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TGA has released #CovidVaccine safety report as of 17th June, 2021…

- 12 Additional blood clots (TTS) - AstraZeneca vaccine. Seven of the 12 new cases occurred in individuals in aged between 50 and 59 years.

- Total cases of Blood clots in Australia = 60
In the week of 7-13 June 2021, TGA received 2106 AEFI reports for COVID-19 vaccines.

To 13 June 2021, TGA received 303 reports of death (An increase of 31) following vaccination for COVID-19 vaccines. - Good lord - This is so sad 😞😞
The media and the medical establishment has demonstrated one of the clearest, most concise displays of true-life double-think I’ve ever seen. It truly is the perfect exemplar.

The dichotomy is in “covid deaths” vs “vaccine deaths”.

I am speechless. What a shame!
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What I'm about to share is for educational purposes.

If your job corce you to "knife" yourself...just say no! If they threaten to fire you or you lost your job because you refuse to knife yourself. File a civil lawsuit at a district county court....…
....NOT in a Federal court. In your original petition put state laws ( state constitution ) that apply to your situation. Add these civil rights....
....Chapter 21 & Section of the Civil Rights §2000a–2. Prohibition against deprivation of, interference with, and punishment for exercising rights and privileges secured by section 2000a or 2000a–1 of this title. 
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UK govt uses research to discover younger people are more "vaccine hesitant"

Then they use MORE research to figure out how to MANIPULATE them to get the jab!

1) Getting jab HELPS OTHERS = Prosocial benefits

2) Research: Young are more susceptible to PEER INFLUENCE

So you say "Most people getting jab"
So you say "Most people approve of jab"
So you "Make jab sites visible"
So you use Social Media to organize a "vaccine pledge"
3) Research: People more likely to get jabbed if they think it serious & they may get it.

BUT "young people are less at risk of developing a lethal form of Covid-19" [Risk = 0%]

So "highlight the POTENTIAL long term consequences of the illness" [Risk = 0.000001%]
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🧵Got on my computer this morning to book my 2nd #CovidVaccine shot. An hour wait... no problem, I have nothing else planned. Booking this appointment was my mission today. #onpoli
An hour later, I finally got redirected to the booking site. Entered all the information, and put in my location. The earliest and closest appointment I can find is Jun 23, 15km away. That's OK, I can live with that. #onpoli
I went there, it gave 4 "available" time slots. I click on one - no longer available. Clicked on the 2nd, not available. Clicked on all four, none available. 😠 #onpoli
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#BombayHighCourt will shortly hear the plea seeking door-to-door #COVIDVaccination for citizens above 75 years of age and those who are specially-abled or bed-ridden.

Hearing before Chief Justice Dipankar Datta and Justice GS Kulkarni.

#COVID19 Image
Hearing begins.

Adv Dhruti Kapadia mentions about a compilation filed by her.
She points out an order of the Uttarakhand High Court which deals with door to door vaccination.

#CovidVaccine #BombayHighCourt Image
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Israel et le RU ont beaucoup vacciné, alors qu'ils ont connu des dernières vagues à peu près synchrones.

Israël a vacciné plus vite, et quasi qu'avec du Pfizer ⤵️
Et surtout plus complètement avec deux doses, les deux pays ayant fait des choix radicalement différents : 3 semaines entre les injections en Israël, jusqu'à 9 à 12 au RU (avec des protocoles AZ, ARN, et mixtes) ⤵️
Après une décroissance massive des cas, corollaire de la vaccination, ils connaissent désormais des profils évolutifs différents. #COVIDー19 ⤵️
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NEW: Days after PM Modi announced the new #CovidVaccine policy, health ministry told me in replies to RTIs that info abt previous policy (on which d Govt did a u turn) won't be provided because doing so is not in public interest. Seriously!

