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#Impfpflicht #Vulnerable
1/n An all diejenigen, die ernsthaft die Gruppe der "Vulnerablen", die sich nicht impfen lassen können / nicht darauf ansprechen" als Argument für eine Impfpflicht anführen: wir haben inzw. 2022 - d.h. Evusheld und Paxlovid : 🧵👇🏻…
2/n PAXLOVID kann im Falle eines positiven Tests und Risiko für schweren Verlauf innerhalb der ersten 5 Tagen als Tablette eingenommen werden. Schutz vor (ohnehin sehr seltenem!) schwerem Verlauf ca 89%.…
3/n EVUSHELD ist eine langwirksame Antikörper-Kombination, die als intramuskuläre Injektion (...wie Impfung) gegeben wird und dann ca. 6 Monate vor einer Infektion schützt. Es wird als PROPHYLAKTISCH gegeben.
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In #Dänemark steigen die #Todeszahlen. So massives Infektionsgeschehen dass >15% der Bevölkerung in BA.2 Welle infiziert, bei BA.1& BA.1.1 Welle waren es schon über 10%. Mit Omicron ist #Covid so omnipräsent. Todeszahlen werden auf >300 tgl ansteigen und 60 % der Bevölkerung
+/- 25% werden sich mit Omicron Infiziert haben wenn Saisonalitätseffekt Besserung bringt. Jetzt für Deutschland gedacht. Todeszahlen werden jetzt steigen weil Welle die Älteren und Vulnerablen erreicht & Lockerungen stattfinden."Es geht ja gut mit der Krankheitslast auf ITS
wir können #mehr Infektionen zulassen." Wer in dem #Narrativ drin, sieht weder dass so #Risikogruppenschutz nicht mgl. Es sind noch wenige Wochen bis Frühling und einige Monate bis zum angepassten Impfstoff der wieder gut vor #Infektion schürzt und damit Infektionen verhindert
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Dass man eine Gesellschaft weder #durchseuchen noch #nachdurchseuchen kann und #gleichzeitig die #Vulnerablen zu #schützen war eigentlich schon seit Englands gescheiterte Strategie der Herdenimmunität zu Beginn der Pandemie klar, die tausende Leben gekostet hat. Es gibt bei
#Hochinzidenz (Nach-) #Durchseuchung keinen sicheren Raum für #Kranke. Für so kranke Menschen dass sie an der #Nachdurchseuchung nicht teilnehmen können und #vorekrankte #Kinder die genügend Schutz bieten, dass eigenverantwortlicher Schutz nicht mgl, zur #Farce wird
Die Impfung schützt sehr gut wenn Mensch nicht aus was für Gründen auch immer #Immunschwach, #Immunsupprimmiert sind, die keine richtige Immunantwort bilden können. Meine transplantierte Frau kennt andere Transplantierte die nach #5_Impfungen keine 5 BAU/ml IgG Titer haben.
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I felt terribly sick on Saturday. Sore throat, flu symptoms, heavy head. My rapid test is negative. All my friends have #COVID19. Literally everyone. 349 cases in my kids school last week.Overcrowded and zero #ventilation. Sick teachers & sick kids. @ScholaEuropaea @JHahnEU
On Sunday the Far right of 🇪🇺 comes to Brussels to create appalling chaos. The unspeakable violence...the politicians scape goating others... It's a lawless crowd & they don't hear our prayers. 2/
Belgian 🇧🇪Twitter Pandemic experts fight over CST: vaccine obligations. Yeah, in this first world, this is the drama. My right to not wear a face covering or take a vaccine. Not about the health consequences of the children & vulnerable. 😥 3/
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No quererla perder, no me dejaba ser libre.

#aquipaomaldoreflexionando Image
Un día ví un Ted Talk de
René Brown que trata de vulnerabilidad y me identifiqué mucho.

Me dí cuenta, qué uno de mis mayores miedos era ser vulnerable y entendí con ese video la importancia de la vulnerabilidad.

