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#GameStop & @ryancohen are committed to NOT doing 👇! The $GME C Suite puts their money where their mouths are, so their incentives are aligned with shareholders! And, they just keep buying-BULLISH!
👀! $GME is one of the very companies with positive insider buying! Look at 👇!
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In #Crypto, everything happens at lightning speed, and sometimes we miss very important news that could affect our portfolio.
So, here is a list of all the important news of the past week, which I have compiled 📰🗞️

#CryptoNews #cryptocrash Image
🚨Nigeria regulator says local Binance operations 'illegal'.

🔔 #TUSD temporarily stopped issuing TUSD through Prime Trust.

🔔 #Robinhood will no longer support #Solana, #Polygon and #Cardano after June 27, 2023.
💥 #OKX burns 5.5 million #OKB exchange tokens — worth roughly $244 million.

🔔 Binance_US suspends all USD deposits following SEC lawsuit.

💥 #Kraken launches its NFT marketplace on #Polygon.
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📰 DIA Ecosystem Weekly News 📰

Here is a recap of important news within the $DIA Ecosystem from the previous week.

A Thread 🧵 Image
✅ New data source validated @opensea

@opensea has been validated as a data source for the #DIA platform by the #DIA #DAO community.

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🎉DIA DAO x Relative Finance

@DIAdata_org has announced its partnership with @relativefi.

#Relative #Finance has successfully integrated a custom #DIA xFloor oracle which provides it with fully customized real-time price feeds for a variety of #NFT collections.
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The resulting thread, which features confessionals from devs who’ve worked on games ranging from Gotham #Knights to obscurities like a Friends trivia game for the #PlayStation5 , is filled with wholesome lessons devs from many different #GeminiFourth… The resulting thread, which features confessionals from devs who’ve worked on games ranging from Gotham Knights to obscurities like a Friends trivia game for the PlayStation 2, is filled with wholesome lessons devs from many different companies and… disciplines learned while working on games with which critics and players didn’t quite gel.

Speaking with Kotaku, Rochelle told Kotaku it was really cool to hear from so many people who appreciated the good aspects of Colonial
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1) GME Entertainment LLC will become a global brand with a three pronged Strategy under the name “GME Entities”

Amazon like consumer product distribution, Apple like dominance on Web 3.0 asset delivery, In person entertainment hub becoming the Top Golf of Gaming in big cities

GME Entities divided into GME Entertainment LLC, GMERICA, BAXY, (unnamed entity) Image
2) BAXY Design Based Flagship stores in largest cities in globe. Flagship store ImageImage
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1/ Is the Indian market on the verge of its own 'retail investors vs hedge fund' battle?

A thread on #AdaniGroup 🧵
2/ Recently, #HindenburgResearch caused Adani group stocks to crash over 15% in a day by alleging that the group was manipulating its accounts! 🚨

Adani's investors lost ₹1 lakh crore in a blink! 👀
3/ Adani's lenders & subsidiaries like #LIC, SBI & Ambuja cement also took a 🔴big hit.

Yet, the group defends that this mischievous report is aimed at hurting Adani Transmission's FPO.
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Major Update(1): Salma Hayeks husband owns #Balenciaga, Kering is a parent organization of Gucci and Balenciaga brands, lead by François-Henri Pinault, Chairman & CEO.

Everyone knows by now that Kering owns Balenciaga
However Did you know Majority is owned by.. Keep Reading 🐇🕳️ Image
Groupe Artemis which was founded by François Pinault the father of François-Henri Pinault, they own well.. Puma and Christies(This will be important later). François-Henri Pinault sits on the board of Kering and Artemis overseeing the family businesses. ImageImage
Interesting Fact: Scrolling down a little I found one interesting director and no other then the beloved Emma Watson who played in Harry Potter. I am just as shocked as the ones reading. Let's dive deeper into both Kering And Artemis, they are the same so I will write Kering.. Image
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Aus aktuellem Anlass informiert die BaFin in diesem Thread über Aktien der #Gamestop Corp. $GME #GME (1/5) Gamestop Corp.: Wichtige In...
Die GameStop Corp. hat Anfang Juli einen Aktiensplit in Form einer Stockdividende beschlossen. Die BaFin hat – auch aufgrund einiger Hinweise von Anlegerinnen und Anlegern – die depotführenden Banken angehalten, die Einlieferung der jungen Aktien sicherzustellen. (2/5)
Technisch wurde die Kapitalmaßnahme jedoch bislang über die relevanten Datenprovider als Aktiensplit und nicht als Stockdividende behandelt. Am 29. Juli 2022 hatten jedoch einzelne Datenprovider die Art der Kapitalmaßnahme in eine Stockdividende geändert, (3/5)
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To all the #COKE stockholders,

The reason you lost money today is abusive short selling on ETF's containing the S&P Small Cap 600.

