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🔴The shocking findings of the Parliamentary #COVIDReport make it clear: scrutiny of the government could not be more important.

This is why TODAY @allthecitizens and @Foxglovelegal are in court to stop the use of disappearing messages apps in government.
In June 2021, a source at @DHSC told @BylineTimes that conversations between Public Health England and DHSC officials about whether or not patients should be
discharged from hospital into care homes without a negative test were taking place over WhatsApp.
🔥🔥The source added: “The entire COVID-19 response was being conducted over WhatsApp messages.”🔥🔥

@NafeezAhmed via @BylineTimes
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🔴We firmly believe in holding power to account.

This is why, with @Foxglovelegal, we are taking legal action to stop the use of disappearing message apps in government.

The hearing is tomorrow.
.@thetimes reported that more than a third of Johnson’s cabinet have downloaded Signal. That includes: #BorisJohnson, #RishiSunak, #PritiPatel, #MichaelGove, Grant Shapps, Robert Jenrick, Gavin Williamson, Robert Buckland and Brandon Lewis.…
Vital evidence of government decision making is being lost to the disappearing text. That could include evidence about Brexit, the Covid response, or a political crony lobbying for government contracts.

Ask for accountability. Sign our petition
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#BREAKING UK PM to self-isolate when not working, following minister's infection: Downing St
#UPDATES UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson will undertake "only essential government business" in the week ahead after he was designated a close contact, following Health Secretary Sajid Javid’s confirmation he had tested positive
#UPDATE UK PM #BorisJohnson will undertake "only essential government business" in the week ahead and will self-isolate when not working, Downing Street says, after he was designated a close contact of Covid-positive Health Secretary #SajidJavid
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A basic lesson in logic, for those that need it (1):
‘My experience of racism in the 70s and 80s is different to today’
DOES NOT imply
1. Other people’s experience is different
2. Other people’s experience is better

Different does not mean better. #SewellReport. #rishisunak
(2) ‘My experience as an adult is different to what I experienced as a child’
DOES NOT imply
1. Children today do not have the same / worse experience
2. Racism has got ‘better’

Adults are not the same as children. They have different experiences. #SewellReport. #rishisunak
A: ‘I/ they are BAME. I/ they have done really well.’
B: ‘Therefore there is no institutional racism’

NO! B is NOT a logical conclusion of A

Structural & systemic manifestations of racism are not the same as random examples of ‘success’.

Analyse the data.

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The world pop'n is 7,850,000,000,000

UK pop'n is 68,000,000

#HS2 will cost £170,000,000,000 at least,
likely several times that

That works out at £22 for each human being on Earth
. . . or £2,500 for every person living in the UK

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#RishiSunak is delluded, access for financial services but not for IT, creatives, those who work on site in EEA are ruined.
@SkyNews you must represent the voices of those in all services

#Brexitdeal can be 'unifying moment' for country, chancellor says…
#RishiSunak "anyone who is worried about the economic implications of the breach with Brussels should be "enormously reassured about the comprehensive nature" of the agreement". Utter bollocks @NE4EU
@SkyNews "A #Brexitdeal without services is a #noDeal" said Lord Clancarty. There are no #mobility frameworks for UK citizens to work on site in EEA. 45,000 IT contractors work in Europe. I've written about this for the @NE_Bylinetimes
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I’ve read some utter tosh on the state of the UK public finances in the last few days. Here's an attempt to correct some of the biggest misunderstandings.

Most importantly, government debt does not have to be ‘repaid’, only serviced... (1/19)

#SR20 #SpendingReview #RishiSunak
As long as the government can meet the interest payments (I’ll discuss the risks here later), maturing debt can simply be rolled over. (2/19)
This is what usually happens. The last time the UK ran a budget surplus was in 2000-01, since when public debt has increased by more than £1,700 billion. (3/19)
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Hi #RishiSunak. I've been thinking about what makes a viable business. Here's a little story for you.

Barbara is a clarinettist. After 20 yrs' training & highly competitive auditions, she won a job in a prestigious London orchestra. As well as playing at the Royal Albert Hall 1/
and the Barbican, she and her orchestra have recorded the soundtracks to lots of big Hollywood movies. You know, the ones that win Oscars and make millions at the box office - the ones that everyone has been watching on Netflix during lockdown to get through the dark days. 2/
They had big plans for 2020, a huge European tour, a festival and a concert series. But then Covid hit. All their concerts were withdrawn. She will have no work for at least a year. Is she a viable business? 3/
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Boy Wonder #RishiSunak’s playing with his spreadsheets again.
Having wrecked the nation’s finances subsidising his boss’s chicken-livered #COVID19(84) contortions, he now wants to bleed #capital formation -weakening the only means of increasing prosperity- because it “polls well”
Testimony to his “goal-seek first: think later” idiot savancy, he doled out £600mln helping one sector via #EatOutToHelpOut pub grub bribes but will now claw it back from ALL small businesses via higher taxes!
#ConservativesL LOL!
#Conservatives”?, intended there
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High St has been made a time-consuming ordeal of masked inconvenience so people order home deliveries. Ergo Wishy-Washy #RishSunak wants to tax online shopping - i.e., take money out of consumers’ pockets and lower returns to businesses, large & small, struggling to adapt...
Bunter #BoJo wants us on our #bikes to keep us less fat than he and to kick-off the #Green Leap Backward of #NetZero; talks of cutting urban pollution but also frets that no-one wants to leave home, so wiping out the value of near inconceivable amounts of invested capital...
Public transport, too, has become more maskedly unpleasant & is still subject to the fears (needlessly) aroused in the #commuting classes. Bike lanes are promised, furthering disruption & inconvenience. To complete this vicious circle of cross-purpose & agenda-politics idiocy...
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The Curse of 1933 strikes again. The most wasteful spender, the least rigorous accountant, the most venal, inconstant & short-termist of decision makers will now comandeer vast resources to lavish on pet projects, political boondoggles and so draw...
#UK #recovery
...more them -and the talent to use them- from the pursuit of greater productivity, tighter cost control, more flexible & immediate response for the voluntary customers’ needs by men and women themselves at risk if they choose wrongly -i.e., #entrepreneurs...
Echoing all the canards of the past 100 years, #BorisJohnson will now take Britain down the path of borrowing artificially cheap funds to plough into make-work projects and undertakings of dubious efficiency and elusive real return. Here is a #Conservative government..
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You man the guys who led us over the cliff in 2008 and who helped set us up to be uniquely vulnerable to the outbreak this time around, in cahoots with idiots at the #centralbanks and finance ministries of the world? 1/2

#RishiSunak #banks #hedgefunds #coronavirus
How about asking people who run and own actual productive businesses - #entrepreneurs and the like: people who spend their lives organizing scarce resources as efficiently as possible in the face of chronic uncertainty and at high personal risk? 2/x

#coronavirus #exitstrategy
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