#aquipaomaldoreflexionando Image
Hoy tengo un evento en la noche importante.

Hoy decidí pedir ayuda, dejar el control e ir a un salón de belleza a qué me maquillen y peinen.

Lo dejé de hacer porque nunca me gustaba cómo me dejaban y terminaba rehaciéndomelo yo en mi casa.

#aquipaomaldoreflexionando Image
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Not being funny but perhaps everyone who previously labelled benefits claimants as scroungers, malingerers and far worse, could recognise the difficulties involved.
Maybe imagine also trying to live on a 5th of their income, with #disabilities on top 》》…
Almost everyone learned these past 18mths how being unable to earn their own money feels & the #depression that causes; the instability & #stress that brings to a home, family & relationships.

Maybe remember too that whilst able bodied, you were helped during the #pandemic 》》
While I fully understand that losing that help now is a huge blow (trust me I know), it should be understood that the most #vulnerable received precisely zero help. In a period where delivery slots were taken by able bodied people & buses were a no-go, our costs skyrocketed 》》
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"In #cognitive_warfare, the human mind becomes the battlefield."…
"The aim is to change not only what people think, but how they think and act. .. it shapes and influences individual and group beliefs and behaviours to favour an aggressor’s tactical or strategic objectives. "
" In its extreme form, it has the potential to fracture and fragment an entire society, so that it no longer has the collective will to resist an adversary’s intentions. An opponent could conceivably subdue a society without resorting to outright force or coercion."
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#THREAD 3rd joint report on the #implementation of #citizensrights provisions has just been released - makes alarming reading re: #britsinEU. In countries where people need to register by 30/6 lots of applications outstanding 1/
Quick reminder of the countries where this is the case #france #latvia #luxembourg #thenetherlands #malta and here's where each of them were up to at last report date ⬇️⬇️⬇️2/ Image
So, first things first, the stats re: numbers of #britsinEU are not always very accurate. I've written about this more times than I can actually believe including here for @BBCNews… 3/
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Will we EVER learn about #PublicHealth?
3rd wave “expert” committee is nearly-ALL #Pediatricians (to keep Devi Shetty’s non-#evidence-based assertion on #children will be entirely affected), #AllMale #Manel, nearly-all #clinicians headed by #PrivateSector #Cardiologist
I request this committee members:
- Please QUESTION Devi Shetty’s credentials to lead this
- Please hold to account #Manel #AllMale membership
- Please include #RuralHealth #CommunityHealth #PublicHealth
- Expertise is NOT only CLINICAL; also social; include grounded voices
Unfortunately no time & bandwidth; but putting this out there
We need:
- campaign for a DIVERSE expert committee including #Citizen #CommunityEngagement #Dalit #Adivasi voices
- Devi Shetty’s position as Chair is NOT tenable; appoint a #PublicHealth expert in his place
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This afternoon, I met with the three indigenes of Ekiti State who were recently honoured with the Presidential Award for @officialnyscng Corps members. I am glad that in their various Places of Primary Assignment (PPA) they demonstrated #leadership, #compassion, and #diligence...
- values that define us as Ekiti people.

These young people went beyond the call of duty and made us proud. Kolawole Toba Gabriel focused on maternal and child #mortality, and helped to address questions of #poverty that contribute to high mortality rates in Adamawa State.
In Bauchi State, Ayodele Olubusayo Abidemi did a lot to improve the learning environment in the community where she served by renovating three blocks of classrooms, and assisting #school children.
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This evening at 4:45pm we got a call from a social worker that works with seniors. She called us in a frenzy asking us for immediate help.

She told us of an emergency so extreme that her voice shook with concern over one of her clients.

#YYC #Calgary #CalgarySeniors #hope
This is what she said:

"Hello Jen, I was hoping I would be able to contact you before I left my work for the day in regards to a rather important situation that came across my desk this afternoon. I hope you have the time to chat?"

