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They’re trying to sneak through their socialist & communist goals in all sorts of ways. #GreenScam

The Metropolitan Transportation Commission of San Francisco/Bay Area passed a mandate to make all businesses w/ 25 or more employees have 60% of their workforce work from home.
The Mayors of San Francisco and San Jose relaxed a statement about it.…
The Mayors support the MTC’s proposals, but said they can’t support their Telecommute mandate in its current form.

They will, however, work with them on it, so now they are negotiating. They’ll prob just end up raising the employee# a little or lowering the % a little.
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Well, this explains a lot about the #GreenScam. The CCP/#China's global car company Geely, who owns Volvo & owns a stake in Mercedes parent Daimler, is claiming they developed "new" car tech to sell to their rivals.
Geely has been busy over the years buying up car companies and stakes in car companies around the globe.…
Geely and its owner Li Shufu have been working on making Geely the first Chinese global car company, which is supported by the CCP. They're going to do it w help of Volvo, who they bought from Ford in 2010.…
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Well, Burkman was supposedly just raided by the FBI.…
Thank you to @chiIIum for compiling this info on Burkman:

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There is another group of liberals pretending to be Gen Z Republicans and trying to scam younger people into supporting them. Just look at who promotes them.

In case I get blocked: Image
And what is that group "Gen Z Gop" pushing? Well, for one, the #GreenScam.

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Another HUGE FAILED solar plant project funded by Obama’s DOE, paid for by us, goes bust! See also Solyndra.

Tonopah Solar Energy LLC received $737 MILLION in gov loans and just filed for bankruptcy.

It was supposed to be a huge solar power plant in the NEVADA desert. Opened in 2015, developed problems, and stopped operating in April 2019. Image
Just another liberal project that was “unreliable and EXPENSIVE.”
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Whew, oil companies are now calling out Wall Street #BigBanks for discriminating against them by not lending them money because many big banks support the left's #GreenScam.
Trump is signing a relief bill and apparently there are oil company reps there. It's airing on OANN right now.
And of course, the UN is also behind it. So is #China. The UN partnered with a bunch of #BigBanks to "transform" the banking industry to support their green scam.

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Here we go. The #Democrats...I mean Communists....are using the virus to try to implement their agenda, including "infrastructure" which I guarantee is related to their #GreenScam.

#DemocratsAreDestroyingAmerica #NancyPelosi
Democrats just unveiled their #GreenScam infrastructure plan in late January, not to mention they've been talking for at least a year now about using an infrastructure package to get their green scam implemented.…
And the Democrats green scam plan includes massive money for #BigBanks. The big banks are funding them.

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Former West Virginia University Professor Dr. James Patrick Lewis, who specializes in molecular reactions in COAL coversion, pleaded guilty to fraud for scamming the university in order to work for the CCP in #China in their Thousand Talents Program.
He scammed the Univeristy into giving him a leave of absence (while being paid), using the excuse of a newborn child (which he really had) to instead go to China to work for them ( while also being paid by China).
As I stated in my first tweet above, this guy specializes in certain coal conversion technologies.

Coal....which China was supposedly going to stop using per the Paris Accord. Instead, China has been ramping up building coal factories all over the world.
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No surprise here - that the CCP/#China endorses #Biden.

China officials did previously say that they’d do everything in their power to prevent Trump from winning again.
They’re wrong, tho, by saying Sanders is against CCP ideology. Sanders platform consists of government takeovers of business, eradicating gas and oil which China (and Russia) would LOVE, implementing the #GreenScam which they’d also love bc they’d be making all the green procucts
Sanders may be against some of their ideology, but not all of it.
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So, yesterday, President Trump retweeted this video & the person on the hot mic was the Mayor of Georgetown, Texas - Mayor Dale Ross.

I didn't think anything about it at first except that it was hilarious.

However, thanks to @Jenny_OceanHun for linking me up to something.
Mayor Dale Ross is supposedly a Republican. And actually, after doing some research, he's claimed to be Libertarian.

But note the above headline about Mayor Ross going to speak at BERNIE SANDERS' Climate Town Hall.
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One of these candidates who endorsed Bloomberg is Congresswoman Stacey Plaskett, who represents the US Virgin Islands.

The same Virgin Islands where Bloomberg "saw an opportunity" to make more money with the #ClintonFoundation to push their #GreenScam on the Island.
Here's the writeup by Bloomberg's own "foundation" Bloomberg Philanthropies.…
Since Bloomberg seems to have a habit of deleting past posts related to certain things, yes, I did save a receipt which I'll just keep filed away so he can't have the archive deleted.
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And guess who was behind the solar push in Puerto Rico....

Just think about other places that were devastated after natural disasters and who swooped in to claim to try to save them while actually doing nothing but making a ton of money....
Puerto Rico isn't the only place the Clintons have pushing solar, either. They're in cahoots with Bloomberg.…
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Now Germany's creating an elite non-profit networking club called "The China-Bridge" to support the CCP/#China, b/c “China will be one of the global powers that shape this century."

