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Morgen geht es weiter mit Tag 9 #EverydayClimateStrike

Bis zum 20.12. werde ich dieses Jahr noch auf dem Otto-Braun-Platz streiken. Mo-Fr von 12-14 Uhr

Donnerstag veranstaltet @xr_potsdam bei mir einen Wunschzettel Stand und Freitag wird mit @F4F_Potsdam wieder gesungen. (1)
@xr_potsdam @F4F_Potsdam @AnnaMangei @GP_Potsdam @ptsdmautofrei @SeebrueckePD @KlimanotstandB1 @BUNDBrandenburg @parents4future @FridayForFuture @FFF_Berlin Auch noch vor Sylvester sollen Events von Klimabewegungen in Potsdam folgen. Ich werde dabei sein, wenn etwas passiert, denn es muss etwas passieren.

Wir müssen mutiger, aktiver und beharrlicher werden. Den Spaß am Singen und Tanzen nutzen, für eine echte #Revolution. (2)
@xr_potsdam @F4F_Potsdam @AnnaMangei @GP_Potsdam @ptsdmautofrei @SeebrueckePD @KlimanotstandB1 @BUNDBrandenburg @parents4future @FridayForFuture @FFF_Berlin Unsere Politik hat gezeigt, was sie am besten kann:

#Korruption & #Lobbyismus statt #Menschenrechte & #Grundgesetz

Unsere Leben sind direkt von dem #Klimawandel betroffen, doch der #Profit geht vor Menschenleben.

#Rechtspopulismus darf weiterhin die #Demokratie abbauen. (3)
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Was tun wenn rechte Raumnahme unmittelbar vor der eigenen Haustür stattfindet?

Für uns ist die Sache klar: raus auf die Straße, den Nazis zeigen was wir von ihnen halten.

#Rechtsruck #aufhalten #RiseUp #Duisburg #Moers
Zum zweiten mal veranstaltet der mehrfach vorbestrafte #Neonazi Kevin Giuliani am kommenden Samstag in Moers eine als bürgerlich maskierte #Rechtsrockparty.
Dies ist Teil seiner Taktik am #Niederrhein, in unserer direkten Nachbarschaft, seine neonazistische #Kameradschaft "Volksgemeinschaft Niederrhein" weiter zu etablieren und rechtes Gedankengut zu normalisieren.
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Morning all. Here’s something I don’t understand about a certain demographic of the general public. At the time of the EU ref, leave voters claimed that the country would prosper following Brexit, the economy would blossom, we would “regain” sovereignty... /1
... and life would be improved all round generally. The government has now abandoned all efforts to portray Brexit in that light and thus leavers know that they were lied to. With the government’s own forecast on stockpiling of food and medicine, fuel shortages, transport... /2
... disruption, affect on the value of the pound, the obvious loss of EU workers in public services etc., it is no longer a case of sunlit uplands but of “the will of the people” in an outdated mandate some 3.5 years previously and in the face of self-harm. What exactly... /3
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#Riseup #StandWithHongKong #FightForHongKong #WatchTheWater. Yesterday the authorities in Hong Kong declared that today’s March was illegal & anyone attending would be arrested. That fell on deaf ears as hundreds of thousands poured into the streets today. #RainOrShine
Since this March was declared illegal it was decided that today’s event would be a “Religious March” as the police can’t arrest anyone at a religious event. #ThesePeopleAreBrilliant #HiveMind! This showed up at a religious gathering last night.

Photo credit: @Lukewearechange
.@Lukewearechange is OTG in #HongKong as free independent media funded by his supporters. Luke is the only reporter I know that is broadcasting with commentary. Excellent coverage provided from around the world. Here’s today’s coverage.

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1/ No one is happy with their health ‘insurance’ plan. No one. Those who say they are happy are confused. They conflate ‘happy with my plan’ with ‘happy with my doctors and hospitals in my plan’. But those are not the same things.
2/ When your job changes plans (as the majority do, every year, to save money), and you loose access to the same doctors and hospitals you had before, it’s not the ‘plan’ you liked, and now miss: it’s the doctors you liked - and now miss. That’s the issue. Do you see it, yet?
3/ For planned surgery, do you make sure that EVERY Dr and anesthesiologist that even looks at your chart takes your insurance? Are they ‘in network’? Do you still ‘like your plan’? And that’s work you must do BEFORE the ‘planned’ surgery. That doesn’t cover emergency surgeries.
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When anyone tells you we cannot afford it please compare the costs of decades of death and destruction, with NO return on investment, not to mention the incalculable loss in death, suffering, pain, & disability for troops, who should have choice of private care.
If we spent the money we have spent on death and destruction IN OTHER COUNTRIES. We could have invested in a healthier, more educated society with modern infrastructure which ALL would make us much more competitive in an increasingly competitive world.

