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1. We’ve been tracking #Kremlin comms around the #Kremenchuk strike last week.

The dynamics—which see pro-war online ecosystems serving as a staging area for conspiracies that are ultimately adopted by the #Russia|n state—are similar to what we saw after #Bucha and #Kramatorsk.
2. This cycle repeats whenever #Russia finds itself accused of atrocities.

First, there’s denial.

That then morphs into scattershot conspiracies.

Then, the theory that “sticks,” best slotting into #Russia's campaign narrative, ends up being adopted as the official line. Image
3. Here’s how it panned out in #Kremenchuk.

News of the 27 June attack spread rapidly on Telegram.

Within minutes of the missile’s impact, a popular pro-#Kremlin channel reported that “something big” had been hit, sharing a photo of a smoke pile as evidence. ImageImage
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NEW: #NATO looks set to agree next week to the biggest overhaul of its defences since the Cold War, including a major expansion of a 40,000-strong rapid response force.
Russia's invasion of Ukraine (not a NATO member) has triggered a fundamental rethink in how to deter Putin.
Long-standing defence plans that had not received much traction prior to 24 February - the day Moscow launched its all-out assault on Kyiv - are starting to become a reality as leaders meet for a landmark summit in Spain from 28-30 June.
"Overnight the mentality changed," said a NATO officer. "NATO now feels like it is electrified. You can feel the energy surging through the system."
A diplomat predicted the Madrid summit will deliver - or at least agree the framework to deliver - "a radical change in posture"
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We all have seen Ukrainian tractors 🇺🇦 dragging Russian tanks 🇷🇺.

Where do they go? 🤔

We traced the “V5” in this #TikTok. It reveals France 🇫🇷 breaking the arms embargo against Russia.

Investigate! 🧵👇 1/…

#Verification 📽️
#GeoLocation 🌍
#HowToOSINT 🧐 Image
The TikTok video with this BMD-4, a landing combat vehicle, was shot west of Kyiv.

@sammy7000 from @GeoConfirmed found the location with Google Streetview. 📍✅

How? 📺👇2/…
@sammy7000 @GeoConfirmed The tractor with the “V5” drove away from the besieged towns of #Irpin and #Bucha in a southerly direction.

Russian vehicles with a “V” entered Ukraine from Belarus and fought around Irpin and Bucha.

You can check on this map from @Cen4infoRes . 3/……
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As by request (cc @daniel_heinke), here are three simple rules for understanding Putin (🧵) - (full length German version here…)
Rule number one: When #Putin seems to appease, to reassure, to calm things down, when he promises or denies things - he‘s lying (witness Russian propaganda everywhere, „humanitarian corridors“, #Bucha „fake“ claims, promises about not attacking if Ukraine removes sea mines …)
Rule number two: When Putin threatens or „warns“ he sincerely communicates his wishes and interests. This part (not the content of his threats, which are often idle posturing) should be taken at face value.
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@PParzival Um den Menschen zu beherrschen und auszubeuten, predigte der alte Kapitalismus bis hin zu seiner neoliberalen Form, dass der Mensch nach irdischen Gütern streben (ein guter Konsument sein) sollte.
@PParzival Die neue #GreatReset-Form des Kapitalismus (der Schwabismus) predigt, dass der Mensch auf irdische Güter verzichten soll, um glücklich zu sein. Image
@PParzival Natürlich gilt die neue #GreatReset-Form des Kapitalismus, der Schwabismus nur für die beherrschten Klasse und nicht für die herrschende Klasse ImageImageImageImage
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Thread – Part V – “How ‘Vladi the Provoked’ attracts clueless narcissists”

#Russia #Donbas #Ukraine @TimothyDSnyder @anneapplebaum #Merkel #NATO #SPD #Offenerbrief #colonial #Putin #Waffen #Zelensky #Melnyk Image
60/ INTRO: Assumption is that Putin appeaser views follow the stereotypes set out in the MATRIX in Fig. 19. The MATRIX is discussed in Part 1 (tweets 3-9).

#Nato #colonial #Ukraine #Russia #Waffen #Merkel Image
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Vira Khvust:
"Vira the blast is not that scary, it's not even that fearsome when sth strikes your home. It's chilling to hear the scream of a mom, who seeks her kid after the explosion... But even scarier is when she falls silent in tears having found a palm or a leg" /1
"We were staying in the bomb shelter for a few days. Airstrikes and snipers were working then. When we got out, it all looked very scary. We saw the pictures from #Bucha, multiply them by 10" /2
"There were rumors that people are being raped here too. Fortunately, I haven't faced this. But this is not easier. It's not simpler to hear that this happened in another place and then be scared to close your eyes" /3
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Il ministro degli Esteri russo Sergei Lavrov ha affermato che l'Occidente ha proibito all'Ucraina di negoziare con la Russia il giorno dopo l'incontro di Istanbul . "Hanno cambiato la loro posizione, c'è stata la provocazione di Bucha", ha aggiunto Lavrov.…
Quindi ricapitolando: Bucha è una provocazione e quella strage non l’hanno commessa i russi, afferma Lavrov. Inoltre adesso aggiunge che la provocazione è stata messa in piedi dai servizi occidentali, non più dagli ucraini, con l’intento di impedire a Kyiv di trattare con Mosca.
Questo è il mio secondo articolo su @fanpage che riguardava proprio la strage di #Bucha e la confutazione di tutte le versioni che fino a quel momento erano state messe in giro dai russi per sviare le accuse da loro. Molto lungo e dettagliato ⤵️…
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100 days of Russia's renewed invasion of #Ukraine.

