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#FlashBack Thread.

17th May 2004 - #BlackMonday LowerCircuit Day.

Started learning Technicals from @nsfidai just a week or two before this event.

Remember him and his friend discussing how markets are heading lower irrespective of results.

Let's see what happened.
#IndianElections & the Impact.

#Nifty fell almost 20% in a single day. Closed 12-13 % lower.

Down 32% from April to May. Peak to Bottom.

On Close 24% fall.

#BJP lost elections.

Remember the "India is Shining " Campaign.

Learnt Lower Top Lower Bottom Pattern ImageImage
#Global Impact of Indian Elections.

#US Markets fell by 6-7% in April-May 2004.

Was down 1% on 17th May 2004. Image
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Erinnert ihr euch noch an die Mitteilung von @klausholetschek zu den massiv steigenden Zahlen zum Thema #Cannabis und Psychosen? Diese Mitteilung habe ich zum Anlass genommen und habe Kontakt zum bayrischen Staatsministerium für Gesundheit aufgenommen. Ein Thread 1/x
Mich hat im Besonderen Interessiert, wie die Daten erhoben wurden und wie es zu diesen Zahlen kommen soll. Wie die Daten erhoben worden könnt ihr folgendem Bild entnehmen. Es ist ein Screenshot der Antwortmail. 2/x Image
In diesem Zusammenhang ist wichtig zu wissen, dass nicht einzelne Personen, sondern die Behandlungsfälle betrachtet wurden. Ein Behandlungsfall steht im festen Zusammenhang aus Patient, Praxis und Krankenkasse. (Vgl. § 21 Abs. 1, Bundesmantelvertrag-Ärzte (BMV-Ä)) 3/x
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Kary Mullis (Inventor test PCR) declaró en una entrevista: “Los tipos como Fauci se levantan y comienzan a hablar, ya sabes, él no sabe nada realmente sobre nada y yo se lo diría a la cara. Nada. El hombre piensa que puedes tomar una muestra de sangre y meterla en un
microscopio electrónico y si tiene un virus, lo sabrás.» «No comprende la microscopía electrónica y no comprende la medicina y no debería estar en una posición en la que él está. La mayoría de los tipos que están en la cima son personas totalmente administrativas y no saben nada
sobre lo que está sucediendo en el cuerpo.» «Sabes, esos muchachos tienen una agenda, que no es lo que nos gustaría que tuvieran, ya que les pagamos para que se ocupen de nuestra salud de alguna manera. Tienen una agenda personal. Ellos crean sus propias reglas sobre la marcha.
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Great moments from National Lampoon.

January 1971 Edition. A thread 🧵

1/n #NationalLampoon #Flashback
Great moments from National Lampoon.

January 1971 Edition. A thread 🧵

2/n #NationalLampoon #Flashback
Great moments from National Lampoon.

January 1971 Edition. A thread 🧵

3/n #NationalLampoon #Flashback
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@Amnesty International reiterates its calls to Palestinian armed groups to put an immediate end to the use of children in armed activity. #ChildAbuse #Flashback
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The curious case of the widely circulated but incorrect story that suggested that Russia was responsible for the 15 Nov missile strike on Przewodow, Poland.

The tweet below was posted by AP just hours after the missiles hit Poland.
Minutes after AP's alert, Fox News cited not only the same "senior US official" but also said "according to reports on the ground, a Russian missile, fired from somewhere off of Ukraine, went into Ukraine air space but then veered into eastern Poland".
The curious case of the widely circulated but incorrect story that suggested that Russia was responsible for the 15 Nov missile strike on Przewodow, Poland.

Western media, in lockstep, started spreading the inaccurate story.
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#Flashback The VK Lingam RCI - is actually blow our mind.

As a result of the VK Lingam RCI, a system to prevent forum shopping of judges (meaning human intervention to select which judge to hear which case) was implemented.
Each judge was pre-assigned to a criminal court - for example, judge ABC to criminal court 1, judge DEF to criminal court 2 and so on.

A Electronic filing system would then randomly appoint cases to a specific criminal court.
In the SRC case, Judge Sofian was already pre-assigned to criminal court 3.

Najib's SRC case was randomly selected by the system to be heard in Criminal Court 3 - which means Judge Sofian being the judge in charge there will hear Najib's case.
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The aftermath of the 1921 Moplah Terror had come to Doctorji as a shock.

Indian Muslims had proved themselves Muslims first and Indians only secondarily so that when the Khilafat was given up in Turkey, they withdrew from the allied movement for
national independence.
The whole atmosphere was charged with Muslim fanaticism. ‘Allah ho akbar’ and not ‘Bharat mata ki jai’ was heard everywhere. Soon there were Muslim riots in Bannu, Kohat, Multan, Nagpur, Kanpur and elsewhere.