The ETF's were used to indirectly short another company in this index, so the short sellers bought all other stocks in the ETF including $COKE...
So when $COKE left the index today, the short sellers had to get rid of these additional stakes in $COKE at all cost.

This created the massive sellof you experienced.

By the way: $COKE was replaced by $GRBK Green Brick Partners in the index, which rose about 9% today...
This means abusive short selling of S&P Small Cap 600 ETF's led to the massive manipulation of #COKEstock price.

Please complain about this to @SECGov and @USDOJ_Intl

If you wonder which stock was sold short indirectly using these ETF's visit r/superstonk on reddit.

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I use engineering methods to analysis stocks such as $GME because the overall behavior is so well controlled that it behaves just like a systemic process.
Manufacturing engineering often uses the below chart to monitor live data. The upper and lower control limit (UCL /LCL) are used for quality controls. These values can be defined by a static value defined by requirement or general distribution of the population. Image
As a very general statement, $GME's"high-low" values appear to be constant despite how the average values ranged from ~$120-$300. If ~$120-$300 is considered the average, the UCL and LCL are static and not relative ratio to the values suggesting a user defined variable. ImageImage
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The most popular type of casino #GameStop , online slots are always in high demand and this May is not an exception. With the number of software providers growing exponentially, the global market of virtual #TheFamilyChantel… machines has never been more diverse aiming to offer something for everyone, literally.

Naturally, not all of the sophisticated one-armed bandits rock and often it’s pretty hard to figure out why such a fantastic at first glance release has failed to… become a worldwide favorite. Although there’s no accounting for taste and it’s impossible to find two players that would fully agree on a list of ten best titles, some games continue to soar high for years while others have been quickly forgotten.
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Below is an on-going list of DD I have written. Each subject is organized into general topics with more DD tweeted and linked respectively. Any and all of my future analysis and research will be added to this pin.

The DD is never done.

The #Algorithm. The Ouroboros: Characterizing #GameStop share price and reverse engineering #HFT #algos.

10/4/21: Part 1…

11/18/21 Part 2… Image
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Gamblers #worldwide are increasingly faced with the situation of being restricted from playing certain online casino slots at the websites where they have a real-money account and can enjoy the vast majority of #Gamestop featured in the lobby.… Players get (unpleasantly) surprised and often confused while the ever-growing number of web-based operators powered by dozens of software providers does not make things any easier. Well, whether we like… Usually, it is the software developer who restricts usage of its products in certain jurisdictions and territories to comply with a variety of legal requirements and license conditions. However, in some cases, country restrictions may differ from one
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If you like cascading reels, try Aztec Temple enhanced with the Avalanche Multiplier feature and bunches of free spins. Ritchy Witchy, Santa’s Bag, Chinese Tiger, Jewel Bang, and other engaging #GameStop from Platipus are waiting for you at Tsars, BitStarz, Oshi, iLucki… and Casino-Z, to name just a few.If you are a bit tired of online slots with complicated gameplay, take a closer look at Mr Slotty library that lets punters enjoy premium graphics, intensive animation, and free spins as the only house specialty. While Vegas After Party is all about the benefits of the high-off-the-hog life, Cleopatra 18+ is obviously about the charms of the stunning queen of Egypt. Many websites that accept Australian players offer games from this brand, including 7Bit Casino.
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#GameStop like #Caribbean Poker and Tricard Poker often annoy real poker players, since there’s no bluffing and no interplay between the players. Some poker players will tolerate Pai Gow, since at least it has a little bit more strategy.… Slot machines are easily the most popular form of gaming today. Today, slot machines are big in casinos, both online as well as brick and mortar ones. They rake in almost 60% of the profits a casino generates. However, this was not the case when slot… machines first came into the picture. Casinos first introduced slot machines to provide gamers with a diversion from the regular gambling games.

