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Did you hear today's episode of #TheDaily from @nytimes with Marjorie Dannenfelser and feel 🤯 listening to all the anti-choice nonsense? If so, here's the real deal on abortion in the US and why this essential health service needs to be protected. (1/x)…
First, let's be clear that abortion patients are largely people like Ms. Dannenfelser: white, hetero, religiously affiliated, and who already have a child. Abortion is an experience shared by 1 in 4 American women, across demographic lines. (2/x)… Image
Second, abortion is a safe, effective procedure needed by many women, even those using contraception.
-18% of pregnancies in 2017 ended in abortion
-51% of abortion patients were using a contraceptive method in the month they became pregnant. (3/x)…
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I’m going to miss the NOTORIOUS #RBG this is breaking so MANY 💔💔

We have to keep the FIGHT for #GenderEquality #CivilRights FOR #WOMEN
We also need to think of her family during this time—they should be in our 🙏
#RIPRuthBaderGinsburg 🙏😢😢😢💙💙💙💙💙
#Vote in her memory
#Resist TRUMP & #GOP

She sent a letter to her granddaughter
“When I die I don’t want #DonaldTrump to replace me”
a LOSE to 🇺🇸

#Resisters WE CAN’T LET HIM
#VoteBidenHarris2020 for 🇺🇸
#RBG would be so proud of

#Women #LGBTQ #CivilRights VOTE FOR HER too 💙
#Republicans WOULD NOT ALLOW a Democrat SCOTUS from Obama to be picked

BUT let’s mourn her FIRST—THANK God we had her on the bench, and her wonderful life..and then..

We will CELEBRATE HER LIFE & ignore the HATERS tonight
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What would a feminist revolution look like in #Egypt? I explain in my latest essay.
When I became a journalist in #Egypt 30 years ago, I learned that victims of rape would not go to the police to report what had happened to them because the police would either shoo them away or rape them because the women were considered “damaged goods anyway.”

What about now?
Back in 1990, I was told that rape victims, if they were affluent, went to a psychiatrist in search of ways to not fall apart, to keep stitched tightly those seams of silence which are now bursting open in #Egypt.
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Today is the start of #SHW2020! Each day this week, I'll be tweeting about Britain's long, tempestuous and ever-so-slightly bonkers love–hate relationship with its #sexualhealth.

Darlings, brace yourselves. 💋 #SHW20 Image
We begin with the Victorians, who, contrary to popular belief, were obsessed with sex. In the C19, the only known #STIs were syphilis and gonorrhoea. Diagnosis depended on observable symptoms (no blood tests/smears). Effective treatments were non-existent. Image: @ExploreWellcome Image
In 1864 the British government introduced the Contagious Diseases Acts, intended to protect the armed forces through 'regulation' of 'common prostitutes'. The Acts gave police almost-unlimited discretionary powers to arrest any woman they thought might be soliciting. Image: HCPP Image
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Hearing on petition seeking marriage equality for LGBTQ persons begins before the Delhi High Court

SG Tushar Mehta opposes the petition by arguing that our culture and law doesn't recognise the concept of same-sex marriages

SG Tushar Mehta argues that the Hindu Marriage Act itself doesn't recognise same-sex marriages.

'As per law, marriage is only between a husband and a wife', he argues

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Parliament #MonsoonSession2020 to commence at 9AM today.
Watch this space for Live Updates Image
The session will be a fully physical one and shall be held in two shifts — 9 am to 1 pm and 3 pm to 7 pm. Barring the first day, #RajyaSabha will sit in the morning shift and #LokSabha in the evening.

Health protocol to be observed at the premises included:

-Face masks compulsory
-Physical Distancing
-All Ministers, MPs, officials and others entering the premises must be tested #Covid negative, at least 72 hours before the session begins.

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Anyone else starting to see a pattern at @Marvel lately? Are all their superheroes surfing the #LGBTQ “rainbow wave” or are their writers just out of fresh ideas?

#LGBTQMCU #MCU #comics #marvelcomics #marvelstudios #marvelisoverparty
It’s not ALL gay. Galactica has a daughter and she’s pregnant...

The silver age of comics wasn’t even this dumb.