‘These are not Hindu-Muslim riots,’
he would say. ‘These are Muslim riots because in every single case it is they who start them and go on the offensive.’
These riots culminated in the Moplah atrocity, completed with arson, loot, murder, rape and forced conversion. The nation was dazed. And Doctorji wondered:
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apricot prince
a noren local au
#WRITTEN by ; poseidoonss, 22 ImageImageImageImage
d i s c l a i m e r s ;
•kinda rated 18+
•contain harshwords
c a s t s ;
jn as isaiah craig
rj as rui nara ImageImage
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Imran Khan has challenged the military that it cannot keep the country united. If Army was capable enough than East Pakistan wouldn’t fall in 1971. He was boasting about PTI to be the only federal party having the ability to draw national power through its cadres.
#Flashback: Here is a speech by Sheikh Mujibur Rahman who was once leading the Pakistan movement and supported Madar e Millat Fatima Jinnah against Gen Ayub finally laying the foundation of modern Bangladesh. The grandson of Gen Ayub is now an electable of Imran Khan.
Sheikh Mujib ur Rahman gave Bengalis the idea of freedom while raising slogans of Long Live Bengal (East-Pak Province) and Long Live Pakistan in early 1971. In March Operation Search Light was initiated and on 16 Dec 1971 Dhaka fell.
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What normally amazed Ajimobi most about Tinubu was the fact that when he was planning to seek his support for 2011, many people told him that Tinubu would control him, and reluctantly he ignored those propagandists.
TINUBU didn't just use his party's machinery to support Ajimobi at NO cost, he also assisted his campaign with funds.

At some point, Ajimobi thought one day, Tinubu may come back to ask him for this money but he was watching when the day would come.
TINUBU persuaded Lam Adesina the then leader of ACN in Oyo State to support Ajimobi, Lam agreed and Ajimobi got the ticket of ACN.

FLASHBACK: In 2007, under ANPP, Ajimobi would have gotten some prominent support from other people and he would have become Governor
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more jackpots/points. Do not get distracted by anything. Do not #lookjun at your or anyone else’s score. Just keep tapping your finger. Practice the best body position beforehand; one that does not make you fatigued. #FLASHBACK… Standing up might work better for some people.

Pig Barber: Usually slot tournaments are comped, and timed -- players just monkey-punch the button as fast as they can for ten or fifteen minutes, whatever the time set by the casino. The time is kept… automatically, turning the machines on and off.

I don’t like slot tournaments but occasionally play for the comp value. Once I was pleasantly surprised by a "video poker tournament" that involved some skill -- it was the same format as a slot tournament
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📨#Flashback| Ho hem sentit més vegades, però ens arriba com un eco llunyà. Ens hem acostumat al fet que les infeccions bacterianes no siguin un problema greu gràcies als ANTIBIÒTICS, però una sola paraula ens porta la realitat: RESISTÈNCIES. I, de sobte, les notícies arriben.1/8
Què són? D’on venen? Podem fer-hi alguna cosa? 🤔

Com que a Ciència Oberta hem tractat aquesta temàtica, creiem oportú presentar-te de forma ordenada una sèrie de continguts relacionats perquè puguis tenir una idea completa del problema i la seva magnitud. 2/8
Comencem pel principi! Breument, en Nil (@nsalvat22) ens presenta els protagonistes actuals contra les infeccions: els antibiòtics💊. I sí, serveixen per frenar els bacteris, però el mal ús ha tingut conseqüències. Llavors, què són les resistències? 3/8
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섫뽀엓루가 보고 싶어요 ImageImageImageImage
스물여덟 김혅정,
스물일곱 김지엱 추소졍,
그리고 스물셋 이륵다.
엓뽀는 소꿉친구고
섫뽀는 6년차 장수커플
엓루는 사귄지 이제 2년째
섫뽀엓은 같은 대학 다녀서
스무살 이후부터 다같이 친했고,
추랑 루는 엘레베이터에서 처음 만났음
같은 건물에 륵은 6층 토익학원,
추는 8층 회사였거든
처음에는 서로 존재도 몰랐음
추는 첫직장이라 적응하기도 바빴고,
륵은 학점따랴 토익 공부하랴
타인한테 신경쓸 시간이 전혀 없었음.
낮에는 학교 가야하니까
륵 수업이 항상 7시 이후였음.
그래서 추가 야근하는 날
저녁 사들고 들어올 즈음 학원에 오고,
추 퇴근할 즈음 학원이 끝났음.
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#FLASHBACK 2010-2012: How #BokoHaram Started From Small Beginnings By Attacking Police Stations and Prisons…
You have seen Yobe and Adamawa.

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*How a Pastor Stole a $25,000.00 Open Bank Cheque During Dinner in Member's House*

A Successful Nigerian couple invited the Pastor of their church for dinner in their home in California, United States of America.

After the Pastor left, the couple realized their cheque had disappeared. The man said to his wife; “I think the Pastor has stolen the $25,000.00 open bank check that I kept here on the table of which I had the intention to give to him”.
Angrily his wife exclaimed; “Hmmmm! All of them are just the same. If they are not fake, they are thieves. There is no need to invite him again, we shall from henceforth be attending another Church”.