The first slot machines were built in the late 1880s and were basic models. Charles Fey of San Francisco
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There's a moment in time coming.

A moment that may last many days.

A moment that will change finances for decades.

A moment that will imprison the over-greedy and enrich those who hold them accountable.

A moment we have been waiting for.

A moment we have planned for.
A moment that will be like nothing that has ever come before and nothing that will ever come again.

A moment that will change the world.

A moment that will shine a light on those that hide their deeds in darkness.

A moment that will narrow the gap between those that are... and those that are poor.

A moment that we have been fighting for.

A moment that they have feared even more.

This moment is coming and coming soon.

This moment will ignite our rockets, our lives and our strength.

The moment we've landed on the moon.
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Transactions were authorized until January 28th, the day the buy button was turned off. Image
On January 26th, another document was released, updating the effective date to May 27th, which was the day after #Gamestop, #AMC & others, jumped. Image
At the PEAK of #Gamestop & #AMC price, Biden amended the Executive Order on June 3rd, delaying the effective date to June 3, 2022. Be careful, because the next EO could cause a run up at any moment. ImageImage
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I believe this is the same executive order that caused #Gamestop #AMC #BBIG #PROG & all #MEME #STOCKS to run huge in January 2021 and May 2021.
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Hepimizin çok sevdiği bu giflerin nerden çıktığını merak ediyor muyuz?
Bu gifler #wallstreetbets 'ten çıktı....
Peki ne bu #wallstreetbets ? Ve @Superalgos ile alakası ne?
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(1/14) Your weekly thread on #l222 is here! The #Ethereum #Layer2 space is growing at a breakneck speed, so you'll find that my threads will focus on educational materials and protocol updates primarily, to provide the best signal to noise ratio. Here we go! 🧵👇
(2/14) @BanklessHQ killing it with the #Layer2 content! Want to read more about the coming Layer 2 token landscape, from token economics to how L2 tokens could affect the price of #Ethereum? Check out the writeup here:
(3/14) Huge news for @ImmutableX and #GameStop this week! @GameStop will be launching an #NFT marketplace using ImmutableX. This has some amazing potential for pioneering in-game NFTs. Can't wait to see how it shakes out. Read more here:…
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I believe @michaeljburry is referencing how for #GME 2021 has similar volatile dates as 2019. I've included a previous DD, 2019 vs 2021 share price data (that has been planarized, and other related stuff indicating this as well. #GameStop #math…
Some more data dump:

Here is a close up of that oscillating behavior beginnign in 2019. The volume data on the bottom has shows this signiature swing. You can also see how there are max volume outliers that seem to have an even displacement between each other.
Melvin entered the scene in 2016Q1. One could see how the oscillation become more defines around the same time . There also is a (highly improbable) linear decrease in the share price at this time.
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Given how so many of my twitter spaces have been about looking at the #data as well how to prepare yourself for #MOASS with the focused audience on the #n00bie #investor much like myself, I'm wanting to write down my suggestions on how to prepare.
If anyone knows of any related #DD, will you please send it my way so I can use it as a source and give shout outs? I plan on writing this up to be SUPER beginner friendly. Thank you in advance.
$GME #GameStop #n00btube #InvestingShouldNotBeIntimidating #yolo #rage
This is not #financial #advice. It is mere #suggestions that come from how I'm going about this. I'm an engineer not a wall street asshat.
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(1\27) Let’s discuss further about the #MaiarExchange as it nears its Official Launch $MEX $eGLD. The ability earn passive income is due to U the people getting to replace the greedy middleman.Powerful. Traditional Market Exchanges (CEX) have numerous problems #BTC #DeFi #Yield
(2\27)Groundbreaking elements of #DeFi has allowed new income streams to everyday individuals, leveraging #Blockchain.Tech Enthusiasts have experienced it. Thanks to #MaiarExchange & @getMaiar for the first time it will be accessible to the everyday person
(3\27)The ability to make money while U sleep is amplified, many have earned passive income by helping to secure @ElrondNetwork by #Staking The #MaiarExchange $MEX allows U to earn earn money normally reserved for #MarketMakers of Exchanges #PassiveIncome
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