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🔴 Why has the government refused to investigate Kremlin interference in UK politics, @carolecadwalla asks.

Our podcast will expose the untold story behind the #RussiaReport cover-up, but we need your donations and support to do it 👇…
‘The only investigation that’s been done… has been by a handful of investigative journalists’

@carolecadwalla on how the security apparatus and intelligence services failed to investigate Kremlin interference in our democracy.
@carolecadwalla We plan to tell this story as an investigative podcast over six episodes. We have new evidence, we have new witnesses, we have amazing experts.

But we need your donations and support to do it.

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What #RishiSunak NEVER SAID

“I don’t agree with the Investigation of the BRITISH foreign Office (Part of British Govt)”

“The #BBCDocumentary was poorly Researched”

“That he disagrees with the Characterisation of Modi”
(He said, “am NOT sure I agree with ALL” what the MP said)
Basically #RishiSunak never took a Stand.

He said something like “am NOT sure if I agree a 100% if the glass is Half Empty” …. That could mean I might agree 75%, but that’s Not a 💯%

Link to what Rishi said: LISTEN CAREFULLY. He is a smart politician.
Happy to hear your comments….
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WATCH: #BNNUK Reports.

Prime Minister @RishiSunak was fined for not wearing a seatbelt while filming a social media video in a moving car.

Lancashire Police @LancsPolice said it had issued a conditional offer of a fixed penalty to a 42-year-old man in London.
Mr Sunak "fully accepts this was a mistake and has apologized," according to No. 10, adding that he would pay the fine. Passengers who fail to wear a seat belt when one is available face a £100 fine.
If the case goes to court, the fine could rise to £500. The video was shot in Lancashire while the prime minister was on a trip across the north of England.
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"#RishiSunak has now become the representative of 🇬🇧's hardliners on #China. We cannot expect him to become a moderate on China again after becoming PM."

🔹 Author: Xu Ruike (徐瑞珂) – Prof. at Beijing Foreign Studies University. Image
▫️ "Under Sunak, the 'Americanisation' of Britain's China policy will remain evident ... Economics will take a back seat. Suspicion and hostility towards China will gradually become the defining theme of Sino-British relations."
▫️ "The right-wing forces of the Conservative backbenchers represented by @aliciakearns and @MPIainDS will exert significant influence on Downing Street's China policy."
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🧮 Can you pass the Prime Minister's maths test?

As Rishi Sunak announces his plans for all students to study maths until 18, we wonder, how many of these everyday questions can you answer?

Take the test 🧵⤵️ #RishiSunak…
1️⃣ Laura ordered the steak at £25, Rosie, the pasta at £18 and Bob a salad at £12, while they all shared a bottle of wine at £30.

The service charge was 12%. How much should they each pay?

(Answer is revealed in the next tweet) ⤵️
£13.40 on top of their dish of choice – so Laura pays £38.40, Rosie £31.40 and Bob £25.40…
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🔴 Rishi Sunak has vowed to tackle voter "apprehension" about Britain's future as he prepares to deliver his first major domestic speech of 2023.
Follow our politics liveblog for more ⤵️…
🔴 The Prime Minister will today use an address at 2pm to set out his big picture vision for the country, including a pledge to require all pupils to study some form of maths until the age of 18…
🔴 The address comes as the nation faces a number of significant challenges, with strikes on the railways grinding the country to a halt this week and growing concerns over the state of the NHS as it battles through a winter crisis
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Three Prime Ministers in one year with #ConservativeParty members effectively disenfranchised from the process. Having voted for #borisjohnson and #liztruss we now have a Prime Minister rejected by members. 1/13
#democraticDOR is not against who leads our party so long as the members have their vote and endorse our leader. Any leader of our party needs the support of our membership. But it's not just a request it is our constitutional right! 2/13
Because that was what was promised by the William Hague reforms, which members backed and voted for! 3/13
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#India claims that #RishiSunak, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, is of Indian origin, as his grandparents migrated from undivided India under British rule!

Pakistan also claims that Rishi Sunak is their son,as his grandfather was born on their land!

Kenya claims that.. Image
Rishi Sunak's father Yashveer Sunak was born in Kenya, they claim his origin as well.

UK says nothing needs to be said because Rishi was born in Southampton, UK so he is a Britisher!

South Africa also claims its origin, as Rishi's mother, Usha was born there!
India also claims that Rishi ji is their son-in-law as he is married to Akshata Murthy, daughter of Narayana Murthy!

USA now enters the battlefield claiming that since Akshata Murthy is a US citizen, Rishi is their son-in-law!
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I’ve been a registered #nurse for 3 years.

2.5 years of #covid working front line, and left burnt out, seeing such trauma left me #suicidal and needing #PTSD #EMDR therapy. In that time I was diagnosed with Autism and this year I buried my mum.

So actually @RishiSunak
I will be #striking #rcn #costofliving #ToryChaos

Your government were encouraging the public to clap for us during some very dark times.

