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☣️1/ Timeline proving UNC been constructing SARS #coronavirus chimeras since AT LEAST 2006 (!), bent on producing live attenuated vaccine (or offing us all, depends on how you see it). Thank you, Dr. #Fauci!

Please hold "Pandora's box" of public discussion wide open on this one.
2/ 2006:
a. Look at "we need a LAV because lab leaks of epidemic strains happen"
b. List of vaccine problems, including ADE (mentioning 1992 pub on fCoV)
c. Construction of pandemic-level chimeric icGDO3-S "challenge virus" with spike from 2003 SARS case…
3/ This lab has a history of leaks. Like SARS mice escapes. Extremely humanised BLT-L were invented c. 2019, but we just don't know what those "simpler" 2014 mice were carrying - killler chimeras or live vaccine variants. Or if lab staff got infected.

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Tweet 1/15 This follow list was made by me as a result of many GMErs wanting a stronger GME presence in their timeline. I usually don’t like these posts but I think this situation warrants it

@RedChessQueen99 @rensole @PinkCatsOnAcid @heyitspixel69 @u_sharkbaitlol
2/15 Bookmark any tweet in this thread and come back when you want to follow more GMErs

@Martini_v8 @MrStonksss @benwehrman @Cr6zyMonk @BoiEagen @GoHarg72 @aroflip @ali_nomaan @InZaneViews @DeeStonk @KrisSypo76 @2killmokingbird
3/15 I was getting mostly 90% AMC in my timeline, and while I support AMC shareholders, I am 100% yoloed into GME

@CashEzra11 @ZIONLIO29288757 @BuyGmeamc @greg16676935420 @ParikPatelCFA @ButtFarm69 @shitboxvwdriver @Kennith_Griffen @DrTrillions @ConwayYen @TheDorv @BingoSpace
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This is an example of why reddit is a more reliable source than msm & financial media. There are 100s of DDs w/evidence & sources on r/superstonk, r/DDintoGME, and r/gme, just to name a few #GME #superstonk $GME #GameStop @LucyKomisar @SusanneTrimbath…
Compare this DD w/ a latest article from @CNBC or @MotleyFoolSG, which are purposefully vague and oftentimes misleading. Oh, and written in a dumbed down fashion for the masses who believe everything from the mainstream media that is put in front of them.
@BuyGmeamc you are always wondering about Toys R Us. This DD mentions it. Basically Amazon can be the only juggernaut. Anyone else getting remotely close to e-commerce would be squashed out by the shorters.
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Uh oh...

$AMC to Sell Video Games


$GME to Show Movies
Remember kids...

the Gamma Isn't Going to SQUEEZE itself

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Can’t stop, won’t stop, GameStop

$GME #GME #GameStop #GMEforever

John and Jane Q Public, the media is lying to you. *NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE: Buy and hold one share to be a part of history* #nfa Image
Naked shorting aka counterfeit shares and price manipulation
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1/ The Most Massive Media Financial FUD Campaign in History, or How to Kill Excitement & Deceive the Public Regarding #GameStop - #GME $GME #AMC

This is my account of Jan-Feb ‘21. It’s not all-inclusive, more things happened, & some things may be out of order, dates slightly off Image
2/ Thurs Jan 28 - llegal halt of impending MOASS which was happening, 100%

Jan 28-29 - politicians on both sides up in arms. Very vocal. This was one thing they could actually agree on!

Jan 30-31 - Fake silversqueeze hashtag started trending on Twitter over the weekend
3/ Sun Jan 31 I had CNN on my TV playing in the background all day. @CNN reports a fake silver squeeze on the evening news “Now that GameStop is over wallstreetbets has targeted a NEW squeeze SILVER.” This was a 💯 falsified story, I felt a gut punch that night! GME was not over!
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Meme Your Dreams Into Existence

A thread:

Why is America "The Greatest Country in the World™?"

Unlike Italy (Caesar), Greece (Alexander), and Mongolia (Khan), America never ruled half the known world.

In fact, America is only 200 years old. It's one of the youngest countries of all.

So why do they get that slogan?
America gets that slogan because for all 200 of those years they've existed, they've been yelling it at the top of their lungs.

Americans said, "This is what makes a country great, and we're doing it. Look at us! That's why our country is the greatest."

It's marketing.
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Dicen que "brilliant minds think alike" 😅

Os iba a escribir hoy un hilo sobre $SAFEMOON pero @RRCrypto_ se me ha adelantado y ha escrito uno magistral.

Podría ahorrarme compartir una entrada DE RIESGO en un proyecto CHORRA que en principio no aporta nada.
O postear en un par de semanas (si va bien) y darme palmaditas en la esplalda a mí mismo por haber hecho un x2 / x3 (sin haber compartido la entrada públicamente).

Este proyecto, pese a no hacerme gracia en ningún aspecto, tiene mucho hype y un par de infuencers pumpeando
He invertido 1BNB en $SAFEMOON a $0.00000042
Pienso re-evaluar la entrada a diario.
Lo mismo si hace un x1.5 o un x2 saco todo; o tal vez saco el inicial y dejo el resto corriendo.