#facepalm #marvelisoverparty #Marvel #marvelcomics
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The #RVA Housing Town hall with #RichmondVA mayoral candidate @aerodgers is starting now -- you can still get in via… #Alexsis4Mayor
It's not like you had better plans on a Friday night right???
35 attendees so far; I'll try to tweet the good stuff.
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Religious freedom should not be used as a disguise for discrimination. The church has a right to require its employees to support church teaching. The problem is selectivity: it's applied almost exclusively to #LGBTQ people, when many other employees disregard church teachings.
E.g., are they firing Catholics who don't go to Mass every Sunday? Catholics who use birth control? Will they fire Protestant, Jewish, agnostic or atheist employees? Dioceses pick and choose which teachings "matter" and those that do are usually the ones relating to LGBTQ people.
This has little to do with religious freedom and more to do with discriminating against one specific group of people. This relentless targeting of LGBTQ employees in Catholic institutions is both un-American and un-Christian.
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When we said that the #EARNITAct is being pushed hard right now? @senrobportman just signed on as a co-sponsor, noting the WILD success of #SESTA #FOSTA - lets look at that incredible success, shall we?
First, if you want to read about tech/trafficking from a human rights perspective, can't recommend the Anti-#Trafficking Review more. Their last issue was entirely on tech, including #SESTA, but also other areas of labor/migration/surveillance…
Maybe the Senators backing these bills could send an intern to ya know... read up on this stuff before passed bad legislation... but I digress. So the success of #SESTA, shall we?
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Interested in book recommendations? I write mini book reviews. My latest is of The Name I Call Myself, a children’s book about a non-binary young person. It’s beautiful!
And this recent one on the incandescent Cantoras, about queer women and revolution in #Uruguay #LGBTQ
The books I’m drawn to often centre revolutionary women, such as What We Owe, a novel about a woman who took part in the #Iranian revolution and went into exile in #Sweden
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Can we all pls help support Niesha, she was disowned by her homophobic family after finding out about her sexuality and currently needs to get a safe housing.

Donations, RT and share will be appreciated ❤️ #LGBTQ #homophobia
@evilrashida @IvyKungu can we please rally around Niesha? RT and boost please. Thank you!
@katwilderness @them @angelicaross hey guys, please can we rally around Niesha and boost this? Thank you ❤️
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What does a feminist revolution look like when the authorities in your country don’t give a fuck about the violence that patriarchy subjects you to? Anarchist feminists in #Mexico showed us this week. #NiUnaMenos…
Fighting back takes guts and comes at tremendous cost. Feminists in South Africa are supporting Yolanda Dyantyi a former Rhodes University student as she challenges a High Court judgement that upheld her lifetime exclusion from the university. #IStandWithYolanda Image
A #Nigerian film about lesbian love which went online to avoid censorship will make its world premier at a queer film festival in Canada. #ÌféTheMovie #LGBTQ Image
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Obama got rid of Kelly and Flynn because they were insubordinate, went off the rails and couldn't be trusted. Obama actually warned Trump about both men. We know what Flynn did. And we witnessed Kelly's overt racism, misogyny, Islamophobia & xenophobia first hand.
John Kelly's personal tragedy of his son Robert's death does not mitigate his vile history. It is not an excuse for his allowing torture at Guantanamo nor his virulently cruel approach to immigrants when he controlled the southern border. Kelly behaved like a monster. Obama knew.
John Kelly believes Islamic terrorists come into the US via Mexico. He was Q before Q. He believes Black and brown people are less intelligent and more prone to violence than white people--he pushed the narrative of MS13 and other dangerous immigrants to Trump.
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This is shocking, especially considering the documented persecution of #LGBTQ refugees in camps, e.g., Kakuma in Kenya. There is no reason not to stand with members of this persecuted minority, who are often harassed, beaten and threatened with death.…
Moreover, the gay people who are being persecuted in refugee camps aren't responding to "gender ideology," they are simply gay people who are also refugees. Imagine being forced to flee your home country and then being further persecuted. The church should stand with these people
More here about the violence that they face:…
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News: The Polish Bishops have just published a 27-page document on #LGBTQ people, calling for counseling centers to help people "regain" their "natural sexual orientation," i.e., so-called conversion therapy.

