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Been following the #UA328 saga today. So glad everything’s okay and pax are safe. HOWEVER!!! I need to vent about how the TV news media is incredibly aviation illiterate.
It’s a long-running joke in #AVGeek circles that when TV news covers anything airplane-related, they’re wrong on the facts and terminology 99% of the time.
Examples of common TV News aviation-related inaccuracies include:

-Using the wrong B-roll with airplane types in question
-Confusing Airbus and Boeing in name and imagery
-Using the terms apron, taxiway, stand, and runway interchangeably
…and so much more…
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Oh my goodness, this is video of the turbofan on a Boeing 777-200–flight #UA328 out of Denver—which experienced a serious engine failure after take-off.

Remarkably sounds like no injuries in the air or on the ground #AvGeek
I mean, just look at these photos...
#AvGeek #ua328
Worth noting, twin-engine aircraft are designed to be able to fly safely with only one engine and pilots are trained for this (seems they did a phenomenal job here!)...but people and homes are NOT designed to withstand falling turbofan cowlings. Miraculous no one was hurt
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It’s November which means we’re getting into GRAD SCHOOL APPLICATION SEASON so I thought I’d take a break from my usually #AvGeek/rocket threads & talk some #AcademicChatter with my personal advice for those considering grad school. A thread...

#AcademicTwitter @AcademicChatter
All the usual caveats apply: I’m in engineering and while there are many different paths & perspectives I’ll be giving advice based on my personal experience. With that said hopefully it’s helpful to many of you w/ broad applicability outside of engineering
First: don’t pay to go to grad school. Many faculty have paid research assistantships (GRAs) and will provide tuition + stipend. You’ll still be underpaid but it’s really difficult to economically justify the benefit of grad school vs lost income if you pay your own way
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Been away from the TSA screening data for a few days but the trend marches steadily onward. Week to week numbers increasing at a ~3% clip in recent days (down from 5% last week) and YoY % holding in the low 30s.
#PaxEx ImageImageImage
More of the same on Wednesday, with TSA screening up 4.2% from the prior week.

#PaxEx ImageImageImage
TSA screening topped 900k for the first time on a non-holiday weekend since April on Sunday. T/W/S growth is slower than M/R/F/U but if these trends hold (~30k/day increase per week) could hit 800k on the 7-day moving average in a couple weeks. #PaxEx ImageImageImage
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Vous vous demandez quel est l'impact RÉEL de l'aviation sur le climat ? La réponse est probablement assez éloignée de vos a priori, plus de la moitié de la population estimant son niveau 3 fois plus élevé que la réalité !
#Thread #Aviation #AvGeek
Le poids de l'aviation est difficile à mesurer puisqu'on ne peut se contenter de mesurer le CO2 émis, il y a plusieurs phénomènes réchauffants et refroidissant qui surviennent.
L'aviation émet 915 millions de tonnes de CO2 chaque année, ce qui représente 2,1% des 43 Md Tonnes générées chaque année par l'humanité. Sans compter les 6 Md TeCO2 liées au changement d'affectation des sols (feux de forêt...) ou les 40Md TeCO2 dues à la fonte du permafrost...
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Okay folks, it’s been long enough. Time to finally address the biggest point of confusion on #AvGeek twitter: what exactly is going on with vapor cones?

Let’s just say much of what you’ve read is (probably) wrong. Wonder no more: a thread... 1/n
2/n We’ve all seen the photos & videos—whether it’s a jet flying over the beach or a rocket during its ascent—with the beautiful vapor cone (you also hear shock collar or even shock egg). Inevitably the exclamations follow: “sonic boom!” “Mach 1” & “breaking the sound barrier”
3/n And I totally understand. It’s a nuanced concept & a quick Google search brings up all kinds of misinformation. I could not find a single article that seemed to truly “get it”. So no shaming here—it’s debunking time
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Starting a new series today - images from a bygone era of Indian Civil Aviation. Kicking off with these two B738s of the former Air Sahara at @DelhiAirport
#avgeek #DELClicks Image
And then, the throwback to the @Airbus A380's first ever visit to @DelhiAirport for a proving flight. It was organised by the now defunct Kingfisher Airlines. I can still remember the buzz this giant caused among the local #avgeek community #DELClicks Image
And a bonus video from that day as well. It has not 1, but 3 different 4 types of engined widebodies. Now how often do you get to see that nowadays? #AvGeek
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The #AI was not allowed to “learn” during the event and was restricted to an aircraft performance model designed to human physiological limitations - and it still won. 5-0.
This doesn’t make human pilots superfluous, far from it. But it does suggest we need to start thinking about what tasks machines can do better. Even if those tasks are “sacred cows”... #avgeek…
What Missy said. The linked paper, which calls for “working towards a balanced role allocation in weapons systems,” is a great read.
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Think flying was crowded, expensive, and lacking in glamour before Covid-19? It's going to be a whole lot worse in future:… #AvGeek ImageImageImage
It's hard to overstate how utterly coronavirus is likely to reshape the global aviation industry, and the results aren't likely to please passengers.

