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💥Gen. Mark Milley is taking over as the nation’s top military officer against a backdrop of controversy over defense aid to Ukraine that has triggered a presidential impeachment inquiry at a time of persistent threats from China, Russia & Iran
Important Marker
Gen. Milley-prepared to "lay it on the line" to keep America safe
Our adversaries should know never to underestimate our skill, our capability and our combat power
MI will not allow another Satanic Evil POS control our country…
#October1st #TuesdayMorning
Gen Flynn-Army Rangers decent #Stealth
US Army Pic-Paratroopers landing
Gen. Milley U.S. Army was sworn in
Mission-Protect America-Defend the America (US Constitution) against all enemies, foreign or domestic
Military In Control #TrustThePlan
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Grassley, Release Investigative finding on Clinton’s Server
Clinton uploaded to her private servers deliberately
#China accessed Special Access Programs to learn about advanced technologies deployed by the U.S. military in space
#QAnon #ThursdayThoughts
FlashBack: Bill Clinton sold advanced US missile technology to our enemy-the People’s Republic of China #ChinaGate
👉Uranium One shareholders gave the Clinton Foundation $145M in donations #UraniumOne
👉Obama gave $150B #IranDeal…
#QAnon #ThursdayThoughts
This is how secret Special Access Programs (SAP) are!
Hillary Clinton’s Private Server Contained Special Access Program Intelligence
Hillary Clinton uploaded Emails with Special Access Programs which "China hacked" or Clinton Sold #Treason #ChinaGate #QAnon #ThursdayThoughts
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Bill Gates Home: 6,000-image child pornography collection
was found and Gates employee took the rap
👉Bill Gates was also Sued For Forcing Staff To Watch Child Rape And Murder
👉Of course he flew with #Epstein……
#QAnon #TuesdayMorning
Bill Gates owns a private island in Belize
Bill Gates Attessa IV - 23rd longest private yacht in the world -w/ helicopter
Q asks-How many billionaires own islands?
(Q) Do people travel to islands to [Fish] #Epstein
(Q) MICROSOFT coming soon
#QAnon #FredoCuomo #TuesdayMotivation
Bill Gates: Prince Alwaleed an ‘Important Partner’ ensuring kids around the world receive vaccinations
👉Princess Exposes Decay, Debauchery of Alwaleed who was buying children traded as sex slaves
👉Bill Gates & Prince AlWaleed bought Four Seasons for $3.8B
#QAnon #endtrafficking
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It's #TuesdayMorning, are we going meet let @RepJerryNadler & @SpeakerPelosi get away with another day of slow-walking the impeachment proceedings against the thug in the White House?

🔥The impeachment inquiry began 7/26, but have we gotten WORD 1 of a single subpoena enforced?
A single sign of urgency?
A single sign of curbing Trump's tyranny?
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From my exp dealing with some people on twitter is interesting. When some try to insult me what I shared, tells me the person ego is threaten & the first reaction is name calling. I can't force people to develop critical thinking or a desire to be free from this evil system.
Most of us believe we have freedom based on what we get from Uncle Sam. I know this may sound harsh, but not many know what Freedom is. I expressed many times U.S. Citizens do not have rights but privileges & immunities Section 1 of the 14th Amendment.
Anyway, no matter how many reject the truth, what we're up against 24/7. I will keep sharing because it's a calling. Remember your tiny ego is the one that's kicking you in the A**.


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The FBI, under James Comey, launched an entrapment scheme against #Trump campaign advisor George Papadopoulos in a London bar in September 2016.

Undercover agents tried to get him to say, there was Russian involvement, but the plot failed.

Where are the transcripts?
After the FBI entrapment scheme failed in London in 2016, #Mueller’s head prosecutor Andrew Weissman setup another operation in Greece using CIA operative Tawil to “hire” Popadopoulos as an advisor on retainer to an Israeli energy firm paying him $10,000 upfront in cash.
Popadopoulos was expected to return to the US with the $10,000 in cash, where the FBI was waiting to arrest him for not declaring the money.

They didnt know George left the money in Greece until they searched his bags at the US airport where he was arrested.
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(Thread) EVERYONE should read this book.

Vladimir Bukovsky is a former Soviet Dissident who spent 10 years in a Gulag. He moved to England after fleeing the Soviet Union and became one of the main leaders in the anti-Soviet Movement.…
2. He was given access to the KGB Archives when the wall fell, and he went in with a scanner and copied a LOT of files.

Bukovsky's main point is that the "West" failed when they didn't hold trials like we did with the Nazis. It let the Powers stay in power.
3. Disclaimer: Bukovsky is a Conservative, and this book mostly targets the Soviet attempts to influence the left.

