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-Sky Giants- 🧵

The Bayraktar TB-2

The TB-2 is a medium altitude long endurance unmanned combataerial vehicle (MALE UCAV), made in Turkey by Bayrack. (1/5)
#svagaiature #aviationlovers #UkraineInvasion #tech #Turkey #aviationdaily #AutonomousVehicles
The project began when the USA put an embargo on Turkey for UAV, due the fear of them being used to taget PKK groups inside and outside of the nation. Bayrack started developing a drone on the request of turkish government, and in 2014 the TB-12 made its maiden flight. (2/5)
A year later the weapon system had been already tested.
Many problems, regarding its components arose with time: the engine used, made in Austria, was only certified for civilian use; while parts of its imaging system and bomb rack was suspended... (3/5)
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-Sky Giants- 🧵

Me-323 Gigant
The Messerschmitt Me 323 was a military transport plane. It was a power variant of the Me-321 glider. (1/5)
#svagaiature #WWII #aviationlovers #aviationdaily #Germany #History #planespotting Image
Development began in 1941, german used french radial engines in order to not put more stress on their industry. They also reinforced the wings and installed a steadier undercarriage comprised of four small wheel at the front and six larger wheels on the side of the fuselage.(2/5) Image
At the beginig were used only 4 engines, later upgraded to six, in version -D.
The Me-323 wings were made out of plywood and fabric, while the fuselage consisted in a metal tube construction with wooden spar. The floor had heavy breacinf to support the cargo. (3/5) Image
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A 10 tweet thread on the indomitable Fairchild Republic A-10 Warthog, the "flying tank". Enjoy! 1/10 #avgeeks #aviation #aviationdaily #USAF #Warthog
A Warthog pilot sits in a "bathtub" of titanium armour, at places up to 38 mm thick and weighing 544 kg. This is proof against direct hits from 23-mm cannon. 2/10 #avgeeks #aviation #USAF #Warthog
The GAU-8/A's barrel is some 80 calibres long, resulting in a length of nearly 2.5 meters. It's one of the largest weapons of its type in the world. 3/10 #avgeeks #aviation #USAF #Warthog
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Tomcat musing: a short thread on the "dowdy" parts of one of the most glamours interceptors of the world. 1/6 #avgeeks #aviation #aviationdaily #Tomcat #TopGun #USNavy
Did you know that when the F-14 stretches its wings fully forward, the fuselage slots into which the wings retracted are sealed with inflatable airbags? The airbags use bleed air from the TF30s to inflation! 2/6
#avgeeks #aviation #TopGun #Tomcat
The F-14's variable-geometry outer wings carry full-span leading-edge slats and almost full-span trailing-edge flaps. In addition, four-section spoilers augment the differential movement of the tailrons in roll control. 3/6
#avgeeks #aviation #Tomcat #USNavy
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@AmericanAir AA1775 from LAX to DCA diverts to KCI after passenger attempts to open plane door. #AviationDaily #AviationNews #LAX #DCA #KCI
Passenger reports flight attendants knocked unruly passenger out with coffee pot.
Witness video of passenger being taken away after landing in Kansas City, MO. #Kansas
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Aardvarks and the dawn of tank-plinking, a thread. 1/8
#avgeeks #aviation #USAF #DesertStorm #History
On the night of Feb 5, 1991, Col. Tom Lennon, commander of #USAF's 48th FW, led a pair of F-111s on an experimental mission against dug-in units of the #Iraqi Republican Guard in the deserts north of Kuwait. 2/8 #avgeeks #aviation #DesertStorm #History
For the experiment, each F-111 was armed with a Pave Track pod and four GBU-12 500 lb LGBs. The crews were to see if LGBs could be guided accurately enough to hit targets as small as an AFV. 3/8 #avgeeks #aviation #USAF #DesertStorm #History
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(a #spaceevents thread)

A wonderful thing about the world of space is that we are all connected virtually during this time. I've got to take part in some amazing initiatives over the past few months and I look forward to seeing what's coming up!

#spaceagenda #ISUNET
The #SASpaceForum that was going to be in COVID safe conditions and virtually is now fully online. I look forward to live-tweeting the event from home! If you want to join, you can from anywhere in the world check out the link below⬇️

#ausspace #space

The #Sentinel6 is to be launched in T-10 hours! You can follow the event through Facebook, Twitter and have the links shared with you through Eventbrite.


#Space4Climate #seeingtheseas #sentinerd
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[THREAD]: Mohammud Ahmed first tasted absolute freedom when he found himself in Chuka town on the eastern slopes of Mount Kenya. The government placed him at Chuka University to pursue a degree in Economics and Statistics. Image
He was a young man born inhaling the breeze from the Indian Ocean in Mombasa and raised in the metropolitan capital Nairobi. Never in his life had he gone to a boarding school. In actual fact, never had he been away from his parents’ surveillance.
Yet here he was,thrown into the wilderness of higher learning to fend for himself & coerced to acquire responsibility by living independently.With over six thousand students in the university,Mohammud was part of a minority of Somali’s whose numbers did not even accumulate to ten
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[THREAD]: Mahamud Tawane has always known the value of work. As a boy in Garissa, Kenya, he would spend his school holidays working at his father’s cotton farm, cultivating and harvesting. At the end of the day, he would be paid per kilo of his harvest.
In his final year of secondary school, Tawane had a friend who read plenty of magazines and narrated his readings to him. On one occasion, Tawane’s friend told him about an ongoing admission at a flying school in Kansas.
Without hesitation, Tawane applied and within a short duration received a response. However, the reply was not as pleasing as he would have hoped.The fee was simply unimaginably unaffordable.

At the time, Tawane lived with his older brother who happened to also be his guardian.
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[THREAD] : How does one switch from a managerial position at a beer manufacturing company to become a pioneer in the aviation industry? Meet Moses Mwangi, Managing Director at 748 Air Services, a man whose entire existence runs on one word: diversity.
Moses started out as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), in 1984. His adamant pursuit of Accounting and Finance was a conscious response to his O levels teachers who discouraged him from pursuing anything related to mathematics.
They constantly reminded him of his supposed mediocre mathematical skills and tried pushing him to do a subject he had a distinction in, History. Mwangi remained undeterred despite his teachers’ persistent efforts.
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