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Hong Kong freedom fighters.

We'll stay here with you until light comes.



If you send me your vid or text, I'll help translate as long as I understand.

This is the only thing I can do.

I'll keep posting b/c I know it's hard for you.
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let me start off by saying that i credit the cuhk president for being present and for trying to negotiate with the police the other night. i also think it’s fair that he asked people to leave the campus today. that is his prerogative as the head of the university.
i understand why he is concerned, and i share some of his concerns, but maybe not all, which i will elaborate on a bit more below.
that said, it would have been polite and appropriate to thank the people for coming to cuhk’s rescue the other night. people from all over hong kong came to protect the students when they saw what was happening at cuhk. many of them were not from cuhk and were β€œoutsiders”.
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A Mainland Chinese "student" pulled out a KNIFE and sang the National Anthem of #China during the graduation ceremony of the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

When asked why he's wielding a knife, he said "I feel threatened, the local students beat us up"

H/T @Woppa1Woppa
He's a result of CCP's brainwashing:

Never care about the Hong Kongers' 5 demands or #FightForFreedom; instead, Hong Kongers are just racists & brainless rioters.

He's supposed to be an open-minded youngster, studying in HK with access to unrestricted internet
A whole younger generation of Chinese are conditioned by the CCP to actively avoid accessing the facts, & have a complex of extreme superiority and inferiority, making them very defensive to any incoming information misaligned with their original beliefs.

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Hong Kong Protest continue on the 70th Anniversary of the
Rise of Communism in China πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³

LIVE: Unauthorised march takes place in Hong Kong on National Day of China via @YouTube @Ruptly


@beldandolo @AutistMember @PhillyQ_ @mbees39 @Rainncloudy
Procession of Flags


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More water cannons being used now. Shooting blue streams on the street and up to the bridge. Purple and green lights, later on, are lasers being used by the unarmed peaceful Religious Protesters. More police backup arrives.
More of the police on the rooftops. What are the circle and square devices? Here purple and green lasers being used by the unarmed peaceful Religious Protesters.
Press has πŸ‘€ on the police as he points his weapon. More tear gas is deployed and the barrier are slowly moved forward.
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#Riseup #StandWithHongKong #FightForHongKong #WatchTheWater. Yesterday the authorities in Hong Kong declared that today’s March was illegal & anyone attending would be arrested. That fell on deaf ears as hundreds of thousands poured into the streets today. #RainOrShine
Since this March was declared illegal it was decided that today’s event would be a β€œReligious March” as the police can’t arrest anyone at a religious event. #ThesePeopleAreBrilliant #HiveMind! This showed up at a religious gathering last night.

Photo credit: @Lukewearechange
.@Lukewearechange is OTG in #HongKong as free independent media funded by his supporters. Luke is the only reporter I know that is broadcasting with commentary. Excellent coverage provided from around the world. Here’s today’s coverage.

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