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#Whales & #dolphins are facing many manmade existential threats: depletion of food by overfishing, drop in birthrates due to industrial pollution, killing by discarded fishnets & plastics etc
#Watch #Seaspiracy. It’s #seas #piracy. It’s #conspirasea
Over 300,000 #whales and #dolphins are killed as bycatch in #fishnets every year. People eating #seafood is the reason that fishing trawlers go to sea & cause these deaths of whales & dolphins. #Boycott #seafood. It’s #seas #piracy
Watch #Seaspiracy
3/6 🦈
Every year at least 50 million #sharks are killed as #bycatch in commercial #fishing. 90% of sharks have been lost in the last few decades. Eating seafood contributes to the bykill of sharks and other #sealife.
#Boycott #seafood
#Watch #Seaspiracy
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در لحظات حساسی از بازار هستیم که #تحلیل_تکنیکال در تشخیص روند بازار نیاز به چشم دوم دارد. اما از دریچه بررسی رفتار شبکه #onchain، به دنبال پاسخی برای سوال #کجای_چرخه_هستیم، بر مبنای #نظر_شخصی خواهیم گشت.
۱- ابتدا نمودار #CoinYearsDestroyed را مرور کنیم. این نمودار تخمینی است از حجم فروش کوین‌های پیرتر (در مالکیت 🐳و⛏) در ۳۶۵ روز اخیر است. به صورت واضح، روند نزولی 🟢 نشان از #Accumulation یا کاهش فروش بزرگان بازار و روند صعودی 🔴 نشان از سرعت‌ بالای فروش کوین‌های پیر است. Image
۴- با قیاس چرخه حال با چرخه پیشین، واضح است که با سقف فروش دوره قبل فاصله قابل توجهی داریم. این سقف همیشه در هر چرخه جدید پشت سر گذاشته شده است. دلیل آن پیرتر شدن طبیعی شبکه/کوین‌ها با گذر‌زمان است.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 03/24/2021…
The COVID-19 response illustrates that traditional academic reward structures and metrics do not reflect crucial contributions to modern science…

#rewards #metrics #ScientificContributions
The Years of Work Behind Washington’s Best-Liked Man…

#TheFed #leadership #biography #OpEd
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World Whale Day is an opportunity to join together in raising awareness about these fascinating mammals and their plight.  ⁠⁠
Did you know Animal Save Movement has a Whale Save Chapter? Reykjavik Whale Save launched in 2018!  ⁠⁠
“Many of us ask
what can I, as one person, do, but history shows us that everything good and bad starts because somebody does something, or does not do something.” ⁠⁠
- Sylvia Earle, Oceanographer ⁠⁠
Swipe to find out more about them and what you can do to help. ⁠⁠
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HILO Estresado? Animación d @BedrinanaLuis muestra 1 semana en la vida de 1 ballena. Punto azul es 1 ballena tratando d alimentarse mientras esquiva fuerte tráfico de embarcaciones #Golfo de #Ancud 22/3/19 al 29/3/19 #shipstrikes #whales Paper =>
Investigación de @ballenaschile y @UAustraldeChile + investigadores de Argentina, EEUU y Brasil determinó q hasta 1.000 embarcaciones diarias se desplazan en zonas de alimentación de ballenas azules en la patagonia norte…
Paper en @nature HOY muestra q Cerca del 83% del total d embarcaciones diarias corresponden a operación d industria acuícola extensamente desarrollada en la zona, y con gran expansión en Aysén y Magallanes #shipstrikes #whales #Ballenas #Patagonia @chungungoSNP @max_bello_m
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Previously Unknown #Whale Population Discovered in #Indian Ocean Thanks to Their Distinct Song…

(📸:Robert Baldwin/Environment Society of Oman)
In a rather surprising, yet exciting discovery, researchers have spotted a new population of blue #whales swimming in the western #IndianOcean. The discovery is unique as the population was spotted from the unusual song sung by these exotic sea creatures.
Blue whales or #Balaenoptera musculus are the largest living animals on the planet and they use songs to communicate and socialise. They are often identified by their unique low-frequency sounds, which can be louder than a jet engine, with the pitch reaching up to 188 decibels.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 12/18/2020…
Satellite tracking supports whale survival…

#satellites #whales #survival
Playing Go with Darwin - Issue 94: Evolving - Nautilus…

#darwin #EvolutionaryPurpose #strategy #chess #go
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Hundreds of Pilot #Whales Die Due to Stranding in #Australia; Few More to be Euthanised…

(📸: NOAA)
In an unprecedented and unfortunate incident, nearly 400 long-finned pilot whales have died due to stranding in Australia’s #Tasmania west coast. On record, it is regarded to be one of the biggest strandings of whales in #Australia.
During the first count, about 270 whales were reported, but the later helicopter survey spotted another 200 whales on Monday. As per the government reports, 88 whales have been rescued so far and another 20 are likely to be guided back again into the water.
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📢🎉The work of #Bat1K is featured on the cover in the latest issue of @nature: “Six reference-quality #genomes reveal evolution of #bat adaptations” 🦇🧬 #bats Our thread 👇 on the… 📸: Olivier Farcy(1/n) Image
📢Have you ever wondered how 🦇 manage to do what they do? #bats have extraordinary adaptations, including powered #flight, laryngeal #echolocation, #vocal #learning and an exceptional #longevity with unique #immunity and resistance to #cancer! 📸: @DanielWhitby5 (2/n) Image
A #Bat1K team led by @Sonja_Vernes @EmmaTeeling1 @hillermich @TheGeneMyers has just published the raw genetic material that codes for these unique 🦇 adaptations and #superpowers in @nature! #bats #genomics #cool! (3/n) Image
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In addition, the presence of #whales also promotes the growth of phytoplankton, microscopic marine creatures that contribute at least 50% of oxygen to our atmosphere by capturing about 40% of all CO2 produced: equivalent to 4 Amazon forests’ worth.
It is these facts that make #whales one of Nature’s most efficient carbon sequestration ‘technologies’, says the @IMFNews study, which estimates the collective value of the world’s great whales as “easily over $1 trillion”.
@IMFNews The numbers of #whales have plummeted in recent decades due to relentless whaling. The study says that if whales were allowed to return to their pre-whaling population of 4-5 million from 1.3 million today, it could do wonders for the environment.

📸: Rakesh Nair, TOI BCCL
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Let's hit Japan hard and make them rethink their decision to leave the IWC and resume whaling. Join us in protesting the @RugbyWC_2019 and @Tokyo2020. 💥🐋 @iwc_int @rugbyworldcup @Olympics
We urge Japan to cease whaling and rejoin the IWC. Until they do, we will be officially protesting the @rugbyworldcupjp which starts on 20th Sept 2019. @Tokyo2020 will follow. Expect disruptions. Pic: @ArchieTaplin #whales #Japanwhaling
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