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This thread will have every video that is in this Powerful compilation video.

The Truth Must Be Heard!!!

#GodBlessUsAll #WWG1WGA #BlkWhtNoDifference
@Pouissant1 @FiQQMi @NoClutchTruth @intheMatrixxx @shadygrooove @QDzBack @comms_gem @DoeNymm @lk_light
Eric Thompson cohost of Blk/Wht No Difference!!! #WWG1WGA
#WWG1WGA #Hydroxychloroquine
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“Symbols will be their downfall” Q. Yes, they will be targeted and exposed for using them. However, there is a deeper meaning and the true meaning that has been hidden from us all for neons. All symbolism created by the dark forces come with #FromDarkToLight #WWG1WGA #Godwins
2-frequency-waveform-vibration in the symbol. There are tens of thousands of symbolisms over the ages and all the ones that exist today. Everything has meaning. Research the word Sigils. All these symbols come with a frequency designed and created for a reason.
3-What’s a Sigil? 👇”A sigil is a symbol you create with the intention of changing your reality in accordance with your will. All sigils are encoded with a specific purpose”. That’s the simplistic and laymen version. These are much more Sophisticated. They are charged with
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A thread

QAnon is a hoax,


QAnon and its story is the most poetic narrative available to the simulation that is our world, and its incarnation represents the signature of God.

I choose the second option, and let me tell you why.

1) I don’t care where Q started, I care..
what we are doing with it. At some point, someone in the #POTUS45 administration started to play along with it to the point that it has become an official part of the Trump base. The insignia #WWG1WGA is used by @GenFlynn and @EricTrump and it embodies a high level of patriotism.
2) What Q represents now is the STUXNET to the #MSM. Do you remember STUXNET? It was the Israeli time cyberbomb placed inside the Iran nuclear reactors. It took over control of them and unleashed a self-destructive process.

Q is the most exquisitely designed double-bind.
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1/ Demons. What are they? To understand demons, you have to have notion of biopsychology, at least. Bruce Lipton has shared that thoughts epigenetically translate codons (3 genes = amino acid = building block) too. Activated tentacles that wrap your DNA!

2/ When your histones get acetyl-, methylated to wrap or unwind your DNA for DNA polymerase to copy into mRNA to assembly right enzymes based on three genes (codons) with tRNA's, your cells make different proteins and enzymes to deal with its local and paracrine environment.
3/ For example, when thinking about Death, you automatically respond in manifesting cellular changes that overall sum up to your state. Your body's hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal gland axis shifts into a sympathetic state, which is an 'action' state. Fight, flight, or freeze.
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1/8 I believe @John_F_Kennnedy is alive, working w @realDonaldTrump & Q to save the world from the deep state creatures. He came to me in a dream, confirmed everything. They have 3 children, 2 boys & a girl, first boy named Flynn, rumour has it. ImageImageImageImage
2/8 No one has ever been able to explain away Carolyn & the 3 children at the rallies. There are 10 people in the world that know the whole plan, so @VincentCrypt46 gets to reveal when he decides to. ImageImageImageImage
3/8 There are many people we think are alive that have been executed & many you think are dead that are alive and have been in witness protection to escape their illuminati masters.

#QAnons ImageImageImageImage
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Did you catch the HUGE message from Trump? Those 5 words sure sounded similar to 9+11 when the school-kids recited: KITE, PLANE, MUST, HIT, STEEL. Those words = 264 = PERSON WOMAN MAN CAMERA TV = HILLARY DIANE RODHAM CLINTON 👇

What are the odds that Trump just happened to use five words, just like the school-kids GWB was with right before 9+11, and the five words equal the exact same value if A=1, B=2, etc? See why The Witch was so TRIGGERED? 👇

As #SerialBrain2 demonstrated in the decode below, using children for the KITE, HIT, STEEL, PLANE, MUST 'spell' was metaphysically about attacking God's creation: mankind. 9=i & represents the head. 11=K & represents the body.
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To the latin community here is one of the most top artist of reggaeton genre Ozuna pedophilia symbols.
It couldn’t be more obvious the song title is “Mi Niña”
Directly from the Fbi web site you can find their sysmbols and meaning. Here I provided a link…
Symbolism will be their downfall
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1/ CV1984 Data Thread #GodWins #Trump2020

My husband just came down from his office and told me about a meeting he just had.

