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Vous vous souvenez de la #cyberattaque contre @OnCloud_BTEnt, au mois de mars ? Elle vient d'être revendiquée. Une revendication qui en dit long sur les attaquants.🧵
#ransomware #OSINT…
@OnCloud_BTEnt La revendication est tombée chez #ViceSociety. Mais elle ne mentionne pas @OnCloud_BTEnt ! C'est #Nerim qui est nommé. Cela n'a rien d'un hasard... Image
@OnCloud_BTEnt est né au printemps 2021 du rapprochement de la branche télécommunications de #Nerim avec #Keyyo 💡 Image
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"#Brian Plain in Massachusetts offers GREAT prices and companies for essential #business #services "including telecom, internet/phone, waste, shipping, merchant services/credit cards, Facility & Office Supplies, Uniforms & Linens, Saas and UCass" and more with Schooley Mitchell" Brian Plain in Massachusett...
"Looking to reduce costs and optimize your business expenses?

Check out Schooley Mitchell's #services!

Brian & Joe #specialize in cost-reduction strategies and can help your MA area #company save. Learn more here: [] #CostReduction #BusinessOptimization"
"Attention #businessowners in Newton, MA! Are you looking to #cutcosts and improve your bottom line? Discover how Schooley Mitchell can help #optimize your expenses and #boost profitability. Learn more about their services here: […] #NewtonMA #CostReduction"
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CurveWars - #Frax Strikes Back🚀

Enter the world of the $ALLUO team, where $CRV's biggest brain, @JackNiewold , breaks down the latest in the #CurveWars.

With insights and golden nuggets, Jack shares his vision for leaving a lasting impact in the crypto space.

[A Thread🧵]
The Saga of the Curve Wars

In a galaxy far, far away, $CRV popularized DeFi and emerged victorious in Curve Wars 1.0.

In 2021, @JackNiewold recapped this momentous event, but by June '22, he had a new perspective on the power of governance.

The Heat of the Battle🔥

Curve Wars 1.0 was all about stability, but Curve Wars 2.0 is heating up with something new.

$FRAX has arrived and is leading the charge, with over 20 LSDs ready to ignite the DeFi ecosystem with liquidity.
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1/🧵 COVID XBB1.5 at 40%

This leaves no room for Complacency in 2023👇

📍XBB1.5 is already causing higher hospitalizations in NY+ than seen in a year
📍Data from NEJM (next tweet) tell us the vaccine gives protection for this Omicron variant
2/These @NEJM data tell us:

“Persons who received the bivalent booster had better neutralizing activity against all omicron subvariants (especially against BA.2.75.2, BQ.1.1, and XBB) than those who received either one or two monovalent boosters.”
The rapidly emerging Omicron subvariant XBB.1.5 accounts for 40.5% of U.S. COVID cases - CDC

✔️What will this variant do to Long COVID rates?
✔️ Be smart in enclosed public spaces 😷
✔️Use the new Vaccine data above
✔️Bi-valent #boost‼️
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1 in 4 hiring managers say they are less likely to move forward with Jewish applicants @hey_alma

#antisemitism #antisemitic #jewish #jewishpeople #activist #socialjustice #boost #activism #hiring #hr…
In November, surveyed 1,131 hiring managers and recruiters about their views of Jewish individuals and perception of the presence of antisemitism in the workplace.

Here are the key findings:
-26% of hiring managers say they are less likely to move forward with Jewish applicants; top reason for negative bias is belief Jews have too much power and control

-26% make assumptions about whether a candidate is Jewish based on their appearance
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1/🧵Is Paxlovid Rebound real?👇

Short answer: I say Yes @JAMA_current

It’s when you go from COVID ++ to - to ++ after Treatment.
Prior to #Omicron & Pax, rebound seemed rare.
We need more data.
This article has pearls I want to share…
2/ 1st “If you’re ++, you must assume you’re infectious to others,” he explained.

“PCR test confirmed his positive rapid Ag test & it was back to jail for Dr. Ho.”
Recently, similar cases have been reported & @CDCgov issued a health advisory May 24:
3/ There are just way too many anecdotal cases to ignore.

In recent weeks, prominent physicians in the US including @tmprowell @Bob_Wachter @PeterHotez have all discussed the reality of #PaxlovidRebound.

Yet, @pfizer downplays this & the early papers don’t mention it.
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Le bon plan du jour qui nous vient de @Ternoa_ et plus précisément de la #DApp @TiimeEngine.

L'idée là, est d'installer le wallet Ternoa et de récupérer les récompenses chaque jour pour obtenir des #NFTs avec ces jetons.

