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@RahulGandhi probably the only opposition leader leader who has been vocal and raising the voice against the GOIs failure. Especially post pandemic. I was just curious to know what all tweets he has made, So pulled his tweets between.
1st Feb20-6th Jul'21 and also looked into how many of these tweets have been retweeted by his own party members.
1. Overall he made~1050 tweets for the above mentioned period
2. 30% of these tweets contains #hashtags
3. He normally chose to tweet between 8AM-10AM(~36% of tweets)
Most of his tweets are about Covid19, Fuel Hike, China border issue, Rafale, GST, Tax, GDP, Unemployment and other economic impacted related issues.

1 tweet made @ 12AM; yes you are right. That's a new year tweet !

As a next step, I wanted to analyse whether his tweets,
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🇺🇸Twitter est l'instrument d'1 petit groupe d'#antivaxxers voulant empêcher l'adoption d'une loi vaccin

"1 groupe de petite taille mais bruyant peut avoir un impact disproportionné sur l'opinion publique et la législation. Bienvenue sur Twitter Antivax"…
#Analyse #HashTags
Ce graphique de réseau montre la relation entre les groupes #Antivax, les Conservateurs , le sujet Autisme sur #Twitter Image
Ce graphique en réseau montre l'émergence du sous-ensemble "Choix parental" ou "choix du vaccin" au sein du groupe #antivax. Ce message est apparu après que les #antivax aient perdu le vote d'une commission législative. Image
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OK, so, the latest #yarn from @DrIsaPantami boils down to this: In 2019, when he was glorifying the #Taliban & #AlQuaeda & wishing them victory & glorifying #Jihad he was young. Mind you, in 2019, Pantami was DG of @NITDANigeria

#PantamiIsATerrorist… Image
It is impressive how we have travelled from the empty bluster of "I will rake you over the coals of crooked courts" to "I was a terrorist preacher before I was 13 yes old."

That is security under @MBuhari. What wld have happened if Pantami were to be #IPOB?

#Watchout: In the next few days, @FMICNigeria, Lai Mohammed, will address a press conference in which he will tell us how glorifying Taliban & Al-Quaeda, calling for mass culling of "Infidels" & #WeepyPreachy #BokoHaram sermonising, is better than #IPOB.

#PantamiIsATerrorist Image
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We all know that Twitter is an amazing source of information.

Finding out about projects and trends early is absolutely key to maximizing returns.

But with SO MUCH information available, how do you zoom in on what’s useful?

A thread

My team and I spend nearly all day, every day researching projects.

Over time we’ve built out some really fancy metrics and tools to identify key trends.

It doesn’t mean we can catch everything (nobody can!)

It does mean though that we can invest our time and energies into specific research and not waste it just finding WHAT to research.

In crypto (as most markets) there is a huge amount of value in having asymmetric information

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#PedsICU conversations
Just out our paper in @PedCritCareMed led by the fabulous @AnnaZanin_MD 🇮🇹 on the Live Tweeting the Discovery of #COVID19 related Syndrome in Children (#PIMS #MISC)

Nuestro artículo sobre descubrimiento Sínd niños y @Twitter…
Doctors have discussed clinical cases since its inception, COnversations among peers and sharing is key for medicine knowledge advancements

Los médicos siempre conversaron entre ellos y así la medicina avanza

(Rembrandt) #historicmedtwitter… Image
These conversations abled naming of diseases, etc. Unfortunately, many of those inventions/discoveries remained in silos, and massive global dissemination was impossible in real time. Moreover, tracking the origins and giving merits was difficult.
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Twitter tips to boost engagement in your tweets.

This is a thread without any relation to astrology, but I read a research on it once, and thought, people could use this...
Most important part of every social media engagement tips...

Know WHEN to tweet, instead of WHAT to tweet.

If you wanna go viral, that's crucial. You can't have retweets if your followers are asleep

This is crucial for those with a large follower base abroad, but less locally
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etwas das wir alle schon wissen aber gerne immer wieder hören

ein thread
hier steht dann ganz viel inhalt
seht mich an ich weiß bspw dinge die man in den google top5 suchergebnissen zu dem thema findet
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How to tweet according to @twitter to keep your audience engaged.

Top-performing strategies according to years of Twitter's internal research

1. Keep it short and conversational.
2. One idea per tweet.
3. Do not overuse #hashtags

4. Use trending hashtags to increase chances of engagement.
5. Ask what you want your audience to do - like, retweet, follow, sign-up newsletter, visit your website.


6. Video views on twitter every day = 2 billion times. TWO BILLION. Therefore, add visual content - photos, gifs, videos.
7. Retweet, reply, to engage with your followers and people you follow.