Of course this group is also looking for financial backing, especially from big companies.
Germany also created a way to do business with Iran to skirt US sanctions.

They’re also working on Nordstream 2 with Russia while expecting us to pay to defend them from Russia.

Now ask yourself why Germany is working with these countries.

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#Bloomberg2020 is using his non-profit to fund anti-Trump attorneys that are being planted in Democrat AG offices in order to push his #GreenScam.
Bloomberg also founded a company called Hawkfish to promote his Presidency and collect voter data.

Hawkfish then told potential new hires that Hawkfish would be the primary tech platform of the DNC.…
Lmaooo....then the DNC warned him he was misleading people.
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I think I need to start a new thread on #China's Sinochem.

Short thread for now, but may expand since I can see where this is going.
SinoChem also has agricultural assets and they're merging those assets with those of ChemChina to form a new company called Syngenta Group.

Note that they merged assets to "become the world's leading agriculture inputs company."…
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#FollowTheMoney of the #GreenScam 👇

Goldman Sachs is shilling for the implementation of a #CarbonTax.

Democrats and Presidential candidates such as Biden, Buttigieg, and Andrew YANG, some RINOs, and many leftists also want some form of carbon tax from the middle class.
#Warren2020 Elizabeth Warren also supports Goldman Sachs’ carbon tax plan.

The same #ElizabethWarren who criticizes Goldman Sachs and their money supports making Goldman Sachs richer.…
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John Kerry started another propaganda group called "World War Zero" to try to push the #GreenScam onto the public using fear mongering and brainwashing.

Included in his group are many familiar faces, such as Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Schwarzenegger, John Kasich......
.....many from the military/industrial complex, DiCaprio, Kutcher, Madeline Albright, Cindy McCain, Susan Rice, Al Sharpton, Meg Whitman, Ernest Moniz, and a bunch of fauxlebrities.
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Asa Saint Clair, who is the President of World Sports Alliance Intergovernmental Organization, was charged in an investment fraud scheme related to a digital coin offering for IGOBIT.

The DOJ described World Sports Alliance Intergovernmental Organization as a "purported" Intergovernmental Organization (or IGO), though, so it seems it was probably a scam and not really an IGO.
Oh, wait a minute. This announcement from last year said he was also the Treasurer and would be speaking at Davos!…
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Another part of the #GreenScam that helps #China because they pretty much now make most of the battieres for electric cars. And this company poached foreign employees of car companies, inlcuding GM, to help them dominate the market. They followed the Huawei model.
Oh? Speaking of electric car batteries...

NHTSA is now investigating Tesla battery fires.

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Russia’s Uranium One is buying a majority stake in Canada’s Wealth Minerals lithium project in Chile.

Lithium is one of the minerals on the Trump admin’s list of mineral commodities that are critical to the economy and national security of the US.
Here’s the full list of critical minerals published due to a Trump Executive order in May, 2018. It would be a critical situation for us if the supply chains of these minerals were disrupted. #China already has a big leg up and Russia is following.…
Lithium is used primarily in batteries, such as those in electric cars and for solar panel use.

Notice how this goes right back to the #GreenScam that Democrats are pushing and in which Russia and China are also involved.…
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Ahh, so a bunch of alleged "Republicans and Conservatives" are running ads on Fox News and elsewhere trying to persuade Republicans in office to impeach President #Trump.

They call themselves "Republicans for the Rule of Law" 🤣and are supposedly a 501(c)(4) non-profit.
Here's their "Legal Advisory" board. In other words, their Coup Advisory Board.
And they are promoting themselves using a bunch of Republicans who are in office, some of whom are Trump supporters, such as Reps Steve Scalise and Jim Jordan.

Hey @SteveScalise and @Jim_Jordan - Did you know they are using you to promote Trump's impeachment?
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I anyone surprised by this? I AM surprised that #ChiFi ISN'T involved.

Well, she's not mentioned in the article, anyway.

Ex #California Governor Moonbeam Brown is partnering with the Communist Party of #China on a 'California-China Climate Institute."

Of course this communist partnership also involves the University of California at Berkeley - another NON surprise.
Well, there you have it. #China won’t have to steal any research here since Brown and Berkeley are going to willingly give it to the CCP.

What other research are they giving to China??…
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Many of the same #BigBanks who’ve been enabling money laundering all over the world.

Deutsche Bank
Danske Bank
Societe Generale
Not to mention that some of them, at least, are also involved with #China, like Deutsche Bank and BNP.

China’s also involved in the #PariAccord, but of course they don’t have to (and aren’t) follow the accord rules.

H/T to @DawsonSField

Here’s more on China ramping up their coal producing and investing.

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