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1) We were so poor growing up; we were born into the welfare/food stamp system but our parents worked really hard to build a lower middle-class life. After I missed the deadlines for college application in HS (my parents did not know how to guide me on this)... I asked my
2) guidance counselor WHY he didn't assist me or advise me about deadlines or even how to apply to community college since I didn't have parents that were educated on these topics. After all, I was in his office regularly AND he was dating my then-divorced mother .. he frowned
3) and said as we do in the South, "oh honey, not everyone is made to go to college." He said I would never go to college and I would just be a factory worker like the majority of our town. I was furious. LIVID. I would prove him wrong. What I never understood was the deck was
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Melanias White House Christmas decor is both beautiful and symbolic
@3Days3Nights has a few awesome decodes on his page
Heres mine:
"The Spirit of Christmas"
belongs to God we are bringing it back to Him
Flowers are packed with meaning Paperwhites(narcissus) meaning posted below
Melania looks up at the narcissus, walks to the Gold and White tree, sprinkles snow into a pile symbolizing the banishing of selfishness & cold heartedness.The flowers have already bloomed. When blooming is forced they can never come back...
They die after they bloom
17 on Dominos
"Be Best"
Out with the old...
Leading to Patriotic theme.Trump leading America back to what it was intended before the DS sold it out.
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Trust the plan

God does win

Raise your hands

& praise with them


Is how we see him

On the team

Of light & freedom


Make great again

Share your love

Wake greatly frens


Blue or red

Beware the thunder

That’s ahead

Grab your sword

Put on your armor

Invoke the Lord

& fight with honor

Trust the plan

The line is drawn

In the sand

Soon comes the dawn

The battle’s set

The armies formed

Take a breath

Exhale The Storm

Have no fear

No need for running

The Angel’s hear

& Heaven’s coming

Jesus wins

His Father willed it

& freed our sins

As He fulfilled it

#GodWins #QAnon
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I was praying w/ a patriot over the phone last night. At the first point where the Lord spoke, this is what I saw Him literally speak from His heaven exactly this way:
Exactly this way, including the hashtag. I was blown away! I'm so grateful, Lord. RT #
Whose plan do you think this is? There was more the Lord spoke to me and showed me during this time of great fellowship. I saw exactly where #TheGreatAwakeningWorldwide is. I was blown away again. I felt the Spirit of God in a way I never had before. I saw what I'd never seen.

How does Q know? Prophecy. Q knows the Lord well.
Futures proves past.
#Qanon #WWG1WGA #KAG 🇺🇸 #EnoughIsEnough
#FactsMatter #Jesus #Pray
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oh really?

enjoy this thread, frens

from Enoch 2 Ezekiel talk of angel wings is abound

the Hebrew word 4 wings, Kanaph כנפיים, appears 74 times in OT alone

angels are energetic beings comprised of ions of Light
they don't NEED 2 manifest with wings but do have them

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Blessed Sunday Family!!
This is the Best News Ever!!
Isaiah 52:7 How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who brings Good News!!Listen:

#BestNewsEver #TheFightIsAlreadyWon #TheWorkIsDone #ItIsFinished #GodWins #SundayThoughts
!!NEW Q - 3625!!
12:23:47 EST…
[HUNTER]s become the hunted.
Senate was the target.
#QAnon #HuntersBecomeTheHunted #SenateWasTheTarget
Anons notice D5 in PDF!!

Please provide these documents no later than December 5, 2019

Another D[5] Anons!
Loud and Clear.

[HUNTER]s become the hunted!!
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If you DON’T think President Trump is involved with #Q or that he is finishing up what #JFK started, then grab your popcorn and PAY ATTENTION to this tweet!👇🏻
#JFK #JFKAssassination #JFKFiles #jfk56 #JFKjr #Lancer #Lark #FutureProvesPast #Qanon👁‍🗨 #8kun #JusticeIsComing⚖️ #GodWins
I will lay out EXACTLY what @realDonaldTrump was tweeting at the SAME TIME the Q Team first started posting, but is the Prayer said EVERY MORNING☀️ in the Oval Office! RIP #JFK🕊
#Q first started dropping #truth on 10/28/17. Let’s check out DJT’s tweets leading up to AND during that time! There are 7 posts regarding #JFK.
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Pt one thru three, will be on my yt channel account by tomorrow #pray #prayForTheEnemy #prayer #MarkTaylor protection #GOD #SheilaHolm #Jesus #SheilaZilinsky #prayers #GODwins #DorianLight
And #PatriciaCotaRobles we ARE a spark of the #Divine Spiritual beings having a physical experience #SPIRITUALwarfare
Pt one
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reminder of who runs this platform

don't think for 1 second that the algos inserted on here are not imbued with some sort of Satanic spell of its own

