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#SudhaMurthy tried to use @Infosys screw-you money to mount this PR Exercise after her huge foot-in-mouth fiasco at the Voting Booth in Jayanagar.

Sadly, this too backfired terribly and she has justifiably become the target of universal ridicule!

Whattay fall it has been!
Speaking of #SudhaMurthy and being SIMPLE, what's going on with @Infosys Dividend Policy mehn?

It is simple machaa! Employees get 10% and Directors get 110% because
All employees are equal, but some Brahmins are more equal than others!

Bad week for @Infosys and the Murthy's!

1st, #SudhaMurthy goes to a voting center and puts both giant feet in her mouth! Then,PR campaign mounted at huge cost bombs spectacularly!

Hope @UKLabour does not find out about #RishiSunak handing out contracts to his in-laws company! Image
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Friends, we are on the cusp of a catastrophe! The UK's supply of depleted #uranium munitions to #Ukraine is a terrible mistake which could trigger #Putin to use #nuclear weapons in revenge. I know Putin's mind. Take heed of his threats, as I warn #RishiSunak in this open letter.

To Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and the government of Great Britain:

As a British citizen I am deeply concerned that your decision to supply depleted uranium munitions to Ukraine could have
CATASTROPHIC CONSEQUENCES both for the people of the UK and Ukraine itself. I know you are rightly trying to help the Ukrainians BUT I have an ominous feeling that this could backfire BADLY.
You are playing with fire. The warning signs are there. Putin is out of control.
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Has the United Kingdom finally found its crisis manager-in-chief in #RishiSunak ⁉️

👉🏻After the resolution of the contentious "Northern Ireland" deal in #Brexit

👉🏻 The #UnitedKingdom and #France seek to mend their ties at their first summit in 5 yrs

Details 👇🏻

@LevinaNeythiri Image
After signing the historic #WindsorFramework agreement between Britain and the European Union last month to pass the final hurdle of #Brexit, UK PM #RishiSunak is now making strides to improve its relations with the European partners in the post-Brexit era.
Rishi Sunak and French President Emmanuel #Macron have now agreed to strengthen the military ties between their countries and step up efforts to prevent migrants from crossing the English Channel, at a summit that gave a sign of a thaw in relations after years of deadlock.
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Dr. Mike Yeadon is convinced that over 100,000 people were deliberately killed by government protocols of Midazolam and Morphine. @MattHancock #MidazolamMatt #Midazolam_Morphine #midazolam #CovidLeaks @RishiSunak

#lockdownfiles #NHS
‼️The curves of midazolam injections match excess mortality in the UK 1:1!
@MattHancock @NHSEngland #RishiSunak #MidazolamMatt #midazolam #CovidLeaks
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There has been an escalation of events over the last few days. Sue Gray defecting to Labour. Privileges Committee releasing documents and further photos. Timing is everything! 1/5
I suspect the escalation is because the "Windsor Framework" on Northern Ireland is falling apart and is a death knell for #rishisunak.
If I am right then Rishi will not last long which will pave the way for a Boris return. 2/5
The escalation by Labour is to block a #borisjohnson return before the "Windsor Framework" collapses.
The Privileges Committee is the lever to block a Boris return. 3/5
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It's pretty clear that #borisjohnson was stitched up over Partygate and removed from office because of it. Boris was a democratically elected Prime Minister, winning 43 percent of the popular vote and an eighty-seat majority. Boris was the electorate's choice. 1/5
The question is what happens now because if there was no stitch-up then #borisjohnson would still be Prime Minister, and there would be no "Windsor Framework" and other important bills, Government would look different. 2/5
Conservative MPs including #rishisunak should immediately call an emergency meeting to decide whether they have the mandate to lead the country after the forced and fraudulent removal of our elected Prime Minister 3/5
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Boris Johnson to reject "Northern Ireland Windsor Framework"
#borisjohnson has raised concerns about #rishisunak's new Brexit deal for Northern Ireland and said he will find it "very difficult" to vote for it.
In a Westminster speech, the former Prime Minister said "I'm going to find it very difficult to vote for something like this myself because I believed we should've done something very different. No matter how much plaster came off the ceiling in Brussels
"I hope that it will work and I also hope that if it doesn't work we will have the guts to employ that (Northern Ireland Protocol) bill again because I have no doubt at all that is what brought the EU to negotiate seriously" 3/6
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I honestly don't understand the "solution" to the #NorthernIreland issue which was caused by the #BrexitDisaster that #RishiSunak seems so excited about.

A short 🧵. Maybe someone can enlighten me.

