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Starting soon (at @uoftphilosophy, c/o @glob_philosophy) on #VrindaDalmiya's #CaringToKnow. Some random notes on the first two chapters:
1. Project:
—From #CareEthics to Care #Epistemology, with feminist philosophy as the necessary output when care becomes a political project. 1/
Cross-cultural inspiration.

—How to counter bias? (through relational humility)

2. Possible objections:
—Isn't care repeating a patriarchal structure?

—Is contextualism really overwriting the need for abstract rules? Are not rules needed within each specific context?
—VD speaks of the acknowledgement of care as part of a reciprocal relation, but isn't the need to be acknowledged a selfish move?

3. To be explored:
—Caring for unworthy people (connected to the following:)

—Caring to care
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"The 21st Century Question: Emergently Engineering the Future"

Follow this 🧵 today and tomorrow for highlights from our 2022 #AppliedComplexity Network and Board of Trustees Symposium:…

#Web3 #Cities #Polarization #EmergentEngineering #Decentralization
We start with a talk by SFI President David Krakauer:

"Would anyone care to guess why we're so GOOD at building transistors and so CRAP at designing drugs?"

"This thing [points to transistor] lives in a centralized system. This thing [points to cancer drug] lives in US."
"I'm going to pick on economics, because we like to do that at SFI. 'Ooh, look at that cover! So techy. Global, heat maps...' But here's 'Networks' [in the textbook]. THAT'S IT. Here's '#ComplexityEconomics.' NOTHING."
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Very happy to share that The Oxford Handbook of Digital Ethics is now finished and will be out in the next few months! Some of it is already published online. If you're interested in #DigitalEthics, #AIEthics, #ethics, #privacy, #AI, #philosophy, this one is for you... 🧵👇 Image
In this chapter, @SvenNyholm relates the new area of the ethics of human–#robot interaction to traditional ethical theories such as #utilitarianism, Kantian #ethics, and virtue ethics. #AIEthics…
In this chapter, Emily Sullivan and Mark Alfano (@moral_psych) develop a normative epistemic framework for sharing information online. They argue recent technological developments call for a rethinking of the norms of testimony. #epistemology…
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Mais quel est ce grave problème qui préoccupait les scribes Égyptiens à l’époque de Thalès, c’est-à-dire vers -600 ? Famine ? Épidémie ? Pénurie d’huile d’olive ?
Je vous donne un indice : c’est en lien avec la grande pyramide de Khéops à Gizeh. 👉 Image
La réponse se trouvera dans « Eurêka » !
Eurêka est le premier tome de la série Épistémè, qui racontera l’histoire des idées scientifiques (ou épistémologie) de la Grèce antique au XXe siècle.
Épistémè est réalisé sur une idée et d’après les textes de Pascal Marchand, chercheur à l’université Toulouse 3 Paul Sabatier.…
👉 Image
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1/8 — On est toujours dans la définition de la science. Il est bien entendu que le terme science arrivera fort tardivement dans sa propre histoire. Dans l’antiquité grecque, dont il va être question plus tard, on parle de philosophie naturelle.👇 Image
2/8 — Parce que c’est ça l’objet de cette discipline : expliquer les phénomènes de la nature, sans faire intervenir les divinités, le hasard (pas en tant que cause de l’émergence du phénomène en tout cas), ni la volonté propre des éléments.👇
3/8 — Par exemple, les feuilles de l’arbre ne tombent pas par la volonté de l’arbre. Si c’était l’arbre qui décidait, la seule science possible serait la psychologie arboricole. On y est presque, remarquez, avec les travaux de Ernst Zücher sur l’intelligence des arbres !👇
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(@manijadegarcia) #Streamlining & #sporulation thread here, discussing ideas for survival, stress management, joy & healing using the acronym ACCESS to organize the ideas.

Almost out of spoons for the day so I'll discuss each briefly & we can keep discussing on my page

(@manijadegarcia) Thinking about our survival; stress management; healing; & joy as #DisabledPeople I am immediately concerned about the levels of exhaustion & lack of access & safety for many of us to engage in #acceptance, #compassion, #community, #epistemology fully.

(@manijadegarcia) For example, Zoom fatigue is real & it bothers me how exposed vulnerable people are who come to social media for connection—since social media is run by the very people deeply invested in maintaining settler colonialism & its reliance on #epistemicide.

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(@manijadegarcia) #Epistemology thread here, discussing ideas for survival, stress management, joy & healing using the acronym ACCESS to organize the ideas.

While I take a break I'd love you to read my new related article with @sisterSTEM


(@manijadegarcia) #Epistemology refers to to 'how we know what we know.' #Epistemologies are systems of knowledge & knowing informed by the ways different groups of people navigate & make sense of the world & are related to what we justify based on what's "true" or "real."

Who we are shapes our experiences & therefore our reality. So #disabled people; #women; #BlackPeople; etc. all have their own #epistemologies. Like languages, groups can borrow from each other's epistemologies to build knowledge & make meaning of the world & their lives.

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1/9 Identification of "meaningful change" is a key area when working w patient-reported outcomes. Nevertheless, this seems to be another area of applied #psychometrics / #statistics where rituals may have replaced understanding & deliberate practice.

🧵 w some QLR-promotion😊😅
2/9 w QLR's special issue on "Methodologies & Considerations for Meaningful Change" (under #peerreview) we wanted to initiate a more deliberate approach, now rolled out to any paper submitted aiming to make a methodological contribution to this area👇

#Epistemology #Ontology Image
3/9 An area of concern are discussions around different indices, in particular for classifying intra-individual change: depending on interpretation/ use case, they are all likely not appropriate as they are based on between-indiv variation.

Progress is then not even incremental.
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I'm very grateful to David Polizzi @indianastate for hosting a symposium on A Criminology of Narrative Fiction in the Journal of Theoretical & Philosophical Criminology (JTPCRIM) later this year. #criminology #philosophy #zemiology #aesthetics…
David was the first to publish my research on the criminological values of fiction and JTPCRIM is a repository of 12 years' worth of interesting and innovative #openaccess articles.
I'll be joined by colleagues from @uOttawa, @warwickuni, @QMUL, and @SussexUni in the symposium, across the disciplines of #criminology, #philosophy, and #filmstudies.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 11/02/2020…
The Complementary Nature | The MIT Press…

#complementary #nature
Elon Musk warns the world about AI Digital SuperIntelligence…

#ArtificialIntelligence #ethics #HumanSurvival
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Hajime Nakamura (1912-1999) was an eminent Indologist and specialist of #Vedanta and #BuddhistPhilosophy at #TokyoUniversity 1/ ImageImage
His early work was on the #Vedanta and remains important work 2/ ImageImage
His studies on #Buddhism were equally valuable 3/ ImageImage
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This simple statement could be the central dogma of #flu #epistemology. @mtosterholm likes to say "If you've seen one flu pandemic, you've seen one flu pandemic." May apply to virtually all of biology, which relies heavily on induction about a combinatorial subject -- impossible?
What is interesting is the extent to which, although aware of the hazards of generalizing from (usually small) past samples, scientists often can't help themselves. I'll start with a mea culpa: Before 2014, if someone had told me they were developing Ebola vaccines for Africa,
I would have thought either that they were lying and actually doing it for biodefense, or that they were unwisely pursuing something unnecessary, because time after time (25x to be exact) Ebola epidemics had been contained w simple nonvaccine interventions.
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