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5 weeks ago, I had 21 followers.

Since then, I've had
• 19k profile visits
• DM's and follows from GOATs
• Doubled my engagement rate


I discovered a secret weapon by accident.

Come closer, I don't want everyone to know about it:

You're killing it out here. Really!

So why read another clickbait thread hinting at something you're missing?

Maybe you're like me, and you crave more:
🔸Link clicks

Let's be real for a sec:
Our readers know what we're writing before they read it.

I know my tweets are

• in my voice
• relatable
• in my niche

But my *style* was stale. It wasn't growing with me, and I bet yours isn't either.

Dude what does that even mean? Let me explain:
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How to Attract Your Ideal Audience on Twitter

The 4. tip is widely unknown. A true secret.

(Not clickbait) How to attract your ideal a...
Before attracting ask yourself these questions to define your right following:

•What industry do they work in?
•What social media do they use?
•Demographics (age, income, gender,...)?
•What challenges do they battle?
•Can your product/service help them?

Done. Let's start!
🔹️1. Handle and Name

Adding keywords related to your niche to your:

Twitter Handle like @startupdaemon

or your Name like @CreatingAf

Not only do visitors know what you are about from the get-go, but the Twitter algorithm will also suggest you to the right people.
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Understanding how to be "better" at Twitter is an invaluable skill

It's especially important if you're trying to launch a project and run the project account

Here are some tips and some red flags:
1. Don't use hashtags

This might surprise you but I have rarely noticed hashtags to be effective on Twitter, and they ALWAYS seem spammy when a project #adds #like #seven #hashtags #at #the #end #of #every #single #post
2. Your profile + pinned tweet NEED to hook ppl

These are the first things people will see when they're researching your project.

If you can't hook someone in within 10 seconds and aren't clearly stating what your project is about -- you've failed.
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Der große #Manipulator & #Bauschaumschläger #Haintz versucht, sich des von ihm selbst ins Leben gerufenen #Hashtags zu entledigen. Twitter sperrt jetzt anscheinend auch kleinere Accounts wie meinen 1/
2/ Zur Erinnerung: In München beschuldigte #Haintz im Rahmen eines #Spatzhirnganges gegen die Corona-Massnahmen vor laufendem Handy einen jungen Mann, ihn (Haintz) einen „#Wichser“ genannt zu haben:
3/ Später beschuldigte er den jungen Mann, dem er vorwarf ihn (#Haintz) einen „#Wichser“ genannt zu haben, ein Mitglied der #JungenUnion zu sein. Aus dem Video geht nur hervor, dass der junge Mann im Vorbeigehen etwas in Richtung #Haintz sagte, nicht, was er sagte.
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🔔Conseguir aparecer en "Recomendaciones" en #instagram se ha convertido en una tarea titánica.

👉Sin embargo, la propia plataforma nos da una serie de consejos que pueden ser muy útiles para conseguir llegar a más personas.

¿Quieres saber más? 👇👇

1⃣ Publica contenido original:

❌Nada de subir videos de otras plataformas y menos con su logo.

✅ Emplea la creatividad, mira tendencias que puedas aprovechar en tu sector, utiliza las herramientas de la propia plataforma... y usa #Hashtags

#instagram #RedesSociales
2⃣ Instagram está apostando fuerte por los #Reels , son lo que más alcance y visibilidad dan:

✅ Atrapa a tu audiencia en los 3 primeros segundos.

✅ Videos de calidad.

✅ Videos de 90 segundos o menos: creativos, originales y dinámicos.

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Most of my research published this year (20+ papers) was work from home 🏡.

Here are 4 ways you can publish great papers:
#1 Online questionnaire projects

We rely on virtual apps for daily information exchange.

Utilize great survey-making tools like #Google forms AND everyday #socialmedia apps for creating and sharing your #survey.

💡Projects exploring perceptions or barriers are a great start!
#2 Review articles

One of the highest forms of research evidence out there that don't require ethical approval.

Systematic Reviews, Narrative Reviews, & Scoping Reviews are the ones to go for 🎯

💡These projects are best conducted with experienced team members.
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My words have power so I'm careful with them.

Those I refer to a 'bots' may or may not be human. I put out into the field of consciousness that those I label such are agents of separation fostering all that embodies separation:

Most bot are fairly obvious with profiles that try to hard to sound like a normal person splashed with #hashtags to aid bots with similar agendas co-op.

Many have are following as many accounts as they are following and say in the profile "no DMs!"
They tend to invoke an emotional response so they're easily found in Trending hate ridden subjects.
If you find yourself triggered, you likely been played by some computer code sending emotionally charged words, making you a negative emotion dispensing slave controlled by robots. Image
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Okay. So I haven't slept for 2 days, I'm running on Adderall, Coffee and Cheeeeeescake, Gromit.

Now that I set the stage, I need to document some stuff here before I crash. Because: I'm seeing things 'from my archives matching realtime' that I need to save before, 'smoked'. Image
Awhile back...