When asked for docs about drafting of the infamous vaccine policy where states were asked to float tenders for vaccine, info which even the SC has asked the Govt to provide, health ministry said sharing this info will violate India's strategic interests!
To a specific request for documents about how states as well as vaccine firms were consulted while drafting the vaccine policies against #COVID19, health min said this info involves trade secrets & commercially confidential material. Won't be shared.
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A chemical engineer from Andhra Pradesh became viral on social media by talking against vaccines. He now appeared in mainstream media channels and quoted that every family will have one death in the third corona wave.
#Vaccine #misinformation
Thread 👇 (1/n)
He has made multiple misleading claims on Vaccines which may raise #vaccinehesistancy among the public. let's see the facts (2/n)
#AndhraPradesh #coronavirus #CovidVaccine
He claims that Vaccine #efficacy was reduced to 60 % against delta variant (which is first found in India). He also says that out of 100, only 60 people are safe, and the remaining 40 people are will surely get coronavirus which he termed as vaccine are not safe. (3/n)
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Gene Editing Recipe Continued: “Cell activity control is achieved using magnetic compounds such as ferritin or magnetic nanoparticles. These compounds are designed to link to the ion channels that are genetically expressed 1/2…
on specific cells. Control of activity is thus restricted to genetically pre-defined cells and performed in a spatiotemporal-specific manner by magnetic stimulation.” 2/2
EXPOSED! Magnetism INTENTIONALLY Added to ‘Vaccine’ to Force mRNA Through Entire Body…
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[Thread]. 1. Where are we at with #VaccineRolloutSA?
* People who had received 1 #CovidVaccine dose by 7 Jun = 1, 524, 589
* Of those, only 31% (479 768), have been fully vaccinated (they got a #JnJ jab via #Sisonke)
* The rest (1, 043 278) have received the 1st of 2 #Pfizer jabs
2. Here’s a summary of our #VaccineRolloutSA figures so far:
* Total doses = 1, 524, 589
* Total #Pfizer 1st doses = 1, 043 278
* Nr of #Pfizer doses given on Mo, 7 Jun = 82 641 (this is the highest nr of daily doses so far)
3. Where do the 1, 524, 589 doses SA had given by 7 Jun place us in #Africa? @mediahackza tracks 51 countries, SA is 4th:
1. Algeria: 2, 500, 000
2. Nigeria: 2, 225, 765
3. Ethiopia: 1, 856, 968
4. SA: 1, 524, 589

Here's more:
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94 crore people need to be immunized in India as of now. So that's 188 crore doses of #CovidVaccine needed. 28 crore doses already made. Around 160 crore doses needed. 25% of this to Private sector is 40 crore. Assume 3/4th of this 25% get #COVISHIELD and 1/4th get #Covaxin
At ₹600 per dose that's a cool ₹18,000 crore for @SerumInstIndia and at 1200 per dose, ₹12000 crore for @BharatBiotech . Pvt.hospitals get to make approx. ₹6000 crore as service charge.Overall cost to public ₹36,000 crore. @adarpoonawalla has said Covishield got him a small
profit at ₹150/dose and Krishna Ella said one dose of Covaxin wd be cheaper than a bottle of mineral water. Taking them at their word had Govt fixed the price of vaccine even at ₹300 per dose,procured them directly and distributed to Pvt sector the 25% doses they said they wd,
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Dr. Frances Christian surgeon has a message for everyone regarding the silencing of doctors. Please share this thread #CovidVaccine
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You: “Hello! Will this be your first dose today?”
Me: “No. Second.”

You nodded and then entered something into the tablet in your hands. Suddenly your head flung up as if you’d forgotten something.

You: “I’m sorry. How y’all doing this evening?”

I offered a thumbs up.
Me: “Especially glad to get here before y’all closed.”
Son: “Not me!”


Me: “What about you, friend?”
You: “Ma’am?”
Me: “How're you doing?”
You: “Oh! Me? I’m good!”
Me: "Yeah?"


You: “You’re the first person to ask me that all day!”
Me: “Awww dang.”
You handed me two forms to fill out and gestured for us to roll forward.

Son: “Do you think this one will hurt more?”
Me: “Mine didn’t.”

When I finished filling out the forms, you were back beside my window.

You: “Perfect. Y’all should be next.”
Son: *groan*

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As we learn more about #COVIDvaccine #immune response in people w/ #immunedisorders, remember that not all #immunodeficiencies are created equal. You might see in the news claims about #vaccines not working in the #immunocompromised, but that's not always true. A 🧵
One of the earliest articles showed 15% of #transplant patients were Ab positive after dose 1. This increased to 54% after dose 2, but varied by medications being taken. and
In #cancer patients, Ab response varied by type of cancer. Two studies showed 92-95% w/ solid tumors were Ab pos after the 2nd dose. One showed only 60% w/ hematological cancers were positive. (both) (solid tumor only)
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[BREAKING] Supreme Court seeks complete data on Central Govt’s purchase history of all COVID-19 vaccines

#SupremeCourt #COVID19 #COVID19Vic #vaccine

Read More -
[COVID Vaccination] Four questions on which Supreme Court has sought response from Central government

#CovidVaccine #SupremeCourt #COVID19 #vaccine
[BREAKING] Universal COVID vaccination can't be achieved by policy which relies exclusively on digital portal: Supreme Court on CoWin website

report by @DebayonRoy

#CovidVaccine #COVID19
#vaccine #SupremeCourt…
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#KeralaHighCourt hears matter concerning #COVIDVaccines and Vaccine policy. The matter is before Justices A Muhamed Mustaque and Kauser Edappagath.
Adv Santhosh Mathew raises concern about vaccine shortage. Says private hospitals are able to procure, but Govt is not getting

#KeralaHighCourt #COVID19India
ASG Raj Kumar gives details of vaccines being produced.