Buy this book
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Here are @realDonaldTrump litany of Tweets from this morning alone. There are so many things we could say to this, but it stands alone. He is crazy and he is freaking out worse than ever.. Attacking everyone. Bleeding from his exposure. He should resign. #TuesdayMorning
2-For the sake of the First Amendment alone, we have to encourage these planned, subpoenaed hearings in Congress now, encourage what amounts to the Impeachment process unfolding. #FreePress #TuesdayMotivation…
3-Trump is CLEARLY scared out of his wits.. it is perhaps dawning on him that he has no out this time.. #ImpeachDonaldTrump #TuesdayThoughts #FreePress
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Before you proclaim yourself your the arbiter of truth, you might want to understand the basics. You quoted the Declaration of Independence when you talked about how the Constitution defines the federal government.

I will give you a billion dollars if you can find the word happiness in the Constitution. "Life, liberty, and property," are there, but "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness," is from the Declaration of Independence.

"Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness," has nothing to do with how the Constitution defines the federal government. I'm embarrassed for you. Read a book or do a google search. Yes, it matters.

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"WH is firming up plans to redirect unspent federal dollars as a way of funding Trump's wall without taking the dramatic step of invoking a national emergency."
#TuesdayMorning #NoWall…
2-"Done by executive order, this plan would allow the White House to shift money from different budgetary accounts without congressional approval, circumventing Democrats who refuse to give Trump anything like the $5.7 billion he has demanded. Nor would it require a
3-"controversial emergency declaration. The emerging consensus among acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney and top budget officials is to shift money from two Army Corps of Engineers’ flood control projects in Northern California, as well as from disaster relief funds intended for
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I couldn’t sleep last night (still on LA time)

For wtv reason, the first time I met Steve Montador popped into my head & so I decided to write about it instead of ruminating in bed with the thoughts of our first meeting

It was after the 2006-2007 season & I had just played...
2/ 18 games with the @ArizonaCoyotes

I was 22

I was asked to do @heylandsberg’s Off The Record show

It was my first real interview on tv where I wasn’t dressed in hockey equipment and delivering the standard hockey answers that r so ingrained in us...
3/ Needless to say, I had a lot of anxiety about the interview so naturally, I went to the bar that was located below the studio to pound back 2 @Molson_Canadian drafts to ease the over thinking and feel more comfortable in my own skin

I then made my way up to the studio...
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"Excuse me everyone for tagging you.  I am reaching out to many as possible in re: to "wildfires in California.
The recent "wildfires" in Paradise, California 1000's of people died and 30,000 + homes destroyed. What most people don't know the "wildfires" are man-made. I will provide clips, links of evidence, what we're up against and a solution. The mainstream media has been downplaying...
...on the "wildfires" to keep us all ignorant for not knowing the truth.  This is a 4  part thread." 
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If you value my work, I’d be grateful for your support this #GivingTuesday. I’m going to post Patreon links of other creators and projects I support below. Feel free to reply with your own!

#GivingTuesday2018 #Exvangelical #EmptyThePews #TuesdayMorning #TuesdayThoughts #Resist
First up, @crystalcheatham! I’ve been on her podcast, “Lord Have Mercy,” and I also support it! Crystal is smart, funny, open, and talks a lot about sex as well as religion and spirituality. She’s also the entrepreneur behind @OurBibleApp:
Next up, @kitchencultpod, an #Exvangelical podcast hosted by @bluepupboi and @haettinger! This show (full disclosure—I’ve been a guest) provides valuable content. Check it out!…

#EmptyThePews #GivingTuesday2018 #GivingTuesday
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In case you missed this....
Count Me Among the Mob
#TuesdayThoughts #TuesdayMorning #VoteBlue #youthvote
2/"One thing that I find profoundly disappointing about modern liberalism, particularly as it now stands in opposition to Trumpism, is the degree to which it is reactive, governed by what is being done to it rather than its own positive vision. It is true that Donald Trump is not
3/"only antithetical to liberal values, he is antithetical to most American values, and as such limiting his power and limiting the duration of his tenure are of paramount concern and absolute urgency. Therefore, resisting what Trump represents becomes a central point of moral
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From the Editorial Board:
Donald Trump Is Lyin’ Up a Storm
#TuesdayMorning #TuesdayThoughts #VoteBlue
2/"There he goes again. With Republicans struggling to keep their grip on Congress, President Trump is dialing up the demagogy. At campaign rallies and on social media, he’s spewing dark warnings about a Democratic mob clamoring to usher in an era of open borders, rampant crime,
3/"social chaos and economic radicalism. As is so often the case, Mr. Trump is not letting reality interfere with his performance. At a rally in Nevada this weekend, the president told the crowd that Californians were rioting to “get out of their sanctuary cities.” (They aren’t.)
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Like so many of the #DeepState illegalities, they get old before we learn the truth. I know @TheChillum has linked this to #FionaHill but I’m holding to my theory. Here’s why.
The @nytopinion appeared at a pivotal moment. Kavanaugh’s hearing was just part of it. Spike Lee’s BlackKlansman came out that weekend. This is perhaps the most racist, vindictive feature film ever produced, disguised as “equality” & “social justice.”…
In it, are direct & oblique references to @POTUS #MAGA. In one klan meeting, the audio picks up the phrase “Make America Great Again.” That should make every American angry, but not for the reasons #Spike thinks.
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