...I did a thing on top of a lot of other things and then more things since those things.

What FOLLOWS is a #MindDump jumbled out-of-sequence set of affinities around 'a Theme'

THEME : '#Memeplex and #Q' Image
Dan killed his 'name' account (Known-Known) and created a completely new one (Identical User ID).

It hasn't changed, externally, from immediately after it was created. '3/0' Zero Tweets. Behind the curtain? Who knows. Image
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This research will explore online harassment of journalists covering politics here in the United States and the chilling effect of the hostile online work environment & describe the ways in which social media are weaponized before the U.S. Presidential elections in November 2020.
That's what was on the data servers seized...and returned (maybe) by @FAMU_1887 @FAMUsjgc82. Guess what state I live in.
Beyond rhetorical tools like #hashtags, emojis, symbolism, memes and use of other hate, racism, misogynistic content to target journalists, we find more sophisticated uses of social technologies to organize targeted attacks against journalists.
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I am endlessly fascinated with content tagging systems. They're ubiquitous in software and have so many nuances, but I can't find anything on how to design and implement anymore more than the barebones basics of a system.

Some thoughts in a thread.
A tag is a metadata label associated with content, primarily used for querying and grouping. The tag name is also the id: two tags with the same name are the same tag.

Tags appear everywhere: #hashtags, wikipedia categories, blog post labels, AWS infra tags...
Now, are `horse` and `horses` the same tag? They're different strings, but I'd be pretty miffed if I queried for `horse` and got only half the data.

So for serious querying we need some kind of relationship between tags
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(This is normal when compelling the production of documents from entities that are not named parties in a lawsuit.)
ACLU's behavior is irrelevant

If you don't see "ACLU" as a named defendant in the case caption – in the lawsuit Johnny Depp filed, whose defendants he chose – then they're entitled by law to their discovery expenses
Nah. These sorts of amounts are normal in civil litigation, and I suspect all the moreso for a New York-based third party
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Nadine Dorries has just told the commons chamber she wants to force social media companies to stop "pile ons". How will that work without hindering free speech?
My understanding is that a "pile on" is when I tweet something and Owen Jones say it is wicked and wrong and a hundred of his followers agree with him. I am totally unharmed by this, particularly as I regard it as part of my day job to make Twitter monkeys dance.
How will a "pile on" be defined? How many people acting in concert will constitute a "pile on". What if the people piling on are correct and what I have said is wicked and wrong? Will they be suspended and my wrongful wickedness be allowed to stand?
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Hey, time for some TikTok search tips! (1/...)


So for Kyev
TikTok Tip Ywo! Research TikTok not via TikTok search, but via Google. Beat the algorithm of TikTok by searching for your own keywords but EXCLUDE discover and #hashtags. See below: (2/...)
You cannot view a large version of the profile picture on the web version or the app. A quick and dirty way to do it is to copy the whole source text and run it through CyberChef and bake it with the "Extract URLs" recipe. Full manual:… (3/..)
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It's the weekend & yet again #conservativebots & #conservativetrolls are dominating #hashtags. Maybe they are being paid to spoil every Twitter weekend with tweets from low follower accounts. I've had enough of it. I'm baiting #regressivetrolls this weekend.
Adding a hashtag: #SayNoToHate
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how to grow a community on twitter
pick a theme and state it directly or indirectly in your bio. mine is, startups & vc for first-time founders
post consistently. there’s a difference sweet spot for everyone depending on where you’re located, but generally it’s 11am. post daily.
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Lo piden? Lo tienen! 🧵👉 Hilo sobre #cómo encontrar un #mentor o #asesor para mejorar en tu profesión? (y cómo relacionarte en el intento). El 60% de las personas ignoran este paso, que es uno de los más importantes. Seas Junior o Senior, vamos...
☝️ First things first: Por qué es importante tener uno o varios mentores? Por lo general en carreras como programación o diseño ux somos muy autodidactas. Pero entonces, cómo obtenemos nuevos puntos de vista? cómo salimos del estancamiento? cómo damos los siguientes pasos?
Gracias a tener personas que nos asesoran podemos entender los siguientes pasos a seguir en detalle, sin perder la vista del panorama en general de la carrera y de nuestra identidad como profesionales.
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♦️Hashtags für den guten Zweck♦️
Da ich den teils kaputten trendenden Hashtags in meiner timeline was positives abgewinnen möchte, nutz ich sie einfach mal für ein bisschen Reichweite für die gute Sache.
Wir sind nicht in #Rōttgen (das mit einem t), sondern in #Ahrweiler.
Es ist ein #Übel das seit Wochen nur noch eines hier zählt. Das #Ergebnis der #btw21 und #LaschetRuecktritt. Es gleicht einem #Realitaetsverlust, wenn man denkt, im #Ahrtal gäbe es nichts mehr zu tun. Voller #demut blick ich auf die Momente zurück, als hier die #Basis, nämlich
ihr hier wart um zu abertausenden zu helfen. Und heute? Interessiert das Ahrtal leider noch nicht einmal mehr so viel, wie der #Sack Reis in China. Die #helfer bleiben aus, die #spenden gehen zurück. Man hat das Gefühl, als ob eine #Ampel auf rot geschaltet worden wäre und
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Wie bereits öffentlich erklärt, habe ich auf Twitter beim eintippen eines #hashtags (auf dem Handy💁‍♂️), um auf die Notwendigkeit des Impfens hinzuweisen, fälschlicherweise, unbemerkt u. ohne Absicht auch auf den zurecht in Frage gestellten #
Dieser # (den ich nie verwenden würde!) war einer von vielen u. zwischen denen, die ich immer verwende, wie #impfenschützt u. #impfenistwichtig. Jede/r der mich kennt weiß, dass ich ein überzeugter Demokrat bin, der sich seit Jahren gegen jegliche Form von Extremismus einsetzt.
Es lag nie und liegt sicher nicht in meiner Absicht, an nationalsozialistische Begrifflichkeiten und Redewendungen zu erinnern oder diese sogar zu verbreiten. Der Beweis meiner eigentlich und gut gemeinten Absicht ist meinen bisherigen Äußerungen zum Thema zu finden.
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🇺🇸Twitter est l'instrument d'1 petit groupe d'#antivaxxers voulant empêcher l'adoption d'une loi vaccin

