios by scaling. #Innovation means disrupting existing mindsets and methods. This is new. #futureofwork
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How Magicians #Design A Trick, And Real-World Applications

Design Thinking is all the rage lately, and it's great to see the general population waking up to its power but y'all are late to the party.

Magicians have been doing this whole "design thinking" thing for 10,000+ yrs.
Let me pull the curtain back and show you exactly how we go about making the impossible happen. It's a very logical process that gets phenomenal results, but it's been shrouded in secrecy for thousands of years.

First Question: What effect do I want to have on my audience?
This is powerful focus.

Out of everything that is possible, what SPECIFICALLY do I want the audience to experience? Do I want them to believe I can fly? Do I want them to think I can make tigers appear out of nowhere? Or, do I want them to think I can read minds (my specialty)?
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Nem sei se tenho seguidores o suficiente pra brincar disso, mas vamos lá...

1 like = alguma coisa que aprendi ou curiosidade sobre design / UX design

#ux #uxdesign #design
1 É mto importante entender como uma empresa se organiza. O resultado de um design ñ é apenas as decisões feitas pelo designer. A maneira com que as pessoas se relacionam, com que os não-designers priorizam coisas e até as decisões que ñ são tomadas influenciam no design e na UX
2 PO, PM, Devs, Clientes... essas pessoas ñ são inimigas do designer nem querem piorar a qualidade do design. Troque ideias com essa galera e faça delas seu aliado. Todas essas pessoas querem o melhor resultado possível. Entender as expectativas dos stakeholders também é design.
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Time this Monday for a few thoughts on voice-driven "conversational" digital products. (Oh, btw, come hear me talk about them on Wednesday in #Seattle: ) #voice #design
1 - Speech recognition technology often gets labeled as == "conversational". That's incorrect and misleading. Being able to identify the parts of the human anatomy is necessary to be a doctor, but doesn't enable understanding of how bodies work and don't.
2 - Recognition identifies words and phrases. It does not understand the context and define the meaning that the words and phrases represent. It can't. This is why vocabulary and comprehension are both taught in schools.
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It's time for my 2018 #design recap! Less writing, more @ideaplatz speaking and podcasts, and a job transition to boot. I expanded my public talks to include not just VUI but conversational UI, artificial intelligence, and improv for creativity. Here's my year... 1/
My first 2018 post was aimed at #VUI #design job seekers. Rather than reply to a series of 1:1 inquiries, I look for patterns to inspire published pieces. A VERY common question: "Any tips for my Amazon/Google/etc voice design interview?" #voiceFirst… 2/
In February 2018, I had the honor (+challenge!) of following @MrAlanCooper on the #Ixd18 mainstage. In my early days on the #EchoLook, I daydreamed about speaking to @ixdconf attendees about that product #design process. A literal #ux dream come true. 3/
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Must be something in the (thread)

If an org has a coherent model for value creation, a way to address uncertainty & assumptions, an actual strategy, and all of that has been communicated/processed...then OKRs are easy/an afterthought (1/4)
#prodmgmt #ux #design
The problem is when OKRs become “the thing”....overloaded to try to do all of the jobs above and more (performance management, even). They are not fit-for-purpose for these jobs, and pretending that they are can be damaging to the team. (2/4)
A big problem is uncertainty. I can give you an OKR for carrying bricks across my parking lot. Or increasing avg shopping cart $ size.

