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New to the #ServiceNow ecosystem or just wanting more information .. this thread is for you.
Let’s start with #RiseUp - ServiceNow’s global program and initiative to skill one million people on the company’s platform by 2024.

Aiming to address the digital transformation - related IT skills shortage organizations will experience by 2025.…
#NextGen is a part of this initiative and how ServiceNow provides the training.

There are different NextGen programs.

💻In House Program 10 weeks
💻SkillBridge Program 16 weeks
💻Guided Learning Path 22 weeks

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"Since the passage of FNFMA, 335 First Nations have chosen optional path of participation in the FNFMA — more than half of all Indian Act First Nations...The FNFMA framework & institutions have enabled First Nations to collectively secure" 1/12
"an intern'l, investment-grade credit rating & access $2 billion in private capital through FNFA, creating over 14,000 new jobs in the process. This platform has further empowered First Nations gov't's 2 generate over $1 billion in tax revenues, empowered by FNTC." 2/12
"Stronger gov't's, flourishing economies & secure revenues have supported capacity of First Nations 4 self-determination & lead 2 improved socio-economic outcomes, including community services & infrastructure." 3/12
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Thread (1/9)
This thread looks at the ever-growing threats to UK democracy.

It shows that if we remember that we are the 99%, we can stop the rot.

And it has a fantastic and brand new song by @CaptainSKA
Johnson, the worst Prime Minster in living memory, is finally on his way out.…
And given the damage he has done to the UK, that sounds like good news.…
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What RU here 2 do, say, be & create? Well, go out there & getter done ✅ no time 2 loose. And by the way...the world NEEDS you‼️ Who wants to spend the rest of our days like this👇 #HellNo #RiseUp… #Superman2 #superman II #General Zod via @gifkeyboard
This is a message4 @JustinTrudeau @theJagmeetSingh @cafreeland @marcomendicino et al... you have activated the world’s most potent #SuperHeros, #Warriors & #Fearless #Champions. We will NOT back down we’ll not give up & we will NEVER surrender. #YouLose #GodWins this clip’s 4U👇
You have no idea what we are capable of, and we grow stronger each day as more & more join our ranks.
#WatchThisSpace #PainIsComing4TheElites
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“[Johnson] is showing signs of being extremely impatient in regard to the constitutional constraints upon him. He gets angry if the courts or parliament try to interfere...'

- Ken Clarke, Nov '21 (…)

🚨 & now Johnson has rewritten the #MinisterialCode 🚨
- adding this clause:
1.7 Where the PM determines that a breach of the expected standards has occurred, he may ask the Independent Adviser for confidential advice on the appropriate sanction. The
final decision rests with the PM...
...Where the PM retains his confidence in the Minister, available sanctions include requiring some form of public apology, remedial action, or removal of ministerial salary for a period.

Now, Johnson alone decides the fate of any minister, including himself 🚨🚨🚨

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If THIS *isn't* what the World Economic Forum WANTS then the Biden swipe makes sense. What do WE THE PEOPLE want? If voting is useless, HOW DO WE GET WHAT WE WANT. #RISEUP
Remarks by President Trump at the World Economic Forum | Davos, Switzerland 1-21-20…
Think about it- waiting for another fucking vote isn't going to work if they have spent decades degrading the planet under an iron fist of degradation to a MOLDY FUCKING GOD because they fixed it to NOT WORK. What are WE THE PEOPLE waiting for?
If we are waiting for someone to tell us what to do or for saviors to come thundering back, then we're going to just sit and rot in hell. If we are waiting to ascend and leave this behind we are jerks and cowards. If we are still just sitting on keyboards and not affecting our
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Des rendez-vous de #Nantes à #Paris, en passant par #SaintNazaire :
➡️ Samedi 2 avril à Nantes : «#Riseup» à partir de 14h. Discussions, tribune, concerts, aux Ateliers de Bitche, avec le Collectif vérité et justice pour Babacar, @phamthikang, @lessoulevements, @MathieuRigouste et Nargesse Bibimoune.