100 days of war crimes by Russian forces, including…

⚠️ bombing civilians;

⚠️ summary executions;

⚠️ enforced disappearances;

⚠️ arbitrary detentions;

⚠️ sexual violence;

⚠️ torture.


First, the indiscriminate bombing...

Since 24 February, Russian forces have battered Ukrainian towns and cities with airstrikes and artillery, killing and injuring thousands of civilians.
Russian forces have conducted indiscriminate attacks that have hit residential buildings as well as schools and hospitals across Ukraine, leaving a trail of death and destruction.
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🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania (Día 96) - Comenzamos aquí, como cada mañana, nuestro #hilo diario sobre la #GuerraEnUcrania.

🟥 Gracias por compartir🙏
🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania (Día 96) - Aquí podemos ver a un grupo de militares ucranianos entrenando con los Wolfhound cedidos por el 🇬🇧 #ReinoUnido.
🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania (Día 96) - 300 voluntarios procedentes del Krai de Primorie, en el Extremo Oriente ruso, se preparan para ir a luchar al Donbás, según se recoge en este vídeo.
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Thread - Part 3 – “How Ukraine provoked the war”

#Russia #NATO #Mariupol #Azov #Donbass #Bucha #Putin #USA #SPD #Germany @TimothyDSnyder @anneapplebaum #dielinke #Panzer #Waffen #Scholz @MelnykAndrij #Klitschko #WEF Image
33/ Assumption is that the «mental dynamics» of Putin’s appeasers to large extent follow the MATRIX in Fig. 12 attached. For more background you should familiarize with the parts 1-2.

#Maischberger #Lanz #Annewill #Ukraine #Russia #NAto #Donbas #Zelensky #EU #imperial #colonial Image
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Thread di Gary #Kasparov tradotto:
A 3 mesi dalla guerra genocida di #Putin contro l'#Ucraina, la squadra di salvataggio di Putin si sta riunendo di nuovo.
Capi di Stato, media, opinionisti, i soliti sospetti pronti a salvare un orrendo status quo e a sacrificare migliaia di vite ucraine, chiamandola pace. 2/14
L'#Ucraina sanguina, senza le armi che ha chiesto. #Putin si affretta ad annettere altro territorio ucraino, donando passaporti e denaro, uccidendo e deportando migliaia di persone e sostituendole coi russi, come sta facendo da 8 anni nella #Crimea e nel #Donbas occupati. 3/14
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A long thread – part II. #ArmUkraineNow #Russia #NATO #Azov #Donbas #Putin #USA #SPD #Germany #Kissinger #Scholz #EU #France #Macron #colonial #imperial #paternalist #Putinknecht #Davos #Waffen Image
(24) RECAP (I / II): In part 1 of our SERIES OF THREADs we introduced a MATRIX reflecting Eurocentric (imperial, colonialist, paternalist…) thought patterns from the 19th century. …

#Ukraine #colonial #Russia #Germany #Kissinger #NATO #Lanz Image
(25) RECAP (II / II):
You should start with Part 1:

The MATRIX is reproduced in the attached pic (Fig. 9). We will continue with a funny case study (see attached Fig. 10, (26) – (31)), but you should read the attached disclaimer first (Fig. 11).

#NATO ImageImageImage
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(3) According to J. M. Hobson (Eurocentric Conception, 2012), a recurring tripartite pattern in terms of cultural maturity and political competence can be observed in a vast majority of schools in the 19th century (Fig. 1).

#Ukraine #Colonialism #Genocide #Bucha #Azov #NATO Image
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Today marks 3 months since Russia's renewed invasion of #Ukraine.

In that time, Human Rights Watch has documented:

⚠️ summary executions;

⚠️ enforced disappearances;

⚠️ torture;

⚠️ sexual violence;

⚠️ arbitrary detentions.

Among other crimes. All by Russian forces.
I say "renewed" invasion, because this war really started with Russia's invasion of Ukraine 8 years ago.

We have been documenting grave abuses the whole time, including in areas under occupation by Russia and its proxies.
We have been documenting these crimes and pushing for justice for the victims.