He was on the phone with 2 data consultants he uses for competitive analysis, and both of them launched into CV1984, which was not on the agenda.
2/ CV1984 Data Thread #GodWins #Trump2020

One of the guys is an MIT data guy, and he said the CV1984 data is bogus. He said the numbers being reported are impossible.

He decided to call news outlets to ask questions. Nada.
3/ CV1984 Data Thread #GodWins #Trump2020

He called his state and county health reps [he's in FL] and asked one woman to look into it…

As soon as she started to ask questions about the date, she was FIRED.
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1️⃣Trump is a gematria genius!

His aQuity test words
Person. Woman. Man. Camera. TV =

• The Clinton’s names

• 🪁- Hit-Steel-✈️- Must
(🤔9/11 & iPet🐐2 🎥)

• Oprah Winfrey Network

• Bill&MelindaGatesFoundation

• ChildSnuff🎞Collectors…
2️⃣Trump is a gematria genius!

👀 what his aQuity test words
Person. Woman. Man. Camera. TV =

💥I am Q, more than meets the👁

• The🐰hole is the Whole of the Abyss
• My name is Pope Franciscus
• London Bridge is falling down
• CapitusDiminiotioMaxima

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The Storm is here for Anons on Twitter. What are you going to focus on, the storm or Him? He will guide you through. The enemy is panicking because they are losing big and will ultimately lose. Let’s continue to pray and fight! #GodWins
“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 3:6-7
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QDrop 4604 July 19th, 2020. 10:33:13 PM
“Batten down the hatches.” Q.
AC-130 Gunship Lights Up the Night.
We’ve seen this video before. I’m going to have to search for my older tweets on it.
2. Here it is!! L👀K at that. Even including the new QDrop they ALL have 13 in them regarding the Laser Gunship that didn’t Fire! What are the odds?! 😏 #Flynn knew.
It connects #Benghazi, #HRC, “How do you catch a fish?”🎣👉🏻 #HOOK, #PAN, Laser Pointer
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Tom Guinness appears to be a person of HIGH interest... fashion designer of 'celebrities' and child models alike AND MARRIED RACHEL CHANDLER 😐🧐
And just as fast as Tom guinnes became questionable... The magazine HOMME and it's direct links to Tom are now just as qeustionable? 😬
From UK to New york in the space of a few posts...
I wonder were we'll end up next? 🤔
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1. Rockefeller PDF doc from their website (truth hidden in plain sight) 2010 reveals plan to create hybrid virus at Fort Detrick Frederickstown, Md/Gates'vac-cine/global economic shutdown in 2020.
2. Document from Rockefeller foundation plainly states global economic takeover was planned in 2010.
They have been working on 2 creations that they felt would need 10 years to set up.
2020 was their target date to release a global pandemic.
They accomplished that.
Read on...
3. These sa-tan-ists would create a LOW mortality virus to fit the needed plan, meaning a hybrid strain. They accomplished this at Fort Detrick in 2015.