Jkack has admitted to reaching out to others for spells
(i.e. believes in their efficacy)

pray tweet then pray

#GodWins #Q
let's take a look at page 307 of The Satanic Verses

no, Rushdie's book is not in essence a Satanic book

but there is a reason regarding the Quran, why these verses are referred to as such by the Muslim Community
the book refers to the satanic verses of the Quran

which refer to 3 pagan Meccan goddesses:


the Islamic Prophet Muhammad is said to have mistaken these verses for divine revelation

being tricked by Satan into acknowledging these Goddesses as exalted
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he played a chord which pleased the Lord
he played so well that Hell did roar
but the Lord did roar right back
As Judah's Lion & exact
Note 4 note what David sang
shoved it down their throats w/ pain
stuffed their ears & made it rain
from their eyes the tears of shame

this just came to me

i got chills


took to keyboard

as if someone else wanted to say something thru me

thank you for inspiring me with your first poetic beautiful line

the Lord heard it and i think spoke thru me to honor you

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Good Morning Family!!
The Ultimate Dark to Light!!
Colossians 1:13 God has rescued us from the power of darkness, and has transferred us into the Kingdom of His Dear Son!!
The Kingdom of Light!!

#Rescued #DarkToLight #GodWins #WeWin
!!NEW Q - 3595!!
19:39:27 EST
AUS, IT, UK co-op DOJ (Barr, Durham, CLAS 1-4)
Non_FVEY official chan [US senior person(s) req given sensitive nature of 'target' re: presidential nominee(s) - POTUS + Cruz [CLAS 1-4]]
Who gave the order(s)?
Who signed?
Papered per normal NATSEC?
Comms to/from F + Domestic?
F2F 1-4 US person(s) initiate scope memo.
US AMB 1 & 2 NSA unmask req.
NSA > US AMB 1 & 2 > AUS, IT, UK
[special order per DIR [CLAS 1-9] AUTH unmask per US AMB]
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I found some interesting tidbits in @realDonaldTrump’s video tweet! 😏🥳
➡️ New Line Character = a reset, a new start?!🥳
➡️Gold Fringe Private Corporations Flag flying backwards 👊🏻 #WarCastles ♾🥳🇺🇸❤️
➡️More 911 reversal 119 [they] will pay! ⚖️⛓🔥
➡️David Hog = FF 🤔💭
2. More on the gold fringe private Corp American Flag from my observation of Trumps video. @Devine_freedom adds the gold fringe represents a war flag! ⚔️ Ephesians 6!

3. No coincidences. #mirror #flipit #antithesis 👁
We Sea You Cabal! #Patriots are in Control 👊🏻 #Godwins
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Good Morning Family!!
Be Still!!
Psalm 46:10 Be Still, and Know that I Am God: I Will be Exalted among the heathen, I Will be Exalted in the earth!!

#BeStill #GodWins #Trust #Faith
!!NEW Q - 3575!!
12:46:22 EST

#QAnon #NewQ
!!NEW Q - 3576!!
12:56:06 EST

#QAnon #NewQ
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President @realDonaldTrump Retweets @AmbJohnBolton today. This is why 💥👇🏻
Nothing Trump does is by accident or haphazard. Nothing!
I’m sure my divinely directed frens will have more to add 😁 @JackalsLast @paulacblades001 @Devine_freedom 🙏🏻🇺🇸
2. ThanQ lovely @RTerriers for adding this!
Are you all enjoying the greatest show ever made yet?! 🎥🍿🍿🍿🍿
Full of twist and turns, suspense, surprises!!
🚨Spoiler alert🚨 The Good Guys Win! #Godwins 😉
3. Ah!! ThanQ to @kikaltz for noticing the early tweet today by @realDonaldTrump.
See how the timestamp equals 119 & reversed 👉🏻 911 ! 👇🏻
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“Golden sunlights are pouring into the forest of naked trees at the Shenandoah National Park.”
Golden aka #Gold reset??! #endthefed #NESARA
#Moon #Dawn #Godwins
@paulacblades001 @JackalsLast @Devine_freedom
2 L👀K really close at the pic again @RTerriers points out & poses a very interesting question about 2 suns☀️☀️peaking through the clouds. Thoughts?
I like @RTerriers time stamp too 11:17 = 10 which actually matches perfectly to the WH times stamp = 10!😃
3. @paulacblades001 sheds some excellent light (☀️😉) adding Revelation 16:15 & Exodus 32:23 & more. Keep your garments on frens!
[They] will walk naked in their shame! Hopefully sooner than later!