I said "Yes of course, how can we help?" #care
She said "We have a senior lady that is struggling so much that she has been going door to door asking for food from others in her complex."

I was quiet and honestly speechless.

I said "Of course we can and we will help. What is it that you need." #FEEDYYC #FoodHamper #helping
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#IICSA #CofE - from a heavy heart & troubled mind, some unfinished thoughts on #risk, #leadership, #abuse & #church.
1. "I am sending you out as lambs among as wise as serpents & as innocent as doves." Too many in #church manage the doves part - high above, unable to imagine such horrible things could be or that X could possibly be guilty. Ignorance is not holiness.
2. Holiness is more knowing, more robust, more active than that - it is the balance of the #dove & the #serpent.
Serpents crawl on the ground, taste the air, sense vibrations, they know when all is not well. If our leaders are truly humble this is the space they will occupy.
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THREAD: Le @gouvernementFR a fait le choix scandaleux de ne plus protéger les #Vulnérables #COVID19

Suite à notre recours devant le @Conseil_Etat (audience demain 11h00), le @Gouvernement de Macron assume cette décision.

Et voici comment il ose se justifier : ⤵️
Pour le @gouvernementFR, il n'y a AUCUNE URGENCE à étudier la légalité du décret supprimant la protection des #Vulnérables #COVID19

La raison ? Parce qu'ils ne sont… pas encore tombés malades…

Ou comment laisser les #Vulnérables à leur sort…
.@gouvernementFR nous assure (sans rire) que les #Vulnérables #Covid19 peuvent tous avoir un bureau isolé…

Ils n'auraient dès lors qu'à porter le masque et éternuer dans leur coude pour que tout se passe bien…

Tellement bien qu'il y a environ 30000 contaminations chaque jour
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1/12. Covid-19 @ICMRDELHI responded early with ethical guidance suggesting no compromise on ethics or scientific validity & encourage research. Urged institutions to use innovative tech to support quality research with ethical safeguards @DeptHealthRes…
2/12. @ICMRDELHI ethics initiatives in @WHO @UNESCO #GlobalSummit. National Guidelines for Ethics Committees reviewing #Covid_19 research downloaded >30 countries from @ncdirindia website. Among1st such guidance in world @doctorsoumya @drharshvardhan @ProfBhargava @NITIAayog
3/12. Standard operating procedures (#SOPs) prepared and adopted by #Ethics Committees to facilitate fast track review through digital platforms & virtual quorum. Facilitated emergency unscheduled or full committee or #expedited meetings.
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#KRITIS Sektor #Transport und #Verkehr

Memorandum on Space Policy Directive-5—Cybersecurity Principles for #Space Systems

National Security & Defense for critical infrastructure from president Trump and USA. 1/x…
"Space systems enable key functions such as global communications; positioning, navigation, and timing; scientific observation; exploration; weather monitoring; and multiple vital national security applications." #GPS 2/x
"Therefore, it is essential to protect space systems from cyber incidents in order to prevent disruptions to their ability to provide reliable and efficient contributions to the operations of the Nation’s critical infrastructure." #KRITIS 3/x
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#Vulnérable ? vous avez dit ??

Mai vs Septembre...

Il faut se mobiliser... c'est une monumentale erreur médicale. ImageImage
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1/ Rikers Island Prison & #COVID19:

The New Yorker:

Many think of inmates as young strong healthy dangerous men, when in reality they are often #AGING, sick, and definitely #VULNERABLE. Covid on top of this is a time 💣

#geriatrics #MedTwitter #pulmcc
2/ Rikers Island Prison & #COVID

#Anxiety & #Fear. You can’t implement effective social distancing in an room that houses dozens of men. You cannot implement effective social distancing when those ~40 men are using the same sinks.

3/fin Rikers Island Prison & #COVID19

You cannot implement effective social distancing in a prison when staff interact with them & has to touch them in course of day. This isn’t going to play out well. Read article. #empathy starts here. I don’t know the solution!