That aviation service you were bitching about in 2019? It was far better value than what you'll experience for years to come.
The economy-class service you complained about was being *subsidized* by business class.

Premium-class tickets account for 30% of airline revenue, despite only amounting to 5% of seats.

Business travel has disappeared with the virus and some of it will *never* come back.
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On 7/18/74, @NASA bought a @Boeing 747-123 from @AmericanAir for ~$15.6 million. According to NASA, “At the time of purchase, the aircraft had logged about 9,000 flight hours.”

It’s pictured here shortly after conversion in this #NASA photo. #OnThisDay Image
The red, white, & blue paint stripes from the @AmericanAir livery was even left in place. The NASA Worm logo was added on the tail. More historical pictures can be seen here:…
@NASA notes the SCA had an airspeed limit of 250 knots or Mach 0.6. Its cruise altitude with an orbiter was 13,000-15,000 ft. While carrying the Shuttle, it had a 1,000 nautical mile range, plus margin for safety. The Shuttle #Atlantis is seen here 7/1/07. 📷 NASA/Carla Thomas Image
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It has been an unusual day today as I have reflected on 13 years of flying the #Boeing747 for #BritishAirways with a few people. I woudl ask for your indulgence as I take a short walk down memory lane from Boeing 747 No 1 to Air Force 1. #BA747 #BritishAirways747. >>>> Image
It all started in 1969 when Joe Sutter an engineer working for #Boeing launched the first #Boeing747 from Boeing Field in #Seattle. The aircraft was the first widebody airliner & over 50 years later it is still be flying. Join me visiting No1 here 👉🏻 Image
This year has seen @BoeingAirplanes announce the end of the line for the #Boeing747 as they will stop manufacturing the freighter version soon. The venerable aircraft hasn’t changed much since 1969 but it will be around for many years to come. Read here 👇🏻…
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80 years ago #OTD, the #BattleofBritain began.

A great moment to finally answer that famous question: which @RoyalAirForce fighter was better: the Hawker Hurricane, or the Supermarine Spitfire?

#Military #History #AvGeek
First of all: back in 1940, before the #BattleOfBritain, they already tried to answer this question in a mock battle between two squadrons of Hurricanes and Spitfires. The outcome was... undecided.

And pilots who flew both planes, praised them both. So that's utterly useless.
Just like the lavish praise of the Luftwaffe for the Spitfire was useless; that was just German propaganda.

To obscure the fact that their modern Messerschmitts Bf 109's were being downed by wood-and-linen Hurricanes, they deflected attention to the sleek, all-metal Spitfire.
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Buenos días, son de hace unos meses. Las habréis visto. ¿Qué creéis que pudo pasar? @Miguel_H_D1 @rfacobos @Adamantium119 @MaKiNoTa_SiNMaS @joanlebl81 @APino54155243 #AvGeek #aviation Sigo 👇 ImageImageImageImage
Que el gato se salga del jacking pad sin más... ImageImageImageImage
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Worth using google translate to watch the #propagandalive as @Erkanomia is in #Moscow to cover the #Kremlin #Military parade #HappeningNow. Some ++good #OSINT & #IMINT in his #live & candid coverage. 😎
For example, while the #Moscow #Elite typically use a black #SUV with license plate ending in 88 (sometimes 888 for family of senior officials & oligarchs who must #Drive themselves), here we see the first of the latest #cars with new #licenseplatedata.

Close-up I made from the #Finland team's #photography showing @mod_russia's Army #celebrity #swag bags for the Diamond Jubilee #celebration of the #Soviet #WWII win... ignoring 1939-1941 🙄