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Now on is Dr. Eshtehardi @CoronaryDoc talking about "Going Live: Tweets, Tweetorials and Twitter Polls" Last talk in the session. ImageImage
Great point: Structure of a simple tweet has many intricate parts! Text, hashtags, people tagged in the text AND photos, links and replies!
You can determine who can reply to the tweets. Image
Tweetorials are an important part of #MedTwitter #cardiotwitter education.
We also have a repository of up to 2000 tweetorials now! Image
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Next up @RBP0612 talking about "Maximizing your conference presence using your Social Media" Image
#ASNC2019 had close to 20 million impressions! Image
Global reach of conferences using #SoMe is impressive Image
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#டிவிட்டர்_போட் 😊
என்பது என்ன..! என்ன செய்கிறது..!
இது பற்றிய #இழை #Thread 🧞

'போட்' என்பது இணையதளங்கள் அல்லது சமூக வலைதளங்களில் ஒரு குறிப்பிட்ட வேலைகளையை செய்ய பயன்படும் ஒரு மென்பொருள்.

#Technology #Trending #Software #bot
இது இணையதளங்களில் பெரும்பாலும் தானியங்கு (Automatic) முறையில் வேலைகளை செய்யும் வகையில் வடிவமைக்கப்பட்டுள்ளது. (Programmed).இதனால் இது இணையதள ரொபோட் (Internet Robot) என அழைக்கப்படுகிறது.
இதை சுருக்கமாக Internet Bot எனவும் அழைக்கிறார்கள்.
உதாரணமாக நாம் ஒரு இணையதள பக்கத்துக்குள் செல்லும்போது அங்கே,
🔥"May I Help you" அல்லது
🔥 "I am your Assistant"

இதுபோன்று PopUp தோன்றும். இதில் நாம் அந்த இணையதளம் வழங்கும் சேவைகள் சம்பந்தமான கேள்விகளை உள்ளீடு செய்தால் அதற்கான விடைகள் கிடைக்கும். இது நமக்கு சில அடிப்படை விபரங்களை
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US Cyber Command and the #Pentagon are availing themselves of the #Russian #election meddling narratives, focusing on the “threat” posed by #SocialMedia #memes and #hashtags to the American electoral process.
by @hijodelcuervo #Wednesday #surveillance
“The fact that we are handing over the keys of American #democracy to the military-industrial complex — it’s like giving the keys to the henhouse to a fox and saying, ‘here come in and take whatever you want.’ It’s obviously dangerous.”
by @_whitneywebb…
"The U.S. Military-Industrial complex is sprinting on a chariot to shore up the encryption space before the next era of computation upends the entire digital edifice built on semiconductors and transistors."
by Raul Diego @hijodelcuervo… #Tech #surveillance
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Now that many of William Gibson’s ardent fans will have read his latest novel "Agency", here are
few thoughts about it (spoilers ahead). [1/81]
Having been involved in the "new form of literary criticism" Node Magazine… review of "Spook Country" in 2007, it seems appropriate to publish these initial thoughts about "Agency" as a Twitter thread which can then branch or be added to by others [2/81]
and (later) as a Tor .onion hidden service [3/81]
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So of all the VP choices that have been presented to us, do any have rankings?

For me in first is @KarenBassTweets and not just because of an elderly SNL skit with Dan Ackroyd.

I feel like there's some person or thing counting tweets so I wanted to put the name Karen Bass out!
Bass-o-matic is 44 years old!

Of the VP choices, Karen Bass is up there for me, and could help the ticket in one direction. You've already got a Republican top of the ticket, why not mix it up and have at least one Democrat out of 4?
It's true! Karen Bass, for all your VP needs.
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Amidst everything on our screens, take time to check out the #hashtags below⬇️. Just a taste of the power of Twitter also for good. On your screens now. Until June 5th: #BlackBirdersWeek organised by #BlackAFinSTEM; @beaniejean_ @bellzisbirding @BlackAFinSTEM | @patagonia @REI ImageImage
#Socialmedia can challenge & change science stereotypes, but outdoors biz & ad/marketing agencies must act too.…

CNN: “These Black nature lovers are busting stereotypes, one cool bird at a time.”
#BlackBirdersWeek #BlackAFinSTEM @n8ture_al @hood_naturalist
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Spiegone su #Trump e #Twitter: Il Presidente Americano Donald J. Trump ha diramato un ordine esecutivo che va a “colpire” i social networks in genere e Twitter in particolare. 1/
Contesto: Nel corso degli ultimi anni #Twitter (ma non solo) si è prodigata per influenzare i discorsi che avvengono sul suo network.
Decisioni come:
- Impedire l’accesso (ban) ad utenti che hanno espresso pareri / opinioni politiche scomode (tantissimi casi, di cui forse il più famoso è quello di @Nero, #Milo #Yiannopoulos); 3/
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#Reviews on the use of #war metaphors for health workers amidst #coronaviruses & #CoViD19, explain why using #hashtags such as #CoronaSaviours and #CoronaWarriors can fuel the coexistent #infodemic, graver than the #pandemic itself!