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1) People who apparently know little to nothing about why Christians like me support @realDonaldTrump, finally decided to argue our case. Next time someone accuses my Christianity they'll get a retweet of this:
@realDonaldTrump 2) Not sure who you worship but I worship Lord Jesus Christ Who's in forgiveness business.

Mark 2:17 When Jesus heard it, he saith unto them, They that are whole have no need of the physician, but they that are sick: I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.
@realDonaldTrump 3) IF @realDonaldTrump did ANYthing like he's accused of you really think Dems wouldn't have dug it up & drawn & quartered him w it by now? For man who's supposedly done so much wrong sure comes off squeaky clean no matter how assiduously they hunt for some crime to charge him w.
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My personal experience 2 days ago in downtown #Chicago @TrumpChicago in support of our 🇺🇸Country's 🇺🇸 #BestPresidentEver on Monday, 10/28/19. Hope it inspires more to be heard & it's okay to publicly advocate for an incredible man who has sacrificed so much for all of America!
I personally felt compelled to attend to show support for our President @realDonaldTrump
Here's why. I heard that they were going to be promoting socialism in the protest & incorporate the Teacher's strike people who brought children & even infants to boost #'s.
A lil' background on me:
• 1st Generation American-Serbian
• Parents came here separately & were legal immigrants who were sponsored by a relatives here in the USA.
• My parents FLED Communist Yugoslavia.
• Actual name: Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
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i love 'Ye

i support him 4 his independent right to believe/do what he so chooses

i love he found Jesus

but he will stumble along way

the same snakes surrounding him in OPEN

will enter the grass around him

we can praise the same people we criticize

if righteous

big red flag 4 me?

Joel Osteen

& Ye wanting any part of a man who coined term Prosperity Gospel

a man who once delivered entire sermon with Oprah without mentioning words Jesus Christ or God

to JO Christ was hung from 💲not a ✝️

when we visit

all one will find is some simple sweatshirt merch

outrageously priced ( $140 for sweatpants to $250 for sweatshirt )

all simple cotton with very very minimal type/images on them

the essence of overpriced AND using the Good Word
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Some angels bleed
When they receive
Their wings of
Shining ivory
They are the few
Selected who
Protect you from
Impending doom
Thus they must
Look just like you
Which means their wings
Will rip right thru
Their very back
Which cracks in 2

Their shoulder blades
Now graced 2 bare
That blessed honor
As they tear
In the night
Bright & mighty
Glowing white
Feather tips
Dipped in dew
From Eden’s lips
Before they flew
Now will kiss
Those anons who
Chose 2 pray
Instead of doing
The heinous things
We learn from Q
Which the famous
& the few
1% selected do


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& exploding
Past the point
Of overflowing
Every redpill
I’m uploading
Tuning into
Q who’s showing
Via breadcrumbs
How shit's going
How the dumb
Cabal is falling
On the run
Just stalling

The only outcome
That keeps calling
One that ends
With it all changing
For all of them
Will be hanging
From the very
Gallows which
They sought
To terminate us with
Patience please
Legion waits
To take the reigns
Of its own fate
For we the people
Trump their hate

oh hey 1111 look at that

it wouldnt let me tag anyone as usual. just said tweet cant be sent

@JaxBchLady @JNaquins @justanothersme2 @carmindabrendel @TheSharpEdge1 @TheSpeaker2018 @marg_inscoe @diveinordie @FurorRises
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I used to REALLY dislike TRUMP, but on this day 1 yr ago...I drove 545 miles to attend a rally in Elko, NV!
It’s a long detailed thread, but it’s from my heart. I’m not a great writer, but it would mean a lot to me if you would read what I have to say!
@StopTheCoup #KAG ☀️❣️🇺🇸
Let’s start with why I did not care for 45. It’s simple, I was brainwashed. Plus, my ENTIRE family/friends hate him and I work in education in CA, need I say more? I actually enjoyed watching “The Apprentice” back in the day tbh! So after a strange encounter while in a hospital
I was given a “vision” in 2014(this could be an entire thread in itself- while under Trump was going to run for Pres, Kanye was involved, I kept saying the same 12 things over and over which included the words baking, rose garden, owls, Halloween, Disney, etc.)
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One of my favorites to keep nearby. 2016 version. @CanterburyClass Please notify me when the updated version is ready. We'll need to remove the last 5 chapters, especially @HillaryClinton Nom speech.
Someone help me out. I can't find a #twatter presence on any 3 of these #publishing companies. Seems odd?
I'm also curious as to how many these companies made donations to the @ClintonFdn ?🤔
One everyone should re read!
#SilenceDogood8 Just so happens to be on page 17 😉…
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