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My uncle #Idris Ramadan Eilos.
He joined the struggle at the age of 19 in 1967.
He spent 3 years in the second province and was sent to #Iraq in 1970 for more military training. He came back in 1972 and continued his work as a fighter.
In 1975 he was elected as a member of the Revolutionary Council and was chosen to be the deputy of Hamid Temsah. In 1977 he was spearheading the liberation of cities in Gash, Setit and Barka, as the second man. He lead the liberation of #Geluj, #UmHajar, and #Tesennay.
In 1978 he was chosen to be amongst the leadership who will liberate #Barentu. Sadly on the 8th May he was martyred in the siege of Barentu. Today marks 44 years since his Martyrdom and every minuet that I think about Eritrea I look upto his legacy.
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Why Do We Need A Government In Exile? Rationale:

Because (a) the Government-in-Power has lost the legitimacy to govern on legal, political and socio-economic grounds and (b) the conventional opposition approach does not rise to the state of emergency #Eritrea is facing.

(2) In 1992, #Eritrean Peoples’ Liberation Front (EPLF) issued a Proclamation 23/1992 that
defined the Structure, Power, and Function of the Provisional Government of Eritrea (PGE).
(3) The Proclamation unequivocally stated that TGE shall govern “until the #Eritrean people
decides its rights to self-determination through a plebiscite and until a constitutional
government is established." The mandate lasted until the successful conduct of the 1993 referendum.
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It’s #FatuousFriday: just back from Planet NNNN, with its alternative facts, and I am here to share with my compats. Since everything Isaias touches turns to ashes, the promising political career of @AbiyAhmedAli is facing the abyss too. But, hey: war is peace and peace is war Image
More “War Is Peace, Peace Is War”: According to the “Abiy Is Our Leader #Eritrea Is Our Country”mob from #Ethiopia, joined by Isaiaists, when 🇺🇸 and EU call for end to war, it is warmongering! Image
Walking is the new #Eritrea|n accomplishment, according to the #PFDJ. Plus it’s good for the environment in a country with the most expensive fuel in the world. Pass it on. Image
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Happy Friday: #Ethiopia|ns & “fellow #Eritreans across the border”! After 4 months of lies & denials, and less than a week after @ChrisCoons delivered the @POTUS msg that #Ethiopia is committing “systematic campaign of ethnic cleansing” in #Tigray, @PMEthiopia folds like a card: Image
The move came less than a week after @AbiyAhmedAli chose the parliament as his venue to admit what the whole world, except a few in #Eritrea|s NNNN Party #PFDJ and #Ethiopia|s Abiy Cult, knew: #Eritrean|s have been fighting inside #Tigray with knowledge & approval of @PMEthiopia Image
Now, there is only one country in the world whose media has not shared the news that #Eritrean|s are fighting in #Ethiopia and its leader has agreed to withdraw its troops. The country? Hint: its state media slogan is “serving the truth.” Image
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#Afroptimistic Sunday: (T)Horn of #Africa Edition

Looking at the #Ethiopia|n War in Tigray & the ensuing carnage--death, dismemberment, displacement--& #Eritrea|s "self-defense" foray, there is not much to be optimistic about, but there could be if we act as Citizens of the Horn
The Horn of #Africa has no citizens, just subjects.

Citizens are free and, collectively, own sovereignty. They hire and fire their leaders.

Subjects are powerless, looking up to The Sovereign, who demands total obedience. Dissent results in disappearance, death, exile.
While this is true of all the nations in the Horn of Africa, this thread is about #Ethiopia and #Eritrea, who have not been able to extricate themselves from wars (declared and undeclared) since at least 1961. It's from the perspective of a member of the #Eritrean opposition....
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#Eritrea: Portrait of a zombified state:

(A Thread)

On #COVID19, #Ethiopia’n civil war, #Tigray, #TPLF, #Refugees. (1)
#Eritrea is state where fiction pales when compared to everyday reality. Complete information blackout, #PFDJ’s utter disregard of domestic affairs, citizens increasingly growing indifference combined, have created a new reality or close to reality TV show. (2)
Since April 1, it has enforced the strictest lockdown. No public transport; schools (except the military school in Sawa) still closed & no hint of opening; public places closed. Gov. boasts for putting #COVID19 under control but no hope of easing the lockdown: it served well. (3)
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Today’s #Yiakl #SundaySpotlight goes out to Lidiya T @KitchaFitFit1 in acknowledgment of her consistent, creative and pragmatic actions that she undertakes to support #Eritrean refugees in #Libya.

#Yiakl #WeAreComingHome #Eritrea2020 ImageImage
Lidiya is a 21 years old prominent activist & organizer who has been passionately involved with her Eritrean community from a very young age.

Ever since she witnessed the daunting & overwhelming plight of Eritrean refugees in Libya, Lidiya got determined not to sit back & watch.
Instead, she picked up the slack left by the organizations which simply abandoned these refugees, and found a way to provide financial and moral support to these refugees and make meaningful contributions to help ease their suffering.

#Yiakl #SundaySpotlight #WeAreComingHome ImageImage
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1. #Eritrea’n social media engagements in a nutshell. Facts? What facts? #OpinionMattersMost

(A thread)

(With little overgeneralization to establish my argument) no matter where you stand politically, #Eritrea'n social (traditional) media reflect similar inclinations.
2. Lack of news that resulted from media blackout, economic blight, stern political developments, etc. R filled with opinions, often made up.
Repression advocates (supporters) establish their facts from Op-Eds, editorials, communiques, slogans, even perhaps artworks.
3.The state media, where news was manufactured from editorials, serves as a role model.….
Slogans take a substantial proportion of the gov. media & later help in formulating opinions; soon to be passed as facts. #OpinionMatters #Eritrea
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Today’s #Yiakl #SundaySpotlight goes out to Aida Kidane (@KidaneAida) in acknowledgement
of nearly three decades of curating #Eritrea|n history and being an invaluable source for researching our recent history.

#Eritrea2020 #SundaySpotlight
#Yiakl #WeAreComingHome ImageImage
A pioneer YouTuber before the term was invented, Aida Kidane’s channel has been providing “documentary clips on Eritrea and its past and history, with current happenings abroad” since 2011. #Eritrea #Yiakl
What makes Aida Kidane YouTube Channel unique is that it includes a vast slice of #Eritrea|n history from the era of our armed struggle to present. Her videos have had over 12 millions total views! #SundaySpotlight #Yiakl
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Almost 1 year ago, I wrote on how EU was spending millions in #Eritrea on projects using forced conscription.

A key partner in the project is the Red Sea Trading Corporation, completely owned & operated by the ruling party.

More on @repubblica…
#Europe accused of financing #Eritrean project based on 'forced labour'?

#EU spokesperson was saying that this project is part of a new approach to engaging with #Eritrea, which has the improvement of the lives and rights of Eritreans at its core.

@EU_Commission reply here ⬇️ Image
#EU accused of supporting forced labour in #Eritrea?

I know they've seen my follow up-email, so why EU hasn't reply on

* Role of Red Sea trading
* Mechanisms to assure transparency of EU funds
* Reforms on the national service taking place before the starting of the project
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Breaking News: In a #PFDJ event in Australia, #Eritrea|n #Yiaklers challenged PFDJ agents by chanting #Yiakl!
Great questions from #Eritrea|ns in Brisbane, Australia at a public meeting organized by PFDJ. Well Done! #Yiakl
Questions on prisoners of consciousness and the constitution! #Yiakl #Eritrea #18StolenYears
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