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„Das Ende der allgemeinen Maskenpflicht im Gesundheitswesen wird diejenigen, die medizinische Versorgung suchen und ohnehin schon gefährdet sind - Menschen mit Atemwegserkrankungen oder Krebs, Menschen mit Behinderungen und ältere Erwachsene - dem Risiko…

#COVID19 #MaskUp Image
aussetzen, sich mit #COVID und anderen potenziell lebensbedrohlichen Krankheiten zu infizieren.
Was wir beobachten, ist, dass behinderte Menschen aus dem öffentlichen Leben ausgeschlossen werden.“
"Ich glaube, dass viele Menschen nicht wirklich wissen, mit welchen
Herausforderungen immungeschwächte Menschen konfrontiert sind", sagt Samantha Webster, eine 29-jährige Doktorandin mit rheumatoider Arthritis. "Sie kennen nicht wirklich die Gefahr, die damit verbunden ist."
Samantha Webster trägt in Innenräumen eine Maske, selbst wenn sie die
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I am left to feel like I am not enough & that I am not worth it.

What a sad thought to think for someone who has been fighting the system and is passionate about research. Let me tell you one.....(1/n)
such a story that I have been in silence for about a few months but no more! I worked previously, around a few months ago in an in-person lab full-time. I was doing an independent study and was at a point of looking to start data collection. This lab btw isn't inclusive...(2/n)
in terms of its infrastructure. I was still somehow coping up with it with the help of my dear lab members but how long could i ignore the pain i got from the staircase that i am not supposed to use? By the 9th month of my time at the lab.. (3/n)
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I don’t know why so many people working in wealth management keep requesting to connect and speak with me.
If you work in wealth management, I think you should know:

👉🏽 Nearly half of everyone in the UK that lives in poverty is disabled or lives with a disabled family member.
👉🏽 More than 600,000 disabled people in the UK are estimated to have £10 or less per week to pay for food and other costs.
👉🏽 Disabled people have to pay more to try and live the same lives as non-disabled people, but we have less or no choice due to inaccessibility, ableism and stigmas against us.
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🌈Hi friends! Here's a quick refresher on some #ableist terms to stop using!

⏰REMINDER: It's okay if you're still working on removing these from your every day vocabulary - so am I! As long as we're trying♥️ #DisabilityTwitter #DisabledTwitter Blue square graphic, white ...
Here's some common phrases that perpetuate #ableism... Especially because these terms/words are commonly used as "disses" or something negative.

#DisabledIsNotABadWord! Please do not say differently abled.. special needs.. etc.. #JustSayDisabled :) Light blue graphic, dark bl...Light blue graphic, dark bl...
It can feel extremely invalidating for #disabled folks to have their illnesses talked about so lightly, especially from folks who don't have those illnesses.

#MyDisabledLifeIsWorthy #DisabilityTwitter Dark blue graphic, white te...
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Thread 🧵
Being Autistic for me is so similar to having my invisible illness and being an ambulatory wheelchair user due to peoples judgements and assumptions about my disabilities and physical health.
#ActuallyAutistic #allautistics #AutismAcceptanceMonth #AutismAcceptance
(I’ve had 3 knee surgeries and will need a knee replacement eventually and I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and heart condition etc)
1. People say I don’t look Autistic.
People also say I don’t look sick or disabled. But it’s not something you can always actually physically see. You can’t see Autism just like you can’t see a lot of disabilities and physical health conditions.
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As human tragedy unfolds in #Ukraine & nations open their borders to those fleeing...

It is IMPERATIVE as a global community we recognise the disproportionate impact of war on #DisabledPeople.

Many will be unable to flee.

The #UNCRPD is clear 👇 White document with black text.  Report of the Special Rappo
The above exploration by @SR_Disability of the importance of the #UNCRPD in protecting #DisabledPeople in peace AND during war is also available in easy read: The rights of people with disabilities . White image backgro
Russia 🇷🇺 was a signatory to the #UNCRPD in 2008. They later ratified it in 2012.

Art.11 #UNCRPD:

Reinforces & specifies their obligation under international humanitarian law to ensure the protection & safety of disabled people in situations of risk, *INCLUDING ARMED CONFLICT*
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(@manijadegarcia) #Streamlining & #sporulation thread here, discussing ideas for survival, stress management, joy & healing using the acronym ACCESS to organize the ideas.

Almost out of spoons for the day so I'll discuss each briefly & we can keep discussing on my page

(@manijadegarcia) Thinking about our survival; stress management; healing; & joy as #DisabledPeople I am immediately concerned about the levels of exhaustion & lack of access & safety for many of us to engage in #acceptance, #compassion, #community, #epistemology fully.

(@manijadegarcia) For example, Zoom fatigue is real & it bothers me how exposed vulnerable people are who come to social media for connection—since social media is run by the very people deeply invested in maintaining settler colonialism & its reliance on #epistemicide.

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To everybody thinking they have the right to correct #DisabledPeople when they use that term, telling us it should be #PWD STOP. #PeopleFirst is not correct, it's outdated. Maybe listen to us, explore the #SocialModel & be a bit more humble.
To all the people who didn't get what I meant in this tweet, here's my beginner's guide to disability explanation of language like disabled people.
If you are really tied to putting "people" first when describing disabled people, to stick to the social model & be grammatically correct why not use "people who are disabled" or "a person who is disabled"?
Then we all win.
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