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"Texas Rancher ~ Forced Euthansia of Beef ~ Nt'l Food System in Big Trouble" on YouTube

Folks, it is URGENT we protect our farmers! A reminder what we're up against 👉Totalitarianism
United States Code, Title 8 § 1101 (37) (a) (b). The state house is key to what's going on locally.
I tweeted MANY TIMES with proof the current system IS NOT LAWFUL since 1868 via the never ratified 14th Amendment.
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Folks, please do not get yourself & your children tested & vaccinated for the #coronavirus. Research outside the official narrative. Check these clips out and pass it on.
"Project BioShield & The PREP Act ~   Legislation for Mass Adult Vaccination w  Dr   Sherri Tenpenny" on YouTube

"NIH Report ~ 80% False Positive !!!! Covid 19 Test Results..SPREAD THIS WIDE AND FAR" on YouTube

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A lot of people are in disbelief that every state so-called officials all the way to the President of the foreign corporation The United States violating the state constitutions & the U.S. Constitution by having our cities under lockdown, curfew, stay home policy.....
2) social gathering. THEY dicate which business stay open. Recently puppet governor of Rhode Island put out an executive order to "hunt down" New Yorkers having state police & mercenaries stopping traffic & searching for New York plates, patrolling the area...
....and looking for parked car with out of state plates and going to door to door under the suspicion of residents harboring out of state travelers.

You still believe this is about a virus? Keep reading....
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Let me extend a friendly welcome to all you new followers who found me via my latest article, "Authoritarian Christians are Deliberately Undermining the Public Health Response to Coronavirus"…

Here's a thread about what I do with some recent highlights
In December of last year, my and @laureneoneal's Empty the Pews: Stories of Leaving the Church, an anthology of personal essays by former evangelicals, Catholics, and Mormons, was published. This is my first published book project:…
One hope I have for the book is that it will help to secure a place in the elite public sphere for leavers from high-demand religions. Our "pundit class" and government have been coddling even authoritarian Christians for far too long. Former fundamentalists have key insights.
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99% of my tweets are for educational purposes. Whenever I share knowledge with people I get some stupid comments and I know some of my followers hit the mute button. For the record you don't have to learn anything what I tweet. You decide not to educate yourself, you...
...aren't hurting me. You can continue to b*tch on Twitter why you are being suppressed by the very system you empower and keep voting to maintain the problem. You decide to stay ignorant you are only f*cking yourself.
If anyone can prove the knowledge I share on my timeline is false, let me know. I would like us to compare notes.

Thank you,

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The United States of #America/The United States is NOT A #COUNTRY, IT IS A FOREIGN CORPORATION to the several states. And it had been so since 1789!
FOOTNOTE: United States Code Title 28 § 3002 (15)(a) § 3002. Definitions (15) "United States" means-(A) a Federal corporation.

Look up this Federal statute at
When you say The United States/USA is your country, it is no different than you say Best buy is your country or any other corporation.

You will not find the United States/USA a country & a Union as a "one nation" in any of the founding documents.
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📣Patriots - Less than 8 months until #Election2020 so it’s time for us all to step up! LET’S DO THIS👇🏼

Go to to:
🇺🇸Become a Digital Activist
🇺🇸Host #MAGA Meet-Ups
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#ArmyForTrump #LeadRight #TAP #Trump #Trump2020Landslide @POTUS
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📣Links/info you need:

🇺🇸Retweet/Share all this👇🏼info on ALL social media!
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The United States of #America/The United States is NOT A #COUNTRY, IT IS A FOREIGN CORPORATION to the several states. And it had been so since 1789!
FOOTNOTE: United States Code Title 28 § 3002 (15)(a) § 3002. Definitions (15) "United States" means-(A) a Federal corporation.

Look up this Federal statute at
When you say The United States/USA is your country, it is no different than you say Burger King is your country or any other corporation.

You will not find the United States/USA a country & a Union as a "one nation" in any of the founding documents.
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The Man Died
Days ago, Tiyamiyu Kazeem joined the unending list of Nigerians murdered by their 'protectors' & during protests over his death, the body count rose…
The NPF says he was killed in a "hit & run", BUT MANY DON'T BELIEVE THE @PoliceNG
Calls for the reformation or dissolution of SARS have heightened & there's no telling how long this momentum will be sustained.