@UN @deespeak @fayedsouza @iHrithik

"Of course, we all want to contain the virus, posthaste, and to treat as many as patients as we possibly can. But to do so under the banner of war implies the necessity of a heedless approach that leaves both doctors and patients open to an indefensible level of risk."
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Sábado 25 de abril del 2015: inicia un movimiento social contra la corrupción en #Guatemala al haber sido descubierta una red de defraudación aduanera. Desde Facebook y Twitter, se lanza la 1ra convocatoria bajo la consigna de #RenunciaYa para ir a la Plaza de la Constitución.
A partir de ahí, la movilización va tomando fuerza al sumar más actividades en la plaza, más debates en espacios mediáticos, más demandas ciudadanas, más "hashtags".
Y surge entonces una pregunta sobre la relevancia de estas etiquetas en este movimiento, qué mensajes sintetizan y popularizan estas a través de las redes sociodigitales; incluso, cómo llegan a permear a medios de comunicación, a verse en camisetas y carteles en la plaza.
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#DigitaleLehre Es folgt ein kleiner #Servicethread zu #synchron|en Formaten mit z.B. #jitsi, #bigbluebutton etc. Das sind acht zwar #basale, aber dennoch imho wichtige Dinge.
So ist z.B. die Frage "Wie sieht mein Arbeitsplatz eigentlich hinter mir aus?" nicht 1/7
nur für Lehrende, sondern auch für Studierende relevant. Es schadet wahrscheinlich nicht, die Seminarteilnehmer*innen vorher noch einmal darauf hinzuweisen, persönliche Dinge ggf. zu entfernen (1).
Da technisch bedingte #Delay|s antizipierbar sind, ist es sinnvoll, 2/7
mit Studierenden vor Beginn der Seminarsitzungen #Interaktionsregel|n zu vereinbaren, z.B. die Verwendung von beitragseinleitenden und beitragsbeendenden Formeln, etwa "Danke, Ende meines Beitrags", um das #Turntaking gut zu koordinieren 🤜🤛(2). 3/7
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24.01.20. #Grundlagenseminar #SocialMedia #Twitter mit der @HeimatNeue in #Berlin-Mitte. Wir lernen für den #HousingActionDay2020 #HDay2020 und für die allgemeine ... (1/6)
... #Vernetzung in #Communities mit hoher #Diversität. Daniel von der @HeimatNeue zeigt anhand des Accounts von @thomas_hocke, wie eine Twitter-Präsenz im Detail aufgebaut ist und weist mit dem Zeigestock auf die Schwachstellen hin. #Follower|s (2/6)
Wie man alles dies und mehr besser macht, lernen wir in den nächsten #Semester|n. Wir brauchen z. B. viel mehr #Hashtags als die Gegenseite, die mit #Rendite, #Profit, #Klassenkampf von #oben gegen #unten locker auskommt, denn der #Mietenwahnsinn hat viele Facetten, wie ... (3/6)
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Nov 12th Scott passed 100.000 followers, Yang 1 mil followers, Bernie 10 mil and Obama 110 mil.

Since then:
@scottsantens 102.751 (+2,7%)
@AndrewYang: 1.092.554 (+9,3%)
@BernieSanders: 10.109.055 (+1,1%)
@BarackObama 110.831.132 (+0,5%)

<3 all four, but momentum is #yanggang!
@scottsantens @AndrewYang @BernieSanders @BarackObama Now, # of followers is not the real metric, reach and engagement is. You cant rely on past followers, you need active retweets, likes and comments.

Yang is surpassing all other Democratic contenders on Twitter. Some posts get more likes than Bernies!… Image
@scottsantens @AndrewYang @BernieSanders @BarackObama So, let's compare last month's stats on averge # of likes/post:

@scottsantens: 736
@AndrewYang: 7.118
@BernieSanders: 16.770
@BarackObama: 163.860

Wow. Suddenly it's not that x10 multiplier. Yang is nearly at 50% of Bernies likes!
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It is a strange conundrum we face in India.

Purely going by statistics India seems to be better than many developed countries in terms of #Rape.

But the misoginy is so evident.

We r going through transition where women experience more 1/n

#Priyanka #Hyderabad #JusticeForRoja
freedom to work yet the ordinary Indian man has yet to come to terms with it.

Calling women 'whores', 'How much?' R still prevalent.

This disease is not uncommon across the world yet it only gets reported widely in India due to our sensationalist media.

We have to 2/n
While cases like this deserve all the attention one should remember that we r still majorly misogynistic n patriarchical.

Only way to get out of the malice is when women venture outside n this becomes commonplace.

And to deny that mass media n movies have no influence 3/n
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One of the turning points for @archillect was omitting #hashtags from the decision making process.
The hashtags added are not an important part of how @archillect categorizes the content.
Here is why:
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#America is engaged in a new kind of #CivilWar. Though it's not so civil, we find very little common ground. Like most modern wars, ours is unconventional. Battle lines drawn along political ideology. Weapons of mass disinformation foment chaos & division.
Our guidons are of #memetic design.Trending #hashtags have become our battle cries. Daily skirmishes swell from #anonymous avatars, sock puppets, bots, & trolls. We've taken #humanity out of the fight—leaving only the worst of us to face-off.
Abstract as they may seem, these plans are strategically devised & implemented by internal & external entities. Opposing enemies stealthily infiltrate our groups to role play & subtly nudge the less informed in any desirable direction. Exploiting our fracture points.
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