Une découverte de @laBananeCrypto ⬇️ Image
Pour cela, rien de compliqué. Il vous suffit d'installer le wallet @Ternoa_ sur votre téléphone par exemple.

Ensuite, rendez-vous dans la partie DApp de l'application pour voir @TiimeEngine.

Je ne vous fais pas un dessin, il faut cliquer dessus pour l'ouvrir. Image
Une fois dessus, vous aurez compris le principe, vous pourrez récupérer des jetons $Tiimes chaque jour.

Si vous collectez les #tokens tous les jours, les récompenses deviennent plus intéressantes.

Plus vous avez de jetons, plus vous aurez le choix dans les #NFTs à acheter. Image
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1/🧵 Molnupiravir & Paxlovid are BOTH approved for EAU (emergency use) as pills for #Covid to reduce hospitalization and/or death if taken EARLY (w/in 5 days).

This ⬆️ our need for Rapid Tests!

Primary prevention is #Vaxx. 🤛

A few thoughts…

FDA - Image
2/ Which drug? When? Why?

Both drugs reduce likelihood of you being hospitalized if you take them early. The actual scientific publication of Pfizer’s #Paxlovid is not out yet, so I’m waiting to read peer-review data before firm stance.

3/ Molnupiravir - 👇 @NEJM paper & conclusion.

You might think the story is clear. But it’s not.

1st half of study period yielded strong results but 2nd half did not…see 1 & 2.

Only 3% difference, so 1 improvement for every 33 pts treated. Image
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Happy #JobsDay. Hope you’re staying healthy. #HappyHanukkah.

At 8:30 am ET @BLS_gov delivers the most-important signals abt how economy is changing.

Forecasts’ center:

+573K jobs
4.5% unemployment rate, down 0.1 percentage point (pp)
Americans have gained more income & enjoy higher levels of wealth than ever before.

We want to buy. Consumer and labor demand is high.
Biggest question in the economy: how quickly can we raise supply? Bring more labor & capital to production & boost productivity.

Success means more consumption & lower prices. COVID health risks at home & abroad remain the big obstacle, making work riskier.
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#ESETresearch analyzed #FontOnLake, a previously unknown #malware family that utilizes custom and well-designed modules, targeting #Linux systems.…
@HrckaVladislav 1/6
Modules are under development and provide #remoteaccess to the operators, collect credentials + serve as a proxy server. To do this, #FontOnLake uses modified legitimate binaries adjusted to load further components, its presence is always accompanied by a #rootkit. 2/6
The sneaky nature of #FontOnLake tools, along with advanced design and low prevalence suggest usage in targeted attacks. #ESETresearch believes its operators are extra cautious as almost all samples seen use unique C&C servers with varying non-standard ports. 3/6
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I’m exhausted with dreaming of money then immediately being consumed with thoughts of money as soon as I wake up. I’m so damned tired. Tired of crowdfunding. Tired of being contacted for creative jobs that don’t pull through. Tired of freelancing & not getting paid. I’m so tired.
For the last few days, I’ve dreamt that my GFM hit $9,300. I will wake up from the dream in the middle of the night, check the GFM, go back to sleep, have the dream again, wake up, check the GFM, go back to sleep, have the dream AGAIN, wake up, check the GFM-
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As my college irresponsibly brings back almost our entire college, they put the traditional-aged students in suites at a high-end hotel to quarantine. Meanwhile, the non-trad age students like me- often working class/first-gen/moms/BIPOC are being denied equitable access to food
My college, which used to feed us all while STILL throwing away 1000's of lbs of food a week, now refuses to help students in my program access food security for our families. Seriously, they are denying CHILDREN food while doing this... @paigelav @HuffPostWomen
We need help. Our school does literally NOTHING unless they get bad press. They stand like a pillar of social justice but quietly hide this shit. We are tokenized daily here and cant get food. Please. PLEASE we just won the right to food access before COVID - we need this #Boost
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A thread on #cpp #state_machine #software_design.

Random ideas around writing an FSM library, with examples from, and motivations behind, a header-only library created using #cpp template #metaprogramming with #gamedev, #embedded and #robotics in mind.
*Reuse vs reimplement*

State machines can be deceptively complex, and, unless a trivial one is needed, a reusable framework is highly recommended.

Rolling out one's own for special needs is ok.

Otherwise - pick from a variety of existing solutions from #boost, on #github, etc.
*Static vs dynamic structure*

The first important decision is whether the structure of FSM could be built/changed at runtime.

The implementation of a dynamic FSM relies on heap-allocated memory, resizable containers and pointers, all of which come at a steep perf price.
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