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"Yes, Britain is to blame. It chose to leave the EU... In addition, Johnson personally interpreted Brexit as leaving Europe’s economic trade area, for which he had no mandate. That decision is costing Britain dear".

"This is his deal. It's his mess. It's his failure. For the first time in his life, it's time to take responsibility"

In September 2020, @Ed_Miliband slammed Boris Johnson for his Brexit deal.

Words that still resonate today

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Clear that @MarosSefcovic+@EU_Commission are digging in, ignoring fundamental facts: that the #NIProtocol cannot be a permanent agreement any more than the rest of WA; and it is not protecting the peace process, but destroying it.…… 1/12
The#NIProtocol does not carry the support of both communities in NI and is therefore undermining the #GoodFridayAgreement and the peace process; and is leading to the end of power sharing in NI (“societal dislocation”)… 2/12
The#NIProtocol is also causing substantial “diversion of trade”; and both “societal dislocation” and “diversion of trade” are grounds for perfectly legal exercise of Art 16 of NIP… 3/12
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1. Timely that we're having the #unity conversation now because we're going through the biggest constitutional change in a generation, said @moneillsf @IrelandsFuture
2. We're in a period of massive change, we have a chance to grab it and make something better said @moneillsf @irlelandsfuture
@moneillsf 3. We have to be mature and respectful enough to have the conversation about change, said @moneillsf. After a century of division there is nothing for nationalists to celebrate. But I accept those of unionist identity come at this from very different viewpoint @IrelandsFuture
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1. British government has sole say in timing of #borderpoll and is not bound to make decision in good faith says @JohnDoyleDCU. It can choose to do so at a time when it thinks it will kill off the debate. So Ireland needs to be ready he warns @IrelandsFuture #jointheconversation
2. Waiting for #unionist politicians to be ready before having the #unity discussion is not only pointless but disrespects their position says @JohnDoyleDCU Discussion needs to proceed now, he says. Unionists will join the debate later @IrelandsFuture #jointheconversation
3. We need to put our #unity proposals on the table now and have the maximum amount of detail in them, says @JohnDoyleDCU @IrelandsFuture #jointheconversation
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🧵My @UKRI_News project, #ActsofUnion, explores mixed marriage & love 'across the divide' in Ireland. Starting tomorrow, every day in February (❤️ month), I'll tweet about 'transgressive' lovers. Some 🇮🇪, some forbidden, some from antagonistic communities...#UKRIFLF #IrishStudies
...many of these relationships might have been problematically imagined or depicted; many of these lovers might have met with significant hostility from audiences or communities. Love isn’t always rosy but it is always political 💕#ActsofUnion
1/Starting w. (arguably) the most important #MixedMarriage in 🇮🇪 history, Strongbow & Aoife (1170): the focus of Daniel Maclise's majestic painting (1854), displayed in @NGIreland. @BookerSparky (QUB) has done brilliant work on intermarriage in later medieval Ireland #ActsofUnion Daniel Maclise (1806-1870),...
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NI still needs a Bill of Rights.

As anticipated in the @BelfastAgmt

Time to renew our collective ambition for human rights here.

Why settle for less?
@HocGfa @NIABillofRights @BillofRightsNI
#HumanRights #GoodFridayAgreement
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This is such bad faith: EU was, rightly concerned that Brexit would create a border between EU country Ireland & non-EU country N.Ireland.
To ‘avoid’ this problem EU ‘and’ UK agreed N Ireland would follow EU customs & some product rules- so no checks on the ‘Island of Ireland’
The idea that UK can now just pick and chose when it respects the Protocol on Ireland (hello? Our friend Ireland? This isn’t just about UK v EU) and Northern Ireland is deeply shameful and -because let’s not forget why we signed it- dangerous for peace in our already fragile UK
Only the #NorthernIreland Assembly can choose - every 4 years - whether to continue with the system agreed to protect the #GoodFridayAgreement : if I were Northern Irish I’d be furious that @BorisJohnson is now trying to take that power for Westminster.
MPs, please vote No.
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@VP Pence assured @LeoVaradkar the US “will continue to encourage the UK & IRL, to ensure that any #Brexit respects the #GoodFridayAgreement.”

This challenge is a live one.
And it’s going to remain so.

NI civic & business groups urge 🇺🇸 Congress to uphold this commitment.
@VP @LeoVaradkar In a letter to 🇺🇸 @SpeakerPelosi they summarise conditions for #peace which must be protected through & after #Brexit:

* Normalisation of security arrangements
* Economic stability & investment
* Equal rights & non-discrimination of citizens here
* Cross-border cooperation

@VP @LeoVaradkar @SpeakerPelosi They note “the growing sense of danger in N.Ireland
& our diminishing capacity to avert it.”

NI is set to suffer worst effects of a #NoDeal or ‘hard’ #Brexit.…

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With the news that "ex-communist" #ClaireFox is standing for the #BrexitParty of #NigelFarage (with the backing of @spikedonline - Ed. Brendan O'Neill), let's have a look at the views of the RCP/LivingMarxism/Spiked on Irish Republicanism over the years. 1/11
The RCP (aka RCT then) refused to "condemn or criticise the Birmingham bombings". (The Next Step. No. 3 1980) 2/11…
Indeed they held the view that only when "large numbers of British workers respond to IRA bombs with jubilation" would they consider criticising the Provos. (The Next Step No. 10. 1981) 3/11…
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Theresa May's machiavelic plans have to stop.

If she really believes her negotiations are that Strong and Stable, she should stop this embarrassing political circus and openly go for her No-Deal #Brexit plan, instead of sneakily engineering it.

We know that's your plan. 1/10
When she decided to put forward her support to #BradyAmendment, she knew it would be rejected by the EU negotiators.
It was even said yesterday before she decided to support it.
But it is a sneaky way to put forward a No-Deal #Brexit and later putting the blame on the EU. 2/10
The #Backstop was negotiated BY the UK to comply with UK's red lines:
✔ No hard border (#GoodFridayAgreement)
❌ No customs unions
❌ No single market
❌ No freedom of movement
The EU wanted a soft #Brexit. So no Backstop. 3/10
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. @neil_parish MP for Tiverton & Honiton

When you voted to trigger A50 you knew that the
Govt ref. leaflet sent to every household did not mention the
Good Friday Agreement & how leaving the EU will impact it.

Why did you vote to trigger A50?
Ken Clarke MP didn't.

@neil_parish MP for Tiverton & Honiton

When you voted to trigger A50
you knew that regulatory alignment would be required for
Northern Ireland, as highlighted by the phase 1 report from 2017,
requiring both the SM & CU.
Does it not make sense to stay in the CU & SM?

@neil_parish MP for Tiverton & Honiton

When you voted to trigger A50
you knew that it would have customs implications for everything from cars to fresh food.

If there is no deal how long will supermarkets have fresh produce on their shelves?…

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