To keep minimum wage low, add more steps to get voter registration and to vote, and no time off to vote, guarantees more people will NOT vote. People do not vote because the government does NOT care about the people, their struggles, their health, and their education.
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@GeorgeTakei We ARE at WAR, no doubt about it.
An undeclared #CYBERWAR and we have been victims of #CyberWarfare for years.

This #CorruptGOP #PutinsPuppets have been complicit and compromised in denying it to the public.

A clear violation of their duties and oath of office. #ImpeachTrump
@GeorgeTakei #WeThePeople ask @HouseDemocrats not to stand for Trump AT ALL. To HONOR a NATION, that is lied to daily, its coffers are being emptied every second of every minute of every day. His Presidency has been a NIGHTMARE, and our country, and people will be lucky to survive it.
His very presence is an insult to the world and every Ally of the United States. #SOTU
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First they came forasylum seekers and their children, and I did not speak out....
Then they came for the American Latinos...

#HowMuchMore before TAKING A STAND?

#RiseUp #MakeNoise #GetThemOUT
#KremlinAnnex #StormDC #StandOnEveryCorner
This is NOT a drill people!

Pretending it's not happening enables it to accelerate

Internment camps are set up...they're waiting...they've had a test run...there will be will get worse



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This Republican control over all parts of our government defies comparison. On second thought, it feels like a Biblical punishment..Remember the 10 Plagues of Egypt?
#RepublicanPlague #CrimesAgainstHumanity #RiseUp
First, the waters of the land of Egypt were to be turned into blood....
The Clean Water Rule protected smaller bodies of water, like streams and wetlands, from discharges of all kinds of pollutants. But not anymore: #RepublicanPlague #CleanWaterAct
The EPA has delayed implementation for 2 years as the agency “clarifies” (read: eliminates)the rule.The decision is a clear gift to industrial polluters who loudly protested the reg in 2015 & GOP lawmakers who have falsely claimed the rule regulates “puddles on private property.” Large freighter ship spilled red and yellow toxic sludge into waterway. People in small boats float on the spill.
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Remember when you believed @JeremyCorbyn & @UKLabour might be playing a long game & come out in the end to #StopBrexit with the Ultimate People Power move by supporting the right to a #PeoplesVote?
Me too.
No plans, cunning or otherwise
Our elected representatives are permitting a path that denies our young people any chance at fair future.

ToryGov deliberately blocked 16-18 yr olds from deciding their future by taking part in the EU Membership Referendum…?
The Tories managed to block UK young people from voting by claiming it would cost too much to inform & register everyone.
The estimated cost was £6M.
That was considered too expensive.
Brexit is likely costing us millions a wk in lost revenue.
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#GOPTaxScam Puts Medicare and Medicaid on the Chopping Block to Give a Tax Break to the One Percent 1
#RESIST #ProtectOurCare
Americans across the country can’t be fooled: the debt-exploding GOP tax scam puts Medicare and Medicaid on the chopping block and ultimately raises taxes on 86 million middle class American families: 2 #GOPTaxScam #Medicaid #Medicare #ProtectOurCare
#GOPTaxScam Raises Taxes on 86 Million Middle Class Families – the GOP tax scam’s meager, temporary benefits for the middle class evaporate in a few years, and the scam ultimately raises taxes on 86 million middle class families. 3 #GOPlies #VoteThemOut
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#blueWave #Democrats

There is a #BlueWave2018 coming across the country! Let take a look at a few of the candidates making that happen!

Thread 1
Meet @lcmoser stand up Texans!
How about this fresh face! @kovacs4congress Let's do this Arizona !
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I have received more messages of love and solidarity this week than any person deserves in a lifetime. For that I am forever grateful. And our struggle against this immoral tax scam will reach its climax next week.
On Mon & Tue, we will meet on Capitol Hill in a contest for the soul of this nation. The sides are clear: money vs. people, greed vs. love. Across the US, Americans are raising our voices, rejecting this bill's pessimistic vision: a vision of scarcity, inequality, and misery.
Our only chance at victory is to clarify the moral stakes of this bill.

And to do that, we need the best voices of the American people. That means you, and your story, and your hopes, and your dreams.

Will you join us?…
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