A Polish theologian and an attorney respond:,75968,262532…
Conversion therapy has been discredited by nearly every reputable psychiatrist and psychologist. It causes psychological, emotional and often physical damage to LGBTQ people. In many places, it has been banned. The church should condemn this dangerous practice, not promote it.
The authors have provided me with a rough English translation: ImageImageImage
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Lanzamiento del festival: FAMILIAS POR IGUAL, #LGBTIQ. Tendremos conversación con Nisa Sanz, de Familias Homoparentales y la @siaceptoCR; @epaulonlgbt de @PoliticasLGBT @FALGBT y Natalia Marsicovetere de @VisiblesGt

Nos vemos el próximo viernes 6 pm… Image
¡Mucha emoción!! Mañana 6 pm: FAMILIAS POR IGUAL, #LGBTIQ. Conversaremos con Nisa Sanz 🇨🇷, de Familias Homoparentales y @siaceptoCR; @epaulonlgbt de 🇦🇷 @PoliticasLGBT @FALGBT y Natalia Marsicovetere de 🇬🇹@VisiblesGt, pueden reservar entrada en… RT Image
@siaceptoCR @epaulonlgbt @PoliticasLGBT @FALGBT @VisiblesGt @JoseCastroActor Queremos contarles quienes son las personas con quienes conversaremos hoy al final de la película FAMILIAS POR IGUAL #LGBTIQ, Nisa Sanz, Activista por los DDHH de la población LGBTIQ+, fundadora de la Asociación de Familias Homoparentales y Diversas de Costa Rica. (sigue) Image
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#BREAKING: We just sued the Trump administration with @DemocracyFwd & @MSULaw's Indian Law Clinic to protect American Indian, Alaska Native, and #LGBTQ+ children in foster care.
Earlier this year, @HHSGov eviscerated nationwide data collection requirements in its Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System (AFCARS). The eliminated data is critical to improving outcomes for LGBTQ+ and American Indian/Alaska Native youth.
Studies have shown that at least 2x as many foster youth identify as #LGBTQ as those in the general pop. American Indian/Alaska Native children are also overrepresented at at least 2x. But these localized studies can't make up for the comprehensive data AFCARS would provide.
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The Republican National Committee has caved to white supremacists and hate groups.…
This resolution is an attack on our definition of hate groups in order to excuse the Trump administration's history of working with those who malign entire groups of people — including #BlackLivesMatter, #immigrants, #Muslims and the #LGBTQ community — with dehumanizing rhetoric.
Since @RealDonaldTrump first ran for president, he welcomed the support of anti-LGBTQ, anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant groups, like the Family Research Council and the Federation for American Immigration Reform.
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Hey lib, guess what? You don't own us, you paternalist twat.
"Sold out the #LGBTQ community for your own personal gain." How about I don't owe you jack and can live my life?
I hope @RichardGrenell and @realDonaldTrump wipe the floor so hard with these goons that all that's left is the slimy goo of their lizard tears on America's damn floor.
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I recently completed this project turning the back of @st66dublin into a giant progress pride flag & tribute to Keith Haring. It was a bit of a challenging canvas, but I'm really happy with the finished piece, looking forward to having drinks here when they finally get to open. Image
The progress pride flag was designed by @danielquasar. It's a redesign of the rainbow LGBTQ pride flag. It includes black & brown stripes to represent marginalised LGBTQ communities of colour, along with the colours pink, light blue & white, which are the transgender pride flag.
As well as painting a portrait of Keith Haring, I wanted to pay tribute to his work as well as the activism which much of his work was embedded in. One of the main issues Haring highlighted in his work was AIDS, wanting to break the silence & the stigma & to spread awareness.
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Heartbreaking. I heard about this through social media, and want to bring this to your attention now that it's been documented by a reliable news source.

(I knew many refugees who came from Kakuma during my time with @JesuitRefugee Service in Kenya.)…
From the report: "Sebuuma said after a while, people got to know the house where they lived and started coming both day and night, throwing stones and threatening to kill them."
I can't begin to explain how painful it must be for these poor people. Refugees suffer more than most of us can ever imagine. And to be violently persecuted in a camp, far from your home, must feel like you are completely abandoned. I hope the world community will take notice.
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If you're developing online classes: Don't lose time trying to get material digitized.

There are *so* many primary sources already digitized! It is much easier to adapt your class to what's available!

A thread (with threads) and maybe some ideas for #TeachingWithArchives:
1/ Why not use #digitalarchives that challenge students to go beyond what they can 'see', and find those that are usually 'silenced' in archives.

This thread offers such examples:
2/ If you want more examples, there is a longer list here:…
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Atheism/Liberalism crimes against children and human dignity.

crime 1: abortion.
abortion =/= women right.
abortion = crime.

except in extreme circumstances.
crime 2: The Childabuse in The shame parades.
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