They would also create a weaponized hybrid with a HIGH mortality rate, but that would be used only if needed.
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Red Pill Thread Part 2 ... The protection of our most innocent – that it would garner such huge ratings, that every network would cover these arrests 24/7? @SecPompeo @RichardGrenell @realDonaldTrump @RealCandaceO @Inevitable_ET @vincent_fusca
Why has there been such a blackout of this news? Why have there only been a few Hollywood celebs that have even dared to speak of this? Hollywood is the first community to jump on their soapbox and moralize us peons. So how come there hasn’t been a tsunami of moral outrage ...
from these magically blessed, ever-young, perfect-life celebs? Crickets. The blood running thru the veins of this evil labyrinth is truly evil. They have cultivated a taste and addiction for the most heinous of harvests – the blood and blood byproducts of children #adrenochrome
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1. Why Hwood actresses, politicians, other globalists tweeting crazy things/chi-ldr-en/blood?
Why desperate?
Why openly exposing themselves?
Why do they want to get rid Constitution?
🤔Historic Operation Dismantling [DS] Forces Completed
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#QAnon #QArmy #Anons
@cjtruth @Inevitable_ET @prayingmedic @LisaMei62 @Sun_Q_Tzu @TommyG

Huge 🔥🔥🚀🔥🔥

Are we about to see 🔥 at tack? In Tennesee?
2) Woke up and saw this article, picture looked a little strange to me so I started looking into it
3) Did the math and a bunch of combinations and ran into this:
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Radical Left Thread:

1. I've read many comments on this platform with people suggesting they don't understand how the DNC can hope to win this election in November after of the radicalization that has been coming out this year.
2. Know this, The democrat party "KNEW" in December 2019 they had no shot at winning 2020. They "KNEW" they will lose the house. They KNEW blue cities & states were going to lose to @TomFitton in court & would have to purge voter rolls.
3. Democrats knew they had no candidate capable of beating @realDonaldTrump . They knew the size of his voter base is much larger than what the MSM will report. They knew that without fraud they will lose so many purple & revered "blue states" & people would be awakened.
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#Boston police investigating after #VirginMary statue set on fire at Saint Peter's Parish Church

Rev. John Curran, parish's pastor, said incident, which is being investigated as #Arson, left him shocked & saddened

In a statement to the Boston Herald, Mayor Marty Walsh (D) said, "Any act of hatred and destruction towards religious figures is deeply saddening and unacceptable. Regardless of faiths, it's our responsibility to be respectful towards others' religious beliefs."

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1) Remember when many of us in the #QAnon community were saying that this was likely our “Dark to Light” week? This may very well be our #ShotHeardAroundTheWorld.

In the last few hours, #Wayfair has been accused of selling trafficked children through their website. ImageImageImageImage
2) #Wayfair has pillows and cabinets listed on their site for $10,000 and above. Each of these items have a different name, that correlated to a child that has recently been reported missing. ImageImageImageImage
3) Some of these children have been recovered, and though we don’t have the details, it may be due to an ongoing investigation, as many of us are aware undercover investigations have been ongoing.

According to comments, authorities have been contacted and an investigation opened ImageImageImageImage
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How to be a kickass digital soldier.

1. Understand the "soldier" part.

You may not be storming the beach at Normandy, but your mind and fingers can still help save the world.

Welcome to the 2nd American Revolution + the war of good people worldwide vs. certain evil elites.
2. Understand the "digital" part.

Your most effective work in this particular war will probably be accomplished not on the streets, but at the keyboard.

Yes, sow redpill seeds in the real world.

But, take full advantage of the unprecedented connective power of social media.
3. Remember your infinite value and worth.

God / the universe made you, prepared you, to be here and now, with an awareness of what's really going on that relatively few beings in the history of everything, so far as we know, have ever had.

Accept your own awesomeness.
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I feel this ruling was full necessary to take the Clinton Foundation down! It shows NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW for state subpoenas and finical records can be used as evidence! Dems can dance all they want, I’m looking for justice! #WWG1WGA #TakeTheOath…
We needed SCOTUS rulings on measures democrats have hid behind for decades! This ruling allows DA’s to open #ClintonFoundation finical records
Also, remember Joe Biden, China, Ukraine, Nancy, Ukraine, thousands of US companies bribing her, VISA stock, Obama, Fast and Furious, Soros donations
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