Adv Prasanth Sugathan: All of this is good on paper.

#KeralaHighCourt #COVID19India #CovidVaccine
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We’ve seen this playbook used against Muslims, students, critics and activists. Doctors are the new enemy, writes Priya Ramani. #BQOpinion
A war cry on Twitter by Balkrishna – the main shareholder of #PatanjaliAyurved, was a signal for India’s globally-famous right-wing troll army to charge.

#PriyaRamani on #Ramdev Vs #IMA in #BQOpinion.
The man who owns India's 2 largest religious TV networks has effectively converted a cheap publicity stunt to boost sales of Patanjali’s controversial products such as Coronil into a battle between allopathy & ayurveda, writes Priya Ramani. #BQOpinion
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1/ Ivermectin, and the Crime of the Century: DarkHorse Podcast with Pierre Kory & Bret Weinstein
2/ Ivermectin, and the Crime of the Century: DarkHorse Podcast with Pierre Kory & Bret Weinstein
#ivermectinworks #IvermectinSavesLives #ivermectina #ivermectin #ivermectin #ivermectin IVERMECTIN
#June1Coup #COVID19 #CovidVaccine #COVID Ivermectin WORKS 100% #ivermectin #ivm
3/ Ivermectin, and the Crime of the Century: DarkHorse Podcast with Pierre Kory & Bret Weinstein
#ivermectinworks #IvermectinSavesLives #ivermectina #ivermectin #ivermectin #ivermectin IVERMECTIN
#June1Coup #COVID19 #CovidVaccine #COVID Ivermectin WORKS 100% #ivermectin #ivm
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Thread on #GramPanchayat task force chaired by #Rangamma frm #Soliga #Adivasi community #brhills #Chamarajanagar; praise for #HealthWorkers but frustration at lack of “higher officials” coming to GPs; @readingkafka @iphindia
PHC MO and other doctors address the gathering about the last one month experience of #Chamarajanagar and how situation is slowly improving; need to address hesitancy towards testing and vaccine; also not to become complacent about dropping numbers
PHC Dr frm #Gumballi patiently heard & clarified how these are stressful times for all #HealthWorkers; members demand at least one visit a month from #taluka officials; patient listening of complaints is an important function even if they are not immediately resolved;
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@drdpogson @drmikehart……

Special to WorldTribune, May 26, 2021, Commentary by R. Clinton Ohlers. ‘Literally criminal’: Suppressing data on ivermectin cost ‘half a million lives’, doctor charges.
@Covid19Critical @PierreKory #investigation #ivermectin
@drdpogson @drmikehart @Covid19Critical @PierreKory… “Look at where the money is coming from. Now the money has strings attached,” Kory said. “People give the WHO money, but they say ‘we want you to do this or study that. We want you to use our consultants and our experts, and our scientists.’ ImageImageImageImage
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A commonly asked question “Can I take #Covid19 vaccine if I regularly consume alcohol?” The answer is “YES”
If you eat non veg - you can take #COVID19Vaccine ; Also you can eat your favourite foods including biryani after taking vaccine ! 😊
If you had jaundice in the past, you can take #CovidVaccine ; if you had skin allergy in the past, you can take #CovidVaccine; If you had high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease - you must take #CovidVaccine
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2 new studies show that immunity to the #coronavirus lasts at least a year—possibly a lifetime—and improves over time especially after #COVIDVaccination.

**This does NOT mean that people who have been infected can skip vaccines**.🧵…
Researchers studied people infected with the #coronavirus about a year earlier. B-cells with a memory of the virus persist in the bone marrow & can make antibodies when needed. These memory B cells continue to mature & STRENGTHEN for at least 12 months after the 1st infection.🤗
The studies suggest that most people who have recovered from #COVID19 and were later immunized may have "bulletproof" protection *against #coronavirus variants* & may not need boosters.

People vaccinated but never infected most likely will need booster shots for new variants.💉
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**3 must remember warning signs**

- High grade fever even after 5 days
- Increasing dry cough while sleeping,talking
- Exhaustion,exertional dyspnea (worsening from before)
*3 reasons for late presentation*
- Attributing fever to post vaccination and waiting( post vaccination fever is never more than 48 hrs)
- Using DOLO/PCM 6 hrly x 1week as a drug, masking fever
- Wrong timeline, reporting testing day as day 1, not onset of symptom.
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