On #TheDiscuss today, we solemnly remember victims of extra judicial killings by the @PoliceNG as we collate recommendations for URGENT reforms.
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◼️Q has done it again!
▪️#2888 • 2/25/19
▪️TOMORROW = 1 year

“Who will be next to fall
post Weinstein?👈🏼👈🏼😲
Big name coming?
Nobody is safe.
Dark to LIGHT.
These people are sick!”

⬛️The #weinsteinverdict happened TODAY
⬛️’Post #Weinstein’ would be TOMORROW 2/25😳

◼️When does a bird sing?
▪️Q #753 #781 #1368
▪️Bird > Canary >Canary Palm Tree

◼️Has #HarveyWeinstein pulled an #AllisonMack & sung to save himself?

◼️’#Untouchable - THE RISE AND FALL OF HARVEY #WEINSTEIN opens with rows of PALM TREES..’
◼️Poor #HarveyWeinstein was found guilty today 2/24 & began having chest pains so his ride to #RikersIsland Prison detoured to the hospital 🙄

◼️#Weinstein’s downfall frm #Hollywood is far from over👇🏼

◼️He’s also been charged w RAPE in #LosAngeles

Q #1368
Watch NYC
Watch CA
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Some of you are wondering why I repeat the same stuff over and over. Repetition is key because around 90-95% people who have been following me for a while are still holding on to the illusion this system is lawful. Most of my followers support the Republican party....
....and some support Democratic party & The Green party. I tell everyone all political parties are acting as one according to a Federal Statute. But you still refuse to accept the truth, and I believe part of the reason is people are afraid to be wrong.
We're so conditioned to accept one side of system is bad & the other side is Lawful. It is scary for a lot of people to accept the truth the entire system is not Lawful.

Do you really expect these usurpers occupying our state houses to make a public announcement...
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Read sad story last night about Dr. Bucci, 50 year old Phychology & Brain Sciences Dept. Chairman, at Dartmouth that committed #Suicide 11 months after a lawsuit was filed by graduate #students in his department. He
2/ was NOT accused of sexual misconduct, but named in the suit for knowing about the professors’ inappropriate behavior as the Chair.I share many of the same feelings he expressed to friends and colleagues in his emails before he took his own life like: the case was deeply
3/ personal; reputation had been damaged; physical health diminished; false portrayal of his actions; being blamed unfairly; allegations & process “unfair”; how can they ever undo what they did to me & #wronglyaccused. Similarly, how I had reported the #disability
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1/Cassi lays out AG Barr's talk about China & the threat they pose to National security. He says for China this is a zero sum game & also uses phrase "Sum of all Fears" in regards to how dangerous they are to the US.
She has 2 tweets here w full speech
2/AG Barr Delivers Keynote Address At The DOJ's China Initiative Conference.
Bill Clinton actually opened doors 2 China in the 1990's & politicians such as Feinstein & others have continued to sell out America 2 China. You may recall recent indictments too
3/China wants 2 rule the world,especially AMERICA w/o any of us in it 👉take us out
Bill Clinton started the Chinese BOOM by allowing them 2 make campaign donations to DNC from ARMS dealer, lease Long Beach Port/Obtain our missile TECH. US placed leaders
Sum of all Fears Q posts
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1. Notice QAnon makes a post one minute after I took a video of the 'storm' outside my home.
2. I also took a video at 12:49AM CST, but 12:56AM and 12:57AM and it includes 'FLOOD' in context of the video. How do they know? My phone isn't secure, but
3. 6/28/2018 - Took a pic of the Masonic Lodge - QDROP later that day on Freemasons - (see #2)
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Saudi Arabia decision to ban under 18 marriage is totally wrong. What for?

The world is coming to an end if Muslim countries will finalize terrible decision like this.

Not Only Arewa Twitter, alot of Saudi based Scholars will go against it.
The decision will be reversed ISA.
Marriage has been copacetic for centuries. It's your choice to marry 16 year old girl, 17+ ..... or 50 as you wish. Idk where all these infructuous rules are been derived from?

This nonsense wouldn't come to Nigeria by God grace.
These mischievous people propagating the attrition of marriage based on religious rules will never succeed.
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8 days before the election, Hillary Clinton warned us all about Trump.

"Donald has signaled to Putin that he will let Russia do whatever it wants, from Ukraine to Syria and beyond."

He's doing it again w/Ukraine.
Republicans, where are your SPINES?

