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Relationship of #distance #run per week to coronary #Heart disease risk factors

1. Guidelines recommend 30 minutes of vigorous #exercise on most days, if not all days. What is the effect if one exceeds these limits? Is it beneficial or harmful?
#running #fitness #marathon
2. Compared with runners who ran less than 16 km (10 miles) per week, long-distance runners (≥80 km/wk) showed:
#2.5 times higher prevalence of HDL>60 (protective against heart disease)
#50% reduction in hypertension
#>50% reduction in need to BP or cholesterol lowering drugs
3. Estimated age-adjusted 10-year coronary heart disease (CHD) risk was 30% lower in runners who averaged more than 64 km/week than in those who averaged less than 16 km/week (42 vs 61 events per 1000 men).
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1/🧵 WAKE UP - #COVID is a Ball & Chain for heart disease & stroke.
This 154,000 pt study & others solidify COVID as a PREDICTOR of a variety of CardioVascular Dzs.
Translation: #LongCOVID pts suffer heart attacks, strokes & much more.
2/ SHOCKER: Amazing work scientifically. Every med student is taught to gauge Cardiovascular risk history: Smoking, Obesity, HTN, Cholesterol, Family History…

Add COVID to the list. Solid data from @NatureMedicine of US Veterans used >11M contemporary + historical controls!
3/ Main figure shows both hazard ratios & excess burden per 1,000 persons of highlighted types of problems like strokes, V Tach & #POTS, myocarditis, heart attacks, heart failure & blood clots in 154,000 people 30 days after COVID vs. 5,637,647 contemporary controls.
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1/🧵 Molnupiravir & Paxlovid are BOTH approved for EAU (emergency use) as pills for #Covid to reduce hospitalization and/or death if taken EARLY (w/in 5 days).

This ⬆️ our need for Rapid Tests!

Primary prevention is #Vaxx. 🤛

A few thoughts…

FDA - Image
2/ Which drug? When? Why?

Both drugs reduce likelihood of you being hospitalized if you take them early. The actual scientific publication of Pfizer’s #Paxlovid is not out yet, so I’m waiting to read peer-review data before firm stance.

3/ Molnupiravir - 👇 @NEJM paper & conclusion.

You might think the story is clear. But it’s not.

1st half of study period yielded strong results but 2nd half did not…see 1 & 2.

Only 3% difference, so 1 improvement for every 33 pts treated. Image
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Best tweets of the year: Part 1 of 3.
(a thread)
"Assets produce income whether you work or not."
-- Robert Kiyosaki @theRealKiyosaki

"You are rich if you wouldn’t change your lifestyle if you got richer."
-- Orange Book @orangebook_

#life #wealth
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1/ Dieser Artikel enthält nich eine einzige neue Information & dennoch scheint es wichtig, d. Inhalt nochmals klarzustellen:
Unsere Intensiv beatmet bereits über Standardkapazität hinaus.
Der Anteil beatmungspflichtiger COVID-19 Pat. mit langen Verweildauern steigt stetig.
2/ Umliegende Zentren nehmen bereits jetzt nicht mehr auf. 2 Diskussionen dürfen nun nicht mit einander vermischt werden:
A) Umgang m. akuter Krisensituation macht Szenarien notwendig, d. sich niemand wünscht. Nämlich Akquise v Personal f. Intensiv, d. dort eigtl nicht arbeiten.
3/ Folge ist, dass weniger routiniertes Personal schwer kranke, beatmete Pat. (teilweise im Multiorganversagen) mitbehandeln. Das reduziert unweigerlich die Überlebenschancen & erklärt den dtl. Anstieg der Sterblichkeit, wenn Kapazitäten überlastet sind.
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Apropos of @thesundaytimes article, a few thoughts: firstly, as I tweeted 2 days ago 👇 & in stark contrast to the #transparency around other tech/data intitiatives - *cough* @NHSEngland #DataStore *cough* - the team published a blog on what it was doing:…
In this blog, the app team gave an explanation of the latest changes it had made - including a reduction in the #RiskThreshold, which took account of TWO factors: the inclusion of a measure of #infectiousness in the API *and* a new #distance algorithm...…
In case folks aren't aware, @Google & @Apple's #ExposureNotification API is quite frequently updated. As the #Android developer pages (and #nhsxCOVID18app's blog) say, the #infectiousness field was only added at v1.6; with functionality changing at 1.7 👇…
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THREAD: The Monday edition of @ProgNewsDaily features nearly 100 in-depth articles, interviews & analysis you may have missed from #independent, #corporatefree #media. Please like, follow, share, comment & subscribe!…
Top Articles:
* The #entertainment industry is speaking out in support of #BlackLivesMatter #BLM. Will they act? - @JuddLegum #PopularInfo
* 100 Degrees in #Siberia? 5 Ways the Extreme #ArcticHeatWave Follows a Disturbing Pattern - @Portsideorg