A 72p pay rise won’t even get me three Cadbury chomps! It’s insulting to all of us #keyworkers @UKLabour @AngelaRayner
You know how you can fix this? Call a #GeneralElection and move aside for a real government, you have no mandate, no integrity, and no hope. #ToryChaos #ToryShambles #GeneralElectionNow
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Some folks are exulting as UK has had its first Hindu PM. Well the irony is that he has become the PM not because of his Hindu roots but because UK saw him as the most capable amongst the lot to sort out the mess. This also points out to the bane that Indian…1/7
polity suffers with, to offer positions on the basis of identity. Sadly & unfortunately, a whole host of our intellectuals and media personnel promote this peculiarity as they too suffer from the same mindset.

Some folks are lamenting why India is not so diverse….2/7
These are motivated people who view the world from only Hindu-Muslim prism and erroneously believe that the only way Bharat can become diverse is when she has a Muslim as PM. Also, their colonial mindset is wired to appreciate and give credit to the west for all…3/7
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Austerity has led to excess deaths through poverty. Austerity has led to David Cameron’s Big Society Actually meaning #FoodBankBritain. And it’s not just the unemployed using food banks. Wages for hard working people is so poor, and inflation so high that teachers and nurses are
using them to feed their families too. #FoodBankTories
The #Tories have run down schools and run down the #NHS. Schools aren’t properly supported or ventilated. Staff turnover is ridiculously high. Burnout is commonplace.
The #NHS has been deliberately run down in order to justify selling it off. #Covid was deliberately mismanaged to justify selling the #NHS off. Billions of pounds were given to Track and Trace during the pandemic while Nurses and Doctors of colour were forced into frontline
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''How UK's New Prime Minister Rose To Power and Wealth:
Once a new face emerges on the global stage, I would quickly research about their rising and try to figure out what code they used to emerge..
People rise majorly through 3 codes - who you marry, who you know that knows you Image
and what you know.
TD Jakes said "nothing just happens" which means greatness is not accidental.
Let's talk about the 3 codes:
First code is the strongest - if you miss it here, you may struggle for the rest of your life. You must be intentional with choosing Who to marry.
My father said to me "Son, don't marry because she satisfies you. You are not looking for a sex machine - anyone can satisfy a man in bed. Look for the seed of greatness, sound mind, good upbringing and potentials for growth. That's what a wise person looks for in a spouse -
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The only reason #RishiSunak is causing paroxyms of joy is because he is #uppercaste and #Hindu here is a list of other Indian origin PMs and in "white palce"
Leo Varadkar Ireland
Pravind Jugnauth Mauratius
Kamla Persad-Bissessar Trinidad & Tobago
Mahendra Chaudhry - Fiji
Bharrat Jagdeo- PM Guyana
Cheddi Jagan - President Guyana
Donald Ramoatar- President Guyana
Moses Nagamootoo- PM Guyana
Irfan Ali - PM Guyana ( current)
Dayendranath Burrenchobay – former Governor-General of Mauritius
Anerood Jugnauth – former prime minister
Pravind Jugnauth – current prime minister
Dev Manraj – former Financial Secretary
Abdool Razack Mohamed – one of the three founding fathers of independent Mauritius
Kailash Purryag – former president of Mauritius
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Once upon a time, a smart man wearing black suit knocked on our door.
Requested a room to stay.
He slowly started re-arranging our home.
Eventually, he took over our best room in the house.
Started stealing our best utensils, clothes & sending them over to his family in Britain.
Made us work harder to feed his needs.

Tried to kill us when we protested.

After a lot of struggle, he finally moved out.

He boasted to the world about all the wonderful changes he has brought to our house.
He also got successful in selling the propaganda of "British rule - the best thing - for India" to many Indians.

Anyways, the man in black suit is back.

This time, in his house.

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In August 2022 @RishiSunak left a bitter taste in the mouths of Turkish Cypriots as his anti-Turkish letter to the so-called “Conservative Friends of Cyprus” was released to the public.

Now he is the UK’s Prime Minister…

#RishiSunak #PrimeMinister #TurkishCypriotsExist #Cyprus
In his letter, Sunak revealed his very misinformed and narrow minded view on the Cyprus issue. It was filled with historical falsehoods regarding the events of 1974 and a lack of awareness surrounding current issues such as Varosha and the drilling within the EEZ’s.

@BTCAOfficial The British Turkish Cypriot Association responded to @RishiSunak letter immediately after. However, the new Prime Minister never replied. Unfortunately this suggests his anti-Turkish views on the Cyprus issue are true…

#RishiSunak #ToryLeadershipContest
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#RishiSunak was at the heart of the #HerdImmunityScandal

Every epidemiologist, virologist & scientist made clear that - without a vaccine - #HerdImmunity was an “outcome” never a “strategy”

On 21/9/20, Sunak & Johnson skipped a crucial SAGE meeting to meet two lockdown sceptics
At the Sept meeting that Sunak skipped, SAGE had advised a circuit-breaker lockdown

Scientists had also warned against #Sunak's Eat Out to Help Out scheme which is closely linked to rise in #COViD19 cases & likely helped trigger a rise in deaths among ethnic minority populations
After #Sunak & Johnson were briefed by the anti-lockdown sceptics, they ignored SAGE’s advice to:

1. introduce a circuit-breaker lockdown

2. close pubs, restaurants & gyms

3. stop households mixing in each other’s homes

4. stop face-to-face teaching at universities & colleges
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#RishiSunak All “POC” are not the same + it demonstrates a fundamental lack of understanding not only of this, but also of history + reality,to interpret todays events as some sort of win 4 “representation”, using language + frameworks appropriated from black American experience
comparing todays events to THE ELECTION (another key distinction lol) of Americas first black President or adapting phrases like black excellence
Can we stop conflating the narrative of black Americans, a formerly enslaved group of people, kidnapped and brought to America in chains, where they went on to build the country physically and culturally,
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#RishiSunak is the new Prime Minister, the first person of colour to become prime minister, and on #Diwali too. This is a hugely symbolic and representative moment for many, many people, and not just the usual suspects, those on the right of politics. 🧵
To dismiss or ignore this fact is to discount and dismiss facts, just as asking people of colour to celebrate Sunak becoming PM, by virtue of him being brown, is equally reductive, tokenistic, and dangerous.
Real representation has to be meaningful otherwise it’s pure tokenism. And real representation means actioning politics that don’t harm the people and communities you espouse to come from, the very people and communities disproportionately harmed by the multiple crisis
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What you are now seeing is how the ERG are a party within a party and threat today from Steve Baker that Govt will be collapsed if current NI policy not carried through. This means the sensible comment piece by @ClareFoges in todays Times re need to deal with appalling #brexit
>deal can't be addressed by #rishisunak or #mourdant and party being held to ransom by a narrow group who lack transparency. This is the problem that has bedevilled the Conservative party since 2016
Guy Hands outlined the damage to the Country in his interview on #bbcr4 this morning. Its an absolute cluster@%*k
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#RishiSunak #NewPM

Rishi Sunak – live 🔴

- Rishi Sunak poised to be next prime minister
- Boris Johnson pulls out of race to replace Liz Truss
- ‘Impossible’ to avoid general election, says Nadine Dorries


- Sunak looks set for the coronation today as the UK’s third prime minister this year after Boris Johnson pulled out of the Tory leadership race

- FOLLOW LIVE ⬇️🔴… Image
- Mr Johnson’s retreat leaves Mr Sunak and leader of the Commons Penny Mordaunt as the only declared contenders in the contest to succeed Liz Truss

- FOLLOW LIVE ⬇️🔴… ImageImage
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om een afwijkende
#5G #reclame-spot uit China
De Totale Bewaking in het #SociaalKredietSysteem
#Spoedwet / #Sleepwet
Straks in Nederland,
te beginnen met de #QRcode
The EU’s biometric power-grab is sinister and grotesque

Brussels is rolling out an invasive new border system that will cause massive delays, and further undermine our liberty

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Left Foot Forward:
Lurching the UK towards 'Reaganomics'

A ‘foot soldier’ for US economic fundamentalists, #Truss and her cabinet appear to be applying policy from an American right-wing playbook and lurching the country towards ‘#Reaganomics.’ /1
/2 For the most part, since 1980, #Republican economic policy has revolved around a single policy - hefty tax cuts heavily tilted towards the rich with enormous budgetary deficits as a consequence. Under the Reagan Presidency (1980-1988), income tax was cut across the board
/3 and the top rate of income tax reduced from 70% to 28%. Both Reagan and Bush ran up enormous deficits via huge tax cuts. When Clinton came to power in 1993, he had an awful mess to clean up.

Apart from leading to higher income inequality and punishing the poor –
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Politico London: #Chevening chat: Over the weekend Truss was holed up with close aides in Chevening House, the grace and favor home she has access to as foreign secretary, nailing down whom she will put in her top team if she wins, and which policies she will pursue /1 #Truss
/2 Allies were being tight-lipped about the outcome of the away day last night, insisting there is “no complacency,” but that it is right that preparations for No. 10 Downing Street are being made.

Not so fast: Hope springs eternal over at rival #RishiSunak’s campaign HQ,
/3 where his team insists it’s still “all to play for.” Not nearly as many people have voted as people think, an ally tells Playbook. One bold Cabinet minister backing the former chancellor optimistically told the Observer he believed #Sunak still had a one-in-three chance
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#Labour surges as Tory fears grow over #Truss’s #taxcut agenda
Likely PM’s policies will mean ‘big trouble’, say critics, as #Starmer’s #energybills initiative boosts him in polls… #TrussFails #ToriesOut #CostOfGreedCrisis #inflation
Panic: Amid signs of mounting panic among high-ranking #Conservatives about #Truss’s #economic policies, several former cabinet ministers told the Observer the party would suffer devastating losses in blue and red wall seats unless Truss changes tack if and when she enters No 10
Ken Clarke: ‘The idea that tax cuts will automatically produce growth is nonsense’

After #MichaelGove described #Truss’s plan to focus on cutting taxes as a “holiday from reality” and announced he was supporting #RishiSunak ,
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