If this whole Ukraine scandal is overwhelming or you feel like you don't really know the origins or reasons or specifics, whooo boy, do I have a podcast for you. #tuesdaythoughts #tuesdaymotivation #impeachmenthearings…
@For_Cripes_Sake and I spent the last month collecting data to put together an exhaustive timeline of the Ukraine scandal for you, just in time for the beginning of the impeachment hearings tomorrow. #TuesdayThoughts #tuesdaymotivation…
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New Q 11/11/2019 Pres. Trump confirms comms by using the word FORUM TY @JustInformU
👉Q team is educating the masses #Truth
"Educate and inform the whole mass of the people. They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty" Thomas Jefferson
@JustInformU New Q 11/11/2019
John Durham went after Gambino, Genovese & Patriarca crime families, C_A, FBI Crimes…
👉Fake news setting up #Qanon's Killer Says He Murdered to Protect Trump…
👉Session's appointed another prosecutor
@JustInformU Huber was appointed Jeff Sessions to investigate the FBI's surveillance of Carter Page and connections between the Clinton Foundation and Uranium One, starting in November 2017
Huber was renominated by President Trump in June 2017
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1. Okay, finally read this. Pearl-clutching Gerson is self-servingly wrong, as usual.

Evangelicals made Trumpism BECAUSE they are cruel authoritarians; Trump didn’t corrupt them. They’re using him more then he is them.

#TuesdayThoughts #EmptyThePews…
2. And guess which leading member of what I call the media’s “Wheaton mafia” contributed most to making evangelicals into the authoritarians they are today? If you guessed one Michael Gerson, you are correct!…

#TuesdayMorning #EmptyThePews
3. And here’s a thread on why Gerson is wrong about the white evangelical youth. Structurally, institutionally, evangelicalism cannot change. Those young evangelicals who object to what the leaders demand eventually conform or opt to #EmptyThePews

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💥Gen. Mark Milley is taking over as the nation’s top military officer against a backdrop of controversy over defense aid to Ukraine that has triggered a presidential impeachment inquiry at a time of persistent threats from China, Russia & Iran
Important Marker
Gen. Milley-prepared to "lay it on the line" to keep America safe
Our adversaries should know never to underestimate our skill, our capability and our combat power
MI will not allow another Satanic Evil POS control our country…
#October1st #TuesdayMorning
Gen Flynn-Army Rangers decent #Stealth
US Army Pic-Paratroopers landing
Gen. Milley U.S. Army was sworn in
Mission-Protect America-Defend the America (US Constitution) against all enemies, foreign or domestic
Military In Control #TrustThePlan
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Grassley, Release Investigative finding on Clinton’s Server
Clinton uploaded to her private servers deliberately
#China accessed Special Access Programs to learn about advanced technologies deployed by the U.S. military in space
#QAnon #ThursdayThoughts
FlashBack: Bill Clinton sold advanced US missile technology to our enemy-the People’s Republic of China #ChinaGate
👉Uranium One shareholders gave the Clinton Foundation $145M in donations #UraniumOne
👉Obama gave $150B #IranDeal…
#QAnon #ThursdayThoughts
This is how secret Special Access Programs (SAP) are!
Hillary Clinton’s Private Server Contained Special Access Program Intelligence
Hillary Clinton uploaded Emails with Special Access Programs which "China hacked" or Clinton Sold #Treason #ChinaGate #QAnon #ThursdayThoughts
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Bill Gates Home: 6,000-image child pornography collection
was found and Gates employee took the rap
👉Bill Gates was also Sued For Forcing Staff To Watch Child Rape And Murder
👉Of course he flew with #Epstein……
#QAnon #TuesdayMorning
Bill Gates owns a private island in Belize
Bill Gates Attessa IV - 23rd longest private yacht in the world -w/ helicopter
Q asks-How many billionaires own islands?
(Q) Do people travel to islands to [Fish] #Epstein
(Q) MICROSOFT coming soon
#QAnon #FredoCuomo #TuesdayMotivation
Bill Gates: Prince Alwaleed an ‘Important Partner’ ensuring kids around the world receive vaccinations
👉Princess Exposes Decay, Debauchery of Alwaleed who was buying children traded as sex slaves
👉Bill Gates & Prince AlWaleed bought Four Seasons for $3.8B
#QAnon #endtrafficking
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It's #TuesdayMorning, are we going meet let @RepJerryNadler & @SpeakerPelosi get away with another day of slow-walking the impeachment proceedings against the thug in the White House?

🔥The impeachment inquiry began 7/26, but have we gotten WORD 1 of a single subpoena enforced?
A single sign of urgency?
A single sign of curbing Trump's tyranny?
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