Sea como sea, por ahora no es un long HODL por riesgo de rug pull.
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$GME update A perfect cup and handle. THe hedges attacked 2-3 weeks ago dropped the price but not through the sales of the holders. Investors are more well prepared this time. We are seeing three days of higher highs to break out of that $218 wall. Once we do I expect a swift...
run up to 300. This run by $GME will also give much needed boost to $AMC and other #stocks. Our job this week is to maintain the price over 200 by Friday if we can. Hedge are going to start getting...flirty with attacks lol. Regardless, this illustrates that #GME aint going...
anywhere. The people like the #stock. Looking at the daily chart, $200 will have the next resistance before 218. We are sitting above VWAP and tomorrow morning we should be gapping up. $GME $AMC #GME #AMC #doge #btc #eth #Ethereum #amcstock #GME1M #GameStop #stocks #crypto #Biden
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LIVE: In 15 minutes @SenateBanking @BankingGOP will consider the nominations of Gary Gensler for @SEC_News and @chopraftc for @CFPB. Gensler in particular might have a major impact on the industry. You know the drill, thread starts here:…
Should be livestreamed here…
We are off, with @SenSherrodBrown introducing the nominees and discussing the impact the COVID pandemic has had on individuals
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Every year, Warren Buffett posts a letter to the shareholders of Berkshire Hathaway.

His company has compounded annual gains of 20% since 1965 (blowing away S&P500 or the "market" at 10%).

Here are some highlights of his letter for the year 2020.

4 components of earnings:

- $21.9B of operating earnings,
- $4.9B of realized capital gains,
- $26.7B from unrealized gains by current holdings,
- $11B loss from a write-down

Although Berkshire made no big acquisitions & earnings fell 9%, intrinsic value per share went up by 5%
".. ugly $11 billion write-down – is almost entirely the
quantification of a mistake I made in 2016. That year, Berkshire purchased Precision Castparts (“PCC”), and I paid too much for the company... PCC is far from my first error of that sort. But it’s a big one."

Buffett says
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💥Cette info fera date 💥

Tesla annonce à la SEC avoir acquis $1,5 milliard de #bitcoin… Image
La démarche s'inspire de celle de @MicroStrategy qui a investi $1,145 milliard depuis août dernier

L'objectif est de "diversifier davantage et maximiser les rendements de nos liquidités qui ne sont pas nécessaires pour maintenir une liquidité opérationnelle adéquate"
Tesla annonce en outre que l'entreprise va accepter les paiements en #bitcoin dans un avenir proche
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Amazing & super smart @mcuban spoke to #wsb @wsbmod here's the easy to read q&a all of them below, KEY TAKEAWAYS:
1. When you learn, SHARE YOUR KNOWLEDGE
3. Patience, now that you're learning you can do "HIT AGAIN AND AGAIN" if do as a group.
4. NOT EASY, takes brain power & time
5. THE SEC IS BAD AND NOT FOR LITTLE GUY, should have bright line guidelines
6. Little Guy can prevail
7. Do what you think is right ALWAYS
8.THIS IS THE WAY "Next time, hit them again, at a better broker who can't cut you off."
"work as a group, you can hit again and again"
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(1/11) En estos días, la noticia del alza de la acción de #GameStop, una compañía minorista de videojuegos en EEUU, ha causado revuelo en el mundo. Pero, algo de lo que poco se habla son las oportunidades que trae para las empresas que quieran levantar capital. Abrimos hilo 👇
(2/11) #GameStop con su modelo de negocios anticuado, en cuestión de días superó el market cap de Ecopetrol debido al efecto de las redes sociales y al auge de plataformas de trading de cero comisiones, pero a las que les otorgas el derecho a utilizar tu información financiera
(3/11) Estas plataformas (la más notoria Robinhood) generan ingresos no con comisiones por transacción, sino vendiendo la información de los movimientos de sus clientes a fondos de cobertura (hedge funds) que se especializan en trading de alta frecuencia.
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The big winners in this #Gamestop saga:

#1 fast traders who did not hold the line
#2 social media leaders
#3 the media
#4 exchanges/brokers
#5 bag holders who got the opportunity to exit
#6 Chamath

and the losers:

#1 a few hedge funds
#2 Robinhood
#3 most retail traders
I say "most retail traders" as in pumps of this kind the majority usually buys the top and is left holding the bag. Somebody could come up with a rough estimate for this.