And we've also spent a considerable amount of tiime and effort trying to explain the "laws of war" and what the pathways to justice are...
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Instead of going to #Bucha to investigate the war crimes he white knighted for Russia, Glenn Tracey is boxing shadows on Twitter. Given this pattern of finding reasons to be the victim he will no doubt invoke "save me daddy Musk."
Yep. This is how he ended his thread. Great work Glenn you've turned yourself into every middle aged white MAGA reject who rants in his car while wearing Oakley glasses.
My brother in Christ Michael Greenwald. You are not censored, we can still see you being a do-nothing blogger ranting on the bird app.
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Good morning! Day 86 of #Russia's war on #Ukraine.

This is the daily thread, with news and analysis updated throughout the day.

Things reaching boiling point in the #Donbas with danger for both sides and mass destruction once again.
Most British media this morning leading with news of @ZelenskyyUa's comments that east #Ukraine has been destroyed by #Russia

An update this this story for starters, where unfortunately the death toll is now 12 in #Severodonetsk alone, 50 houses destroyed
While the frontline in the east is described as "frozen" by some, it's not true. Not much movement with Ukraine generally holding strong

But there is one area of concern with a few thousand #Ukraine troops at risk of being surrounded as Russia opened up a spur in #Luhansk region
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🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania (día 86) - Una mañana más, aquí comienza nuestro #hilo 🧵 diario sobre la #GuerraEnUcrania.


🟥 La situación en la zona de #Popasna ahora mismo parece ser la siguiente. Los rusos habrían alcanzado la carretera T1302 en #Soledar.
🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania (día 86) - A) Dada la situación en otros puntos como #Limán o #Severodonetsk, Ucrania quizá debería sopesar un repliegue con el que conservar tropas con experiencia de cara a una futura contraofensiva, cuando llegue el grueso del material occidental.
🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania (día 86) - Sin embargo, por racional que parezca, una retirada dejaría #Sloviansk y #Kramatorsk, las dos ciudades más importantes de la zona, a tiro de la artillería rusa y en riesgo, por lo que se entiende que Ucrania aguante en espera de los refuerzos.
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Testimony and video obtained by @nytimes show Russian paratroopers executing at least eight Ukrainians in #Bucha on March 4.

#RussianWarCrimes #UkraineUnderAttack m…
A photograph taken on April 3 showed the scene where Russian forces executed eight men at 144 Yablunska Street, #Bucha

Vadim Ghirda/Associated Press
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Ha appena iniziato a parlare Mario #Draghi in #Senato.

Riporterò i passaggi più importanti del suo intervento.👇
#Draghi: "La guerra in #Ucraina è giunta al suo 85esimo giorno. La speranza da parte dell'esercito russo di conquistare vaste aree del Paese in tempi brevi si è scontrata con la convinta resistenza del popolo ucraino".
#Draghi: "La Federazione Russa si è ritirata da ampie porzioni del territorio ucraino per concentrare le sue forze nell'area orientale del Paese. Anche qui l'avanzata russa procede molto più lentamente del previsto. Nell'ultima settimana le forze ucraine hanno ripreso il
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As a lot of people are discussing #Finland joining #NATO, I'll post a few thoughts explaining Finnish perspectives and the debate we've had over here. I'll try to avoid the usual foreign and security policy jargon, but I am a historian, so guess where we'll start. 🧵
1. Why didn't Finland join NATO in 1949? Well, we were on the losing side of WWII. Finland wasn't occupied by the Soviets, but they had a military base here until 1956. Finland was also forced to sign an Agreement of Friendship, Cooperation, and Mutual Assistance with the USSR.
2. The period of "Friendship, Cooperation, and Mutual Assistance" lasted until the fall of the USSR in 1991. Until then Finland tried to make the best of a difficult situation, with mixed results. The resulting political self-censorship of sorts has been called Finlandization.
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US State Dept/CIA has taken conventional warfare to a new low; it's insidious. Over the 8 years since overthrowing the elected president via bloody coup where they had snipers shoot protestors & police both, they've embedded Azov Nazis in every level of gov, police & military 1/5
Now Russian-DPR forces have as many as 40-50,000 Ukrainian forces in a cauldron surrounded on 3 sides in the Donbass. Putin doesn't want to massacre them; they're kin, but Azov is embedded in every unit & will shoot any Ukrainians who try to surrender. As I said, insidious. 2/5
I know from on the ground reports from #Mariupol citizens who were held hostage in cellars by Azov Nazis for 30+ days & not even told there were evacuation truces & routes. Azov shot those who tried to leave on their own & video of the shot-up cars is coming out soon. 3/5
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#Russia's failures make them the least worthy of any nation in the world to celebrate victory today.

Over the next 12 hours, this thread🧵will provide 509 examples of why their #VictoryDay #деньпобеды parade should be renamed #FailureDay #Деньнеудач

Reply with your examples⬇️
Blowing up schools filled with civilians whose homes you've destroyed is no victory.

Why Russia's #VictoryDay #деньпобеды parade should be renamed #FailureDay #Деньнеудач /1
Murdering 600 children and other civilians hiding in a building in a city you came to "liberate" is no victory.

Why Russia's #VictoryDay #деньпобеды parade should be renamed #FailureDay #Деньнеудач /2
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