Évènement :…
➡️ Samedi 2 avril à Aulnay-sous-Bois : marche en mémoire de Jean-Paul. Le père de famille a été abattu par un policier alors qu'il était au volant. Plusieurs nuits de colère ont eu lieu cette semaine en banlieue parisienne.
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On Saturday 20th November 8 people in Cardiff, aged between 21-69, joined groups all across the UK in an act of mass civil disobedience in solidarity with the #Highway9 who were jailed earlier this week, and the 23 others who are expected to be summoned to court next week.
Exercising their democratic #RightToProtest, the group stood in the road and blocked traffic between HMP Cardiff and the Cardiff Magistrates Court for 10 minutes until a fire engine with sirens came so they moved swiftly and continued their protest on the pavement.
One of the group, Liz (37) a Project Manager from Penarth, stated: "I felt I needed to do this today to show my solidarity with the Insulate Britain protestors. Whether or not you 100% agree with their methods, it is not right that people who are simply demanding the ........
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🧵Very important election on 11/2 in #Pennsylvania

We must show up and vote or request your mail in ballot

#VoteLocal2021 elect Dems for School Boards, Judges & Row Offices


👂to John Lewis 💗
@ConOHanlon is running for Doylestown Township Tax Collector

Connor's chair of @DoylestownDems and is ready to serve

We MUST support young Dems who have stepped up to run! Please give him a couple 💵 it will 100% help him out ⤵️…

Colleen Mullin is running for Doylestown Township Supervisor

Colleen is currently on the Ways and Means Committee and will hit the ground running!

Visit ⤵️

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BC has now created a two-tiered society of "haves" & "have-nots" - where your inability to participate in normal activities in our society (weddings, business meetings, dining, church, etc.) is NOW a reality.

(Trudeau has transportation! Thanks Junior.)

BC just removed medical exemptions - so if you have the definitive contradictions for the vaccine, developed myocarditis or GBS after the 1st shot, etc. - you MUST now be excluded from full participation in society - indefinitely!

If you think that they are actually going to lift this requirement in January - I have some resort property on the moon to sell you.

Here is a list of what you will NOT be able to participate in:…


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If you don't know what is going on in world, here's Rockerfeller telling you. They say world domination conspiracy unfounded then tell us how they are going to reset world, doing EXACTLY that, even down to food we eat. Evil bastards.…
One thing we know from history, is every time some authoritarian creeps decide to PLAN agriculture, with tech revolution, it ends in people starving, people being evicted from land, & unthinkable horrors.
They MUST BE CONFRONTED & STOPPED: humanity needs to be free of
such diabolical social engineers. Solutions to problems must be NUANCED according to specific local factors be they environmental, cultural, or even re Covid different nations have different issues re borders, movement of people re conurbations etc. Any elites advocating
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We are getting ready now for tonight's webinar A Woman's Place is fighting for women's services. Start taking your seats. We will be tweeting using the hashtag #WPUK4WomensServices
Women joining the meeting from all over the country and greeted by lovely shout outs from panelists @VivHayes @ShonaghDillon @Mocha_Soul @benge_nicola and chair @K_IngalaSmith #WPUK4WomensServices
Introduction to the meeting from @K_IngalaSmith explaining the origin of WPUK - starting as a short campaign to make sure women's voices represented in discussion of GRA reform with five demands. #WPUK4WomensServices
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With the staged "Pictures of Bergamo" the mass media started their #PandemicShow last year.

The "Pictures of Den Haag" are not staged, they show the real madness our society has been driven into by mass media and their political actors.


No words needed.
Peaceful lady pushed by special police forces and hard hit by police car. See next clip with other perspective.
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Thread - I am so tired tonight. It's been a long day & a long week .... @BrightonHoveCC TECC cttee this eve was a tough one to try to address serious concerns about @riseuk decommissioning. Whilst assurances were made, it does present this saddening national trend to give away..
expert #domesticabuse services to the lowest generic bidder.I am deeply unhappy & traumatised about what this means for #Brighton survivors. I feel more low than councillors could ever imagine about future safeguarding issues & in ways someone who's not experienced being afraid
Of a partner in all its guises could understand. I am heartened by some steps taken to address a HQ for @riseuk & discussions around @mhclg £ for dedicated services. I thank @BrightonHoveCC councillors for debating these cross party & taking concerns seriously in light of this...
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"Die Demonstranten sind in Deutschland viel zu brav."
Na das fängt ja gut an bei den Schwurbel Elite.
"Nicht immer nach Erlaubnis fragen, nicht alles anmelden, wir haben das Widerstandsrecht."
LOL, unsere Kinder fragen Sie auch nicht nach Erlaubnis.
Hier geht heute die Radikalisierung weiter...
"Was ist überhaupt Gewalt, die Frage wurde noch gar nicht beantwortet..."
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All people need purpose for a healthy life. When you take purpose OUT of the equation for humanity, humanity can and will find other ways to fill that time most often in non-productive and sometimes even destructive ways.