Apparently the solution is something called the #NorthernIrelandProtocol

Apparently, according to this protocol, there will be a "border at sea." Goods coming from England to Northern Ireland will be marked as those terminating in Northern Ireland or those going on to Ireland (EU checks.)

I don't understand how this will solve the problem. (2/8)
The whole point of the UK coming out of the EU was the implication that the UK will not benefit from the European market rules. That means, for example that French cheese is cheaper for European countries than it is for England.

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🇬🇧⚡️ According to the latest statistical report from the United Kingdom, more working days were lost to strikes last year than at any time since 1989.
#britain #strikes #london #rishisunak
The Guardian suggests that this is not surprising given that people have to fight to maintain their standard of living in the face of the country's highest inflation in 40 years.
The strikes have affected a wide range of sectors, including healthcare, railways, postal services, border control, and even driving instructors.
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@FactCheckIndia that you are all no different than any other of us @TwitterParents to see a @GrievingMothers screams for a #helpinghand to be seen beneath #HumanRights as the #lies that are still pouring out of #MarkRowley's mouth that he has to read word to word from a scrip
because coming out of #retired that means #braindead as whoever is #socialmediamanager floods #TwitterFiles with #NicolaBulley, this I also find really sad, so so sad for those who like poor #MollyRussell and those who mare reaching out for @CruseSupport as a senior
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☀️#RishiSunak just before swearing in as PM in 2022 announced that he was doubling down on the Tory climate change crusade, even reimplementing a ban on fracking despite the ongoing energy and cost of living crises.
#UK #Energy
Comin to Nov 2022!!!
The European energy market is now being aggressively conquered by companies from the US and the UK. Turkey's proposal to create a gas hub on its territory is also aimed at the European market.
The US and UK have been working for more than 10 years to push European buyers out of long-term contracts with Gazprom. Green energy served as a cover operation to achieve this goal.
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Was this #dogwalker a #whitewoman by any chance?

Because for the life of me, I do not get how all can ignore what happened to #myson #AmbroseGGBall in 8 solid years unless it was @MPSHaringey posting up all the wrong information, wrong days and dates,
the wrong locations, wrong description of clothing , the wrong Fox pub, all different times of the night, leaving out the vital information leading up to during and after my son went @missingpeople, did not response for 56 hours after all the calls myself and others had made over
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My experience with @DominicRaab after
discussing my case that stopped the PM putting themselves above the law, on @BBCr4todayed shocked me. He was aggressive, said I was a naïve, stupid woman. That I'd had my 5 mins of fame!

Another encounter made me think he's also racist
Preparing for @bbcquestiontime with @DominicRaab @MrNishKumar - Mr Raab displayed his ignorance, arrogance and racism.
I recant the encounter on P74 of my book Rise: Life Lessons in Speaking Out, Standing Tall & Leading the Way 2019…
On his political record, #DominicRaab numerous failings, including on #brexit #justice shame him.

Remember this is the man who wanted to decimate our #HumanRights in a new Bill!

If #RishiSunak has any integrity left - he must sack Dominic Raab ASAP!
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🔴 Why has the government refused to investigate Kremlin interference in UK politics, @carolecadwalla asks.

Our podcast will expose the untold story behind the #RussiaReport cover-up, but we need your donations and support to do it 👇…
‘The only investigation that’s been done… has been by a handful of investigative journalists’

@carolecadwalla on how the security apparatus and intelligence services failed to investigate Kremlin interference in our democracy.
@carolecadwalla We plan to tell this story as an investigative podcast over six episodes. We have new evidence, we have new witnesses, we have amazing experts.

But we need your donations and support to do it.

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What #RishiSunak NEVER SAID

“I don’t agree with the Investigation of the BRITISH foreign Office (Part of British Govt)”

“The #BBCDocumentary was poorly Researched”

“That he disagrees with the Characterisation of Modi”
(He said, “am NOT sure I agree with ALL” what the MP said)
Basically #RishiSunak never took a Stand.

He said something like “am NOT sure if I agree a 100% if the glass is Half Empty” …. That could mean I might agree 75%, but that’s Not a 💯%

Link to what Rishi said: LISTEN CAREFULLY. He is a smart politician.
Happy to hear your comments….
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"#RishiSunak has now become the representative of 🇬🇧's hardliners on #China. We cannot expect him to become a moderate on China again after becoming PM."