"1 groupe de petite taille mais bruyant peut avoir un impact disproportionné sur l'opinion publique et la législation. Bienvenue sur Twitter Antivax"…
#Analyse #HashTags
Ce graphique de réseau montre la relation entre les groupes #Antivax, les Conservateurs , le sujet Autisme sur #Twitter Image
Ce graphique en réseau montre l'émergence du sous-ensemble "Choix parental" ou "choix du vaccin" au sein du groupe #antivax. Ce message est apparu après que les #antivax aient perdu le vote d'une commission législative. Image
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OK, so, the latest #yarn from @DrIsaPantami boils down to this: In 2019, when he was glorifying the #Taliban & #AlQuaeda & wishing them victory & glorifying #Jihad he was young. Mind you, in 2019, Pantami was DG of @NITDANigeria

#PantamiIsATerrorist… Image
It is impressive how we have travelled from the empty bluster of "I will rake you over the coals of crooked courts" to "I was a terrorist preacher before I was 13 yes old."

That is security under @MBuhari. What wld have happened if Pantami were to be #IPOB?

#Watchout: In the next few days, @FMICNigeria, Lai Mohammed, will address a press conference in which he will tell us how glorifying Taliban & Al-Quaeda, calling for mass culling of "Infidels" & #WeepyPreachy #BokoHaram sermonising, is better than #IPOB.

#PantamiIsATerrorist Image
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We all know that Twitter is an amazing source of information.

Finding out about projects and trends early is absolutely key to maximizing returns.

But with SO MUCH information available, how do you zoom in on what’s useful?

A thread

My team and I spend nearly all day, every day researching projects.

Over time we’ve built out some really fancy metrics and tools to identify key trends.

It doesn’t mean we can catch everything (nobody can!)

It does mean though that we can invest our time and energies into specific research and not waste it just finding WHAT to research.

In crypto (as most markets) there is a huge amount of value in having asymmetric information

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sind wir das nicht alle
hier irgendwie
auf Twitter?

Mein Account ist zwar schon aus 2010,
aber aktiv bin ich erst seit irgendwann
in 2020, thanks to SARS-CoV-2 / Corona.

Ein ungelenker Neuling mit
Desinteresse an
Leuchten wir unseren Schein
auf Themen im Meer
der Zeit
welche uns
rythmisch wiegen,
&wild umherwerfen.

Zeigen anderen Menschen
diese Turbulenzen der

Offenbaren unser
Fragment der Realitaet
&setzen es der Perspektive
anderer Menschen aus.

Je nach Schein
des betrachtenden Menschen
kann jedes Fragment
vielfarbig reflektieren.

Manchmal ist es vllt. nicht rein genug,
nicht interessiert genug,
nicht strahlend genug, ...

Dennoch ist es immer auch ein
weiteres Fragment eines Groesseren,
welches mensch spueren kann,
sobald sich
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#PedsICU conversations
Just out our paper in @PedCritCareMed led by the fabulous @AnnaZanin_MD 🇮🇹 on the Live Tweeting the Discovery of #COVID19 related Syndrome in Children (#PIMS #MISC)

Nuestro artículo sobre descubrimiento Sínd niños y @Twitter…
Doctors have discussed clinical cases since its inception, COnversations among peers and sharing is key for medicine knowledge advancements

Los médicos siempre conversaron entre ellos y así la medicina avanza

(Rembrandt) #historicmedtwitter… Image
These conversations abled naming of diseases, etc. Unfortunately, many of those inventions/discoveries remained in silos, and massive global dissemination was impossible in real time. Moreover, tracking the origins and giving merits was difficult.
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