Take a good look around.
2) Instead of having purposes driven by survival in our modern world, our youth are now consumed by shallow vain pursuits of self promotion, gossip, mob mentality and take their guidance from celebrities and social media stars with the moral compasses of eggshells.
3) Liberals suggest that by taking purpose and jobs away from humanity that it will give them time to pursue science, literature and acquire higher thinking. But it doesn't, instead people fill that time with gossip, vanity, crime, substance abuse, domestic violence and chaos.
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#Women #empowerment starts here... It's core to the #healthy #development of #society... #Kashmir is rising fast, developing fast... Image
Congratulation to Reeba Shamim Malik D/O Prof Shamim Malik & her family for securing Ist position in Jammu province with 98.6% marks in class 12th from small town Darhal of District Rajouri. @ChowdharySaima @RanaAyyub @KhajuriaManu Image
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Brands posting about #BlackLivesMatter is important. Not because most will ever do any of the difficult work of dismantling systems of oppression, but because it’s no longer financially viable to be silent.
These statements, while possibly disingenuous and hollow, reflect a turning of the tide in public perception. #BlackLivesMatter is now positioned as socially acceptable and brands can’t afford NOT to post.
Before, brands and people were scared to post #BlackLivesMatter for fear of losing their career or customers. Now it’s the opposite.
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I will never forget returning home already upset from visiting my only daughter's grave that day, turning on the television and the first thing I saw was this...

I quite literally cried myself to sleep.…
2) It really felt at that moment like he was dancing on my beautiful daughter's grave and the graves of the children of thousands of others who have lost their children due to the criminal illegal aliens he continues protect and enable.
3) Child rapist released back into the public to harm more children due to this mayor's policy.…
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The role of a judge is to interpret law in cases presented by the prosecutor.

It is NOT the role of a judge to decide which cases should or should not be prosecuted.

That authority rests with the prosecutor.

Does this judge intend to be both the judge & the prosecutor?
2) IF this judge feels that there is any sign of impropriety with the DOJ in their handling of the Flynn case he should be filing complaints through the proper channels.

He does not however get to create his own courtroom drama for public consumption. #AbuseofPower
2) The SCOTUS precedents in this case are very clear:

Rule 48(a). "the D.C. Circuit stated, decisions to dismiss pending criminal charges fall within the prosecutorial discretion of the executive branch"

in other words the DOJ has sole discretion on prosecuting cases.
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Meet our #CoronaFascist of the Day, #LockdownLarry, Maryland @GovLarryHogan. When forcing widespread house arrest on his citizens he was quoted as saying:
"We are no longer asking or suggesting that Marylanders stay home. We are directing them to do so." #RiseUp
More #LockdownLarry @GovLarryHogan - As if mandatory face masks weren't draconian enough amid a decline in #COVID19 numbers, Governor Hogan refuses to open his state unless impossible or undefined benchmarks are met. #CoronaFascism #RiseUp
Even more #LockdownLarry @GovLarryHogan - 500 criminals were released from Maryland jails, but someone who refuses to wear a mask can spend a year in jail. #jailbreak #CoronaFascism #RiseUp
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CALL TO ACTION. Call for ALL work to stop - as the Hereditary Chiefs have said “NOPIPELINES”. Yet, there it is: 48” pipe
The permits are NOT approved. They were supposed to only do “preliminary work”... however, CGL has been escorted in by @bcrcmp every day. Escorted in to destroy our unceded territories
When we stand up - mass forces are brought in, and guns pointed at us. There is little to no communication - and we have seen the misinformation being released
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