Two Months Later
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-3,1 wars heute Nacht am Südhang

Hühner sind zurück in den Stall

August 2019

Leider sind seit dem 4 Orfen entweder einem Reiher oä zum Opfer gefallen oder verstorben...

Sag Moin Gundula

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#SpecialCounselDurham #Flashback On this day, December 28, 2016 IG Horowitz found then @FBI Deputy Director McCabe wrote to senior intel official arguing Steele dossier should be included in the "main body" of the Intelligence Community Assessment or ICA -- the most consequential
intelligence product about Russian 2016 election interference. McCabe wrote, "We oppose CIA's current plan to include it (Steele dossier) as an appendix; there are a number of reasons why I feel strongly that it needs to appear in some fashion in the main body of the reporting."
NOTE: IG Horowitz found "McCabe's view did not prevail" though he argued 3 points, "President Obama had requested 'everything'" + Steele reporting not vetted but "consistent with information from other sources" (circular reporting) + it had been "widely circulated throughout
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Mood booster pagi ini, IMJ feat da King @Iwa_Kusuma 🔥

Yang rambut merah namanya Ghusty, militan IMJ Semarang. Waktu SMP dia pernah ikut lomba rap gitu, jurinya kang Iwa, doi juara 1. Dream come true, momen 30 tahun Iwa K berkarya, doi dapat kesempatan emas berduet dengan idolanya di panggung Liztomania.
Di konser 30 tahun Iwa K berkarya ini, IMJ nurunin 2 team, plus 1 kelompok tunanetra, pecah sih konsernya. Gw bilang sama anak2, pas konser gw mau duduk anteng nonton konsernya, album Topeng itu pernah bikin satu Indonesia ini demam rap.
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#FLASHBACK: For younger folks, I'm ashamed to admit that there in the early 2000's, during the Bush Administration, the U.S. military/CIA routinely tortured captured soldiers. @JoeBiden cut through all the crap & made a very simple point during the hearings in the aftermath:
This clip is from a hearing in June 2004, at the height of our invasion of Iraq. Here's an article about it from the time:…
That quote from Biden--especially the understandable anger through his gritted teeth--has haunted me for 16 years. This is the first time I've dug it up to re-watch, however. THAT'S the @JoeBiden I want as President of the United States, and that's who we heard last night.
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గురువుగారు ఆశీర్వదించి, కర్తవ్య బోధ చేసిన వేళ

ఆచార్య కేతు విశ్వనాథ రెడ్డి గారు సీమ సాహిత్య దిగ్గజం. కేంద్ర సాహిత్య అకాడెమీ పురస్కార గ్రహీత. వీరి 'కడప జిల్లా ఊర్ల పేర్లు' పరిశోధకులకు, సీమ చరిత్రకారులకు పెద్దబాలశిక్ష లాంటిది.

2018లో ఆయన్ని కలిసినపుడునేను సీమ యాసలో రాసిన ImageImage
కథ చూపించి అభిప్రాయం అడిగాను. ఓపిగ్గా చదివి, వెన్నుతట్టి, తగిన సూచనలు ఇచ్చి. 'బాగుందయ్యా.. ఎవరికైనా పంపించు, పబ్లిష్ అవుతుంది' అని చెప్పి, మీలాంటి పిల్లలు (youngster) యాసలో కథలు రాయడం బాగుంది, అట్లనే కడపకు ఎంతో పెద్ద చరిత్ర ఉంది. మనోళ్ల దగ్గర నుండి చారిత్రక నవలలు రావడం ల్యా
కడప చరిత్ర నేపథ్యంలో ఒక మంచి నవల రాయి అని కర్తవ్య బోధ చేశారు.

అంత పెద్ద సాహితీ ద్రష్ట నాలాంటి అనామకుడి కథ చదివి ప్రోత్సహించి సూచనలు చేయడం వారి గొప్పతనం.

వారికి నన్ను పరిచయం చేసిన @tuxnani కి ఎప్పటికీ కృతజ్ఞతలు 🙏🙏

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“I think the Russians are running a strategic political warfare against the United deject it influence their preferred candidate”
@MalcolmNance #flashback four years ago this week on #AMJoy

(Watch @JoyAnnReid eviscerate Boris first 🔥🔥🔥)
“I think it was @selectedwisdom that may have said the most dangerous period in American history might be from Nov 4th until Jan 21, 2021. Who knows what a cornered autocrat will do...”
@MalcolmNance #AMJoy
“He owes some debt to Vladimir Putin that will not allow him to discredit him or speak badly about him at all. As I like to say, when you’re in debt, you never talk bad about your bookie...

Pandering to an exKGB officer is utterly disgraceful.”
@MalcolmNance #AMJoy
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Heute vor genau 4 Jahren

#Holodeck42 Image
Ein bisschen stolz bin ich ja schon Image
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