🔹 Author: Xu Ruike (徐瑞珂) – Prof. at Beijing Foreign Studies University. Image
▫️ "Under Sunak, the 'Americanisation' of Britain's China policy will remain evident ... Economics will take a back seat. Suspicion and hostility towards China will gradually become the defining theme of Sino-British relations."
▫️ "The right-wing forces of the Conservative backbenchers represented by @aliciakearns and @MPIainDS will exert significant influence on Downing Street's China policy."
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🧮 Can you pass the Prime Minister's maths test?

As Rishi Sunak announces his plans for all students to study maths until 18, we wonder, how many of these everyday questions can you answer?

Take the test 🧵⤵️ #RishiSunak…
1️⃣ Laura ordered the steak at £25, Rosie, the pasta at £18 and Bob a salad at £12, while they all shared a bottle of wine at £30.

The service charge was 12%. How much should they each pay?

(Answer is revealed in the next tweet) ⤵️
£13.40 on top of their dish of choice – so Laura pays £38.40, Rosie £31.40 and Bob £25.40…
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🔴 Rishi Sunak has vowed to tackle voter "apprehension" about Britain's future as he prepares to deliver his first major domestic speech of 2023.
Follow our politics liveblog for more ⤵️…
🔴 The Prime Minister will today use an address at 2pm to set out his big picture vision for the country, including a pledge to require all pupils to study some form of maths until the age of 18…
🔴 The address comes as the nation faces a number of significant challenges, with strikes on the railways grinding the country to a halt this week and growing concerns over the state of the NHS as it battles through a winter crisis
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Three Prime Ministers in one year with #ConservativeParty members effectively disenfranchised from the process. Having voted for #borisjohnson and #liztruss we now have a Prime Minister rejected by members. 1/13
#democraticDOR is not against who leads our party so long as the members have their vote and endorse our leader. Any leader of our party needs the support of our membership. But it's not just a request it is our constitutional right! 2/13
Because that was what was promised by the William Hague reforms, which members backed and voted for! 3/13
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#India claims that #RishiSunak, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, is of Indian origin, as his grandparents migrated from undivided India under British rule!

Pakistan also claims that Rishi Sunak is their son,as his grandfather was born on their land!

Kenya claims that.. Image
Rishi Sunak's father Yashveer Sunak was born in Kenya, they claim his origin as well.

UK says nothing needs to be said because Rishi was born in Southampton, UK so he is a Britisher!

South Africa also claims its origin, as Rishi's mother, Usha was born there!
India also claims that Rishi ji is their son-in-law as he is married to Akshata Murthy, daughter of Narayana Murthy!

USA now enters the battlefield claiming that since Akshata Murthy is a US citizen, Rishi is their son-in-law!
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I’ve been a registered #nurse for 3 years.

2.5 years of #covid working front line, and left burnt out, seeing such trauma left me #suicidal and needing #PTSD #EMDR therapy. In that time I was diagnosed with Autism and this year I buried my mum.

So actually @RishiSunak
I will be #striking #rcn #costofliving #ToryChaos

Your government were encouraging the public to clap for us during some very dark times.

A 72p pay rise won’t even get me three Cadbury chomps! It’s insulting to all of us #keyworkers @UKLabour @AngelaRayner
You know how you can fix this? Call a #GeneralElection and move aside for a real government, you have no mandate, no integrity, and no hope. #ToryChaos #ToryShambles #GeneralElectionNow
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Some folks are exulting as UK has had its first Hindu PM. Well the irony is that he has become the PM not because of his Hindu roots but because UK saw him as the most capable amongst the lot to sort out the mess. This also points out to the bane that Indian…1/7
polity suffers with, to offer positions on the basis of identity. Sadly & unfortunately, a whole host of our intellectuals and media personnel promote this peculiarity as they too suffer from the same mindset.

Some folks are lamenting why India is not so diverse….2/7
These are motivated people who view the world from only Hindu-Muslim prism and erroneously believe that the only way Bharat can become diverse is when she has a Muslim as PM. Also, their colonial mindset is wired to appreciate and give credit to the west for all…3/7
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Austerity has led to excess deaths through poverty. Austerity has led to David Cameron’s Big Society Actually meaning #FoodBankBritain. And it’s not just the unemployed using food banks. Wages for hard working people is so poor, and inflation so high that teachers and nurses are
using them to feed their families too. #FoodBankTories
The #Tories have run down schools and run down the #NHS. Schools aren’t properly supported or ventilated. Staff turnover is ridiculously high. Burnout is commonplace.
The #NHS has been deliberately run down in order to justify selling it off. #Covid was deliberately mismanaged to justify selling the #NHS off. Billions of pounds were given to Track and Trace during the pandemic while Nurses and Doctors of colour were forced into frontline
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