The Hon Minister Mr Singh, #IndianArmedForces, is a special guest at #VictoryDayParade.
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La préparation (PPV) et la réalisation d'un vol long courrier, travail conjoint entre pilotes et dispatchers, comment ça se passe ? Long thread #avgeek #SafetyFirst @nodogazo @flyCSI
Le Dispatch est localisé dans le Centre de Contrôle des Opérations (CCO). Une trentaine de dispatchers (DSP) se relaient en 3/8 pour préparer l'ensemble des vols de la compagnie. Les longs courriers sont préparés manuellement, alors que les moyens sont seulement supervisés.
La vacation Dispatch commence par un briefing des référents au cours duquel les événements exceptionnels en cours sont abordés : tempêtes tropicales, activité volcanique, grèves, problèmes géopolitiques, vols spéciaux ... Cela pose le contexte de la vacation.
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Ever heard of a Turbine-Based Combined Cycle (TBCC) engine design? It’s a pretty fun concept that can conceivably provide air-breathing propulsion from take-off to hypersonic speeds. Basically you combine a turbojet and a ramjet/scramjet—read this thread for more info... #AvGeek
First, why can’t you just use a turbojet to get to hypersonic speeds? There are many complications that limit the top speed and efficiency of a jet engine, most notably the elevated temperatures of high speed flight. But turbojets/fans are generally limited to Mach numbers ~2.5
What about rockets? Rockets will certainly do the trick, but there are the obvious issues that rockets are (usually) expendable, they are less efficient than air-breathing engines, you generally won’t use a rocket to fly subsonic, and there is probably more of a safety concern.
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Happy 10th Anniversary to the @Boeing X-51A Waverider! This collab. led by @AFResearchLab also included @DARPA & @NASA, producing a scramjet-powered #hypersonic test platform that first flew #OTD 10 yrs ago, flying at Mach 5 for over 2 minutes! That is 1 mile per second! #AvGeek
The X-51 was air-dropped from a B-52 & propelled by a rocket booster to Mach 4.5, then the booster would separate and the scramjet would kick in.

This is the classic scramjet figure you always see. If you’re moving fast enough you can compress with shocks not a turbine!
The program saw four unmanned test flights, two of which (1 & 4) were successful. The X-51 program concluded on a high note as the 4th flight set a record for the longest air-breathing hypersonic flight of 210 seconds at Mach 5.1! Flight ended when fuel was exhausted.
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Hello, after 2 months India has resumed commercial #aviation

My employer has asked me to fly from @DelhiAirport to @BLRAirport and back

I will be tweeting about #NewNormal of flying post during #COVID__19

DEL wears a deserted look with barely 14 flights an hour
Mostly people who have essential needs are taking the flight very cautiously

Suraj, from Noida has an urgent surgery that needs to be done at Bangalore & has covered himself in a hazmet suit

#aviation during #COVID__19
Airlines have placed agents so that you don't get confused about the gate number

Segregation is essential to maintain #SocialDistancing

#aviation during #COVID__19
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If you’re watching the #DenverFlyover today the first group is just circling over Rocky Flats gathering the entire group about ready to head south. Metro Tower indicates about 26 planes in the group right now with more taking off shortly. #avgeek Image
Headed down Wadsworth over Crowne Hill now Image
Over Green Mtn now
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#StayHome THREAD 🧵

Love #Archaeology is on Instagram and we're going to share some of the best images, starting with the wonderful @NT_SuttonHoo helmet at the @britishmuseum, which was buried in the early 7th century.


All 📷 by @HorneSupremacy Image
We move from Germanic East Anglia to eastern Germany now. This is part of the Zwinger, a baroque palace garden complex in Dresden for the rulers of Saxony. Stunningly beautiful.

➡️… Image
From Germany to #Glasgow: this is the glorious Main 'Gilbert Scott' Building at the University of Glasgow (@UofGlasgow). It was largely built between the 1860s and 1880s. The #WW1 Memorial Chapel completed the west quadrangle in 1929.

➡️… Image
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Rocky Mountain Metro Tower reporting the #Thunderbirds are 15 minutes out. Just started at Greeley #avgeek
Over Boulder now according to BJC Tower
Passed over Arvada
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More airplane photos!

Last fall I went flying with my good friend Tony in a Champ. True low and slow fun flying at sunset.

One of those perfect, smooth as glass, quiet evening flights. #aviation #avgeek #flying #champ #tailwheel #flight #airplane
This flight is worth a thread.

Tony was always there to help me build my Sonex. This day was the first time I took him up in it. We started out in the Sonex.

He’s now building an RV and I love stopping by to help.
So then we hopped in the Champ. Now, I love flying my Sonex....but there is something about puttering along at 1500’ AGL in a Champ that cant be beat. We headed southwest from Clow towards Newark, IL.

There’s a grass strip there - Cushing Field.
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Nice campaign. #WeAreAviation
Skies without humming planes anyways make a big city look dead. #WeAreAviation. ✈.
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Bonjour les #avgeek !
Pour faire suite au #Thread sur la panne moteur en croisière, je vous propose aujourd’hui de parler de la panne moteur... en plein décollage ! 😱☠️

Parce que s’il y a un moment où l’on a besoin des moteurs, c’est bien au décollage, pour accélérer et monter...


Bah.... je vais pas dire qu’on s’en fout, mais c’est pas plus bénéfique pour la caisse de retraite que la panne en croisière ! 😜
Bien évidemment (c’est la base en aviation...) on prévoit la panne moteur à tout moment... même au décollage ! 🆒😎

Si elle arrive juste au moment ou l’on commence à mettre la poussée, vous vous doutez bien que l’on va arrêter le décollage. 🛑
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