Many prod dev efforts aren’t that neat and tidy. OKRs are context-less. There’s not a one-pager attached to an OKR (most of the time) (3/4)
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here's a little thread on roadmaps and roadmapping

1/8 Roadmaps are almost *never* enough as standalone artifacts. There is no possible way one "thing" can communicate so much nuance: assumptions, risk, vision, "the bet", nesting, etc. #prodmgmt #UX #design #Lean
2/8 The need for a "solid roadmap that everyone understands" (without additional conversation/context) is a race to the bottom on some level. You'll succeed, but almost by definition everyone will be missing *something*.
3/8 PMs know this...go low level, people will ask you to go high. Go high, they say get more specific. Get solution based, people will ask for "the problem". The problem... "we need specificity". It is a never ending cycle.
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Fishing boats to small stores, @amazon will stop at nothing to win in India #DesigningTomorrows #design #hcd #retailfutures #Retail #localization #india
#Trends #Retail A large Indian FMCG company, #Marico using #MachineLearning & #Analytics to grow not only their own business but helping their distributors grow simultaneously #DesigningTomorrows #RetailFutures #AI #ML…
#Trends #Retail Brick & mortar retail is having a moment. @Fahrenheit212 What can we learn from the successes and make it a movement. written by @#DesigningTomorrows #RetailFutures #Storytelling…
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Today in pulp I'm looking back at the wonderful world of Olivetti!
Founded in 1908 Olivetti soon came to the fore as a typewriter manufacturer, before expanding into other products in the 1950s and 60s.
But what set Olivetti apart was its incredible focus on design as well as engineering: architects, graphic artists, printers and scientists worked side by side to develop the best products they could.
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Some quick tips for guiding your team to be more outcome focused.

1. Use the language of missions, bets, outcomes, etc. *alongside* whatever ppl are currently used to (output, dates, features, etc.). A trojan horse! No one will stop you. #proddev #ux #design
2. Periodically review outcomes...even for more prescriptive bits of work. Once a month is good. Invite everyone + tell good stories. Admit failures! No one will stop you. #proddev #ux #design
3. Very subtle...but use the statement order "Trying to [Outcome or bet] by [some intervention]". Keep hammering home the expected outcome. It'll start to stick. And ppl will realize the intervention is secondary. #proddev #ux #design
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Here's my latest talk - Design & Power: A Political Playbook for Creative Leaders - thanks @ldconf & @clearleft (link to slides in next tweet) #design #ux
A blind spot for designers and is overestimating the value of HCI knowledge. In any organization, it's mastery of skills in HHI (Human to human) and HGI (Human to Group) interaction that defines how effective you will be.
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Here’s a little thread about “feature factories” and what I’ve learned since writing about FFs a couple years ago.