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Our mission at the Kids Being Kids Foundation is to improve the welfare and #development of the most #vulnerablechildren through play and extra-curricular activities.
A part of this is their physical #environment, which studies have shown profoundly influences developmental outcomes including academic achievement, cognitive, social and emotional #development.
One of the #vulnerable groups we want to support are the #Children of the Wesley School for the #hearingimpaired in Surulere. Their #landscaping is in dire need of a facelift.
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Large charismatic birds with disproportionately large beaks and distinctive calls, #hornbills are the #farmers of our #forests. Today’s #WildAboutFacts series focuses on these feathered foresters.

Join us & share your hornbill images!

Rufous-necked Hornbills
📷Sarbajit Ghosh

There are 62 #hornbill species in the world, with 32 in #Asia and 30 in #Africa.

#India is home to 9 of them including the #GreatHornbill, the #MalabarPiedHornbill and the #RufousNeckedHornbill.

Malabar Pied Hornbill
📷 @samyak15

Several #hornbill species have a distinct #casque on their upper mandible. #GreatHornbills have a prominent #yellow and #black casque.

📷 Keya Das
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Today is the 4th #AmphibianWeek day and the theme is:

Threats to #Amphibians

Create your own publication about it and tag us, so we can share it!

Follow this thread to learn more about today's topic! Image
According to the @IUCNRedList of Threatened Species, amphibians are the most #threatened animal group, with 33 species currently listed as #Extinct, 587 as #CriticallyEndangered, 965 as #Endangered, 650 as #Vulnerable, and 375 as #NearThreatened. Image
With over 40% of all amphibian species threatened with extinction, many people and organisations around the world dedicate their lives to protect them. Image
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Let’s talk about the proverbial elephant in the room RE #CompassionateRelease of persons incarcerated in #prisons in the midst of #COVID19. A [long] thread with thanks to @briewsf @DrNovisky @GeriPowerMD 1/21
While a partnership between @FAMMFoundation @NACDL @WashLaw4CR is tackling petitions in the @OfficialFBOP Why don’t we see governors and other leadership extending release to many of the #vulnerable housed in state #prisons? 2/21
By #vulnerable, I mean those persons who meet #CDC guidelines for greatest risk of serious illness due to #COVID19 -- persons over 65 (#olderadults), those with #chronichealth problems including severe #asthma #liverdisease or are #immunocompromised (#hepatitis) 3/21
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Who are we? We’re the family docs & specialists in #Ontario communities taking care of you.

Yet we’re struggling to remain open. We need @ONThealth to address this BEFORE we close. There’s a story you don’t know.

Dr Giles explains:


#MedTwitter #onpoli #cdnmedia #Ottawa Image
Who are we? We’re the family docs and specialists in #Ontario taking care of you.

Yet #primarycare is at risk.

5,265 people signed our petition for equitable access to models of care:

Dr Lewin explains:


#MedTwitter #onpoli #cdnmedia #Ottawa Image
Who are we? We’re the family docs and specialists taking care of #WomensHealth, #vulnerable populations, #geriatrics, #Pediatrics, #mentalhealth, people with #disabilities, #LGBTQ, #Indigenous communities.

Advocate for us.

#MedTwitter #InThisTogether #CdnMedia #onpoli #Ontario Image
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1 In #Tunisia there were 1025 confirmed cases of #COVID19 as of 7 May. The country has responded to the threat of #COVID19 with a strong lockdown from 22 March to 3 May, with an Oxford Stringency Index of 90.61. The lockdown had a strong negative effect on employment and income.
2 As a compensation measure #CashTranfers of max TND 200 (USD70) were established for both #FormalWorkers and registered #SelfEmployed with suspended or reduced work activity and for poor and vulnerable hhs in the social registry. See the decrees:
3 Application for #FormalWorkers had to be done online by their employers as long as they fulfilled these criteria: Registered #SelfEmployed could also apply online through the platform
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