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* 'If You Like Your #Insurance, You Can Keep It'–Until You Can't - @CommonDreams
* UPDATE: #Facebook's tipping point - @JuddLegum #PopularInfo
* On “White Fragility” - @mtaibbi

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Interesting new study on "#Congruency Effects and #Numerical #Distance in #Fraction #Comparison by Expert Undergraduate Students" by @dmaxgomez and colleagues, published #openaccess in @FrontPsychol…
(2) Results suggest that the congruency strategy is inadequate to describe participants' performance, as congruent items turned out to be more difficult than incongruent ones when fractions had no common component.
(3) Yet, no sufficient evidence was found to show that the applicability of the gap thinking strategy modulated either accuracy rates or response times.
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1/ Q: I gotta go--in a public bathroom! How do I stay safe?

A (short): Public bathrooms aren’t paragons of cleanliness in the best of times. But you can reduce your risk by WASHING THE HECK OUT OF YOUR HANDS, wearing a #mask, and avoiding touching surfaces as much as possible.
2/ And please don’t be scared, just careful! In the wise words of @JohnsHopkinsSPH infectious disease physician and scholar Dr. @AmeshAA, “the #coronavirus isn't spreading around the world in public bathrooms."
3/ Our longer answer, sourced from an excellent Buzzfeed article:

(1) It’s best to use a paper towel or Kleenex to turn the sink faucet on and off (see the slightly exaggerated, but informative gif below)

(2) Carry hand sanitizer with you as a back-up
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 5/22/2020-2…

Early Herd Immunity against COVID-19: A Dangerous Misconception - Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center…
Robot reminds visitors of safe distancing measures in Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park, Singapore News & Top Stories - The Straits Times…
#singapore #distance #dystopian #robot
A Much-Hyped COVID-19 Drug Is Almost Identical to a Black-Market Cat Cure…
#china #drug #blackmarket #coronavirus
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 05/11/2020 -2

Early Herd Immunity against COVID-19: A Dangerous Misconception - Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center…
Robot reminds visitors of safe distancing measures in Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park, Singapore News & Top Stories - The Straits Times…
#Singapore #Distance #dystopian #Robot
A Much-Hyped COVID-19 Drug Is Almost Identical to a Black-Market Cat Cure…
#China #drugs #blackmarket #coronavirus
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#Lockdown is critical for slowing the spread of #COVID19, and India has displayed firm resolve in enforcing it.

Massive labour churn; CMIE Data indicates that 120 million people have lost their jobs. We will need strong Govt action to revive the Economy.…
We're already in a Global #Recession, the kind of which hasn't been seen in a century. It could get a lot worse, and we need to be prepared. #ViciousCycle 🔁 : Businesses shuttered, Labour furloughed, Expenditure cut and Demand destroyed. @MD_Nalapat…
The #lockdown and media-fuelled fear have completely brought the economy to a grinding halt. At some stage, #starvation may overtake #COVID19 as the leading cause of death. States like Punjab are finding innovative ways to balance health & economics.…
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#100daysofCPD is where @UoB_HEFi will be beaming a spotlight onto #teaching and supporting #learning in #HigherEducation #CPD opportunities especially for #Beacon #HEAfellowship applicants & @uob_pgche participants during #COVID19 times & beyond Image
#100daysofCPD: #Day1 is the @UoB_HEFi #Learning and #Teaching Gateway. Full of self-paced online courses on a range of #technology and teaching topics. #BestPractice #CPD Go to… Image
#100daysofCPD #Day2: @matt_tel_brum shares this Resource - How to Keep Uninvited Guests Out of Your Zoom Event containing all you need to know about Zoom’s #settings when using for #teaching, #meetings or #socializing during #COVID19 & beyond…
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The latest #Aegean regional report from #AlarmPhone:
"It is a #political #decision to let people DROWN here, where the #Distance is so short and so easy to travel in the big ferry #boats, as long as you were born with the right #passport"…
Η πρόσφατη περιφερειακή έκθεση του #AlarmPhone για το #Αιγαίο: "Είναι #πολιτική #απόφαση το να αφήνονται άνθρωποι να ΠΝΙΓΟΥΝ σε μία τόσο μικρή #απόσταση όπου είναι τόσο εύκολο να ταξιδεύεις με μεγάλα #καράβια, εφόσον γεννήθηκες με το κατάλληλο #διαβατήριο…
#AlarmPhone'nun son #Egedenizi bölgesel raporu: #doğru #pasaport ve feribot ile seyahat etmenin kolay, #mesafenin az olduğu bu yerde insanları boğulmaya sevk etmek #politik bir #karardı…
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