At the end of the day it is about a *genuine sense of impact*. Problem solvers need that. It’s in our blood... (1/9) #design #ux #prodmgmt #agile
When you start out, getting something/anything into prod feels like a win. And it is! But with time that novelty begins to fade. You realize that anything in prod that doesn’t add some high multiple of value is just dead-weight (psychically, and operationally) (2/9)
You also become more tuned into success theater, which is like kryptonite to puzzle solvers. It feels dirty and wrong. It feels insincere (3/9)
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There were some clear themes coming out of the presentations at #productized in Lisbon yesterday about #prodmgmt and #design and #culture. Here is a brief summary of what I heard:
1/ Very little mention of #agile as a problem or a choice. It was just assumed by all speakers that this is the way everyone works.
2/ Solving problems, not implementing solutions.
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Now up: Zachary Brown, Lead Data Scientist at S&P Global on #DataScience and #OpenEducation for the enterprise. Dayjob: #AI, Sidehustle: building #digital skills using #opensource #ODSCWest @School_GC
#DigitalLiteracy - Why? Effective work today requires a lot of associated learning. @linuxfoundation @github #VersionControl #Visualization -- continuous learning is critical. Optimal tools & processes are probably not the ones you are using now (Matlab vs. Scikit-Learn)
Need an evolving understanding for what tools are available today to get your work done. If you want your business people to work with your #datascience team, they need to understand what data is and what it can do. Also helps to avoid chasing buzzwords and bling.
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Next up: Effective & ethical #AI design needs #HumanCentric #design w/ @JamesGuszcza - Data Science: written by Bill Cleveland in 2001 - coined the term. @BellLabs . Greater Statistics as a concept and going beyond. #ODSCWest
Need to think about #tech with #users to avoid #artificalstupidity (remember #unintentedoutcomes?) #HumanCentricDesign (See Don Norman - Design Everyday Things).
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#INSPIRATION: Can't talk about #ALIEN the movie without crediting one of the most underrated designer giant in the field: Ron Cobb. His influence in the mechanical design and overall aesthetic is immense and go way beyond the movie itself.
more of Ron Cobb designs for the Nostromo
you can start to recognize some of the shapes lines of the Nostromo here, the cramped cockpit design, or the bow window where ash supervises the expedition.
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In the past, I have made costly mistakes in business & personal life which you can avoid by learning from me. The path to success is littered with storms, bumps, bends, twists, potholes, blockades called #failure .
Follow the thread and see why you need a #roadmap/#businessmodel
A #businessmodel must #clearly bridge your present with the future.
This applies to every sphere of life.
Imagine going to a place you have no idea about without a roadmap?
That is why having an #EntrepreneurInResidence is important.
As an #EntrepreneurInResidence I usually help drawing up a realistic #roadmap
that will clearly pronounce your intentions,
what will enable you to get to your envisioned destination,
and which indicators you should see to know you have reached that desired destination.
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Hello #WordPress ecosystem.
I have been invited to share my #knowledge at an upcoming #WordCamp in #Africa.
Unfortunately I can’t afford the travel expenses, so I’m sending out this “message in a bottle” to see if any company out there is willing to #sponsor me.
I need to expand on this, I guess.
Yes, wonderful @yoast has established a #diversityfund and has graciously sponsored 2 of the 9 #WordCamp I have spoken at this year.
Me has sponsored all the rest, investing close to 3000€ to date.
I am self employed and a sole provider. This means that I can only rely on myself to sustain my mortgage and my living costs.
It also means that when I travel to speak at Camps I can’t work, so I am spending and not earning.
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Pioneering Digital Project Manager who leads global initiatives for a wide variety of corporations and individuals; often with the direct responsibility for all stages of production of websites, apps, sales materials, and advertising. #Resume #Consulting /1
Frequently serves as primary liaison between business stakeholders and technical developers due to extensive experience in #SDLC which includes #coding, #wireframes, original #graphics asset #design.
#Resume #Consulting /2
Expert in translating business needs into creative and technical requirements.
#Resume #Consulting /3
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#Venus has strong associations with bubbles, because they bring joy, pleasure, and excitement, and are frequently used to mark happy occasions.
They are a literal representation of #effervescence, which is a #Venusian feature, and are often paired with #sugar (ruled by Venus), as in #soda, or used in #alcoholic beverages, which reduce social inhibitions and can stir the libidinal instincts.
For those reasons, #Venus is associated with #champagne, mineral water, and #bubbly drinks of all variety. They, along with #greentea, make great Venus #offerings.
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It's a criminal offence to falsifying a legal instrument. But if the #MetPolice / #LBRUT do it, then there is not even an investigation. 12 years of silence. Evidence to prove it -

#skynews #lbc #theresamay #uk #bbcnews #coverup #c4news #worldnews #ukgov
Welcome to the #Metpolice who also changed & falsified my arrest details. Have a look at the evidence here as it's all easy to prove & that's why it's never addressed

#R4today #corruption #coverup #leadership #values #corevalues #bbcnews #skynews #itvnews
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1/ Thoughts on the current & future users of Decentralized Apps.

in the long run, the users who will choose a #dapp and it's (currently) clunky limitations, rather than a flaming fast centralized version, will do so because of
the value proposition of #decentralization
2/ believers in #decentralization will be the real common user base among many or all dapps, that's where a #dapp's business really is going to be

(This of course is valid where the #blockchain is central to the value proposition of the project and not just a support element)
3/ If this hypothesis turns out to be true, it would mean that our #Design, #UX and Content should convey that value proposition, it will be a value to show certain parts of the technology and the process rather than hiding it away
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