Going to be interesting seeing insider selling into the price spike once information becomes available.
Notice how similar the $GME and $DOGE charts are.
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Die #Gamestop-#Aktie wurde noch nicht gesqueezed. Es ist ein guter Moment, um jetzt zu kaufen. Ein ausführlicher und einfach geschriebener Thread.
Ein tägliches Stück Bildung.
Was ist überhaupt passiert? Die Kurzfassung: Hedge Funds (HFs) wetten darauf, dass der Kurs fällt. Dafür leihen sie sich Aktien, die sie verkaufen und später in der Theorie günstig kaufen, um sie an den Verleiher zurückzugeben und den Gewinn einzustreichen. Nennt sich Shorting.
Die Shorting-Rate der Gamestop-Aktie ($GME) liegt über 100%. Heißt, HFs haben sich mehr Aktien geliehen, als überhaupt regulär gehandelt werden. Die Idee von "Retards auf Reddit" war jetzt: wenn wir den Preis einfach pushen, in dem wir selber kaufen, steigt die Aktie und
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El 11 de enero un post en un blog de Reddit llamado “Wall Street Bets” llamó a los más de 2 millones de seguidores del blog a comprar acciones de #Gamestop. El motivo: atrapar a los tiburones de Wall Street en su propia trampa #InvertirconExito #FinanzasPersonales
Anteriormente algunos hedge funds habían vendido en corto millones de acciones de esta compañía. Vender en corto consiste en tomar prestadas acciones para venderlas y luego intentar recomprarlas más baratas, consiguiendo una ganancia si se produce una baja.
Pero el plan no salió como estos hedge funds esperaban…
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Le cours de l'argent $XAG semble au coeur d'une guerre d'intox entre r/wallstreetbets et d'autres opportunistes

Bcp de comptes Twitter se revendiquant du subbreddit invitent à l'acheter en masse mais WSB pointe une tentative de déstabilisation visant à renflouer les hedge funds
Vendre ses positions sur #GameStop pour les réinvestir dans l'argent serait un moyen de venir en aide aux hedge funds qui auraient des positions long (et non short) sur lui…
Cependant, il ne faut pas considérer r/wallstreetbets comme une communauté homogène qui suivrait les consignes de quelques membres influents

On y lit tout et son contraire…
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Far better informed people than me have commented on the actual winners and losers associated with #GameStop and the #RedditArmy attack on the stock market (see @StephenPunwasi to start) but what fascinates me is the political angle. Which is real, but also completely absent. 1/9
This incredible movement of dollars, headlines, and memes is fundamentally driven by frustration with elites winning endlessly in a game perceived to be rigged. Leaving aside whether the response is productive or destructive, the motivating force is clear, pure, and real. 2/9
This movement has been compared to everything from Trump-inspired insurrectionists to violent Antifa activists. Such comparisons, from every side, are unfair and miss the point. Because this movement hasn't taken any side politically and hasn't come close to breaking any law. 3/9
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@HtamNet @LoicNgy J'en parle souvent. La monnaie créée par les banques centrales fait baisser mécaniquement les taux de rendements du marché obligataire, poussant les investisseurs vers des actifs plus risqués : junk bonds, actions, dérivés, d'où la montée en puissance des fonds spéculatifs.
@HtamNet @LoicNgy En agissant ainsi, les banques centrales qui ont baissé artificiellement les risques sur le marché obligataire, ne fait que transférer le risque sur d'autres classes d'actifs, ou les investisseurs cherchent du rendement en prenant des risques élevés.
@HtamNet @LoicNgy Cela crée de l'entropie dans ces marchés, de la prise de risque démesurée des agents économiques, dont les fonds spéculatifs et les petits investisseurs, ne sont que des acteurs de cet écosystème instable.
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Na twitter i reddit trenduje hasztag #silversqueeze o co chodzi? Mechanizm jest trochę inny niż w przypadku spółki #Gamestop ale idea podobna. #WallStreetBets podejrzewają o manipulacje cenami srebra na giełdzie pewne instytucje finansowe i chcą to wykorzystać mówiąc sprawdzam
Według #WSB: (1) AG jest najlepszym przewodnikiem energii, ciepła i najlepiej odbija światło ze wszystkich metali. Dlatego nadaje się w produkcji paneli fotowoltaicznych i samochodów elektry. Dodatkowo wydobycie srebra z roku na rok spada, ze względu na wyczerpywanie się złóż.
(2) Ze względu na spodziewany wzrost popytu i spodziewany spadek podaży cena srebra powinna rosnąć ponieważ inwestorzy przewidując wzrost cen srebra zakupują je dzisiaj aby odsprzedać w przyszłości kiedy będzie na nie większe zapotrzebowanie.
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Fascinating story. Small investors may yet bankrupt the hedge fund billionaires: by uniting to buy and hold stock in the US version of the high street’s Cex - it’s called @GameStop. The billionaires had bet heavily on the company going bump.
Fuck yeah - imma buy shares Mon.
Who knows in what guise the Revolution will arrive? It doesn’t necessarily mean tooling up, busting the local Bastille and feeding a hungry guillotine(can’t do THAT keeping 2m apart so it ain’t safe).
The workers WILL regain ownership of the means of production and the rich man WILL be humbled - it’s inevitable, mes amies.
Anyway, I am IN. 💎🤲
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